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Villians of the Squared Circle

   The next tape in the Coliseum Home Video collection is Villains of the Squared Circle as we head into 1986. The box is pale blue and says “they live by the motto…rules are for breaking” and features Randy Savage, Roddy Piper and King Kong Bundy. There are no matches listed on the box so I guess we are going to have to be surprised by whatever we get.

   Following the usual opening video we’re welcomes by Mene Gene who talks about some of the previous video releases. Gene says he wasn’t sure he could be objective, so they got him a guest host and it’s Bobby Heenan. This tape just went up a hundred percent as Heenan comes out with Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy. Studd says he’s not a villain he’s an aggressive wrestler and Bundy says they’re winners. Gene gets himself in trouble with Bundy and Studd and quickly tosses his it our opening match.

1. Jake Roberts v. Scott McGhee

   The bell rings and Jake quickly goes on the offense clobbering the youngster down. This is early in Jake’s career in the WWF, as he nails Scott with a great gutbuster move then slams Scott’s face into the mat. Jake avoids a rollup but eats a dropkick and a nice series of suplexes as Scott gets some offense, so Jake slithers out of the ring to break the momentum. Scott follows and continues to work over Snake before throwing him back in. Gorilla starts doing his medical terms and Alfred can’t help but laugh. Scott misses a knee drop and now it’s Jake time as he quickly hits the short arm clothesline but takes some time before following up. Scott goes for a quick backdrop and Jake catches Scott in the DDT for the win. 5/10 a good solid match but the end was never in question. Jake brings out the python and both Howard Finkle and the ref bail out. Jake lays the snake over the prone body of Scott much to the chagrin of Gorilla Monsoon and this goes on for a really long time.

1. Jake Roberts pinned Scott McGhee with the DDT 5/10

2. Tor Kamata v. Pat Patterson

   Kamata attacks Pat before the bell and hits a huge dropkick then climbs the ropes. Kamata misses the splash and now Pat to the top and drops the knee for a near fall. Pat unloads on Kamata and then backdrops the big man as the ref still trying to get control of either man. This is weird looking as the mat is purple and there is grass around the ring, but no fans to be seen. Kamata gets the salt and tosses it, but Pat ducks and the ref gets a face full. The ref calls for the bell and Pat wins via DQ. 5/10 nothing bad. quick and inoffensive classic footage.

2. Pat Patterson beat Tor Kamata by DQ 5/10

3. Pedro Morales v. George Steele for the World Title

   Pedro starts out quickly by Steele gets a shot in sending Pedro to the mat. Steele stands on the throat of Pedro as the fans are pretty loud, as Steele slams Pedro to the mat and rams something into the throat of Pedro. Steele gets distracted by the turnbuckle and this allows Pedro to get a shot in, but Steele still has the foreign object. Pedro with an arm drag and catches Steele in the corner where he clobbers him some more. Steele catches Pedro with the object and Pedro rolls to the apron, Steele rams Pedro’s head into the ring post and then does it again. The ref pulls Steele back but he breaks free and again rams Pedro in, a fourth time fails and Pedro fires back sending Steele into the post. Pedro feeds Steele the ring post repeatedly busting the Animal wide open and Pedro is relentless. Steele fires back with the object again but Pedro fights back and staggers the big man in the corner. Pedro gets the object and chases Steele out of the ring, and Steele flees to the backstage area. 4/10 a fun little brawl, but a lot of stalling.

3. Pedro Morales beat George Steele by countout 4/10

4. Ernie Ladd v. Andre the Giant

   This is joined in progress as Andre is pounding the tar out of Ladd. Andre hits a pair of headbutts and Ladd crumples in the corner, the ref holds Andre back and this allows Ladd to load the thumb. Ladd drives the thumb into the throat of Andre and then unloads on the Giant. Andre gets one arm tangled in the ropes and Ladd continues to work over Andre, but Andre gets free of the ropes and catches Ladd’s arm. Andre drives Ladd’s own thumb into his throat repeatedly, which the crowd loves then backdrops the big man down. Andre goes for the splash but Ladd rolls out of the way and out to the floor. Ladd says he’s had enough and takes the countout loss. 5/10 a good solid match as Andre was still very good in the ring at this stage.

4. Andre the Giant beat Ernie Ladd by countout 5/10

5. Captain Lou Albano v. Gorilla Monsoon

   Albano looks tiny beside the monstrous Gorilla Monsoon, who gets a huge ovation from the crowd. Gorilla tells the ref to check Albano before the match, and the bell rings. Albano quickly hides in the corner to avoid Gorilla, but Gorilla finally catches him and clobbers Albano. Albano rakes the eyes to slow down Gorilla and follows with the thumb to the eye as Gorilla is blinded and Albano continues to work over the eyes. Gorilla has had enough and nails Albano then pokes him in the eye. Albano eats a big elbow smash and Gorilla tears Albano a new one before tossing him over the top rope. Lou Albano high tails in back to the locker room. 5/10 short and fun with a very hot crowd.

5. Gorilla Monsoon beat Lou Albano by countout 5/10

Stan Stasiak & Blackjack Lanza v. Andre the Giant & Chief Jay Strongbow

   Stasiak is a former world champion, albeit a forgotten world champion, while Lanza is best remember for his tag team with Mulligan, the father of Barry Windham and grandfather of Husky Harris. Gene talks about Stasiak’s lethal finisher, the heart punch as Jay tosses him all over the ring. Jay locks on the armbar and Andre keeps Lanza at bay, as Andre is rocking the most awesome afro in wrestling history. Stasiak breaks the hold and rakes the eyes before tagging in Lanza and the match just ends there. I hate when they do that, but they got a lot of stuff to throw on here in ninety minutes.

 Don Muraco v.  Pedro Morales

   Again joined in progress as Pedro is one the ground as Muraco distracts the ref, allowing Fuji to get a shot in. Muraco slams Pedro hard on the barricade and stomps Pedro. Again the clip ends and we go to the next match, who’s producing these things Vince Russo. It’s like wrestling for the ADD crowd!

6. Don Muraco v. SD Jones

   SD Jones, forever immortalized as the victim of King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania, starts out quick on Muraco. SD channels Ricky Steamboat with a series of armdrags sending Muraco to the floor. Albano tries to calm down Muraco, as he slowly gets back in the ring and SD quickly with a side headlock. Muraco gets caught in the sunset flip and SD almost scores the upset, as the crowd is getting into this match. SD back to the side headlock, but Muraco breaks the hold with a side backbreaker, Muraco misses the splash and SD back to the headlock. Muraco tries to fight free but SD nails a series of headbutts and back to the headlock, wow, what an amazing moveset from SD Jones! Muraco breaks the hold and unloads on SD, but SD blocks and fires back on the Rock. SD springboards off the second rope and Muraco catches him in the powerslam for the win. 3/10 the last few seconds were good, but too much time in the headlock from SD.

6. Don Muraco pinned SD Jones with the powerslam 3/10

   TNT with Don Muraco, who’s back with Mr. Fuji now, and talks about being on the dark side and being on top. Vince says if Don’s on top he can go back down, but Don says it won’t happen as he is Magnificent not Ricky Steamboat. Muraco taunts Steamboat and says they are having a heck of a time.

7. Mr. Fuji v. Ricky Steamboat

   This match is joined in progress as Fuji applies a nerve hold but Steamboat refuses to give up and fights free. Steamboat hits the chop and quickly climbs the ropes and hits the cross body for a near fall. Ricky goes for the splash and Fuji gets the knees up, Fuji goes for a belly to back suplex but Steamboat slides out and rolls up Fuji for the win. 6.5/10 a quick but fun match as Steamboat gets his revenge on Mister Fuji and now can target Don Muraco. As Steamboat celebrates his victory Muraco smashes him from behind with a chair and then spits on the fallen Steamboat.

7. Ricky Steamboat pins Mr. Fuji with a rollup 6.5/10

   We get the Piper’s Pit segment with Jimmy Snuka, a classic moment in WWF history as Piper smashes a coconut over the head of Snuka. Over to TNT where Piper says he doesn’t care what people think of him and yells at McMahon, calling him garbage then slaps Alfred. Back to the Pit with Frankie Williams, who Piper beats the crap out of in another classic moment. Again to TNT with Piper and Albano, Piper claims he’s carried Albano, and Albano screams at him. Piper starts to leave but instead clobbers Albano sending him over the couch. Piper visits the set of the greatest show in TV history, The A-Team, and berates Mr. T and before they come to blows security separates them. We get some various clips of Piper’s matches, all which are from the Piper tape. No one could get, or can get heat like Roddy Piper could, the current stars could learn from the Hot Rod.

  We get another quick clip of Randy Savage cheating to win the WWF IC title from Tito Santana. Santana tries to suplex Savage back in the ring and Savage cracked him with something then fell on top of Santana for the win. This was also the beginning of the evil referee Danny Davis storyline that ended in Davis screwing the Bulldogs out of the belts and being banned as a ref for life, a storyline I’m sure they cover on one of the tapes from 1987.

8. Terry Funk v. Aldo Marino

   This is the debut of Terry Funk, as he attacks the ring attendant who put on Funk’s hat. We also have a female referee, which was odd for this time. Aldo tries to save the kid and Funk tosses him out of the ring and proceeds to beat the holy hell out of him. Funk turns his attention to Aldo who crawls back in, and Funk throws him out. Funk then tosses the attendant out as well, and they carry the guy back as Funk drags Aldo back in the ring. Funk snapmares Aldo down and continues to destroy Aldo, who tries to fight back as the sends Funk to the outside. Funk back in and eats a dropkick, sending Funk over the top back outside again. Funk gets back in and Aldo goes for the headlock, Funk fights free with a belly to back suplex and a nice delayed vertical suplex. Funk locks on the spinning toe hold and Aldo has no choice but to quit. 6/10 a fun brawl with a great start, just fun to watch.

8. Terry Funk beat Aldo Marino by submission 6/10

9. The Iron Sheik v. Corporal Kirchner

   Kirchner was supposed to be the replacement for Sgt Slaughter when he left, but it didn’t work out as well as expected. Much like when they tried to replace Hulk Hogan with Lex Luger in 1993. Kirchner gets caught coming in the ring and clotheslines him down then uses the headgear to choke Kirchner. Sheik backdrops the Corporal down then spits on him before posing for the crowd, Sheik then kicks him with those awesome curled boots. A second backdrop attempt fails as Kirchner jumps over him and slams Sheik before dropping the elbow. Kirchner drags Sheik to the buckle and slams Sheik’s little Sheik into the post, ouch! Corporal continues to unload with a headbutt and follows up with the suplex for a near fall. Kirchner misses a dropkick and Sheik quickly capitalizes with stomps to the back as he shows off his suplex skills now. Sheik boots Kirchner in the face and locks on the abdominal stretch, but Kirchner fights free with a hiptoss and a knee drop but misses the big elbow. Sheik gets caught in the sunset flip and almost gets pinned, which angers Sheik who then eats a knee lift as well. Sheik begs off and prays, and Kirchner falls for it as Sheik sends Kirchner to the floor. This allows Nikolai Volkoff to clobber Kirchner with Freddie Blassie’s cane and the ref calls for the bell. Volkoff throws him back in the ring and they double team the Corporal, but Corporal fights free and grabs a chair which sends Sheik and Volkoff to the back. 7/10 a good solid back and forth battle, probably one of Kirchner’s best matches.

9. Corporal Kirchner beat Iron Sheik by DQ 7/10

   We get highlights of the 1985 manager of the year ceremony, which was won by Captain Lou Albano. Heenan is irate and smashes the trophy over Albano’s head. Hillbilly Jim tries to make the save but King Kong Bundy and John Studd double team Jim. Bundy hits a series of splashes on the Mountain Man until Uncle Elmer and Cousin Junior make the save.

Andre the Giant v. Big John Studd

   Joined in progress as Studd kicks Andre down to the mat and proceeds to drop the big elbow and Heenan quickly jumps in the ring with scissors. He hands them to Studd who goes after Andre, but Andre blocks and bites the arm of Studd. Andre headbutts Studd and chops him down, Heenan dives in and gets tossed out and Andre continues to clobber Studd then slams Studd to the mat and grabs he scissors. Here comes King Kong Bundy for the save and they double team the Giant, and Studd holds Andre down as Bundy hits a series of splashes. Finally here comes Rick McGraw, The Killer Bees and Cousin Junior for the save and Studd and Bundy bail out.

   We jump to the ending of the Saturday Night’s Main Event match between Don Muraco and Hulk Hogan, as Bobby Heenan was in Don’s corner for one night only. Heenan gets involved and draws a DQ, Hogan grabs Heenan and is about to destroy him but out comes Bundy. Bundy sets Hogan in the corner as Muraco holds Hulk in place and Bundy hits a series of Avalanches then follows with a series of big splashes. This was a huge moment in the WWF as it build Bundy as a monster and Hogan as being beatable, and led to Wrestlemania II.

Andre the Giant & SD Jones v. Ken Patera & Big John Studd

   After being sneak attacked by the Heenan Family Andre wanted them both, however President Jack Tunny said Andre needed a partner. Andre went with SD Jones and told him to just stay out of the way, and we get this legendary match. We join it in progress as Ken destroys SD and tosses him out, Andre comes in and crushes Ken in the corner but Ken gets a knee up. Ken bulldogs Andre down and Studd comes in and they double slam Andre then drop a series of elbows. Ken and Studd continue to clobber the daylights out of Andre and Ken holds the arms back as Heenan pulls out scissors. Studd takes the scissors and cuts the hair of Andre, thus ending that awesome seventies afro of Andre’s. Studd continues to cut the hair as Ken stomps a mudhole in Andre while Heenan keeps SD out. The Heenan Family celebrates with handfuls of Andre’s hair and Vince is going crazy on commentary, sounds like he’s going to cry soon.


1. Jake Roberts pinned Scott McGhee with the DDT on April 22, 1986 from New York City 5/10

2. Pat Patterson beat Tor Kamata by DQ on August 9, 1980 from Shea Stadium 5/10

3. Pedro Morales beat George Steele by countout on June 30, 1973 from New York City 4/10

4. Andre the Giant beat Ernie Ladd by countout on April 26, 1976 from New York City 5/10

5. Gorilla Monsoon beat Lou Albano by countout on June 30, 1973 from New York City 5/10

6. Don Muraco pinned SD Jones with the powerslam 3/10

7. Ricky Steamboat pins Mr. Fuji with a rollup on August 20, 1985 from Poughkeepsie, NY 6.5/10

8. Terry Funk beat Aldo Marino by submission on June 17, 1985 from Poughkeepsie, NY 6/10

9. Corporal Kirchner beat Iron Sheik by DQ on April 22, 1986 from New York City 7/10

   A fun tape with some good matches, but lots of clips. Some really legendary clips though, as the haircut and the Bundy/Hogan stuff was gold back then. Was surprised by how good the Kirchner/Sheik match was, very impressive. Next tape coming up is the longest reigning WWF Heavyweight Champion, Bruno Sammartino, should have some true classics on it.


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