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The British Bulldogs

Let’s journey back to a time when Tag Team Wrestling was actually a valuable portion of the card. When tag teams had names, finishing moves and stuck together more then a few months. Tag teams were once a very important part of wrestling, as many main event stars of the 90s came up through the tag team ranks first, names like Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Jacques Rougeau and Davey Boy Smith. Tag teams would last for years like the Road Warriors, Demolition, Killer Bees, Hart Foundation, and the subject of today’s tape The British Bulldogs. The Bulldogs were one of the most amazing tag teams in wrestling back in the 80s and were doing stuff never seen in North America. They were the perfect blend of power (Davey Boy Smith) and speed (Dynamite Kid), and were able to work together like no other team. Sadly injuries would destroy this once amazing team and by the end they were just a shell of what they were, but let’s go back to the mid 80s and see the Bulldogs in their prime.

The box is  just plain white with a picture of the British Bulldogs holding the Tag Team Championship. Nothing is advertised on the front, so I guess we’ll just be surprised with what we get. Following the usual vintage opening we are greeted by Mene Gene in the control room, Gene talks about the upcoming matches which include the title win over the Dream Team.

1. The British Bulldogs v. The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

   The Bulldogs waste no time jumping Sheik and Volkoff before the bell and whip them into each other, Sheik and Volkoff bail out quickly. Volkoff back in with Smith and they double team the Brit. Sheik in backdrops Smith down and then spits on him, Sheik follows up with a big clothesline and gets a near fall. Smith smashed into the boot of Volkoff, who gets tagged in and hammers Smith down, Smith counters the bodyslam into a sunset flip and almost gets the win. Volkoff misses the blind charge and this allows Smith to make the hot tag to Kid who drops an axe handle across the arm of Volkoff. Volkoff powers Kid to the ropes and headbutts Kid then slams Kid’s head into Sheik’s boot. Sheik tagged in and hits a nice gut wrench suplex, but Kid able to block the vertical suplex and hits one of his own but Sheik recovers quickly and shoots Kid in. Kid catches Sheik with his head down and goes for a sunset flip, but Sheik clobbers him and tags in Volkoff. Volkoff easily overpowers Kid and tosses him around the ring as Jesse talks about Volkoff’s impressive power. Volkoff scores a piledriver for another near fall, and wisely tags in the former World Champion who accidentally runs into Volkoff. Kid makes the quick tag and Smith slams their heads together then powerslams Sheik but Volkoff breaks it up. Sheik catches Smith with a quick clothesline and a nice belly to back suplex with sets up the Camel Clutch which brings in Kid into break it up. Volkoff tosses Kid out of the ring and they double slam Smith, the ref forces Volkoff back to his corner. This allows Kid to come back in via the top rope as Sheik goes to slam Smith, Kid dropkicks his partner in the back, causing Sheik to fall backwards and the ref counts three. 8.5/10 a great fast paced match with an innovative ending.

1. The British Bulldogs beat Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik 8.5/10

2. Dynamite Kid v. Bret Hart

   Bret looks funny in bright blue, as the lock up and hit the ropes drawing a clean break. Another lock up and Kid with a side headlock, Bret shoots him in and Kid comes back with a shoulderblock. Bret off the ropes goes for a dropkick and Kid catches his feet and slingshots Bret into the turnbuckle. Bret bails out of the ring and takes a breather as we get a replay, Bret slowly gets back in the ring and another lockup, Hart forces Kid into the ropes and gets a cheap shot in. Hart goes for a kick and Kid grabs the leg, spins him around and atomic drops Hart down hard. Kid follows with the snap suplex, which always looks awesome, and gets a near fall. Both men reverses hammerlocks, but Kid uses his speed to send Bret to the floor again as we clip forward to Bret getting back in the ring. Bret twists the arm of Kid, Kid rolls though and counters the hold, but Bret pulls the hair to break the hold. Bret quickly drives a knee into the midsection of Kid and then pulls him up by the hair and slams him back down. Hart drops the forearm off the second rope across the back of the neck, then drops a leg across Kid’s throat. Kid gets his head rammed into the turnbuckle as Hart continues the offense on the Brit. Hart tosses Kid out of the ring and follows, then slams Kid down on the cement floor, which angers Gorilla on commentary. Kid struggles to get back in and Hart quickly hits the side backbreaker for a near fall, Kid goes for a quick sunset flip and almost surprises Hart but Bret fights free and continues to pound Kid. Bret goes for another side backbreaker but Kid flips through and hits one of his own and both men slow to get up. Kid gets ties up in the ropes and Bret comes off the ropes and dives at Kid, but Kid slides out of the ropes and Bret crotches himself on the ropes. This allows Kid to make the comeback with a huge clothesline and the diving headbutt, Kid gives Bret some of his own medicine by picking him up by the hair. Classic Bret as he runs into the buckle chest first and Kid follows with a knee to the face and almost gets the win. Kid pulls him up and hits the back suplex for another near fall, Kid quickly climbs the ropes and drops a knee to the head of Bret and Bret again kicks out. Bret able to shoot Kid in then drops down, Kid trips over him and smashes into the mat, this allows Bret to make his comeback. Bret goes for a slam and Kid drops down behind him, but Hart uses the momentum to send Kid down to the cement floor. As we get a replay Kid comes back in and has Bret rolled up for the win. 9/5 would have been perfect had we got to see the ending, a rare flub from the WWF editing crew. Anvil charges the ring after the bell and they double team Kid, which brings out Davey Boy and we get a brawl between both teams.

2. Dynamite Kid pinned Bret Hart 9.5

3. Davey Boy Smith v. Jim Neidhart

   This is going to be a battle of power, unlike the last match, as both men jockey for position. Anvil sends him to the ropes and both men collide and no one moves. Sent in again and Anvil drops down, Davey stops and stomps Anvil in the face, that was unique. Another lock up and another shoulderblock does nothing, so Davey yanks out Anvil’s legs and locks on a leg scissor, Anvil quickly makes the ropes and bails out of the ring. Anvil back in the ring and goes for the classic test of strength, which ends the usual way, Anvil kicks Smith in the gut and powers him down, but Smith powers his way back up. Anvil sends him to the ropes and Smith goes over him and hits a perfect dropkick sending the Anvil down. Anvil powers Smith into the ropes again and this time drives a knee into Smith’s ribs and begins unloading on Davey Boy. Smith tosses to the outside and Anvil follows and sends Smith into the railing before going back in the ring. Anvil drags Smith in the ring and clobbers him, but Smith comes back with a clothesline and a back elbow. Smith sends him into the corner and snapmares Anvil down then applies the chinlock, but Anvil powers out. Smith sends him into the corner and charges, but Anvil lifts Smith as he comes in and drops him down hard on the turnbuckle. Anvil makes the quick cover and scores the win. 7/10 a good power match between two of the best power wrestler ever.

3. Jim Neidhart pinned Davey Boy Smith 7/10

4. The British Bulldogs & Lou Albano v.  Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake & Johnny V

   The managers don the tights for this huge six man tag team match, Greg and Smith start out and Greg overpowers Smith dropping him down but misses the elbow. Smith grabs the arm and gets powered to the ropes, Smith with an atomic drop sending Greg into the fist of Albano. Smith back to the arm and tags in Kid who gets shot in and shoulderblocks Greg down! Kid with a headbutt and unloads on Hammer in the corner, and makes a tag to Albano who continues to work the arm then brings Smith back in. Greg powers Smith into a backbreaker and tags in Brutus who takes down Smith with a headlock takeover and a snapmare then tags in Johnny. Johnny drops an elbow  and then sends Smith into the boots of both members of the Dream Team. Greg back in as they work over Smith but Smith able to make the tag and Kid comes in but gets taken down by Hammer. Kid fights back with elbows of his own and sends Greg in the corner. Kid drops a knee across the face of Greg, but gets caught in a bearhug and Greg drives him into the buckles. Greg with a backbreaker and climbs to the top rope but gets caught and slammed down, and both men crawl to make the tag, but only Greg gets the tag. Brutus in and drives a knee into Kid and then taunts Smith and Albano to come in. This distracts the ref and allows Greg and Johnny to double team Kid, Smith and Albano double team Brutus though but Kid got the worst of it. Brutus hits a neckbreaker and gets a near fall on Kid, Brutus hits a nice delaying vertical suplex and gets another near fall. Brutus drives Kid’s head into Johnny’s boot and tags in Johnny who unloads on Kid in the corner. The ref pulls Johnny out of the corner and this allows Greg to clothesline Kid across the ropes, and Johnny continues to stomp Kid then tags Greg back in. Greg hits the piledriver and covers, but Kid kicks out again and Greg quickly drops the elbow then goes for the figure four. Albano comes in to make the save, and Johnny comes in illegally but Kid makes the hot tag to Smith. Smith quickly clobbers Johnny then backdrops him, a dropkick takes out Greg and Brutus and Smith with the powerslam, but Greg makes the save. Albano comes in and cracks Johnny, but this distracts the ref, allowing Johnny to tag out and Greg in. Smith powerslams Greg quickly and then shoots him, both men collide head to head and are both down. Greg up first and suplexes Smith, but Smith counters into a nice vertical suplex into the pin, but Johnny quickly hits a cheap shot. Smith makes the tag to Kid and rams him into the buckle repeatedly then unloads in the corner. Kid gets sent in the corner and Hammer misses the charge, and Davey makes the tag and goes for a small package which gets a near fall. Another tag brings in Kid, and the Bulldogs hit a double clothesline for a near fall. Smith with another clothesline bringing Johnny back in to make the save, but Smith with snap suplex and we have all six in the ring. The Bulldogs double dropkick Greg and Johnny out, then Kid rolls up Brutus for the pin and the win, even though Brutus was not the legal man. 9/10 another great match as they kept the managers to a minimum and let Greg carry his team’s load.

4. The British Bulldogs & Lou Albano beat The Dream Team & Johnny V 9/10

5. The British Bulldogs v. The Dream Team

   This is the Tag Title match from Wrestlemania 2, and joined deep in progress as Greg gets powerslammed by Smith and almost gets pinned. Smith with a vertical suplex and gets another near fall. Greg sends Smith into the turnbuckle and quickly stomps on his arm, then begins to work the arm before tagging in Brutus. Brutus continues to work over the arm and then snapmares him down before stomping Smith repeatedly. Greg tagged back in and comes in via the top rope dropping the elbow across Smith’s arm. Greg hits a shoulderbreaker and covers, but pulls Smith up instead of taking the win. Kid is on the top rope, and Smith sends Greg into his head and covers. Brutus stumbles on the ropes and can’t make the save, as Smith scores the win and the titles. No rating, didn’t see enough to rate but was the best match of Wrestlemania 2.

5. The British Bulldogs defeated The Dream Team NO RATING

   We now get a vignette of the workouts of the Bulldogs. Basicaly they show off their power for Gene in the gym with various exercises, nothing exciting to this segment. 

6. The British Bulldogs v. The Moondogs

   It’s a battle of the dogs, as we start with Smith and Spot, and Smith unloads on him then tags in Kid. Kid shoulderblocks Spot down and Spot makes a tag to Rex. Rex overpowers Kid, but Kid tags in Smith and they double shoulderblock Rex down. Smith starts to work over the arm of Rex who powers Smith to the corner and clobbers him  but misses the charge and Kid tagged back in. Kid with a headlock and Rex drags him to the corner almost tagging in Spot, but Kid kicks his arm away and drags Rex to the corner and brings in Smith. Rex able to make the tag and the Moondogs double team Smith in the corner, Spot sends him in and eats a big knee to the face. Smith slams Spot down and gets a near fall, Spot back to the side headlock and tags Rex back in. Rex rakes Smith’s eyes as we see Lou Albano talking to the crowd as we clip forward to Rex slamming Smith in the middle of the ring and hits a splash for a near fall. Rex with a nice neckbreaker, ala Rick Rude, and another near fall as Spot tagged in. Spot gets sent to the corner and both men collide head to head, Spot up first and tags Rex back in. Rex drops a knee and gets a near fall as Alfred on commentary can’t stop laughing at Gorilla. Spot back in and drops a knee as well and gets another near fall, Rex back in and thet double team Smith. Moondogs have got a lot of offense here as Rex goes off the top rope for a splash but Smith gets the knees up. Rex makes the tag to Spot who stops Smith from getting the hot tag, but misses a clothesline and Smith with a cross body, but in the wrong corner. Rex back in and suplexes Smith, but Smith blocks and reverses with one of his own and finally makes the hot tag to Kid, as Rex tags Spot. Kid unloads on both Moondogs and drops the big headbutt on Spot for the near fall, as Rex breaks it up and we have chaos. Smith sends the Moondogs into each other and Kid dives over Smith and Spot with a crossbody for the win. 8/10 a great fast paced match, one of the best Moondog matches. Surprised to see the Moondogs get that much offense on the tag champs, but that made it a great match.

6. The British Bulldogs beat The Moondogs 8/10

7. Davey Boy Smith v. Greg Valentine

   A battle of power again, as Greg sends Davey to the ropes and we get a semi clean break. Greg goes for a quick roll up and Smith easily kicks out, Smith sends Greg to the corner and clotheslines Hammer to the outside. Greg back in the ring and powers Smith to the corner and gets a cheap shot in, and quickly unloads in the corner on Smith but Smith spins him around and hammers the Hammer. Greg does the classic face first flop and Smith gets a one count, Smith quickly works on the arm. Greg sends him in and misses the clothesline, Smith comes back with a dropkick knocking Greg into the ropes. Greg backs off into the corner and goes for a kick, but Smith catches the leg and sweeps it out, the quickly locks on a sharpshooter! A sharpshooter in 86 just seems amazing to see. Greg makes the ropes and Smith pulls him back in the hard way and works over the legs of Greg, who makes the ropes. Smith catches Greg on the apron and goes for the suplex, and brings Greg back in the hard way. Valentine kicks out and gets a shot in on Smith as we clip forward to Greg working over the legs of Smith. Greg pulls him up into the side headlock, and Smith with a back suplex to break the hold. Smith gets sent into the corner and Greg misses the chrage then rams his head into the buckle. Smith hits the powerslam for the near fall, thought that was the end, as Greg bails out to the floor. Davey follows and chases Greg around the ring, but gets caught when Greg is first in the ring. Greg drags him to the middle and goes for the figure four leglock, but Davey makes the ropes and that breaks the hold. Greg goes for it again but Smith pulls him down and Greg again goes for it but gets kicked off into the top turnbuckle. Smith shoots him in the opposite corner but can’t follow up. This allows Greg to come off the second rope with a forearm to the back of the head and score the surprise win. 8/10 a fantastic power match as Greg continues to shine on these tapes. He was so underrated back in the eighties.

7. Greg Valentine pinned Davey Boy Smith 8/10

8. Dynamite Kid v. Brutus Beefcake

   We now get the other half of the previous match, and we’re joined in progress as Kid shoulderblocks Brutus down. A second one sends Brutus to the outside as we clip again to Brutus working over the arm. Kid rolls his way out of the hold and backdrops Brutus down then locks on an armbar of his own. Brutus makes the ropes and Kid breaks the hold, as Brutus calls Johnny over for help. They lockup and Kid with the side headlock, Brutus back suplexes Kid down and follows with a headbutt to the stomach. Brutus stomps on Kid from the second rope and unloads on Kid, then drivies him into the turnbuckle. Brutus with a stalling vertical suplex into the cover, but Kid kicks out at two and Brutus looks confused. Brutus sends Kid in and gets caught with his head down as Kid with a sunset flip, but Brutus kicks out and continues to work over Kid. Brutus unloads on Kid in the corner, but Kid has had enough and starts to make the comeback. Kid with a snap suplex and drops a headbutt as the crowd explodes. Kid rams Brutus into the turnbuckle and hammers Brutus, but misses the charge as Brutus drops and pulls the ropes open sending Kid crashing to the floor. Brutus gets something from his tights and clobbers Kid as he’s on the apron. Kid staggers his way back on the apron and Brutus smashes him repeatedly, then suplexes Kid back in. Kid drops down the back and sunset flips Brutus for the win! 7/10 a good match, as the clipping probably saved the match. After the bell Brutus attacks Kid and ties him up upside down in the corner but Davey makes the save.

8. Dynamite Kid pinned Brutus Beefcake 7/10

9. The British Bulldogs v. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd

   This is a match where the Bulldogs will not be able to throw their opponents around the ring. Studd starts out overpowering Smith with shoulderblocks but Smith goes for the sunset flip. Bundy starts to come in and the ref sends him back, but this allows Kid to clothesline Studd. Smith dropkicks Studd but he doesn’t move, Studd powers him to the ropes and goes for the chop but Smith blocks and unloads, Kid comes in and they double dropkick Studd who finally goes down. Studd tags in Bundy who drives a knee into Smith and then slams him but misses the big elbow and another double dropkick followed by the double shoulderblock doesn’t move Bundy. Smith goes for the crossbody but Bundy catches and slams him then rams him into Studd’s boot, as he tags Studd in. Studd clotheslines Smith down and drops an elbow for a near fall, Studd goes for a slam and Smith slides down the back but eats a big knee. Bundy tagged back in and unloads on Smith and hits a backbreaker, Kid comes in to break up the pin, and Bundy tags Studd back in. Studd sends Smith into the corner but misses the charge in, but is able to tag Bundy back in. Bundy crushes Smith in the corner and brings Studd back in and Studd continues to destroy Smith. Kid has seen enough and charges in and we have all four in the ring. Studd shoves the ref out of the way and Bundy and Studd go for the double avalanche on Smith in the corner but Kid pulls him out of the way and the Bulldogs bail out. Studd and Bundy start shoving each other and Bobby Heenan tries to calm down his team. 6.5/10 was shaping up to be a good match but the ending just ruined it.

9. The British Bulldogs beat King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd by DQ 6.5/10


1. The British Bulldogs beat Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik 8.5/10 on October 21, 1985 from New York City
2. Dynamite Kid pinned Bret Hart 9.5 on September 14, 1985 from Landover, MD
3. Jim Neidhart pinned Davey Boy Smith 7/10 on September 14, 1985 from Landover, MD
4. The British Bulldogs & Lou Albano beat The Dream Team & Johnny V 9/10 on March 16, 1986 from New York City
5. The British Bulldogs defeated The Dream Team NO RATING on April 7, 1986 from Chicago, IL
6. The British Bulldogs beat The Moondogs 8/10 on July 12, 1986 from New York City
7. Greg Valentine pinned Davey Boy Smith 8/10 on April 22, 1986 from New York City
8. Dynamite Kid pinned Brutus Beefcake 7/10 on April 22, 1986 from New York City
9. The British Bulldogs beat King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd by DQ 6.5/10 on April 21, 1986 from Poughkeepsie, NY

   Easily one of the best tapes in the Coliseum series with 7 great matches, and one good match. The Kid/Bret and six man tag are worth the price by themselves, but a series of high quality matches. Still amazed to see a sharpshooter back in 86, just seems out of place. Next tape is Best of volume 9 as we continue through 1986.


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