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Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

   I’m back with the next in the Coliseum Home Video library, an entire tape dedicated to the great Ricky Steamboat. I consider Steamboat on of the three greatest wrestlers of all time, along with Ric Flair and Randy Savage, so this should be a fantastic tape. The cover announces two match Steamboat versus Muraco and Steamboat versus Fuji, plus footage of Ricky training. This would’ve been released in late 85 early 86, so no Macho Man versus Steamboat match on here, sadly.

   Gorilla Monsoon welcomes us to the tape and calls Steamboat a phenom and goes over some of the matches we get to see and there is a Macho Man match! Gorilla looks classy in his red shirt and burgundy suit, what is it with the fashions of the eighties?

1. Ricky Steamboat v. Greg Valentine for the IC title

   Well this should be a fantastic match as Valentine could always bring it and comes in as the IC champion tonight. Gorilla and Gene are on commentary and already ragging on Jimmy Hart. Steamboat starts out quickly and Valentine bails out, Jimmy is screaming about the karate. We’re only seconds into the match and the crowd is already rumbling as Valentine gets back in and again gets taken down by the Dragon. Hammy tries for an armbar but Steamboat counters out and Valentine backs off again. Monsoon actually compares Steamboat to a mongoose, which is just weird as Steamboat continues to chop the champion down and gets a near fall. Steamboat almost scores the win with a high cross body but Valentine just kicks out and Jimmy Hart is having a fit at ringside. Valentine finally overpowers Steamboat in the corner and unloads on Steamboat, who sells the shots like a champ. Steamboat fights back with the chops and slams Hammer but then goes for the splash and Hammer gets the knees up. Hammer does what he does best, drops the Hammer on Steamboat and we get a clipping to Hammer working over the legs. Valentine goes for the figure four and Steamboat rolls him up for the near fall, Hammer quickly makes the comeback and sends Steamboat to the cement floor. Jimmy gets in the face of Steamboat and mocks him, Steamboat gets fired up by the large MSG crowd and gets back in, and both men exchange shots which Steamboat gets the best of. Steamboat hits the double chop and Valentine falls like a redwood as Steamboat prepares for victory. Steamboat climbs the ropes and hits the cross body and almost wins, but Valentine gets a foot on the ropes. Valentine rakes the eyes and quickly suplexes Steamboat down, as the crowd loudly chants for Steamboat. Valentine drops a series of elbows on Steamboat and gets himself a near fall, Valentine goes for the figure four but Steamboat kicks him off into the buckle. Steamboat fires off with the martial arts sending Valentine to the cement, and Jimmy rolls Valentine back in as the bell rings. Steamboat and Valentine don’t care and continue to battle each other, but Valentine sent back to the floor . 9.5/10 a great opening match between two greats but a lame ending hurts the match or it would’ve been perfect and it seemed off as Valentine was barely outside the ring.

1. Ricky Steamboat defeated Greg Valentine by countout 9.5/10

   We go to the Body Shop with Jesse Ventura and his guest is Ricky Steamboat, Ventura asks about the Steamboat name and Ricky says it’s a family name. Jesse asks if he saw a steamboat from a coconut tree and Steamboat says he saw it from a volcano. Jesse says the karate stuff is illegal, Steamboat says he checked with the rules and doesn’t use fists unlike Jesse. Jesse snaps and says he’s had enough of Steamboat.

   Becoming the Dragon, the Three moments of Truth. Mene Gene is with Steamboat at a temple as Steamboat prepares for his training. This was how they introduced Ricky as they walk through a garden and we see Ricky doing karate with some ninjas. It’s cheesy but it works, this is a good way to introduce a new character, something sorely lacking nowadays. Gene and Ricky cross the bridge and enter the gardens, as we get footage of Ricky training with a Kendo stick, back to Gene and Ricky talking about the training some more. The third test took place in the temple of Chang Lau and Ricky had to prove himself. Ricky stands in front of the monks and battles more ninjas, which he easily dispatches with some classic karate wrestling holds! You never see ninjas wearing sneakers anymore, why is that? The ninjas remind me of when Paul E dressed as the ninja in WCW back in the early nineties to screw with Steamboat. Just a fun little set of vignettes.

2. Ricky Steamboat versus Brutus Beefcake

   Brutus jumps Steamboat outside the ring and hammers Steamboat quickly as Johnny V watches his protege proudly. Steamboat gets choked by his own belt and hammered into the barricade before throwing Ricky in the ring. Beefcake strips Steamboat off his shirt and hammers Ricky in the face then stomps the back. Brutus slams Ricky them stomps him again before doing the strut, which angers the crowd. This gives Ricky the chance to make the comeback but Ricky gets clotheslined down. Beefcake continues the offense on Steamboat, which is not nearly as varied as Valentine in the last match. Steamboat blocks a turnbuckle shot and sends Beefcake into it instead but Brutus continues to work over Steamboat. I’ll say it again no one sells like the Dragon, as Ricky uses his speed to avoid Brutus and quickly unloads on him with the karate. Steamboat goes for the slam but Brutus slides down the back and hits a back suplex for a near fall. Well, that was impressive from Brutus, as he stomps on Steamboat some more while the crowd is solidly behind Steamboat. This has not been as good as the previous match, as Brutus did a lot of basic stomps and kicks as opposed to Valentine’s varied offense. They wind up outside the ring and Brutus slams Steamboat on the cold concrete, as we are informed there are no countouts or disqualifications in the match? Brutus pulls Steamboat in and goes for the piledriver, but Ricky counters and makes his comeback with the chops. Brutus with a nice spinning neckbreaker, which would later become Honky Tonk Man’s finisher, and follows with the reverse atomic drop. Steamboat climbs the ropes and hits the cross body for the near fall, as the crowd thought that was the end and exploded as the house lights came on as well! Steamboat continues to work over Brutus and the ref tries to pull them apart, which allows Johnny to grab the ankle. Brutus covers Steamboat and scores the win as Johnny holds the foot, but after counting three the ref notices Johnny still holding the leg and waves off the win as the light came on again. Brutus tosses Steamboat out, but Steamboat able to come back in as Brutus argues with the ref. Steamboat quickly rolls up Brutus for the decisive win. 6/10 not a bad match as Steamboat tried to carry Brutus and did the best he could.

2. Ricky Steamboat pinned Brutus Beefcake 6/10

   We head to TNT with Don Muraco and Mr. Fuji, as they talk about the plans for destruction for Ricky Steamboat. Muraco says he always proves his actions are more powerful then his words. We get video footage of Steamboat facing Muraco as Muraco says the only other wrestler from Hawaii other then himself is King Curtis. Steamboat controls the match and Fuji quickly comes in the ring and they begin choking Steamboat with his own belt. They then toss Steamboat over the ropes and strangle him with the belt as Steamboat turns purple. Muraco is proud of what he did as Fuji declares it very good while Muraco says Steamboat doesn’t have true Hawaiian blood and takes a jab at Hogan as well. Muraco calls himself magnificent and they’re having a great time.

3. Mr. Fuji v. Ricky Steamboat

   Steamboat wastes no time charging the ring and unloads on the Devious One and chokes Fuji with the belt as payback. The Dragon whips Fuji with the belt before chopping and hitting the atomic drop. Fuji catches Steamboat with a chop to the throat and then the headbutt to the groin. Fuji was always a lot of fun to watch as he could play the bad guy so perfectly. Steamboat continues to get beaten down as Fuji applies a nerve hold but Steamboat refuses to give up and fights free. Steamboat hits the chop and quickly climbs the ropes and hits the cross body for a near fall. Ricky goes for the splash and Fuji gets the knees up, Fuji goes for a belly to back suplex but Steamboat slides out and rolls up Fuji for the win. 6.5/10 a quick but fun match as Steamboat gets his revenge on Mister Fuji and now can target Don Muraco. As Steamboat celebrates his victory Muraco smashes him from behind with a chair and then spits on the fallen Steamboat.

3. Ricky Steamboat pinned Mr. Fuji 6.5/10

4. Ricky Steamboat v. Don Muraco

   This the big blow off to the massive feud between the two Hawaiians as Gorilla and Lord Alfred do the commentary. Muraco does some stalling to start and tries to use his power but Steamboat utilizes his speed to take down Muraco. Steamboat with a kneelift sending Muraco tumbling to the floor, and the ref stops Steamboat from following to the outside. Muraco slowly makes his way back in the ring, holding his back, and we get a test of strength which Muraco quickly breaks with a kick to the gut. Steamboat quickly comes back and slams Muraco down and Muraco bails out to the outside. Muraco again slow to get back in the ring and the ref gets in between them, allowing Muraco to get a shot in but Steamboat fires back with the chops. The ref again pulls Steamboat back allowing Muraco to get another shot in and now we get some classic Steamboat selling. Muraco snapmares Dragon over and then slingshots Steamboat into the ropes as Fuji watches intently. Muraco overpowers Steamboat with a series of clotheslines and a slam before clotheslining Steamboat out of the ring. Muraco slides out after Steamboat and slams him throat first across the barricade before going back in the ring to break the count. Steamboat struggles to the ring apron and gets clotheslined down by Muraco but Steamboat ducks another clothesline and hits a flying clothesline of his own. Muraco slowly climbs the ropes but the Dragon catches him and tosses Muraco to the mat then slams Muraco again and again. Steamboat getting fired up and atomic drops Muraco who goes over the top and gets tangled in the ropes. They both wind up on the floor and Steamboat drives the back of Muraco into the ring apron then quickly climbs the ropes and hits the chop to the floor. Muraco gets smashed into the ring apron headfirst and then pulls Muraco onto the apron and hits a nice vertical suplex on Muraco. Steamboat unloads on Muraco and the ref keeps pulling Steamboat off, so Steamboat climbs the ropes and hits the diving chop. Fuji on the apron and Steamboat catches him and gets the cane, which the ref takes away from Steamboat. Steamboat relentless hits the double chop but Muraco catches Steamboat with a chop to the throat and gets the surprise win! 9/10 a solid fast paced battle between two guys who had a great feud and a surprising ending.

4. Don Muraco pinned Ricky Steamboat 9/10

   Now it’s time for Piper’s Pit with Ricky Steamboat, as Piper calls Steamboat a sensation and a heartthrob. Piper says he is as good looking as Steamboat is, but still welcomes him and congratulates him on being a cheater with the martial arts. The crowd starts a bullshit chant as Steamboat calls him Rodney which angers Piper. Piper gets in Steamboat’s face and Steamboat has had enough.

5. Ricky Steamboat versus Davey Boy Smith

   This is from the Wrestling Classic so here’s my recap from a few tapes ago. A much smaller Davey Boy then we are used to from the 90′s and beyond, as Gorilla calls this a science match. We start with a nice sequence of counters and holds. They exchange hiplocks and Davey gets the advantage and gets a pin attempt but Ricky powers out and backslides Davey. Ricky off the ropes and Davey catches and press slams him down for a near fall. Davey goes for the suplex and Ricky blocks it, so Davey press slams him up and over again. Davey again goes for the suplex and Ricky counters with one of his own and goes for the splash, but Davey gets the knees up. Davey with a nice dropkick and Ricky in the ropes. Davey charges and crotches himself on the ropes, the ref stops the match as Davey is injured. 7/10 was shaping up as a great match, but short. Ricky checks on Davey as the officials help him out of the ring.

5. Ricky Steamboat beat Davey Boy Smith 7/10

6. Ricky Steamboat versus Randy Savage

   Also from the Wrestling Classic, Savage quickly uses Elizabeth as a shield and when Steamboat turns around Savage nails him. The bell rings and Steamboat comes back with the karate, sending Savage to the floor. Savage pulls Steamboat out and rams him into the post before throwing him back in. Steamboat catches Savage in the corner and sends Savage back to the floor, Steamboat follows and unloads on the Macho Man with chops. Savage gets atomic dropped on the cement and Steamboat tosses him back in, Savage goes for a clothesline and Steamboat leaps over and chops Savage. A second chop attempt is blocked and Savage back suplexes Steamboat down then climbs the ropes. Steamboat catches Savage coming down and chops Macho Man repeatedly. Savage to the apron and Steamboat suplexes him back in then climbs the ropes. Steamboat with the crossbody gets a near fall, and goes back to the karate chops sending Savage back to the apron. Savage reaches in the tights as Steamboat suplexes him back in again and Savage clocks Steamboat for the win. 7/10 not the classic it should have been, but was still good considering all matches at the Wrestling Classic felt rushed.

6. Randy Savage pinned Ricky Steamboat 7/10


1. Ricky Steamboat defeated Greg Valentine by countout on June 21, 1985 from New York City 9.5/10

2. Ricky Steamboat pinned Brutus Beefcake on May 26, 1985 from Toronto, ON 6/10

3. Ricky Steamboat pinned Mr. Fuji on August 20, 1985 from Poughkeepsie, NY 6.5/10

4. Don Muraco pinned Ricky Steamboat on January 1986 from Landover, MD 9/10

5. Ricky Steamboat beat Davey Boy Smith on November 7, 1985 from Chicago, IL 7/10

6. Randy Savage pinned Ricky Steamboat on November 7, 1985 from Chicago, IL 7/10

   As expected a pretty good tape with two great matches and some good matches. Steamboat was simply amazing and one of the best ever. This was so much better then that horrible Hillbilly tape as we got a tape featuring a true legend. Coming up next is the Best of the WWF Volume 6, as I hope to get these done more often soon.


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