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World Class Championship Wrestling: Oct 15, 1982

   World Class Championship Wrestling is next up, a territory based out of Texas that ran from 1966 till 1990. WCCW was most known for the Von Erich family who were the main faces for the territory in the eighties. Many other huge names made their way though this Texas territory including Rick Rude, One Man Gang, Undertaker, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Jarrett and the Ultimate Warrior among others. WCCW would sadly fold in 1990 along with most other territories that were swallowed up by the WWF and WCW. WCCW left a large legacy on the wrestling business and would be chronicled in the WWF release “Triumph & Tragedy of World Class”. Unfortunately the network only has 20 episodes of WCCW from 82-83, so we only get a small sampling of what was, hopefully they add more episodes in the future. With that, let’s head back to 1982 in Texas.

  We start with a nice opening that showcases the stars of the company, aka the Von Erichs, and then we are welcomed by Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi or commentators for the show. They run down the matches on tonight’s show featuring Michael Hayes but get distracted by Harvey Martin in the crowd. Harvey is from the Dallas Cowboys, which gives them a chance to brag about the Cowboys, before getting back to tonight’s card. After the break we get comments from David Von Erich before his match, as they talk about the bounty placed on the family. David says they have proof and it will be revealed later.

1. David Von Erich v. Frank Dusek

  Frank was the matchmaker for the company and later commentator. The bell rings and they lock up, and wind up in the ropes we get a clean break. Dusek takes David down with a headlock and they exchange wrist locks. David gets the advantage and shot in, David comes back with a shoulderblock and reapplies the hold as Jay talks about Hulk Hogan? That just seems odd. Dusek gets a shot in the midsection and they begin exchanging shots, David ducks under the clothesline and hits the flying knee to the face for a near fall. Both men brawl in the corner and the ref has to pull them apart as the announcers talk about a bounty on Roddy Piper as well? Lots of namedropping on here, as David stomps a mudhole on Frank then shoots him in for a backdrop and gets another near fall as the ref seems to count slow. Dusek makes a comeback with a abdominal stretch and then gets David in the corner and pounds on Von Erich. The ref tries to pull him off and Frank shoves him, the ref comes back with a slap sending Frank into David who quickly rolls him up for the win. 6/10 a fun opening match with a unique ending.

1. David Von Erich pins Frank Dusek 6/10

2. Jose Lothario & Al Madril v. Magic Dragon & Checkmate

   Wow, a Jose Lothario match, never seen Lothario in the ring before so should be interesting. Jose is best known for training Shawn Michaels and was in his corner back in 96. Al Madril was another man who helped train Shawn Michaels and was a multiple time tag champion. Magic Dragon is a Japanese star who held tag titles as well as training Kenta Kobashi who is considered one of the best Japanese wrestlers of all time. Checkmate is British star Les Thornton under a mask, a man who held multiple titles and was a star in Stampede Wrestling. Dragon and Madril start the match and Dragon gets a cheap shot in, but Madril comes back with a headlock and pops him in the head. Madril caught in the hammerlock but gets Dragon with a nice drop toe hold, as he works over Dragon. This crowd is loud no matter what is going on as Checkmate tagged in and catches Madril in a side headlock, but Madril powers out and we get a stalemate. Jose tagged in and has the side headlock on Checkmate, but Checkmate counters out and Lothario kicks him away. Arman Hussein outside the ring supporting his team of Dragon and Checkmate as Lothario has the leg grapevined but gets rolled up. We get a shot of Bugsy McGraw in the crowd hugging some kids as Jose works over Checkmate as they exchange some amateur style moves and Al back in. Arman was an inspiration for Bill Alphonso as he won’t stop blowing his whistle at ringside, as Dragon drives the knees into the back of Madril. Madril stuck in the hammerlock but fights to his feet and powers out of the hold sending Dragon to he outside. Madril is proud of himself and gets caught by Dragon, but sends Dragon in and nails him with a flying shoulderblock. Dragon comes back with a shoulderblock of his own, Madril ducks under a clothesline and both men go for a crossbody and collide. Both men crawl to their corner and make the hot tags, Jose quickly unloads on Checkmate before backdropping him, but Checkmate lands on his feet and nails Jose. Checkmate uses a classic nerve hold while driving the knee into the back as Arman blows his whistle cheering on his stable. The crowd is screaming for Jose who tries to power out but Checkmate pulls him down by the hair. Checkmate maintains the armbar on Jose, but the crowd wills him back to his feet and he sends Checkmate in the ropes and catches him in the backbreaker for a near fall. Madril tagged in and hammers the face of Checkmate then snapmare him over, tags in Jose who drops the double stomp on the masked man. A series of quick tags as they wear down Checkmate, but Checkmate gets a headbutt in on Madril then tags in Dragon. Madril eats the turnbuckle as Dragon sends him around the ring and then hits a nice superkick followed by an amazing somersault flip, but Madril moves. Dragon in trouble after the failed high flying move but able to tag in Checkmate who hits the flying headbutt to the midsection and then stomps Madril. This match has gone a lot longer then I thought, and has been really good. Madril gets snapmared down and then sent to the ropes, Checkmate misses the charging headbutt and tumbles to the floor. Checkmate stumbles back in and Madril goes after the mask, this brings in Dragon and Jose as all Hell breaks loose. Checkmate catches Madril with a flying butt bounce and both men are slow to get up but each makes a tag and Jose clobbers Dragon then snapmares him down. Jose dropkicks Dragon down and hits the backbreaker for a near fall, tags in Madril who hits a flying shoulder, Madril with a sunset flip as time expires. 7.5/10 a great tag match, was pleasantly surprised by how good this was.

2. Al Madril & Jose Lothario went to a draw with Checkmate and Magic Dragon 7.5/10

   We hear more about the bounty placed on the Von Erich family by Ric Flair as we hear from Slick Ric. Ric says he heard a rumor that Kabuki injured Kerry in Oklahoma and had surgery on his knee. Ric says it’s tragic but he’s aware of the risks in this sport and if your not tough enough stay home. Ric says he did not place a bounty on anyone as he is a champion and says Fritz is a frustrated man claiming to have proof. Flair calls himself a legend in his own time and the greatest wrestler ever and says he will face the Von Erichs.

3. Gran Marcus II v. The Samoan

   The Samoan later became Samula and then Samu of the Headshrinkers. Not a clue about Marcus though he is managed by Arman Hussein. Gran Marcus wearing the same white mask as Checkmate, as Samoan starts out with a headbutt. Marcus with an armdrag, as they tag about Samoan’s dad Afa and uncle Sika which makes him Roman Reigns’ cousin. Hard to keep track of that Samoan Wrestling tree. Marcus works over the arm of Samoan who breaks free, but gets caught in a side headlock now. Samoan counters with headscissors to break the hold and both men up, Marcus gets a shot in and sends him into the buckle. Marcus drives a knee in the face and then hip tosses him over before applying a chinlock. Samoan finally makes the ropes but Marcus rakes the eyes. However Samoan with a headlock followed by a shoulderblock and a dropkick right into the armbar. Marcus with a thumb to the eye and hits a clothesline then slams him down, Marcus with a senton drop for the win. 3/10 mostly a squash match as Marcus destroyed the young Samoan.

3. Gran Marcus II crushed the Samoan 3/10

4. Roberto Ernesto v. Michael Hayes

   Michael Hayes, one third of the Fabulous Freebirds and current WWE employee, no clue about Ernesto but he looks like a jobber. Hayes goes after him and Ernest bails out, as Hayes is a face at this point and making his WCCW debut. Hayes overpowers Ernesto to the corner but Ernesto tries to do the same and Hayes pushes him back. Lots of stalling at this point as Ernesto jaws with the ref. Hayes uses momentum to send Ernest to the outside and then catches him on the apron with a slingshot. Hayes follows with a flying forearm off the second rope but runs into a shot from Ernesto which does nothing as Hayes sends him out again. Hayes nails a bulldog on Ernest and follows with a piledriver for the easy win. 2/10 another squash match as Hayes has a successful debut. After the match Ernesto attacks Hayes but Hayes shoots him off and backdrops Ernesto who decides to bail out. Hayes grabs the mic and says he’s glad to be in Dallas and the next time we see him Terry Gordy will be with him. Hayes talks about all the places the Freebirds have sold out and it doesn’t matter because they are in Texas now.

4. Michael Hayes pinned Roberto Ernest 2/10

  We get a quick review of the show and comments from Bill Irwin who faces Michael Hayes next week. Bill was in WWF briefly in the 90s as hockey player turned wrestler The Goon. Irwin says he will put down the Freebird and Hayes has no chance. 


1. David Von Erich pins Frank Dusek 6/10

2. Al Madril & Jose Lothario went to a draw with Checkmate and Magic Dragon 7.5/10

3. Gran Marcus II crushed the Samoan 3/10

4. Michael Hayes pinned Roberto Ernest 2/10

   A pretty good show from WCCW with a very impressive tag match and a good opener. Nice to see a young Samu and Michael Hayes as well. Looking forward to the next show, but the network does not have it. Instead we skip forward a month. Well, I’ll watch whichever shows they have for now.


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