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Inside the Steel Cage

After sitting through one of the most boring ending in the history of Monday Night RAW, it’s good to get back to a quality wrestling show. Next up is Inside the Steel Cage, An entire tape dedicated to what was once the most violent match in the WWF, which has been ruined by the current PG style. True cage matches need blood to really drive home how vicious the match is supposed to be, but now we can’t have blood thus negating both the Cage and the Cell matches. The cover of this tape is blood red, how ironic, and features Hulk Hogan, Don Muraco, Tito Santana, Roddy Piper, Big John Studd and Randy Savage. Announced matches include Tito & Bruno Sammartino versus Randy & Adrian Adonis, Andre the Giant versus Studd and Superfly Snuka versus Don Muraco among others. Looks like a very good show as we continue through the Coliseum Collection.

We start with the usual vintage WWF opening before being welcomed by Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny V, the same two who hosted the previous show, The Big Event. Gorilla talks about some of the matches on the show, love the old control room with all the monitors behind them showing various matches. They go over the rules of the cage matches as we see a cage being built before sending us to our first match.

1. Andre the Giant v. Big John Studd

   This is joined in progress as Studd tries to ram Andre into the cage but Andre blocks and sends Studd into the wall repeatedly. Andre headbutts Studd and then bites the forehead drawing the blood before driving him into the cage some more. The crowd is going rabid for Andre, as Studd gets a thumb in the eye of Andre to slow down the bigger man. Studd goes after Andre but Andre bites him again and then hits a big knee sending Studd to the mat. Andre misses the diving headbutt and Studd crawls for the door and Andre stops him with a little help from the ropes and cage wall. Studd fights Andre off him and chokes the Giant on the ropes then tries to escape, but again Andre stops him and saves the match. Studd tries to kick Andre off but Andre overpowers Studd and holds him on the mat. Andre finally has enough and drags Studd to the middle of the ring and stands over him. Studd slowly gets up and Andre tosses him back into the cage knocking Studd down, and Andre could leave but wants to inflict more damage, however Studd hits a low blow dropping Andre. Studd tries to crawl over the fallen Andre and leave the ring, but again Andre hooks the ankle. Andre headbutts Studd in the back and then rams his face into the mat before pulling him up and chopping him, Studd with a thumb to the eye and we get a slugfest, Studd clotheslines Andre who staggers back into the  wall. Studd charges in and runs into the big boot from Andre, and now Andre slams Studd in the middle of the ring. Andre climbs the ropes to the top rope and drops the butt splash on Studd!!! That allows Andre to easily walk out of the cage for the win. A solid big man match with an amazing finish, don’t see Andre dive off the top often.

1. Andre the Giant beat Big John Studd 6.5/10

2. Andre the Giant v. Kamala

   This is joined in progess as Andre sends Kamala into the cage and chokes the Ugandan Giant down. Andre hammers the back of Kamala then a big right to the face and a series of chops. Kamala gets nailed by a couple of big headbutts and then Andre slams him with ease. Andre drops the butt splash on Kamala and then climbs the cage and hits a second butt splash from the top rope! Just like the last match Andre leaves the cage with ease to win. We didn’t get to see much but what we saw was fun and again Andre off the top rope is always amazing to see.

2. Andre the Giant beat Kamala 5/10

3. Don Muraco v. Jimmy Snuka

   Joined in progress again, as Don tries to leave and Snuka pulls him back in. Muraco gets tossed hard into the buckle and flips right over then gets rammed hard into the cage wall splitting Muraco wide open. Snuka with the big chop to the top of Don’s head and then slams him hard in the middle of the ring. Snuka climbs the ropes and drops the first across Muraco’s bloody face. Snuka pulls Don up and continues to hammer him with chops and then a big headbutt, but that sends Muraco through the door to the floor and Muraco wins the match! A good match with what we saw, and an innovative ending. After the match Snuka throws Don back in the cage and suplexes him down. Snuka ascends the cage and hits the legendary Superfly Splash from the top of the cage, a scene that was played in WWF videos for years afterwards.

3. Don Muraco beat Jimmy Snuka 7/10

4. Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino v. Randy Savage & Adrian Adonis

   Savage catches Bruno coming in the cage, and the heels take over instantly, but Tito makes the comeback and saves Bruno. Adonis eats the cage wall as Savage gets clobbered by Bruno. Savage sent into the cage wall by Bruno who unloads on Savage in the corner, meanwhile Adonis elbows Tito on top of the head. Savage tries to escape but Bruno stops him, as Adonis smashed into the cage wall again. We switch dance partners as Adonis and Bruno battle while Savage and Tito continue their feud. Savage almost escapes over the cage but Bruno stops him as Adrian dives for the door but Tito catches him. This is non stop action, as Bruno is relentless stomping on Savage in the middle of the ring. Adonis with a nice suplex on Tito and tries to escape, but Bruno catches him, as Savage goes out the door and Santana catches Savage’s ankle at the last minute. Savage spears Tito right into the cage as Bruno does the same to Adonis, Tito is  busted open as Savage again tries to get out, but this time it’s Bruno who puts the breaks on Savage. Savage blocks being driven into the cage and instead sends the Living Legend into the cage while Adonis grinds Santana’s face on the cage. Bruno rescues Santana, giving him a chance to catch his breath, Adonis tries to leave and has a handful of the steps, which he pulls apart. Savage driven into the cage and now he’s busted open too. Santana climbs the cage wall and tries to leave, but Savage gets a low blow in. Adonis however gets to the top of the cage, and instead of leaving he dives towards Bruno, but Bruno moves and Adonis crashes hard. Bruno is the only one not bleeding at this point, Savage almost over the top, but Tito catches him up top and they slug it out, Tito sends Savage down and he lands on Adonis. Santana leaves over the top as Bruno exits the door and they earn the win. A fantastic fast paced brawl, one of the better cage matches.

4. Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino beat Adrian Adonis & Randy Savage 9/10

5. Greg Valenitne v. Tito Santana

   Back to being joined in progress as Greg is clobbering Tito sending him hard into the cage. Greg drops an elbow from the second rope and starts to leave the cage, but Tito grabs the ankle and pulls him back in. Tito smashes Greg with a forearm sending Greg back into the cage, but Tito is too injured to capitalize. Tito makes a mistake and tries to climb out, but Greg catches him and both men are on top of the cage. Tito sends Greg to the mat and starts to climb down as Greg tries to go out the door, but Tito kicks the door closed from the outside and drops to the floor for the win. Would have been nice to see the whole match, what we got is great.

5. Tito Santana beat Greg Valentine 7/10

6. Bruno Sammartino v. George Steele

   The cage looks very different, as it’s more like chicken wire then the cage we are used to. We quickly jump forward before George even gets in the ring as Bruno tosses George down from the top of the cage and then stomps on him. Bruno kicks George hard in the face and pulls him to work him over some more, but Steele gets a low blow to slow down the champ. Steele decides to snack on the turnbuckle and then uses the stuffing to grind in the eyes of Bruno repeatedly. George stomps on Bruno repeatedly before choking him in the corner using his boot. Bruno pulls himself up using the ropes and does his version of Hulking Up, and Steele decides to bail out but Bruno catches him and hammers Steele down. Bruno tosses Steele hard into the cage wall and then into the ring post twice before walking out of the cage for the win. A boring slow paced match, but what more can you expect with Steele?

6. Bruno Sammartino beat George Steele 2/10

7. Bruno Sammartino v. Roddy Piper

   Really, a third Bruno match, was there not enough cage matches to choose from? This stems from a Piper’s Pit in NYC where Piper insulted Bruno and then with help from Bob Orton they double teamed him. Roddy goes for cheap heat with a Chicago Bears t-shirt and a William Perry poster, which angers the NYC crowd. Bruno quickly runs into the cage and goes right on the attack sending Piper into the cage wall repeatedly the smashes his face into the mat. Piper busted open all ready as Bruno smashes him into the poster then tries to feed it to him, as Bruno getting tossed around like a pinball. Bruno stomps Piper in the face and then chokes him with Piper’s own shirt, Bruno calls for the door and starts to leave but Piper quickly catches him with a low blow. Piper slowly gets up and quickly unloads on Bruno, as the blood pours down Piper’s face, Piper checks on his poster. Bruno fights back with a big right and Piper tries to leave, but Bruno tackles him to save the match. Piper rams Bruno into the cage wall and unloads on the legend, but Bruno comes back with the rights and falls backwards into thr cage. Bruno back on the offense which gets the crowd even louder as Bruno stomps a mudhole on Piper. Piper meets the cage wall again, and now Bruno say’s it’s over and goes to leave, but Piper grabs the leg and takes down Bruno. Piper bites the forehead of Bruno and then tries to climb over the cage, but Bruno nails Piper in the yambag sending Piper down to the mat. Bruno crawls for the door and Piper grabs the foot, Bruno grabs a chair from outside and smashes Piper with it and that allows him to make the exit for the win. A fantastic brawl with a great ending, second great match of the tape.

7. Bruno Sammartino beat Roddy Piper 9/10

8. Bob Backlund v. Pat Patterson


   Pat catches Bob coming in the ring, but Bob blcoks and sends Pat into the cage and then hammers the head of Patterson. Bob drops a leg and then ascends the cage, but Pat quickly pulls him down and unloads on Bob before trying to leave through the door but Bob catches the ankle and pulls him back in. Pat smashed into the cage again and then Bob follows with the kneelift and almost escapes, but Pat catches him and slams Bob hard into the cage wall. Pat rakes the eyes of the champion and then chokes him on the ropes then tries to climb out, but Bob just barely catches him and follows up top. Bob climbs over Pat and drives the elbow into his face but Pat rakes the eyes again and sends Bob backwards to the mat. Pat almost makes it out, but Bob quickly catches him again and they are up top again. Pat gets a low blow in as we clip forward to Pat unloading on the champion. Bob is bleeding as Pat continues to beat on him but Bob comes back with a headbutt, however Pat continues to clobber him. Bob sweeps the legs and sends Pat into the cage wall with a nice slingshot, that was innovative. Bob crawls to the door and almost makes it out, but Pat able to grab the tights and pull him back in. Bob smashes Pat hard into the steel cage repeatedly then drops the big fist multiple times. Bob hits the atomic drop on Patterson and this gives Bob the chance to escape, but Pat follows him up the cage with brass knuckles. Bob blocks the shot and chops Pat, a big elbow sends Pat back to the mat, but Bob falls back as well. Both men crawl for the door, and Bob kicks Pat in the chest before falling backwards out the door for the win. A pretty good match but a lot of stalling slowed it down a lot.

8. Bob Backlund beat Pat Patterson 7.5/10

9. Hulk Hogan v. King Kong Bundy

   Joined in progress from Wrestlemania II, as Bundy rips off Hogan’s rib tape and chokes him with it. Bundy ties Hogan to the cage and starts to leave, but Hulk breaks free and catches Bundy. Hulk hammers the big man and sends him to the corner, Hulk follows with the clothesline then sends Bundy into the cage, splitting him wide open. Hulk clobbers Bundy repeatedly in the wound and then rakes the back before smashing him into the cage multiple times. Hulk climbs the ropes and stands on the back of Bundy choking him on the top rope. Hulk goes for the slam but his back gives out and Bundy falls on him, Bundy crawls for the exit but Hulk catches him and chokes Bundy, but Bundy rakes the eyes and hits the avalanche followed by the big splash. Bundy almost makes it out of the cage, but Hulk again catches him, Bundy clobbers the back of Hulk and hits a second avalanche, but Hulk begins to Hulk up. Hulk sends Bundy in and catches him in a big slam followed by the leg drop. Hulk climbs up and over the cage wall for the win, but Bobby Heenan distracts him, allowing Bundy to catch Hulk. Hulk kicks Bundy off and climbs out of the cage to win the match and retain the title. 8/10 a good solid battle and a great way to end the tape.

9. Hulk Hogan beat King Kong Bundy 8/10


1. Andre the Giant beat Big John Studd 6.5/10 on July 23, 1983 from Landover, MD

2. Andre the Giant beat Kamala 5/10  on October 21, 1984 from Toronto, ON

3. Don Muraco beat Jimmy Snuka 7/10 on October 17, 1983 from New York City

4. Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino beat Adrian Adonis & Randy Savage 9/10 on July 12, 1986 from New York City

5. Tito Santana beat Greg Valentine 7/10 on July 6, 1985 from Baltimore, MD

6. Bruno Sammartino beat George Steele 2/10

7. Bruno Sammartino beat Roddy Piper 9/10  on February 8, 1986 from Boston, MA

8. Bob Backlund beat Pat Patterson 7.5/10 on September 24, 1979 from New York City

9. Hulk Hogan beat King Kong Bundy 8/10 on April 7, 1986 from Los Angeles, CA

   Another good tape for CHV, as we had some great matches on this one. Especially the tag team match and the Piper match. The Steele match was very boring and slow, but at least it was short. Our next tape features one of the greatest tag teams ever, The British Bulldogs.


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