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World Class Championship Wrestling: November 2, 1982

   Sadly the WWF skipped episodes 44 and 45 and jumped us forward a few weeks. The last episode I watched was much better then I expected with a great tag team match, so hopefully this one can continue the progress and we didn’t miss to much. Would have liked to seen the Bill Irwin versus Michael Hayes match, but anyway.

    The opener has such a powerful drum beat to it, as Bill Mercer and Jay Saldi are now behind a desk with headsets. Two weeks and one big change already as they go over the card for tonight as we have two big tag team matches plus Kevin Von Erich in action as we head to the ring.

1. The Great Kabuki v. The Samoan & Ronald Castro

   Kabuki was a huge star in the south and only made one appearance in the WWF, the infamous Royal Rumble 94 where he was one of many to attack Undertaker. This is a handicap match, as Kabuki comes out with nunchuks a mask and sprays the mist in the air before the match. Both men are in the ring at the same time and Castro in a red mask seems afraid as Kabuki chops both men down and then a series of kicks as well. Castro comes back with a pair of dropkicks but misses the third and a superkick again takes down the Samoan. Kabuki locks on the leg scissors on Castro to eliminate him. Samoan with a headlock and sent into the ropes comes back with a backdrop and a dropkick, then follows with a shoulderblock in the corner. Samoan hits the big headbutt and climbs the ropes but misses the Superfly Splash, Kabuki quickly back to the leg scissors on Samoan drawing another submission and the win. 5/10 a unique style squash match that Samoan was able to keep competitive.

1. The Great Kabuki defeated The Samoan and Ronald Castro 5/10

   We come back from commercial for our next match but King Kong Bundy and Bill Irwin attack The Freebirds. Bundy goes for the avalanche on Hayes and Gordy catches him with a clothesline. We’ve got chaos as all four men are brawling and the locker room empties as they try to pull apart the four men. The ring announcer calls for more help from the back as the crowd is nuclear hot for this. Hayes tosses Bundy out and Bugsy McGraw in their starts tossing people out as Gordy and Bundy brawl on the floor. More guys are out there as they finally pull them apart and the head referee demands Bundy and Irwin return to the back.

2. Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy v. Gran Marcus II and Destroyer I

   I guess the match is still on as the crowd is still in a frenzy after that crazy brawl. Gordy and Destroyer lock up and Gordy destroys him quickly with a big slam and a kneedrop. Marcus tagged in and ran right into Hayes’ boot as Hayes tagged in and hammers Marcus down. Gordy back in and continues the dismantling of the masked men. Hayes tagged back in and Marcus gets a shot in to make the tag to Destroyer, but Hayes with a belly to back suplex slowing down Destroyer. Gordy and Marcus both in and Gordy clobbers Marcus and then takes out both men, tossing out Destroyer then a spike piledriver on Marcus for the easy win. 2/10 just a quick squash, but the crowd was into it. Hayes has the mic and calls out Irwin and Bundy, Hayes was awesome on the mic.

2. Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy destroyed Gran Marcus II & Destroyer I 2/10

   We get an interview with Kerry who says he’s ready and he’s not just after the title but Ric Flair as well. Kerry says they have proof of the bounty  but they don’t need to bring it out. We get clips of Flair’s promo from episode 43 as Kerry responds saying it’s not a game anymore and it’s serious. Kerry says all of Texas is after Ric Flair as we cut to commercial.

3. Al Madril & Bugsy McGraw v. Checkmate and Magic Dragon

   We get three quarters of the match we had on the previous episode, hope it’s as good. Bugsy starts with Checkmate who gets a side headlock takeover but Bugsy shoots him in and Checkmate holds the ropes. Checkmate drops to the armadillo move and Bugsy starts to pound him, that was different to say the least. The crowd solidly behind Bugsy as Checkmate gets a series of forearms in but runs into Bugsy’s big knee. Bugsy avoids the headbutt and slams Checkmate down but misses the splash. Checkmate back to the armadillo so Bugsy does it to, but this allows Checkmate to get a facelock on him. Can hear Arman screaming at Bugsy to quit but Bugsy tosses Checkmate across the ring and Checkmate bails. Back in the ring and Bugsy taunts Checkmate as they lock up and Madril gets the blind tag, but Checkmate clobbers Madril and sends him to the corner. Madril sent to the other corner but Bugsy slows him down allowing Madril to clobber him and Dragon tries to get involved but eats Bugsy’s fist. Madril gets caught again and Dragon finally legally in and pounds Madril down. Dragon with a judo drop knocks down Madril and then goes to the rear chinlock as Arman is blowing his whistle loudly. Checkmate tagged in and headbutts Madril then drives the knee in the spine repeatedly before slingshotting Madril into a chop from Dragon. A second time fails and Madril begins to make the comeback but nothing comes of it as the masked men double team Madril. Madril tries to fight free but Checkmate back in and takes down Madril as we hear the ten minute warning. We can’t possibly get another draw with three of the same guys, can we? Madril kicks Checkmate off and tags in Bugsy as Dragon comes in as well and Bugsy unloads on him. Bugsy with an atomic drop on Dragon and tags in Madril who clotheslines Dragon down and gets a near fall. Madril gets caught in the wrong corner and double teamed, which brings in McGraw and all four fight with the masked men getting the worse. Madril with a shoulderblock, but misses the second one and hits the top turnbuckle. Dragon goes for something but Bugsy nails him and Madril comes off the top rope with a cross body for the win. 7/10 a fun fast paced tag match, almost as good as the last tag match.

3. Bugsy McGraw & Al Madril beat Checkmate & Super Dragon 7/10

4. Kevin Von Erich v. Bill Irwin

   The bell rings and they circle each other, Kevin takes Irwin down with a leg trip. Kevin was a really skinny guy, never realized till now, as he armdrags Irwin down and applies an armbar. Kevin shot in and jumps over Irwin and connects with the dropkick for a near fall. Kevin with a side headlock and takes over Irwin as the crowd is screaming for the claw already. Irwin powers Kevin to the corner and drives a knee in but Kevin comes back with a side headscissors takeover and squeezes the head of Irwin. Irwin finally makes the ropes and breaks the hold, then gets powered to the corner and Kevin with a series of knees. Kevin locks on the body scissors and Irwin is screaming in pain but refuses to submit so Kevin rolls him around the ring with the headscissors. Irwin uses the ropes to get up and gets nailed with a flying head scissors, but Irwin shoves him off and Kevin lands hard. Irwin rams Kevin into the buckle and slams him down for two. Kevin fires back but Irwin rakes eyes then hits a knee to the stomach, Irwin sends him in and Kevin comes back with the abdominal stretch. Irwin pulls the ref into them breaking the hold but gets disqualified, Irwin tosses Kevin over the top rope. Kevin rolls back in and Irwin quickly bails out. 5/10 a slow plodding match with a cheap finish.

4. Kevin Von Erich defeated Bill Irwin by DQ 5/10

   Bill and Jay go over the action we’ve just seen and talk about Bundy and Irwin.


1. The Great Kabuki defeated The Samoan and Ronald Castro 5/10

2. Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy destroyed Gran Marcus II & Destroyer I 2/10

3. Bugsy McGraw & Al Madril beat Checkmate & Super Dragon 7/10

4. Kevin Von Erich defeated Bill Irwin by DQ 5/10

   Another solid show from WCCW with a great tag match in the middle. The hour really flies by watching this, which is always a great sign. Once again we miss a show as 47 is missing and we go to 48 next.


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