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Hulkamania 2

   Hulkamania was one of the biggest draws of the eighties, thus the reason Hulk Hogan gets multiple tapes of his own. This is the second Hulkamania tape, the first one covered his first year of being WWF champion. The case is blue and purple with a picture of Hulk Hogan on the cover, oddly in light blue trunks and a dark blue Hulkamania shirt. This seems really weird as Hulk was known for the red and yellow by this point, and rarely deviated from this colour scheme. Anyways, the tape says “The Saga Continues…” and did it ever for another 8 years in WWF, about five years in WCW, back to WWE, to TNA and then once again back to WWE. With this being the first tape release of 1987, I expect this tape will cover Hulk’s 1986 run, which was a lot of Paul Orndorff, not that that is a bad thing.

   We get the classic preamble and video, which I greatly missed on the last tape, before being welcomed by Mene Gene who says we will see some great footage over the next two hours! Wow, Hulk gets two full hours, making this the longest of the Coliseum Tapes, not counting the Big Event. Gene quickly sends it to the ring for the opening match.

1. Hulk Hogan and Hillbilly Jim v. King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd

   What does this match have in common. I have all four LJN figures for the combatants of this match! Bobby Heenan in the corner of the heels as we start with Studd and Jim as they lock up and Studd overpowers Jim. Jim comes back with the headbutt and goes for a slam but Studd grabs the ropes. Studd drops a forearm on Jim and then slammed hard to the mat. Studd taunts Hogan and demands the tag, Jim obliges and here comes the champion. Hulk threatens to slam Studd as the crowd explodes for Hulk, Studd quickly hammers the back of Hogan and rams his head into the buckle repeatedly. Studd slams Hogan with ease which makes Bundy smile, as Studd follows with another slam and Hulk is in trouble. Hulk gets shot in and ducks the clothesline and slams Studd, Bundy charges in and eats a slam too. Madison Square Garden is going crazy, as the heels roll out of the ring, Hulk and Jim celebrate. Studd slowly back in the ring and they lock up again, Studd forces him to the corner but Hogan sends him to the opposite corner and follows with the clothesline. A second big slam on Studd fails and Studd takes in Bundy who drops a fist across the face of Hogan. Bundy fires Hogan to the ropes and drives a knee in then follows with a backbreaker for a near fall. Studd tagged back in and comes in via second rope with the axe handle, then quickly locks on a bearhug. Hogan is screaming in pain as Studd tightens the grip but Hogan fights back however he runs into a clothesline. Bundy back in and misses the elbowdrop, Jim tagged in and unloads on Bundy but runs into a clothesline. Bundy almost scores the win with the kneedrop, as Bundy maintains the advantage on Jim. Jim gets stuck in the rear chinlock, but he’s able to power his way up, unfortunately right into the corner where Studd is. Bundy makes the tag and Studd continues to clobber Jim before putting the bearhug on Jim. Hulk is begging for the tag as Jim headbutts his way free and tags in the Champion. Hulk with three rights and the clothesline on Studd, the big boot staggers Studd. Bundy comes in as Hulk drops the leg on Studd but Heenan breaks the count for the disqualification. Hogan catches Heenan and tosses him in the way of Bundy’s avalanche. The heels quickly flee the ringside area as Hulk and Jim call them back in the ring.

1. Hulk Hogan & Hillbilly Jim beat King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd via disqualification 8/10 from New York City

2. Hulk Hogan v. King Kong Bundy

   Here’s our first singles match of the tape, as Hulk defends the World title against his Wrestlemania II opponent. Someone has a sign that says Porky Pig Bundy!!! Hulk comes out in his alternate outfit, the all white look, which was his second LJN figure and to the Rock n Wrestling theme song as he was in between Eye of The Tiger and Real American. Bundy gets the quick advantage with his power and clobbers Hulk all around the ring, but Hulk back with a series of rights. Hulk runs in for the clothesline but gets caught in the scoop slam followed by a knee drop as Bundy gets back in control and tosses Bundy to the hardwood floor of the Boston Garden. Bundy pulls Hulk to the apron by the hair, something Hulk won’t be able to do, and then knees him back to the floor. Hulk sweeps the ankle and pulls Bundy to the floor and unloads on the challenger on the floor driving Bundy’s head into the apron. Both men back in the ring and Hulk with a headbutt, who does he think he is JYD? Hulk drops an elbow then shoots him and lands the big boot to the head, Hulk follows with the corner clothesline. A slam attempt fails and this gets the advantage back to Bundy who slows the pace with a rear chinlock. Hogan tries to fight free but Bundy clotheslines him back down and takes back the advantage. Bundy connects with the avalanche and follows with the big splash for the pin, but Hulk kicks out. Hogan begins to Hulk up as he fires back with three rights, but gets tossed in the corner again and avalanche hits again. Hogan shakes it off and catches Bundy going for a third with a powerslam for the win. Well that came out of nowhere, was nice to see a different end to a Hogan match as Jesse demands a replay as he says Bundy’s shoulder was not down. It looks like Bundy’s shoulder was up before three, but the decision stands.

2. Hulk Hogan pinned King Kong Bundy 8/10 from Boston, MA

3. Hulk Hogan v. Randy Savage

   Savage was one of the greats, and is the true Mr. Wrestlemania as he had some of the best matches at Wrestlemania and is so deserving of the Hall of Fame. Hogan comes out to Real American and in the red and yellow, so all is right again. Savage’s IC belt is not on the line, but Hulk’s World title is, as Gene starts drooling over Elizabeth already. Savage gets the sneak attack on Hulk and smashes Hogan with his own title, as Gorilla calls it a Pearl Harbour Job, can’t get away with that now. Hogan in trouble right from the start as Savage hits the double axe handle and Elizabeth is on the apron. This distracts Savage long enough for Hogan to come back and clobber Savage then steals Savage’s shades. Hogan tosses Savage to the outside and quickly follows, as goes to drive Savage into the post and bounces Savage’s shoulder off the post. Wait, Hogan is supposed to be the face here and he’s doing heel moves? Both men back in the ring and Hogan continues to tear apart Savage with a huge clothesline as the crowd has been rabid through the whole match. Hulk delivers a nice belly to back suplex before he starts to choke the challenger, which brings Elizabeth back to the apron. Hogan connects with the corner clothesline as Elizabeth has been sent to the back, while Hogan hits a vertical suplex. Savage swings wildly and misses, getting tied up in the ropes. The ref pulls Hogan back, which allows Savage to send Hulk out of the ring, and Savage follows with the classic double axe handle off the top to the floor. Hogan gets bounced off the ring post as Savage continues to clobber the champ, while the crowd in Boston is chanting Hogan’s name. Savage throws him in the ring and hits the elbow drop for the pin, but Hulk kicks out of Savage’s finisher! Hogan begins to Hulk up and hits the three rights then tosses Savage into the ropes, hits the big boot followed by the slam and leg drop for the win. A really good fast paced match, as usual with these two as they always had good matches. After the match as Hogan celebrates Savage comes back and attack Hogan along with Adrian Adonis who was at ringside in drag. They double team the champion until Hulk rams their heads together and atomic drops Savage over the top. Adrian bails out and Hulk is able to pull his shirt off, revealing a bra on Adonis! Hulk finally gets to pose for the crowd as they go nuts.

3. Hulk Hogan pinned Randy Savage 9/10 from Boston, MA

   We now head to the Flower Shop with Adrian Adonis and Jimmy Hart. Adrian introduces his guests Paul Orndorff and Hulk Hogan, as Hulk says Adrian is stirring things up with him and Paul. Adrian asks about the challenge from Studd and Bundy, Hulk says yes but Paul says no. Paul says they will face Studd and Bundy but first he signed a contract for them to face the Moondogs beforehand. Paul says he wants to show the crowd what Mr Wonderful is all about.

4. Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff v. King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd

   This is another famous match and we’ll see why in a bit, but I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get the Moondog match first. Before the match we get comments from both Hulk and Paul, as Hulk explains not answering the phone when Paul called him as Paul paces back and forth. Paul says he his ready as Hulk begs him to let the phone call thing go. The greatest ring announcer ever Howard Finkel introduces the teams as Hulk jumps in front of Paul on the way to the ring, while Paul takes his time. Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino are on commentary as Paul and Studd start out and Paul gets the first shots in. Studd goes for a slam but Paul slides down the back with a sunset flip for a one count. Studd back up and tags in Bundy, who drives the knee in the stomach of Paul and hits the back elbow but misses the splash and Avalanche which allows Paul to come back and hammer Bundy to the corner. Bundy tags Studd back in as Paul stays in, Paul goes for a slam but it fails however he comes back with a dropkick and then one for Bundy sending the heels to the floor. Hulk looks on proud of Paul and asks for the tag, and gets it, as Hulk enters the ring for the first time tonight. Studd and Hogan slug it out with Hulk getting the advantage and slams Studd which angers Heenan at ringside, and Paul looks a little pissed off too. Back in the ring and Hogan with the atomic drop on Studd and follows with the corner clothesline, a second attempt fails as Studd hits a clothesline of his own. Bundy back in and cuts off the tag, a double clothesline takes down Hogan and Bundy almost scores the win. Hogan gets slammed in the centre of the ring but rakes the eyes, Studd sends Hulk crashing into Paul. The heels double team Hogan as Paul holds the side of his head, the ref goes flying thus ending the match. Paul finally clears the ring of Studd and Bundy, then slowly helps Hulk up and then it happens. Paul clotheslines Hulk Hogan and follows up with his patented piledriver in the centre of the ring, then mocks Hogan with the hand to the ear. Paul waves in the Heenan Family and high fives them, as Barry Windham, Mike Rotundo, Sivi Afi and King Tonga make the save for Hogan. This was more of a storyline then a match, but what we saw was pretty good. Adrian Adonis meets the Heenan Family backstage and hugs Paul and says we did it, as this was all a set up on Hogan. We get comments from the Heenan Family and Adrian, who says they showed Hogan and they all chant Wonderful.

4. Hulk Hogan & Paul Orndorff beat King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd 7/10

5. Hulk Hogan v. Paul Orndorff

   From Saturday Night’s Main Event, this a famous cage match as we get comments from Heenan and Orndorff. Orndorff comes out to Real American, which was a pretty cool little thing to anger the Hulkster. Danny Davis is arguing with the other ref, Joey Marella, as they intertwine the whole Davis gimmick into the match as well. The Davis storyline was pretty awesome, as he spent about a year screwing over the faces in matches until the final straw where he cost the Bulldogs the Tag title. This lead to Jack Tunney suspending Davis from reffing for life, which lead to Davis being a part of the Hart Foundation. Hogan comes out and enters the cage via the top as Real American plays again, Jesse makes fun of Hogan ripping his shirt. Paul gets the cheap shot at the start and strips the title off Hogan then beats him with it as Paul quickly calls for the door and almost makes it out. Paul gets back on Hogan and again tries to leave, but Hogan stops him again so Paul goes back on the offense. Vince claims there is only one official assigned, Marella, as Paul climbs the cage and makes it to the outside, but Hulk pulls him in via the hair. That would not have worked had Paul been bald says Jesse as Hulk rams his head into the cage as Paul hands upside down. Orndorff pulled back in the ring and chokes Paul with the headband before trying to get out, but Paul quickly catches him. Now it’s Paul back on the offense as he hammers Hogan down to the mat but misses the elbow drop multiple times. Paul scramble to leave and Hulk pulls him down and unloads on the challenger and tries to leave via the door, but it’s locked and takes too long. This allows Paul to catch Hogan and low blow him, as Paul unloads on the champion with elbows drops and forearms. Both men get their heads slammed into the cage wall and Hulk is the first to get up but Paul is not far behind him. Both men begin to ascend the cage on opposite sides and both men touch the floor at the same time. Joey says Hulk wins and Davis says Paul wins, as we have chaos at ringside. Davis clobbers Joey, which brings over Hogan who grabs Davis, but Paul saves the ref with a knee to the back. Marella confers with Finkel, who announces the match is a tie and the match will restart, much to the chagrin of Heenan. Paul tosses Hulk back in the cage and Paul comes in via the top rope with a forearm as Jesse explains the Vince the rules! Jesse tells Vince he’s sick of his announcing, be glad he doesn’t have to deal with Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. Orndorff continues to hammer the Hulkster, but Hulk shrugs them off and Hulk’s up. Hogan with a series of chops and then smashes his face into the cage wall repeatedly. Orndorff has no idea where he is as Hulk continues to punish Paul with the cage, then hits a backbreaker and drops the leg as Paul is bleeding. Hulk starts to climb the cage as Heenan jumps in and grabs Hogan’s ankle. Hulk drops down and atomic drops Paul then tosses Heenan into the cage as Hogan climbs out for the win. A fantastic cage match with a unique double escape. Hulk gets back in as Paul leaves and beats the crap out of Heenan, as Paul finally pulls him out to save his manager. We get frame by frame footage of both men escaping, as Jesse says Paul escaped first.

5. Hulk Hogan beat Paul Orndorff in a cage match 8.25/10 from Hartford, CT

6. Hulk Hogan v. Brutus Beefcake

   This is not the Starrcade main event, but about ten years earlier as Hulk is back in all white. They lock up and Brutus overpowers Hogan to the corner, which the Landover crowd hates. This is really early in Brutus’ WWF run, pre Dream Team I believe, as Brutus taunts the crowd. Sure is a lot of stalling as Hogan finally clobbers Brutus and hits the atomic drop sending Brutus to the floor. Johnny V helps his man back up and in the ring, as Hogan waits for him. Brutus gets a cheap shot in and quickly unloads on the champion but Hulk blocks the turnbuckle smash and drives Brutus in repeatedly. Brutus begs off but Hulk pulls him up in a choke and then headbutts him in the corner. Hogan with a backbreaker and back to the corner, but Brutus comes back with the corner clothesline. Brutus stomps on Hogan, as this match has been pretty bad so far, but the crowd is loving every minute of it. Hogan can fire up a crowd so easily like no one else since, as they are loud from the first notes of Real American till he finishes posing. Brutus sends Hogan to the floor and continues to stomp on him, then rolls in to break the count, but Hogan pulls him out and atomic drop in the floor. Hogan bites Brutus across the nose and sends him into the post, but Brutus reverses and Hogan crashes into the post. Brutus back in and Hulk crawls to the apron where Brutus pulls him in and drops the forearms and knees on the champ. Brutus scoops him up and powerslams Hogan down for the near fall, Johnny argues with the ref as the champ is hurting. Hogan gets shot in and right into the bearhug from Brutus, as Hogan gets the crowd behind him as this is getting into Randy Orton levels of restholds, finally Hogan fights free. Hogan ducks the clothesline and hits one of his own and elbows Brutus in the face. Brutus shot in and clotheslined down again and Hogan sends him in again hits the big boot followed by the slam and legdrop for the win, but Johnny distracts him. Johnny holds Hogan as Brutus charges and hits the high knee on his manager accidentally. Hogan quickly rolls him up for the win. A very slow match, lots of stalling to start and way to long of a bearhug killed this match, however the crowd was insane the whole time.

6. Hulk Hogan pinned Brutus Beefcake 3/10 from Landover, MD

7. Hulk Hogan & George Steele v. Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis

   Coming to us from Boston, as Hogan is in the white for this match. Steele comes in and chases off the heels as Steele rips his shirt off like Hogan does and has a pre-match turnbuckle. Gorilla quickly makes note of Adonis’ getting bigger, which was why they punished him with the gay gimmick. All four men in the ring as Hogan chokes Adrian then tosses him out as Steele feeds Savage the turnbuckle. Padding is everywhere as Steele is tearing apart turnbuckles, Savage and Steele finally start and Savage bails right away. As Savage stalls on the outside Hogan goes after him, sending Savage back in the ring. Steele chases Savage out and Hogan has had enough tossing Savage into the arms of Steele. Hogan tagged in and Savage tags out, Adonis slow to get in as he is wary of the champion. I can’t believe both members of the heel team are gone, plus Miss Elizabeth, it’s a sad thing to notice. Hulk hits the corner clothesline and Steele headbutts him out as all four back in again, Hogan and Adonis brawl on the floor. Hogan tosses him in and hits the big boot on Adrian who makes the blind tag, this allows Savage to clobber Hogan. Savage gets caught in the wrong corner and plays ping pong ball, as Steele tagged in and takes a bite out of the IC champ. Steele misses a charge and Adonis back in and starts pulling on Steele’s back hair? That is the weirdest thing I’ve seen, as Adonis with a snapmare on Steele and drops a big knee to the side of the head. Adonis slams Steele and climbs to the top rope dropping a splash for a near fall. Savage tagged back in and chokes the Animal as Hulk tries to make the save, Savage goes for the clothesline but Steele catches the arm with a bite. Savage tosses Steele out and tags Adrian back in, as Steele gets in he tags Hogan in. Adonis rakes the eyes and suplexes the champion down for a two count, Adonis was so unappreciated back in the day. A second suplex gets another near fall as the crowd is chanting Hogan, Adonis locks on the sleeper. Adrian releases the hold and goes for the splash but Hogan gets the knees up, this brings in Savage illegally. Savage gets atomic dropped as Steele back in and the heels sent into each other and Savage backdrops his own partner. Steele tosses out Savage as Hogan makes the pin for the win. A fun little match that was way better then it should have been.

7. Hulk Hogan & George Steele beat Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis 6/10 from Boston, MA

8. Hulk Hogan v. Kamala the Ugandan Giant

   Well this should be fun, as Kamala is one of my all time favourites, as he has the Wizard and Kimchee with him tonight. Both men charge at each other and no one moves, a second one and same thing. A third attempt and Kamala jumps over Hogan then shoulderblock him down. Bobby Heenan says Hogan retreated from the Ugandan Giant, as they circle again. The crowd in New York is going crazy for Hulk already, as Hulk goes for the slam but Kamala smashes him with the forearms. Kamala unloads on the champion as Kimchee screams at Kamala who misses two forearms and now Hogan comes back. Hogan clotheslines him but Kamala doesn’t fall, a running knee does nothing. Kimchee on the apron and Hogan pops him but this allows Kamala to catch Hogan from behind as Wizard tosses something to Kamala who clobbers Hogan with it. Kamala kicks the Hulkster and then chokes the champion, that was a popular move in mid eighties, as Kamala pats his belly. Kamala continues to pound Hogan then slams and splashes the champion for the near fall. Kamala not sure what to do as the crowd explodes for Hogan to begin the comeback. Hogan shrugs the chops and hits two of his own, then introduces Kamala to the buckles. Hulk hits the corner clothesline and then slams Kamala, he goes for the leg as Kimchee has the ref, Wizard pulls the leg. Wizard holds Hogan down as Kamala hits the big splash twice, but the ref catches the Wizard and calls for the bell. Kimchee tosses the ref as Kamala goes to the top rope, Hogan jerks Kimchee into Wizard. Hogan catches Kamala and smashes him into the post then tosses Wizard over the top. Kimchee gets atomic dropped over the top and Hogan grabs the title belt as the heels flee the scene. A good brawl and at least Kamala didn’t get pinned! Hogan calls them back in the ring but Kimchee leads Kamala from ringside.

8. Hulk Hogan beat Kamala via DQ 7/10 in New York City

9. Hulk, Super and Big Machine v. King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan

   The Machines were supposed to be a Japanese team that came in the WWF in 1986, of course they were not from Japan. Giant Machine was of course Andre The Giant, Super Machine was Bill Eadie, aka Demolition Ax, and Big Machine was Blackjack Mulligan, the father of Barry Windham. This was the last team managed by Lou Albano until the Headshrinkers in the 90s. Hulk and Bundy start and Hulk slams Bundy right out of the gate, Studd tries to come in but thinks better of it. Bundy tags in Studd and Hogan clobbers him then tags in Big Machine who tries for a slam, but Studd grabs the ropes and tags in Bundy. Bundy misses a clothesline and eats a shoulder from the Machine, Super comes in now and Bundy catches him forearms. John tagged in and clobbers Machine but misses a chop and almost gets pinned from a crossbody. It’s hard to tell which Machine is which as Big and Super are close in size, as Bundy tries to unmask the Machine but gets clobbered. Bundy hits the big elbow and goes for a facelock on the Machine, then tags in Studd who drops a forearm across the back on Machine. Machine makes a tag to Super who goes to work on Studd, but eats an elbow and Bundy back in. The New York crowd starts the Weasel chant, as the Machine starts to work on Bundy’s leg, but Bundy fights him off and tags in Studd who comes in via the top rope with the forearm. Hulk wants the tag but Studd and Bundy continue to work on Machine as Heenan gets in finally and gets a few shots in, but a headbutt hurts Bobby more. This allows the tag to Hogan who destroys Heenan and clobbers Bundy and Studd. Heenan tries to tag but Hogan won’t let go of Heenan and tags in the Big Machine, but Heenan gets away and tags in Bundy. Machine gets caught in the wrong corner but fights free as Studd tagged in and Super Machine tagged in as well. Super goes for a slam but it fails and Studd bring Bundy back in, Bundy hits the big avalanche before bringing Studd back in. The Machines switch unbeknown to the heels or ref as Studd goes to grab the Machine and misses a clothesline. Studd gets slammed down hard and Hulk drops the leg for the win. Not a bad match but nothing major to see.

9. Hulk, Super & Big Machine defeated King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd and Bobby Heenan 5/10


1. Hulk Hogan & Hillbilly Jim beat King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd via disqualification 8/10 April 22, 1986 from New York City

2. Hulk Hogan pinned King Kong Bundy 8/10 October 12, 1985 from Boston, MA

3. Hulk Hogan pinned Randy Savage 9/10 June 27, 1986 from Boston, MA

4. Hulk Hogan & Paul Orndorff beat King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd 7/10 June 24, 1986 from Poughkeepsie, NY

5. Hulk Hogan beat Paul Orndorff in a cage match 8.25/10 December 14, 1986 from Hartford, CT

6. Hulk Hogan pinned Brutus Beefcake 3/10 August 17, 1985 from Landover, MD

7. Hulk Hogan & George Steele beat Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis 6/10 August 9, 1986 from Boston, MA

8. Hulk Hogan beat Kamala via DQ 7/10 December 26, 1986 in New York City

9. Hulk, Super & Big Machine defeated King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd and Bobby Heenan 5/10 September 22, 1986 from New York City

   A pretty good selection of matches from the Hulkster. Other than the Brutus match this was a series of good matches. The cage match was legendary for it’s time as a draw in a cage had never been done. Also the heel turn of Paul was a shock as a kid watching Saturday Night’s Main Event. There are still four more Hulkamania tapes to go, but coming up next is the tenth Best of The WWF series.


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