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Best of The WWF Volume 9

The Best of series continues as we hit number nine. This is one comes in a very bright yellow box with the Junkyard Dog on the cover. Advertised matches include a six man tag, a battle royal, midget madness, a boot camp match and Ricky Steamboat versus Randy Savage which should be amazing. This looks like it’s going to be one of the best in the series so far with those matches, well other then the midget match. So let’s not waste time and let’s get this show rolling.

The usual opener rolls and we are welcomed by Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny V who hype up the tape and Johnny makes some bad jokes. Gorilla goes over the card for the show, and once again I’m impressed with the lineup. They go over the rules of the Boot Camp match and Gorilla makes fun of Johnny being in the battle royal. We head to the ring for the opening contest.

1. Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat

   They lock up right away and Ricky works the arm early as we have the best announce team ever, Gorilla and Bobby Heenan. Savage misses the clothesline and gets armdragged by Ricky who applies the armbar. The crowd is solidly behind Ricky here in Toronto as Savage gets slammed down and then armdragged again, and back to the armbar. There is a reason Ricky was nicknamed the Armdragon back in the eighties as we get a nice shot of Elizabeth at ringside. Savage finally breaks the hold but gets caught right back in it, as Steamboat maintains the advantage. Savage gets a knee in to finally break the hold and gets shot it the corner, but Savage springs to the second rope and comes back with a nice crossbody. Ricky rolls through and gets a near fall, Ricky quickly follows up with a series of chops sending Savage to the corner and gets a nice forward roll for another near fall. Ricky goes right back to the armbar as Elizabeth looks worried at ringside, Savage gets the ropes and the kicks Savage’s arm off the ropes which both Bobby and Gorilla say is not his job. Savage finally gets another knee in and breaks the hold then rams Ricky’s head into the buckle. Savage drops a big knee across the face and tries to send him back into the buckle but Steamboat blocks as we clip forward. Savage was outside and gets back in and runs right into a hiptoss and begs off. Another armdrag on Savage, but he gets to the corner and sends Steamboat in and over the the top rope. Steamboat hits the table on the way out and lands hard on the cement floor, Savage quickly follows via the double axe handle. Savage rams Steamboat’s face into the ring barrier and breaks the count. Steamboat is hurting on the floor as Savage hopes for the countout, but decides to go after him and tosses the challenger back in the ring. Savage drops an elbow on the head of Ricky and quickly climbs the ropes and hits the double axe handle to the side of the head for a near fall. Savage goes for a suplex but Ricky blocks, so Savage goes back up top and this time he gets caught by Ricky who begins to unload on the IC champ. Steamboat sends Savage to the outside and Steamboat quickly follows and tosses Savage over the guardrail and into the first row. Steamboat breaks the count and Savage climbs over the rail and catches Steambaot. Savage tries to toss Steamboat into the ringpost but Ricky reverses and Savage eats the steel. Savage is split wide open and Steamboat wisely throws him back in the ring, then follows with a huge chop from the top rope. Steamboat covers and Savage kicks out, as the crowd is going insane, Ricky continues to work over the injured champion. Savage pulls the ref in front and Ricky hits the ref, knocking him out cold and all three men are down. Savage up first and suplexes Ricky as Heenan wants to take over as the ref, as the ref starts to stir. Steamboat with a small package and the ref slowly crawls over but takes too long and Savage kicks out. Steamboat argues with the ref and Savage clobbers him, now they’re both going for a backslide and Steamboat gets it and the near fall. Steamboat again argues with the ref, as Savage reaches in his tights and pulls out something which he rakes across Steamboat’s eyes. Both men are hurting now as Savage pulls the ref out of the wall and charges Ricky, but Ricky backdrops Savage over the top and down to the cement floor. The ref is checking on Steamboat as Elizabeth tries to help Savage back up, Steamboat gets too close to the ropes and Savage pulls him out and rams Ricky into the announce table. Ricky comes back with the chops but gets driven back first into the ring apron and Savage goes for the slam, but falls backwards. Steamboat finally gets back in the ring as the ref calls for the bell, and Steamboat wins by countout. 9.75/10 a near perfect opening match, with non stop action but the cheap ending keeps it from being a perfect match.

1. Ricky Steamboat beat Randy Savage by countout 9.75/10

2. The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff v. The Hart Foundation

   Well, this is an odd match as we have two heel teams going at it. This is one of the first appearance of The Doctor of Style, Slick who accompanies Shiek and Volkoff, meanwhile there is no Jimmy Hart with his team. The Harts attack while Volkoff is singing and sends Sheik and Volkoff into each other and they bail out. I guess the Harts are the faces tonight as the crowd erupts for them, which even Gorilla finds odd. Alfred asks about Slick since he has never seen him before, so Gorilla says Freddie Blassie sold half his interest in his stable to Slick. Meanwhile Volkoff is in the ring with Bret and runs him over with a pair of shoulderblocks and then does a cool cartwheel but this allows Bret to hit a dropkick sending Volkoff to the corner. A tag brings in Sheik and they lock up, with Bret sending Sheik tumbling to the floor and Slick quickly checks on his man. Gorilla says the legendary “Excellence of Execution” line, as Volkoff holds Bret and Sheik charges but Bret moves and Sheik kicks Volkoff. Sheik eats a boot for Bret who follows with the backbreaker and climbs the ropes, but Volkoff grabs him and Anvil charges. This distracts the ref allowing Sheik and Volkoff to double team Bret, Sheik hits a vicious clothesline and double axe handle then spits on Bret. Bret rammed into Volkoff’s boot, who then gets tagged in and stomps Bret down. Volkoff sends him in but gets caught with his head down as Bret executes a nice sunset flip, however Sheik distracts the ref and by the time the ref turns around Volkoff kicks out. Sheik back in and he locks on the abdominal stretch, but Bret hiptosses his way out, Sheik quickly maintains the advantage with a gut wrench suplex. Sheik with the legendary camel clutch, which draws in Anvil to break the hold, Sheik goes for the suplex but Bret reverses into one of his and makes the hot tag as the place explodes. Anvil dropkicks Sheik who lands in his corner and tags in Volkoff, and we have a slugfest which Anvil wins as he takes care of both former tag champions. Anvil with another dropkick this time for Volkoff and gets a near fall, but Sheik breaks it up. All four men in the ring and Bret is pounding on Sheik who bails, the ref gets Bret back in his corner as Anvil goes for a slam. Sheik pulls Anvil leg out from under him and Anvil falls back with Volkoff on top and the ref counts three. 8/10 a really exciting tag team match between two heel teams that worked really well.

2. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff beat The Hart Foundation 8/10

3. Corporal Kirchner v. Nikolai Voloff

   This is a boot camp match, basically a street fight as it’s no holds barred. Volkoff in camo pants which looks really weird, as we missed Volkoff’s singing this time. Volkoff quickly bails out and Kirchner follows, as they run in and out of the ring, but Kirchner finally catches him and unloads on the Russian. Kirchner drops the big knee but Volkoff comes back with a ball shot to slow down the Corporal. Volkoff begins to hammer Kirchner and rams him into his boot, as Gorilla talks about Blassie not being there and mentions the selling to someone. So this took place before the previous match, as Volkoff misses a charge and crashes into the buckle. This allows Kirchner to unload but he misses a top rope kneedrop, which allows Volkoff to come back and he ties Kirchner into the turnbuckles upside down. Volkoff  charges in and drops the knee right into the exposed yambag of Kirchner, and Kirchner is rolling on the mat. Volkoff tosses Kirchner over the top rope to the rampway and slams his down on the wood ramp then follows up with a second big slam. Kirchner tossed back in the ring as Volkoff has a huge smile on his face, he sends Kirchner into the ropes and hits a nice spin kick before tossing Kirchner to the cement again. Volkoff follow and slams Kirchner’s head into the ring post, Volkoff grabs the chair and smashes it across the back of Kirchner. This has been almost all Volkoff, as Kirchner gets tossed around like a rag doll and is bleeding badly. Kirchner tossed back in the ring and Volkoff quickly drives a knee into Kirchner’s head. Volkoff removes his belt and begins to beat Kirchner with the strap, he then wraps it around his fist and clobbers Kirchner with it. Volkoff takes some time to put his belt back on, thankfully saving us from seeing a full moon, but this costs him. Kirchner shot in and catches the Russian with his head down and executes a perfect sunset flip for a near fall. Volkoff misses the big right and Kirchner with an atomic drop, as Kirchner begins his comeback. I can’t believe how hard they pushed this guy, or the fact that I just picked up his classic LJN figure on the weekend! Kirchner send Volkoff into the corner, but misses the charge and goes up and over the top rope to the cement floor. Volkoff catches Kirchner trying to get in the ring and knees him back down, but Volkoff takes time to taunt the crowd as Kirchner removes his boot and rolls back in the ring. Kirchner smashes the boot over the head of Volkoff knocking him old cold and scores the big win. 8.5/10 a really good brawl with a nice surprise ending. Was a lot better then I anticipated it being, but Volkoff really carried him and made this a fun match.

3. Corporal Kirchner pinned Nikolai Volkoff 8.5/10

4. Junkyard Dog, Jimmy Snuka & Andre the Giant v. Ken Patera, Big John Studd & Jesse Ventura

   This reads like a who’s who of the WWF in early 85, as we got most of the big names in one huge match. Dog and Patera start the match and slug it out with Dog getting the advantage as he backdrops Patera down. Dog begins to work the arm and makes the tag to Andre who unloads on Patera and here comes Studd, but Andre catches him and rams Studd and Patera’s heads together. Patera eats the big boot and JYD back in with a series of headbutts sending Patera to the outside, as the crowd explodes. Patera gets back in closer to his corner but doesn’t make a tag, much to the confusion of Gorilla, as Patera challenges Andre which brings him in and Patera bails. JYD and Patera lock up and JYD gets stuck in the wrong corner and gets triple teamed, this brings in Andre and Snuka as we have chaos. Andre rams Studd and Patera together but JYD took a beating there and Jesse comes in finally. Jesse clobbers JYD and does the Fargo strut, before dropping an elbow on JYD then tosses him into the buckle, which does nothing. Jesse hits JYD in the head and hurts his hand, Jesse backs off but JYD follows and headbutts Jesse down, then tags in Snuka. Snuka headbutts Jesse and then chops him down, he follows with a big slam and then climbs the ropes. Snuka drops a headbutt on Jesse, but gets a thumb in the eye and Snuka staggers into Patera who chokes him on the ropes. Jesse unloads on Snuka then tags in Studd who continues the offense on Snuka with a huge slam. Studd covers and gets a near fall, so Studd changes plans and locks on the bearhug, Snuka begins to fade and this brings in Andre who boots Studd in the back breaking the hold. Patera quickly tagged back in and now he locks on the bearhug then drives him into the buckles before bringing in Jesse who shows off his bearhug! JYD comes in and breaks the hold, so Jesse tags Studd back in and Studd drops an elbow on Snuka before once again locking on the bearhug. The crowd gets louder and this inspires Snuka to break the hold and make the tag to Andre who grabs a hold of Studd forcing him into the corner and clobbers him with chops and headbutts. Andre goes for the slam and Patera makes the save, this allows Studd to tag in Jesse who unloads on Andre who shrugs it off. Andre clobbers Jesse and tags in Snuka, Jesse runs into the big boot and Snuka hits the Superfly Splash for the win. 7.75/10 a fun and pretty fast paced match even with the bearhugs, as they kept Andre’s involvement to a minimum which kept it fast. After the match Andre gets a hold of Studd, but Studd breaks free and bails out of the ring.

4. JYD, Jimmy Snuka & Andre the Giant beat Big John Studd, Jesse Ventura & Ken Patera 7.75/10

5. King Tonga & Sivi Afi v. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd

   This is a follow up match from the previous volume that had Tonga slam Studd, so a little continuity is always nice. Studd and Tonga start and we have a slugfest, as Tonga goes for a quick slam but Studd grabs the ropes. Tonga chops Studd and again goes for the slam but again Studd has the ropes. Tonga continues to chop Studd but Studd comes back with the forearms but Tonga chops him again and Studd backs off. Studd finally tosses Tonga out of the ring and follows, ramming Tonga into the steel post the tosses him back in. Studd comes in via the top rope and drops a huge forearm across the back of Tonga then slams him down hard. Tonga comes back with crescent kick and headbutt then back to the chops as the crowd goes bananas, Studd crumples to the mat and Tonga drops the headbutt. Tonga pulls him up and slams Studd in the middle of the ring and gets a near fall. Another headbutt from Tonga and goes for a slam, but Studd blocks and clobbers him, so Tonga tags in Afi. Afi tries for a slam and Studd blocks and wants Tonga back in. Afi shot in and comes back with a dropkick but Studd just brushes him off and tags in Bundy, who sends Avi face first into the buckle. Bundy sends him in again, but Afi springs to the top rope and hits a cross body for a near fall. Afi comes back with chops and headbutts, much like Tonga, but one shot sends Afi to the mat. Bundy drops a knee which splits Afi open, and tags in Studd who shoulderblocks Afi down. Studd goes after Tonga and clobbers him, as Bundy cheapshots Afi, and then Studd back on Afi who’s getting destroyed. Afi finally slides betweent the legs of Studd and tags in Tonga who comes in a house of fire. Studd plays firefighter and puts out Tonga’s fire with knees and a big elbow before bringing in Bundy. A huge shoulderblock sends Tonga down, and Bundy drops a knee to the chest for the win as there seems to be some confusion, but it is a pin. 6.5/10 not a bad match but nothing like what we’ve seen so far.

5. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd beat Sivi Afi & King Tonga 6.5/10

6. Cowboy Lang v. Lord Littlebrook

   Well now the quality drops, as we get midget madness, as the ref is on his knees explaining the rules to the guys. They lock up and we get a clean break, back to the ropes and Littlebrook gets tossed to the apron, he then trips coming in the ring. Gorilla is so bored he’s reading the copyright rules for the show during the match, as Alfred compliments him. Nothing has really happened so far as Lang has the full nelson on Lord, who breaks it and struts. Lord tells him to do it again, so Lang does and this time Lord can’t break it. Lord makes the ropes so Lang just drops him headfirst on the mat. We clip forward, can we clip to the end? Lord takes him down with a handfull of hair and applies a wristlock, not a wristwatch! Lang bites him on the ass to break the hold and the ref check on him, so Lang bites him too. Why is that a normal part of these matches? We get a test of strength and Lord is winning but Lang comes back and then stomps on Lord’s hands then the ref’s foot. Lang shot in and gets hit with a forearm from Lord who follows with a shoulderblock but Lang comes back with a backdrop. A second attempt fails and Lord gets a near fall, now Lang with a backdrop into the rolling move for the merciful ending. No rating these matches are just comedy and pointless.

6. Cowboy Lang beat Lord Littlebrook No Rating

7. $50,000 22 Man Battle Royal

   We end the show with my favorite kind of match, and a who’s who in the match. In the battle royal we have Junkyard Dog, Harley Race, Billy Jack Haynes, King Kong Bundy, Sivi Afi, Brutus Beefcake, Bobby Heenan, Pedro Morales, Lanny Poffo, Mike Sharp, Spot, Jimmy Hart, King Tonga, Big John Studd, Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, Greg Valentine, Johnny V, SD Jones, Tony Garea, Rex & Tony Atlas. That’s a huge list of stars including three managers. Howard Finkle goes over the rules before making the intros, as we start the brawl. Jimmy bails out under the ropes and hides under the ring, meanwhile everyone eliminates Studd and Bundy right away. Heenan is furious as he’s all alone now, two of the biggest are out and Heenan quickly tosses out with his men. Heenan stops at the announce table and says they are so important everyone ganged up on them. Everyone pairs off as Jimmy is still hiding under the ring, and we get a look at him as he peeks out to see what’s happening, as SD Jones goes out. Hard to keep track of thing, but it’s still fun to watch. Johnny V being double teamed by Afi and Poffo, as Hart peeks out again. Race and Brutus almost have Garea out, as Mike Sharpe gets bounced out along with Tony Atlas. We’re not getting good camera work to see what happens as Johnny V goes out next. JYD and Pedro almost have Rex out but Spot saves his partner, Brutus has Afi up in the air. Valentine tosses Tony Garea up and over, as Alfred says he wasn’t one of the favorites anyway! Harley Race goes out and takes a camera with him, as Afi gets eliminated right after. We’re down to ten but the Bulldogs eliminate the Moondogs with dropkicks, and the crowd explodes for that. JYD and Billy Jack going at it, which is cool to see. We’ve got the Bulldogs, The Dream Team, Lanny Poffo, Billy Jack, JYD, King Tonga, Pedro Morales and Jimmy Hart left. Dynamite Kid tossed out by Brutus Beefcake, as Alfred can’t believe Poffo is still in there, why is Alfred being such a heel here? JYD just standing in the middle of the ring as everyone fights, and Jimmy peeks out again! Pedro on the top rope gets clobbered by Valentine and finally tumbles to the floor, while Brutus goes out via Tonga and Davey Boy. This leaves Valentine with Poffo, JYD, Haynes, Tonga and Smith, while Jimmy is still under the ring, hope no one left him a present under there! Greg tosses Billy Jack and Tonga quickly, as JYD continues to do nothing. Greg being worked on by Smith and Poffo, finally JYD gets involved as Jimmy checks the scene again. Greg catches Davey and throws him out then sends Poffo right behind him. Leaving us with JYD and Hammer, as the crowd goes nuts, they circle each other before Greg charges right into the forearm. Greg fights back and sends JYD out through the ropes, right where Jimmy Hart is peeking out. JYD catches him and tosses Hart back in the ring. Hart slides between Greg’s legs and JYD goes after Greg and they wind up fighting on the ropes. JYD pokes the eyes and Jimmy is scared, as Dog goes after him but Hammer grabs JYD and holds him so Jimmy can smack him a few times. Greg and JYD tie up in the ropes and they both tumble over the top rope, and Jimmy Hart scores the huge win! Jimmy Hart is hilariously over the top screaming that they both went out and he wins. 8.5/10 a fun battle with a shocking upset win, just the usual fun for a battle royal.

7. Jimmy Hart wins the 50000$ battle royal 8.5/10


1. Ricky Steamboat beat Randy Savage by countout 9.75/10 on July 27, 1986 from Toronto, Canada
2. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff beat The Hart Foundation 8/10 on August 9, 1986 from Boston, MA
3. Corporal Kirchner pinned Nikolai Volkoff 8.5/10 on July 27, 1986 from Toronto, Canada
4. JYD, Jimmy Snuka & Andre the Giant beat Big John Studd, Jesse Ventura & Ken Patera 7.75/10 on March 17, 1985 from New York City
5. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd beat Sivi Afi & King Tonga 6.5/10 on July 12, 1986 from New York City
6. Cowboy Lang beat Lord Littlebrook No Rating on June 14, 1986 from New York City
7. Jimmy Hart wins the 50000$ battle royal 8.5/10 on July 12, 1986 from New York City

   Easily the best Coliseum tape so far with 4 great matches, 1 really good match and one good match. The only bad match is the midget match, but everything else is fantastic. Lots of fun stuff and the opening match is probably one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long time. Our next show is just called Grand Slams, so I have no idea what is coming up but it should be fun.


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