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Macho Man Randy Savage

Our next video from Coliseum Home Video features one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Macho Man Randy Savage. Savage has always been one of my all time favorites and has had some of the greatest matches at Wrestlemania (Flair, Steamboat, Warrior and Hogan). This tape covers Macho Man’s first year in the WWF and his IC title reign. The cover of the box features Savage posing with the lovely Ms. Elizabeth right in front of him. Advertised on the tape are matches with Tito Santana, George Steele and a tag match featuring the living legend, Bruno Sammartino. Any way you slice it this is going to be one of the best tapes in the early CHV series.

Following the usual classic open we are welcomed to the tape by Mene Gene who questions why Elizabeth stays with Savage and talks about Savage’s training schedule. Gene says we will see the debut of Elizabeth, Savage’s lifestyle and matches with Hogan.

We start with clips of Hulk Hogan versus Rusty Brooks, a match in which Randy Savage got involved, thus warranting it being included. Elizabeth interrupts Howard Finkle’s introduction of Brooks and taunts Hogan. This allows Brooks to get a cheap shot in on Hogan, but Hulk no sells it and eats a big clothesline. Hulk slams the massive man and drops the leg for an easy win. Savage sneak attacks Hogan from behind after the match but Hulk comes back and sends Savage to the outside. Savage and Elizabeth quickly bail out as Hulk screams at Savage to get back in the ring.

The first match we get is joined in progress, which is fine since this is the same match from Best of 7, as Savage is split wide open already and Hulk tosses him to the floor. Hulk follows him outside and goes to drive Savage into the post, but Elizabeth stands in front of Hulk. This allows Savage to slide down and shove Hogan into the post as the ref calls for the bell. Hulk doesn’t care and goes after Savage some more, as Savage tries to escape. Hulk locks on a bearhug and drives Savage into the corner repeatedly as the locker room empties. Mike Sharpe, Danny Spivey and others try to pull them apart as we fade to the next match.

1. Hulk Hogan v. Randy Savage in a Lumberjack Match

This match actually has ring introductions so I guess this is our first match and the crowd is alreay rabid. We get the introductions of the lumberjacks which include King Kong Bundy, George Steele, Ricky Steamboat, Tony Atlas and Don Muraco among others. Hulk quickly jumps Savage before the bell and nails a vicious clothesline on the Macho Man. Gorilla and Alfred talk about Bundy injuring Hulk and that’s why his ribs are taped. Hulk with a belly to back suplex and then tosses Savage to the outside, Hulk follows thus negating the point of the match. Hulk throws Savage back in and chokes the challenger, as Gorilla mentions one man can leave with two titles, while Hulk locks on the bearhug and drives Savage to the corner. Savage can’t even get going as the Hulkster continues to tear Macho Man apart, but Bundy grabs Hulk’s leg as he goes for the legdrop and Hulk goes after him. Savage finally gets the advantage and begins to work over the injured ribs of the Hulkster, the tosses him to Bundy, Muraco and Iron Sheik who all get some shots in. Muraco holds the arms of Hulk and Bundy hits the avalanche on the post twice, before tossing Hulk back in the ring. Savage pounds the champ down and hits a double axe handle to the ribs for a near fall. Savage hits the clothesline and gets another near fall, then starts to rip off Hulk’s tape from the ribs, as it’s starting to look like a strap match now. The crowd is solidly behind Hulk as Savage drops knees and elbows on the champion. Savage hits the diving elbow for the pin, but Hulk kicks out and begins the Hulking Up procedure we all know and love. Hulk with a series of rights and then the big boot, but Savage pokes Hulk in the eyes. Savage off the ropes, but this time karma bites him in the butt as Steamboat trips Savage. This allows Hulk to hit the legdrop for the win. A fun and fast paced match, but too much interference, as expected in a lumberjack match, hurt the match.

1. Hulk Hogan pinned Randy Savage 8.5/10

We head over to an interview from TNT, as Vince asks Savage about the fans looking at Elizabeth. Savage grabs the WWF magazine and complains about the picture of Elizabeth and not him and yells at Elizabeth then rips the magazine in pieces. Suddenly we are interrupted by a delivery man for Elizabeth, and Savage is losing it. Elizabeth opens the package and it’s flowers, Savage demands the card and Elizabeth says there is no card. Savage tells Vince he better figure it out, and Vince says they’re wrapped in stuffing from a turnbuckle so it has to be George Steele.

2. Randy Savage v. George Steele

Randy and Elizabeth make her way to the ring while Vince chastises Jesse for laughing, Jesse says wait till Randy teaches her to parachute! As Randy Savage is distracted by the crowd, Elizabeth holds the ropes and George makes his way over to Elizabeth. George pats Elizabeth’s arm, as Vince compares them to King Kong and Jessica Lange. Savage jumps in the ring and starts yelling at Elizabeth, as Capt. Lou holds Steele back. The ref looks like Dean Malenko, or is that just me? Steele quickly chases Savage out of the ring, Savage bounces back in the ring and Steele chases him out again. Savage quickly climbs the ropes, and Animal goes back, they lock up and Steele grabs Savage by the hair and tosses him out. Steele chases after, but distracted by Liz. Savage starts to climb the ropes, and Steele spots him so Savage jumps back down. Albano gets Steele back in the ring, and Savage catches him and starts choking Steele. Animal uses his power to pound Savage down, and Savage bails. Savage sweeps the legs of George and pulls him outside. Savage starts to pound Steele, and Steele comes back, Savage runs and puts Elizabeth between them. Savage back in, and Steele follows and slams Savage down hard. Animal then eats the turnbuckle and throws the stuffing at Savage, who rolls out of the ring, while Steele continues his meal. Savage back in, and Steele starting at Elizabeth gets caught by Savage who hits a double axe handle for the win. Not a great match, but its Steele what can you expect. Savage quickly picks up Elizabeth over his shoulder and carries her out, and gives us a nice cleavage shot! For what it was, it was a fun match, but nothing really major happened as most of the match was Savage running. Vince says Steele has fallen in love with Miss Elizabeth.

2. Randy Savage pinned George Steele 3.5/10

We go to Mene Gene who’s standing outside a huge mansion, which is supposed to be Randy Savage’s. Gene finds a newly married couple who are looking for Randy Savage while on their honeymoon. A limo pulls in and she goes chasing after it, as we skip forward to Gene and Elizabeth, who looks great in a blue bathing suit, walking around the pool. Gene asks if this is safe as Macho Man is working out, Savage seems happy to see Gene and tells him to have a seat. Savage says he’s great at wrestling but the IC title does not satisfy his goals, Gene angers Savage by talking about how he won the title. Savage says he still has one thing he needs to do, and that’s beat Hulk Hogan for the World title. Gene says the place is a fortress and Savage says he likes to hang around the right kind of people, himself. Savage says Hulk-a-mania is dead and Macho Madness is more seductive then sex, and Elizabeth agrees. Gene asks Elizabeth about her tennis and golf game, which is starting to bug Savage. The phone rings as Gene asks about the pressure of being champion, and Savage says no pressure being champ just not being World champion. Elizabeth interrupts to tell Savage the phone call was for Savage to do a pictorial for a magazine for a million dollars, which Savage turns down. Savage gets another offer to wrestle for someone else for lots of money and Savage tells her to hang up the phone. Suddenly we see the girl from earlier in Savage’s pool and Savage tells Gene to get her out of there.

3. Randy Savage v. Tito Santana

This is for the IC title, and joined in progress as Savage misses a knee and injures the leg. Tito quickly goes to work on the leg as he softens it up for the figure four. Tito locks it on and Savage is screaming in pain, but is able to roll over and reverse the pressure. Savage to the outside as he grabs something from his tights, Santana suplexes Savage back in and goes for the figure four again but Savage kicks him off. Savage back to the apron and loads the fist as Tito goes for the suplex, Savage pops him with the object and covers for the win. Didn’t get to see much, but still and important match in Savage’s career. We get a shot of the object, which looks like a zebra colored dumbell as we see highlights of Savage cracking Tito with it.

3. Randy Savage beat Tito Santana for the IC Title 5/10

To the Body Shop with Jesse Ventura, and his guest is the new IC champion Randy Savage. Savage says this is bad news for Hulk Hogan as he has a pass to the title now and to bad for Santana. Jesse says if it wasn’t him it had to be Savage, as Savage pulls Liz in and gives her a big kiss.

4. Randy Savage v. Tito Santana

This is the rematch and joined in progress as well, as Santana is going for the legs and Savage tries to bail. Tito hits the knee lift and follows with a big backdrop then goes for the figure four, but Savage rakes the eyes. Savage leaves the ring and takes a breather, but Tito goes after him but gets caught with a boot to the gut. Savage rams Tito into the railing before tossing him in the ring. Tito shot in but comes back with a clothesline and locks on the figure four, and Savage is trying to fight it as he pulls the ref into Tito to break the hold and draws the DQ. We only got a couple minutes of action but what we got was good.

4. Tito Santana beat Randy Savage by DQ 5/10

5. Randy Savage v. Tito Santana

Joined in progress again, but this time it’s a no dq match as they are fighting on the floor. Tito rings Savage’s ears, but Savage comes back with an eye rake and they are both in the ring. Tito blocks the suplex and hits a neck breaker as both men are down. Savage up first and chokes Tito on the ropes before driving a knee to the stomach of Tito sending him to the floor. Savage follows and grabs a chair and cracks Santana before quickly heading into the ring. Savage goes for the axe handle on the floor but Santana catches him with a chair to the mid-section. Tito tosses Savage back in the ring and hits the flying forearm but instead of pinning Savage he hammers the champ. Savage rolls back out of the ring and Tito dives down on top of him, as Savage tries to get up the ramp. Tito tosses Savage back in the ring and follows via the top rop and hits the flying elbow on Savage. Tito goes for the figure four but Savage rakes the eyes and bails out again, as Elizabeth tries to console him. Tito comes after him but gets caught this time and both men unload on each other, and Savage gets rammed into the post and split wide open. Tito rolls back in as Savage is gushing blood everywhere but fights his way back in the ring. Santana catches Savage with a series of shots to the wound but Savage comes back as both men exchange shots. Savage rakes the eyes and then clobbers the referee on purpose, as Tito hits the flying forearm and there is no referee to make the three count. Tito pulls the ref up, but this allows Savage to come back however Tito slams him down and covers him again to no avai. Tito check on the ref again and Savage nails him, but Tito rolls him up, Savage reverses and uses the tights to score the cheap win. That was a great match, would have loved to have seen the whole match, but what we got was fantastic.

5. Randy Savage pinned Tito Santana 8.5/10

6. Randy Savage v. Tito Santana

This is getting repetitive now, but this match has one major difference, Bruno Sammartino as the special referee. Tito quickly starts out working over the arm of the champion and Savage makes the ropes. Tito goes after Savage and nails him, sending Savage to the floor. Savage tells Bruno to raise his hand, but Bruno says no as Savage stalls. They lock up and Santana arm drags Savage across the ring, another lock up and Savage with a side headlock but Tito gets to the ropes. Savage keeps getting in the face of Bruno, which gives Tito a chance for a rollup, but Savage to the ropes and nails Santana then follows with the double axe handle. Randy hits a knee lift and covers for a two, so Savage quickly locks on the chinlock. Tito powers up and Savage uses the hair to pull him back down. Savage continues to unload on the challenger while mouthing off to the ref at the same time. Tito finally makes the comeback only to be tossed to the outside and Savage follows via the top rope with the double axe handle. Savage heads back in the ring as Bruno starts the count again, but Savage goes after him again and Bruno is getting fed up with Savage. Randy tosses him back in and drops the knee for a near fall, Tito fights back with a headbutt as they begin exchanging punches. Tito sends Savage in and both men collide in the middle of the ring, Savage the first man up and goes up top but gets caught this time by Santana. A knee lift from Tito sends Savage to the floor and Tito follows this time and hammers the champ before tossing him back in. Tito unloads on Macho Man as the crowd explodes and Tito goes for the figure four, but Savage makes the ropes. Tito foolishly charges in and eats a knee to the face, as Savage is back on the offense. Savage gets caught and Tito hits the forearm, then goes for the figure four but Savage rakes the eyes again. Savage hits a nice side suplex for a near fall, as both men are slowing down, Savage hits the atomic drop but Tito blocks and quickly locks on the figure four. Suddenly Adrian Adonis charges the ring and clobbers Bruno then tosses Tito out. Bruno smashes Adonis and slams him down, but Savage catches Bruno from behind as we have chaos. Adonis clotheslines Bruno as we have a two on one, but Tito makes the save.

6. Tito Santana beat Randy Savage by DQ 8/10

Before we go to the next match we get an interview with Adrian Adonis and Randy Savage, what an odd team. Gorilla keeps angering Savage who calls Gorilla another has been just like Bruno. Adonis says he’s the Judge Wopner of the WWF and he decided the match needed some justice.

7. Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino v. Adrian Adonis & Randy Savage

The previous match sets up our big main event, and it starts quickly with the faces taking to the heels. Savage and Adonis get tossed out of the ring right away. Savage is furious and tosses a chair into the ring, which Bruno catches and tosses out of the ring. Adonis tries to sneak in and Tito catches him, meanwhile Savage hides behind Elizabeth as Bruno stalks him. Adonis tossed out and Savage catches him from behind and slams Tito on the floor. This has been non stop chaos since the start, as the crowd is insane for this. Savage gets caught up top taunting Tito and Bruno tosses him to the mat and unloads on the champion. Tito back in and continues to damage Savage, as they double team the Macho Man. Macho Man finally makes the tag to Adrian who slowly gets in the ring and Bruno catches him and tosses him around like a rag doll. Tito comes in and works over the arm of Adrian, but Adrian pulls the hair and shoots him in, Tito comes back with the crossbody. Tito with a side headlock which is countered into a suplex, but Tito close enough to make the tag. Bruno unloads on both men and Savage and Adonis bail out of the ring. Savage comes back in and begs off from Bruno, but Bruno won’t fall for it and hammers the champion. Savage tries to crawl out and Tito cracks him with the chair, well that wasn’t very facelike. Both men able to make tags, and Adonis catches Tito with a boot and slams Santana down then climbs the ropes. Adonis goes for a splash and Tito gets the knees up, but Tito gets clobbered from behind by Macho Man. Tito able to make a tag, and Adonis sends Tito out while Savage is getting clobbered by Sammartino. Tito gets caught going after Jimmy Hart and Bruno makes the save, but gets caught from behind by Savage. Savage rolls Adrian back in as the ref counts, and Tito gets counted out. Well, that was a fun little brawl with an electric crowd and a unique ending.

7. Adrian Adonis & Randy Savage beat Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino by countout

1. Hulk Hogan pinned Randy Savage 8.5/10 on February 17, 1986 from NYC

2. Randy Savage pinned George Steele 3.5/10 on December 19, 1985 from Tampa, FL

3. Randy Savage beat Tito Santana for the IC Title 5/10 on February 8, 1986 from Boston, MA

4. Tito Santana beat Randy Savage by DQ 5/10 on March 16, 1986 from NYC

5. Randy Savage pinned Tito Santana 8.5/10 on April 22, 1986 from NYC

6. Tito Santana beat Randy Savage by DQ 8/10 on May 18, 1986 from NYC

7. Adrian Adonis & Randy Savage beat Tito Santana & Bruno Sammartino by countout on June 14, 1986 from NYC

Wasn’t as good a tape as I expected it to be, a lot of Tito Santana, five of the seven matches had Tito in them. Still a fun tape showing some old school Macho Madness is always a good time. Our next tape is Best of The WWF Volume 8.


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