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Best of the WWF Volume 7

   This is the seventh in the Best of the WWF series, which have been pretty good so far. The box is bright yellow and has Brutus Beefcake on the cover! The matches advertised are Hart Foundation versus British Bulldogs, Dream Team versus Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, Tony Atlas versus Ken Patera and Hulk Hogan versus Randy Savage. It all sounds good, but the big bonus is it also advertises the Slammy Awards, which should be great fun. I’m looking forward to that especially, some comedy back when they knew how to do comedy.

   The classic opener rolls on through, and then we’re welcomed by the one and only Mene Gene who proceeds to go over some of the matches on this tape. Gene talks about some of the great matches on this first six volumes. We also get a classic match with Mr Fuji and Toru Tanaka versus Tony Garea and Haystacks Calhoun, that should be interesting, as Gene sends it to the ring.

1. Pedro Morales v. Terry Funk

   It’s a meeting of former WWF and a former NWA World Champion, but since the NWA doesn’t exist in WWF’s world it doesn’t matter. Terry tries to fire up Pedro to start, as he slaps him and hides behind the ref, Pedro fires back with five big slaps. Funk slides out to the floor with Jimmy Hart, who screams at Pedro before Funk goes back in the ring. Funk tosses Pedro over the top onto Gorilla and Jesse’s table, and Pedro hold his leg. Funk stalls by going after the crowd and Pedro struggles to the apron, where Funk continues the onslaught. Pedro gets in the ring and Funk stays on him, as told to him by Jimmy Hart, and Pedro crumples to the mat. It’s amazing how Pedro went from the main guy to a lower card wrestler almost a jobber actually. Pedro back out to the announce table and Funk continues to stomp on him and then takes a swing at Gorilla Monsoon! Funk smashes Pedro’s shoulder into the ring post and tries to send Pedro head first to the floor. Funk grabs something and grinds it in Pedro’s eyes, then chokes Pedro with the tape as Jimmy distracts the ref. Funk takes too long and Pedro comes back, choking Funk with his own tape and then clobbers the wild Texan. Funk crashes down to the floor, then stumbles over the wood steps and Pedro follows. Pedro smashes Funk’s head into the steps, so Funk climbs inside the steps, that’s classic. Pedro pulls him out and again drives Funk’s head into the steps before heading in to break the count. Funk climbs to the apron and Pedro smashes him into the ring post, sending Funk to the floor. Jimmy helps Funk back in the ring and right into Pedro, who continues to unload on Funk. Pedro tosses Funk over the top rope and Funk again crashes hard to the floor, and Pedro chases off Jimmy Hart, which gives Terry a chance to recover. Funk looks under the ring and grabs a chair, which he tosses in the ring, the ref quickly kicks it out. Pedro back on the offense smashing Funk into the buckle repeatedly. Funk gets stuck upside down in the ropes and gets a hold of the megaphone, the ref pulls Pedro back and Funk cracks the megaphone across Pedro’s head for the pin! 8.5/10 a great fast paced battle with a lot of action, amazing start to this tape.

1. Terry Funk pinned Pedro Morales 8.5/10

2. Hulk Hogan v. Randy Savage

   Savage jumps the Hulk as he enters the ring and rips Hulk’s shirt off then rakes the eyes. Savage hits the double ax handle from the top rope and then chokes Hulk with the shirt. Savage tears the belt off Hogan and smashes it across his back, and then does it again. Savage climbs up again and hits Hulk with the belt across the back. This is a chaotic start to the match, as Savage continues to pummel the champ with the belt. Savage gets distracted by Elizabeth, which gives Hulk a chance to get up and Hulk unloads on the challenger. Hulk steals Savage’s glasses and puts them on, as he chokes Savage with his headband. Hulk hits the atomic drop and then pops Savage in the face, as the crowd is extremely loud. Savage sent to the outside, and Hulk follows as Jesse is getting mad. Savage on Hulk’s shoulder and driven fast first into the ring post and Jesse wants a disqualification now. Savage split wide open and Hulk quickly works over the open wound, before tossing him back in the ring. Hulk shows why he is a role model as he chokes Savage and then spots Elizabeth and goes towards her. Jesse says he’s proposing to her, as Hulk blows a kiss to Liz, but this gives Savage a chance to catch Hulk and send him to the floor. Savage quickly tosses Hulk into the ringpost and then climbs to the top, hitting that awesome double ax handle to the floor. Savage send Hulk back in the ring and hits another double ax handle then goes up for the big elbow. Savage hits it and covers, but Hulk powers out and begins the Hulking Up procedure. Hulk sends Savage to the corner and hits the big clothesline and Savage tries to bail out, but Hulk pulls him back in and hits a running elbow. Savage again tries to leave, but Hulk says no and shoots him in. Hulk hits the big boot and Savage again tries to leave but Hulk pulls him back in and then tosses him out the other side. Hulk follows and puts Savage on the shoulder, but Elizabeth stops Hulk, this allows Savage to slide down and toss Hulk into the post. Savage slides back in as the bell rings, and Hulk is not done as he locks Savage in the bearhug then drives him into each corner.The locker room empties as Mike Sharpe, Tiger Chung Lee, Danny Spivey, George Wells and Mike Rotundo pull them apart. 9.5/10 a great battle, would’ve been perfect had there been a clear winner. Still a fantastic match as usual with these two.

2. Randy Savage beat Hulk Hogan by countout 9.5/10

3. Captain Lou Albano v. Arnold Skaaland

   The managers don the tights for this big match, and the crowd is really fired up for it. Albano screaming at the ref so Arnold pops Lou, sending him to the floor. Lou heads to the dressing room and the crowd is irate, Lou finally comes back and gets in the ring. Lou pulls something out and smashes it over the head of Arnold. Lou continues driving it into Arnold’s face, and still hasn’t spotted it. The crowd maybe rabid but this hasn’t been as good as the last match. Arnold finally fights back but Lou again uses the foreign object to knock down the Golden Boy. Arnold has had enough and starts to clobber Albano, and Lou has no idea where he is. Arnold’s punches are strong enough to bust open Lou, who’s begging for mercy and gets none. Arnold sends Lou to the outside, and Lou’s had enough as he leaves for the locker room and gets counted out. 5/10 about what you would expect with the managers, a fun little scuffle but nothing major.

3. Arnold Skaaland defeated Captain Lou Albano by countout 5/10

4. Mr. Fuji & Toru Tanaka v. Tony Garea & Haystacks Calhoun

   Tanaka does the classic ceremonial salt gimmick, and some old lady comes to the ring and wipes the salt away before telling Tanaka to kiss her ass. Tanaka goes to another corner and it happens again, as Haystacks keeps laughing. I can’t believe Gorilla called Fuji, Chopsticks Charlie, holy racism Batman! We finally get some action as Garea armdrags Tanaka down and Tanaka shoots him in, Tony comes back with the shoulder block and another arm drag. Calhoun distracts the ref allowing Fuji to get a cheap shot in, and the Asians double team Tony. Fuji with a nice backdrop but a second time fails and Tony unloads on him. Clip forward to Tony backdropping Fuji who makes the tag, and Tanaka comes in slowly. Tony cranks the arm and tosses him into Haystacks, Tanaka gets a chop in and tries to slow the match, but Tony makes the tag. Haystacks sends the two into each other and Gorilla does more racism as Haystacks sits on Tanaka, and all four men are in. Haystacks and Tony take care of Tanaka and Fuji, as the ref finally gets some order. We clip to Tanaka and Tony slugging it out and Tony has the advantage and hits a shoulderblock for a near fall. A second shoulderblock is countered with a spin kick for the pin and first fall for Tanaka. We go to fall number two, and Tony is unloading on Tanaka with elbows then applies the side headlock, and we clip to Fuji chopping Tony before tagging Tanaka back in. Tanaka gets caught back in the headlock and Fuji makes the break, which bring in Haystacks as we have all four men in the ring. Tony tossed over the top and they double team Haystacks, and the ref disqualifies Tanaka and Fuji, and we’re off to the final fall. Tanaka offers a handshake and Tony falls for it, as Tanaka chops the crap out of him. With all the clipping, this match is still long, wonder how long it really went, as Tony makes the tag. Tony backdrops Tanaka and Haystacks hits the big splash for the win. 7/10 a better match then I expected as they get the big men out for most of the match. After the match Haystacks hits a second splash for good measure.

4. Haystacks Calhoun & Tony Garea defeated Toru Tanaka & Mr Fuji 7/10

5. Tony Atlas v. Ken Patera

   This is from the legendary Shea Stadium show which was headlined by Larry Zybysko versus Bruno Sammartino and Hulk Hogan versus Andre the Giant. Patera comes in with the Grand Wizard and is the champion, and best part is Vince McMahon is the ring announcer. Ken goes for a right but Tony blocks and fires back and follows with a dropkick and Ken hides in the corner. Tony grabs the leg and continues to work over the champion, and then press slams Ken hard to the mat. Tony takes to long and Ken gets a quick knee lift in and then a quick clothesline for a near fall. Tony powers out sending Ken to the apron, that’s what you call power. Ken slams Tony’s head into the buckle and it does nothing, Tony shows how hard his head is with a big headbutt and then the big elbow. Another headbutt and the big splash gets Tony a near fall, Tony goes back to the headbutts and Ken is staggered. Ken slides to the apron and catches Atlas with a front face lock, then snaps Atlas’ neck across the ropes. Ken drives a knee from the top rope and Atlas is hurt now, as Patera press slams and tosses Ken across the ring. Ken goes for the swinging full nelson but Atlas makes the ropes to draw the break, which Ken takes his time breaking it. Gorilla talks about that being the reason he retired as Ken chokes Atlas, but Atlas breaks free with a series of headbutts. Tony with a series of chops and then the big suplex gets Atlas a near fall. Atlas quickly locks on the sleeper and Ken makes it to the ropes, driving Atlas’ neck into the ropes. Ken shoots him in and Atlas comes back with the cross body for a near fall, but Patera back on the offense sending Atlas out of the ring. Atlas clobbers Ken on the grass and both men on the apron, Ken clotheslines Tony back in but takes to long getting in, as the bell rings. Ken tosses Atlas over the top rope and raises his hands in victory, but Gorilla says no. Ken goes back after Atlas, who’s had enough and Patera wisely bails out. 7.5/10 not a bad little match, nothing to complain about. Atlas has the mic and says this is not over and threatens to whip Ken’s butt. Ken gets back in and they’re about to lock up, but Ken changes his mind and leaves.

5. Tony Atlas beat Ken Patera by countout 7.5/10

   We go to man on the street, Mene Gene who’s asking people about the Slammy Awards. I’d love to find the entire show, this was classic comedy. Some lady asks if Gene is wrestling tonight, and he asks what she’s doing tonight! Another lady has no idea who’s nominated or anything about what’s going on. Gene goes after some guy and he takes off, another guys looks like Al Sharpton and picks Hulk Hogan. Gene actually says the words jabroni and kayfabe, holy crap! Everyone looks frozen out there, and Gene finally finds someone who picks him to win. I don’t know what is worse the clothing or the haircuts, as Gene finds a guy with a bottle of rum and calls him his kind of guy. Jesse Ventura interviews Gene about his upcoming performance, and then interviews Roddy Piper in the bathroom. We then go to the show as Vince introduces Gorilla Monsoon, who has his fly undone, sophisticated humor thy name is Vince. Vince talks about the WWF academy of arts and science, and introduces the winner of most ignominious, Nikolai Volkoff. He comes out with Sheik who falls on his face coming out, and Volkoff has no idea what the award is for, so Vince tells him it’s most despicable. Winner for best personality in the Land of a Thousand Dances video is Roddy Piper, who grabs his award and it falls apart in his hands. Piper says this is typical of MTV, Music to Vomit by, and says he is the king of rock and roll. Piper spits on the podium and trophy and smashes it before leaving.

6. The Hart Foundation v. The British Bulldogs

   Dynamite and Bret start out and Dynamite overpowers Bret sending him into the buckle. We clip forward, damn, and Dynamite sends Bret to the cement floor. Anvil gets the tag and knees Smith in the gut then slams him down hard. Smith ducks under the clothesline and slams Anvil down as Jimmy Hart is getting upset. Davey jumps over Anvil and dropkicks him to the floor, as things are not going well for the Harts. Bret gets tagged in and they lock up, Bret sends Smith to the corner and unloads on him then shoots him to the opposite corner. Smith ducks under and leaps on the shoulders of Bret for a forward roll and near fall, that was impressive. Smith with a side headlock, and Bet shoots him and catches Smith with the knee to the stomach and follows with a legdrop. The Harts double team Smith in the corner and Anvil hammers Smith down before tagging in Bret. Bret dropkicks Smith and continues the offense on the Brit as the Harts continue making quick tags and work over Davey Boy Smith. Smith uses his speed to avoid Anvil and tags in the Kid, Hart and Anvil collide as Kid takes out both men. Kid ducks a clothesline from Anvil and Bret catches him with a big knee from the outside allowing Anvil to choke him. Gorilla is itching to go after Jimmy Hart as Anvil tosses Kid to the floor and Bret quickly slams him on the cement. Davey comes to check on Kid, and Bret gets a couple shots on Smith. Anvil drags Kid back in and continues to work him over, and then taunts Davey to allow the Harts to do a double team. The Harts continue to work over Kid as Bret hits a nice backbreaker and gets a near fall. Anvil back in and goes after the back of Kid, who’s playing the role of Ricky Morton tonight. Kid almost makes the tag and Bret charges across the ring clobbering Smith and Smith goes after him, allowing Anvil to choke down Kid. Kid finally makes the hot tag, but the ref was distracted by Bret and the ref forces Smith back to the corner. Bret botches the backbreaker, almost dropping Kid on his head, as Bret continues to work over the Dynamite Kid. Kid ducks a punch and backslides Hart for a near fall, that was almost the end! Bret ties Kid in the ropes and goes for the cross body, but Kid moves and Bret crotches himself. This allows Kid to make the tag and Smith tears apart both men, Smith with the powerslam sending Bret down and covers, but Anvil makes the save! Bret hits the backbreaker and Anvil gets a shot in, and the ref calls it a tag? Gorilla has had enough of the ref, as the Foundation hit the Hart Attack on Smith, the ref gets Anvil out and Kid hits the diving headbutt on Bret behind the refs back. Kid covers Bret and the ref counts three for the win. 10/10 an awesome match, one of the best tag matches I’ve seen in a long time.

6. The British Bulldogs beat The Hart Foundation 10/10

7. The Rougeau Brothers v. The Moondogs

   This is from Australia and is one the WWE Global Warming DVD as a bonus. We join in progress as Rex gets tied in the ropes and Raymond works him over. The ref finally gets him free and Raymond continues to work over Rex before tagging in Jacques who dropkicks Ray from behind. Rex crawls over and tags in big Spot, who slowly makes it in the ring. Spot goes after Ray and Jacques rolls him up for a one count, Spot with a side headlock. Gorilla says the whole world is waiting for the results of this show, as Jacques and Raymond work over Spot with some quick moves and double teaming. We clip to Spot with a bearhug on Raymond, who fights free but gets nailed with an inverted atomic drop and Rex tagged in. Rex misses the corner charge and Raymond makes the hot tag to Jacques who dropkicks both Moondogs and then rams their heads together. Jacques maintains control but the numbers catch him and the Dog miss a double clothesline. Ray hooks Spot from the outside as Jacques hits a cross body for the win. 7/10 not a bad tag match, it’s was quick and fun, no complaints.

7. The Rougeau Brothers beat the Moondogs 7/10

8. The Dream Team v. Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff

   This is an odd match as both teams are heels, and Dream Team are the champions. Sheik and Valentine start up and Valentine slams Sheik who wanders into the wrong corner and eats an elbow from Brutus. Greg tags in Brutus who works over Sheik’s arm but Sheik shoots him off and nails Brutus with the curly shoe. A second time fails as Brutus catches the leg and hits an atomic drop but Sheik overpowers Brutus to force him into his corner. Nikolai tagged in and uses his power to control Brutus, Nikolai runs into a big boot which allows Brutus to tag in the Hammer. Greg goes after Nikolai’s arm and then gets caught with his head down and now Nikolai tags in Sheik. Sheik hits Greg with a chop to the throat and then into the classic abdominal stretch, but Greg powers out with a hip toss. Greg misses the elbow drop and Sheik hits a stunning dropkick!! Sheik makes a quick tag to Nikolai who then gets caught with his head down, allowing the tag to Brutus who goes after both men. We have chaos as all four men are in the ring and the ref gets Greg and Sheik out, as Brutus misses a splash, allowing Volkoff to overpower Brutus. Brutus ducks the clothesline but runs right into Nikolai’s bearhug as he squeezes the Beef out of Brutus. Brutus breaks the hold and Nikolai makes the tag to Sheik who shows off his suplex skills with a gut wrench and quickly locks on the camel clutch. Greg breaks the hold, and Brutus makes the tag and Greg with a suplex of his own.Greg goes for the figure four and all four men are in the ring. Greg sends Sheik to the floor and The Dream Team double team Nikolai as the bell rings and all four men disqualified. 8/10 a pretty good match with an odd dynamic of two hated teams facing off.

8. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff & Dream Team went to a Double DQ 8/10


1. Terry Funk pinned Pedro Morales on January 11, 1986 from Boston, MA 8.5/10

2. Randy Savage beat Hulk Hogan by countout on January 27, 1986 from New York City 9.5/10

3. Arnold Skaaland defeated Captain Lou Albano by countout on December 19, 1977 from New York City 5/10

4. Haystacks Calhoun & Tony Garea defeated Toru Tanaka & Mr Fuji on July 23, 1973 from New York City 7/10

5. Tony Atlas beat Ken Patera by countout on August 9, 1980 from Shea Stadium 7.5/10

6. The British Bulldogs beat The Hart Foundation on September 23, 1985 from New York City 10/10

7. The Rougeau Brothers beat the Moondogs on March 6, 1986 from New York City 7/10

8. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff & Dream Team went to a Double DQ on December 17, 1985 from Poughkeepsie, NY8/10

   Easily one of the best tapes so far from CHV, as we had some great matches, and the worst being the one with the managers. A fantastic show, especially the Harts/Bulldogs and Hogan/Savage. I don’t think we’ll have as many good things to say about the next tape, it’s the best of TNT. I expect it to just be a series of skits and comedy.


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