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Best of the WWF Volume 6

Here we go again with another WWF Coliseum Home Video release. This time it’s the Best of the WWF Volume 6, and the cover is bright red as usual with these Best of tapes. It features Hulk Hogan with a headlock on Randy Savage, and also shots of Terry Funk, Randy Savage and Elizabeth. Advertised matches include Savage versus Hogan and Ivan Putski versus Johnny Valiant, hope we get better stuff then that last match or this could be a long ninety minutes. Let’s get this tape started and see what the WWF has to offer this time.

Following the usual classic opener, always love the old school black and white shots they include, we’re greeted by Gorilla Monsoon who welcomes us to Volume 6. Gorilla says the WWF does over a thousand live shows every year, really, that seems a little exaggerated to me.

1. Terry Funk v. Leaping Lanny Poffo

Really, this is considered the best of? I’m always glad to see Funk but Poffo? It’s amazing how being the brother of one of the greatest, Randy Savage, doesn’t guarantee anything in this business. Funk smacks around the ring attendant, again before the match. On commentary we have Gorilla and Lord Alfred, as Funk quickly begins hammering Poffo but Poffo uses his speed to dazzle Funk. Funk gets a hold of Poffo and unloads on him with a series of chops and a headbutt. Poffo reverses the whip into the corner and Funk gets tangled in the ropes, but is able to bail out of the ring before Poffo gets too close. Funk back in the ring and Poffo uses his gymnastic skills to counter Funk’s moves and locks on a nice arm bar. Both men get to the ropes and Funk sends Poffo to the floor, Funk quickly stomps on the Poet Laureate of the WWF. Funk gets Poffo back in the ring but gets to cocky and Poffo hits an atomic drop, sending Funk scurrying to the outside. Funk back in the ring and quickly unloads on Poffo with a series of punches, angering Gorilla, as Funk goes for the figure four and Poffo kicks Funk off. Funk relentless as he continues to hammer Poffo and work over the back. If you’re going to use a leg lock why not work the legs? Poffo finally fights back and starts to stomp on the Funker in the corner but eats a couple headbutts. Funk with a running shoulderblock but the momentum sends Funk to the apron and both men slow to get back up. Funk goes to suplex Poffo to the cement, and gets him over but Poffo lands on his feet sort of. Poffo gives some great facial expressions as Funk follows and headbutts Poffo again. Funk gets Poffo on the apron and now suplexes him back in the ring and gets a near fall, which angers the crazed Texan. Funk hits a nice reverse neck breaker and gets another near fall, Poffo comes back with a sunset flip and almost win as the bell rings in error. Poffo getting his second wind and hammers Funk in the corner, then tosses him to the opposite corner and sends Funk tumbling to the apron. Funk gets snapmared back in and slammed as Poffo climbs the ropes and hits the springboard moonsault for the near fall! Now both men slug it out and Funk gets the advantage as expected and we repeat the Irish whip reversal for the third time, but this Poffo follows up with a freaking Frankensteiner, are you kidding me. I take back all the bad things I’ve said about Poffo, this is amazing for 1986. Gorilla doesn’t know what to call it as both men are spent. Funk up first and catches Poffo in a sleeperhold and Poffo starts to fade out, the ref calls for the bell and Funk wins a hard fought battle. 8/10 a much better match then I expected with some fantastically innovative moves from Poffo. Funk brands Poffo after the match, I always loved that gimmick, and Gorilla is furious about it.

1. Terry Funk defeated Lanny Poffo with a sleeperhold 8/10

2. Randy Savage v. Hulk Hogan

This should be a fantastic match as both men are in the prime of their careers, as Hulk still has the old school title not the winged eagle belt we all know and love. It’s sad knowing that Macho Man and Elizabeth are gone now, always been a huge fan of the Macho Man and Elizabeth’s death was so tragic. Gorilla and Alfred are on commentary again as Hulk overpowers Savage to start and the crowd is insane, it’s been non stop since Hulk came out. Hulk sends Savage to the outside and Savage hides behind Elizabeth to slow down Hogan. Savage comes back in via the top rope as only Savage can do as the crowd chants for Hogan. Hogan goes after him and Savage bails out again, Savage slides back in and catches Hulk with a quick snapmare and drops the knee. Hulk stuck in the ropes and Savage dives at him but Hulk moves and Savage crashes, Hulk unloads with a big corner clothesline crumples Savage to the mat. A big atomic drop sends Savage to the floor and Hulk follows, Savage pulls Liz in front and the crowd goes postal. Hulk catches Savage coming off the top rope and sends him outside again and again Savage uses Liz as a shield. Hulk is frustrated as he gets back in the ring, as Savage jaws with the crowd. This allows Hulk to catch Savage and hammer him before tossing him in. Savage catches Hulk coming in and hits a nice double sledge then tosses Hulk out, Savage follows with the flying double ax handle, crushing the Champion to the floor. Savage gets Hulk back in the ring and starts to hammer him but Hulk begins to Hulk up and clobbers Savage to the mat. Hulk pulls Savage up and hits the big boot sending Savage to the floor, Hulk goes after him and Elizabeth tries to stop Hulk who picks up Liz and moves her away. Hulk tosses Savage in and goes for a backdrop, but Hulk gets caught and Savage quickly follows with the flying elbow smash for a near fall. Savage argues with the referee and Hulk dives after Savage, who moves and the ref gets clobbered. Savage knees Hulk out of the ring and grabs the World title, then climbs the ropes and drops the title across the back of Hogan’s head. Hulk is split wide open as Savage helps the ref up and tells the ref to start counting. The ref counts Hulk out and Savage wins via countout, but doesn’t win the title. 7.5/10 a good brawl but too much stalling and a cheap finish. After the match Savage puts the title around his waist and poses for the crowd, as Howard Finkle announces that Savage is not the champion. Savage knocks out the referee and grabs Elizabeth and leaves, but Hulk catches him and tosses Savage back in the ring. Hulk unloads on Savage before hitting the running lariat and reclaims his title. Hulk pulls Savage up and shoots him in and misses the belt shot, as Savage ducks under and takes off backstage.

2. Randy Savage defeated Hulk Hogan via countout 7.5/10

TNT with Jesse Ventura, as Alfred is the host not Vince now. Alfred asks Jesse about newcomer Corporal Kirchner, who Jesse calls him a puke. Vince is in the audience and takes questions from the crowd. A fan asks where Jesse gets the ridiculous costumes he wears, Jesse says those are his clothes. Someone else asks about Jesse and Elizabeth, Jesse says nothing is going on between them. A third person, and older man, calls Jesse one of his favorites and asks a long winded question as Jesse asks if there is a point to this. Jesse says to talk to someone else, as the guy keeps talking and he just keeps rambling on.

3. The Haiti Kid v. Butch Cassidy

I knew this was coming, but it still sucks. This is why it takes me so long to watch these, these matches take almost as much out of me as watching the current product. I just hope this is going to be short. Gorilla and Alfred make a bunch of jokes that would never make it past the censors nowadays. Haiti has had all the offense in the beginning with slams and armbars, but really I’m just waiting to see which one bites the referee’s ass first, it’s a usual staple of these matches. This has been a squash basically and a waste of tape, as we do the usual one kicks the other guy off into the arms of the ref, who throws him back on the first guy, and repeat a few times, whatever. I’m glad they don’t do this anymore, but then with the way WWE books towards kids I’m surprised they don’t bring this back. It’s been nice that they stopped clipping the matches, but I really wish they would clip this, preferably to the end. More politically incorrectness as we now do the black people have hard heads shtick, same thing they always did with SD Jones and JYD. Butch finally gets a few shots in but runs into a backdrop, and Haiti goes back on the offense, this is just dragging on and on. This is worse then a Randy Orton promo and drags on like one as well. Cassidy again comes back with a very impressive shoulder breaker, but Kid no sells. Kid comes back with a rollup and this is over. No rating as I don’t rate these matches.

3. The Haiti Kid beat Butch Cassidy No Rating

4. Ivan Putski v. Johnny Valiant

Johnny is better known as the manager of the Dream Team, but this from about ten years earlier as he’s managed by Captain Lou and is one half of the tag champions. Putski goes after Lou at the start and Johnny sneak attack the undefeated Polish Power, Ivan is quite round at this stage in his career. Putski starts to shrug off the shots and clobbers the crap out of Valiant who quickly bails out. Valiant catches Putski distracted and works over the neck and shoulders but Putski fights back and hammers Valiant some more. Valiant begs off and Putski has none of it as he maintains control of the man. Putski headbutts Valiant and sends him into the corner, Valiant again begs for mercy but Putski is relentless. Putski tosses Valiant across the ring as the crowd is solidly behind Putski, who gets caught looking at the crowd. Valiants offense doesn’t last as Putski hits a running sledge then the Earthquake splash for the easy win. 5/10 a fast paced battle with a hot crowd, nothing to complain about.

4. Ivan Putski pinned Johnny Valiant with a vertical splash 5/10

Advice to the lovelorn with Lord Alfred Hayes, and hilarity ensues. This is pretty bad comedy and ends abruptly.

5. Cowboy Bob Orton v. Ricky Steamboat

Orton was so under appreciated in his time, so much talent compared to his kid. Gene and Gorilla on commentary and Gene talks about not smoking around Steamboat! Steamboat quickly uses his armdrags into the armbar, classic Steamboat offense as he drives Orton to the mat. Steamboat sends Orton hard into the corner and chops him before going back to the armbar. Love the fact that Orton sported that cast on his arm for years. Orton tries to get away from Steamboat, but Steamboat still has the armbar and pulls him back in. Steamboat continues to work over the arm as the crowd is going insane. Orton finally fights free but gets slammed down and back to the arm, way to show that moveset Steamboat. Orton catches Steamboat with a headbutt then tosses Steamboat across the ring, followed with the flying head scissors. A second attempt misses and Orton tumbles to the floor, Orton grabs a fan’s drink and nails Steamboat with it. Orton continues the offense as things have picked up finally, as Steamboat gets driven face first to the mat. Orton locks on the cravat and starts to wear down the Dragon,Orton breaks the hold and tries to use the cast but Steamboat moves. Orton quickly with a sleeper and then takes Steamboat down hard for a near fall. Dragon blocks a cast shot and unloads with the vintage chops and climbs the top rope. Steamboat hits the crossbody and gets a near fall of his own. Steamboat continues to use the martial arts chops on Orton as Gene calls him Richard! Orton catches Steamboat with a shot to the gut and tries to toss him out but Steamboat comes back in then dropkicks Orton out of the ring instead. Orton catches Steamboat with a thumb to the eye and goes for the suplex to the floor, but Steamboat reverses and bring in Orton the hard way. Steamboat goes for the big splash but Orton gets the knees up and then adjusts the cast, Orton climbs to the top rope and cracks Steamboat with the cast drawing the disqualification. 7.5/10 a great match marred by a bad ending. Orton goes after Steamboat after the bell but Steamboat fights back with the chops sending Orton out of the ring and fleeing to the back.Orton makes his way back to the ring and Steamboat challenges him to get in the ring, Orton wisely decides not to and leaves.

5. Ricky Steamboat beat Bob Orton via DQ 7.5/10


1. Terry Funk defeated Lanny Poffo with a sleeperhold on July 13, 1985 from New York City 8/10

2. Randy Savage defeated Hulk Hogan via countout on December 30, 1985 from New York City 7.5/10

3. The Haiti Kid beat Butch Cassidy on December 30, 1985 from New York City No Rating

4. Ivan Putski pinned Johnny Valiant with a vertical splash on June 16, 1975 from New York City 5/10

5. Ricky Steamboat beat Bob Orton via DQ on July 20, 1985 from Landover, MD 7.5/10

A pretty good tape with three solid matches, including a surprisingly good Poffo/Funk match. It’s amazing that four out of five of the matches came from Madison Square Gardens, shows how important NYC was to the WWF in the eighties. Other then the long drawn out midget match this was a good way to spend an hour and a half. The next tape coming up is Villains of the Squared Circle, which should be fun. I’m going to try and do a tape a day this week, let’s see how that works out!


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