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WWF Grudge Matches

   The next entry in the Coliseum Home Video library is simply called WWF Greatest Matches, I thought it was supposed to be Grudge Matches? Well, according to the History of WWF website there is no CHV called Greatest Matches, so I wonder if this was re-released under a different name? Regardless, this should be a good tape as it’s supposedly greatest matches. The box is blue with stripes and features Hulk Hogan, Iron Sheik and Hillbilly Jim…wait…Hillbilly Jim? On a greatest matches tape? Are they kidding me? I like Jim but I can’t see him in a greatest match against anyone. Well, let’s see what they actually offer on here.

   Following the classic opener we’re greeted by Gorilla Monsoon who says he’s very excited about the tape we’re about to watch. Gorilla goes over the matches on the tape including Hogan versus Muraco, Valentine versus Santana and Bruno versus Ivan Koloff. Should be a great series of contests, as Gorilla says these matches are very violent and warns the viewers, then sends it down to ringside.

1. Don Muraco v. Hulk Hogan for the WWF World Title

   We have Gorilla Monsoon and Mene Gene on commentary, they need a heel to balance things out. Where was Heenan or Jesse? The Hulkster comes out in white, which always seemed odd. Muraco sneak attacks the Hulk before the bell and stomps him down while he’s still wearing the title. Hulk finally fights back and both men brawl to the floor where Hulk connects with the atomic drop and then chokes Muraco on the floor. Back in the ring and Hulk continues the choking, which always made me wonder why he was supposed to be the face when he did as much dirty stuff as the heels did. Hulk slams Muraco in the middle of the ring and follows with a big elbow drop before hammering the head of the challenger. Muraco bails out and Hulk follows to continue the offense as it’s been all Hogan other then the brief opening flurry of Muraco. The Hulk with another atomic drop and then a back suplex before tossing Muraco back out of the ring, as Muraco is split wide open from hitting the ringpost last time they we’re outside. Muraco gets smashed head first into the post again and then Hulk starts to chew on the forehead before suplexing Don back in the ring. Hulk with another big slam and the legdrop for the pin, but Fuji puts Muraco’s foot on the ropes. As the ref is telling Hulk, Fuji tosses a salt packet to Muraco who tosses it in Hulk’s eyes and that draws the disqualification. Well, that was a cop out of an ending, otherwise this was pretty one sided. 6/10 a better ending and some more offense for Muraco would’ve been good, this was almost a squash match.

1. Hulk Hogan beat Don Muraco via DQ to retain the World Title 6/10

2. Junkyard Dog v. Terry Funk

   Terry quickly attacks Dog as he makes his way in the ring and tosses him outside. Dog comes back and hammers Funk who rolls in the ring, Dog maintains the offense with a backdrop and slam followed by a series of headbutts. Funk bails out of the ring and Jimmy Hart tries to fire his man up. Funk back in the ring and Dog unloads on him again before ramming Funk’s head into the buckle repeatedly, then does it again in the opposite corner, which the crowd loves. Funk eats the third corner but Jimmy grabs Dog’s leg and Dog goes after him, which gives Funk a chance to get to his feet. Dog chases Jimmy in the ring and nails Funk with a clothesline before tying Funk in the ropes. Jimmy comes in with the branding iron but Dog catches him and tosses Hart out of the ring. Dog grabs the iron and goes to brand Funk, but suddenly out of the crowd comes someone in a suit who takes off his boot to clock Dog, and it’s Dory Funk Jr making his WWF debut. The Funks and Hart triple team the Dog, as the Funks hold him for Jimmy to get his shots in, but here comes the cavalry to make the save. 6/10 a fun little brawl, about the best you’ll get with Dog.

2. Junk Yard Dog defeated Terry Funk via DQ 6/10

   We get comments from the Dog from SNME, and Dog says tonight is his night to get revenge as we go to the match from SNME.

3. Junkyard Dog v. Terry Funk

   Terry Funk is yelling at the crowd and not paying attention, and the JYD comes up behind him and pulls him in the ring and starts to pound Terry. JYD goes over Hart, and Funk tries to follow, but gets crotched on the top rope, and Dog comes back in as we see Hart come out from under the ring. Funk bails out and Jimmy comes over to check on his man, as Funk wary to get back in the ring. Both men now lock up, and Funk slams the Dog, but misses the elbow, and now the Dog with a slam. JYD follows up, and slams Funk up and over the top rope to the cement floor. Funk accidentally grabs Jimmy Hart, thinking it’s the Dog, and Hart calms him down and gets him back in the ring. JYD whips Funk into the corner, and catches him in another big slam, then a series of headbutts, and Funk back out of the ring. Funk goes out to the crowd, as they chant “JYD”, but thinks better and comes back in the ring. Funk whips JYD to the ropes, and Hart grabs the ankle. JYD goes after Hart, and has him by the lapels; Funk comes to save Hart and gets back dropped on the floor. Both men back in the ring, and Funk with a series of jabs. Funk with an Irish Whip and locks in the sleeperhold on the Dog, right in the middle of the ring. Dog makes the ropes, and Funk pounds him and whips him in again. Funk goes for the sleeper, but Dog counters into one of his own. Jimmy Hart up on the apron and the Dog able to catch him and throws him in the ring. While the ref is distracted, Funk grabs the megaphone and cracks JYD in the head for the win. 5.5/10 that was a fun little match and the crowd was heavily into it. Funk grabs the branding iron, but Dog fights back and knocks Funk out with it. He then cracks Jimmy Hart, and Funk tries to pull him out. We have a tug of war with Jimmy, as JYD pulls Hart’s pants off. JYD kicks Hart down and brands Jimmy right on his ass!

3. Terry Funk pinned Junkyard Dog 5.5/10

4. Bruno Sammartino v. Ivan Koloff for the WWF World Title

   This is joined in progress as Ivan whips Bruno into the buckles, and Bruno crumples to the mat. We get a classic criss cross and both men collide head to head, Bruno up first shoulder blocks Ivan, but the force sends Bruno to the floor. Ivan gets up dazed and not sure when Bruno is, as Bruno crawls back in the ring. Ivan rams Bruno into the buckle, but Bruno comes back with a kick and unloads on the champion. Bruno smashes Ivan’s face into the mat as we clip forward to a test of strength and Ivan drives a knee into the abdomen of Bruno to regain the advantage. Bruno fights back and rams Ivan into the buckle multiple times and unloads with the boots to the chest. Ivan comes back with a side headlock on Bruno and then hits the shoulderblock but a second one is countered into a backdrop. Bruno quickly drives a series of knees into the side of the Russian Bear. Bruno locks on the bearhug as we clip forward to Bruno still holding the bearhug but Ivan rakes the eyes. Ivan bails out of the ring and when Ivan gets back in the ring he catches Bruno with a boot then chokes Bruno in the corner. Ivan relentlessly pummels Bruno in the corner, splitting Bruno wide open which fires up Ivan even more. Bruno is gushing blood and the doctor is called in the ring, he checks on Bruno and Bruno says he’s fine. The match continues and Bruno goes after Ivan with a fury smashing Ivan into the ringpost and Ivan clobbers the referee. The locker room empties to try and separate both men as all hell as broken loose. 7.5/10 a pretty good old school match, very different from the current “main event style” we’re used to, which makes it interesting to see.

4. Bruno Sammartino defeated Ivan Koloff by DQ 7.5/10

5. Greg Valentine v. Tito Santana for the IC title

   Greg attacks Tito as he comes in the ring and attacks the knee and Tito’s hurt before the bell. Tito struggles to get in the ring and goes after Greg, but one shot to the knee takes Tito down. Greg goes for the figure four but Tito kicks him off, however Greg quickly goes back to the legs. Tito catches Greg with the flying forearm and covers for the three, but Greg had a foot under the ropes, so the match continues. Greg clips the knee of Tito and covers for the real win. 6/10 was good for what it was, as Tito went in injured and they had to take the title off him. Wow, the IC title was so ugly when it was green, but it still looks better then most of the current titles. Greg attacks after the match and reapplies the figure four using the ropes for leverage to injure Tito.

5. Greg Valentine pinned Tito Santana to win the IC title 6/10

   We get comments from Tito Santana in the hospital talking about his injuries before the surgery. Why is Tito wearing shades in the hospital? We then get footage of the surgery, Vince sure loved showing the surgery footage, they did the same thing with Billy Graham in 1987. More comments from Tito following the surgery and he says he will get Greg.

6. Tito Santana v. Greg Valentine for the IC Title in a cage.

   Greg is now managed by Jimmy Hart, when he won the title he was managed by Captain Lou. Gorilla says this is the first IC title match in the cage and calls this the most dangerous match. Tito starts out quick but Greg fights back and tries to escape quickly, but Tito right on him. Tito clobber Greg and tries to climb out, but Greg catches him and the cage was a lot smaller back then. They battle on the top rope and Greg gets the advantage kicking Tito down, it’s really hard to see as the camera was very far back. I guess they didn’t use the hand held cameras back then. Tito blocks being rammed into the cage so Greg hammers him to the mat and drops the big forearm. Greg starts to climb out but Tito catches him and works over the leg of Valentine as both men climb up the cage. Greg gets knocked down between the cage and the ropes, but Greg pulls Tito down with him. Greg hits a vicious shoulderbreaker on Tito and starts to climb out the door, but Tito grabs him and almost pulls Greg’s tights off. Tito works over Greg and tries to leave but Greg catches him and unloads on Tito right near the door. Tito kicks Greg backwards and tries again but Greg catches the leg and goes for the figure four, Tito blocks it. Greg misses a clothesline and Tito hits the flying forearm but both men are dazed and Tito can’t capitalize. Greg up first and pounds on Tito before slamming his head into the steel cage repeatedly. Greg delivers a nice elbowsmash from the second rope and almost escapes the cage, but Tito able to stop him. Tito pops Greg and he keels over, but so does Tito and Greg is up first and goes for the figure four. Tito again kicks him off, this time with enough force for Greg to smash into the steel cage. Tito starts to climb up the cage and gets a leg over, and Greg goes after him. Tito nails Greg sending him down to the mat, and Tito starts to climb out. Greg goes for the door and Tito, while hanging on the outside of the cage, kicks the door into Greg’s face. Tito drops to the floor and reclaims the IC title. Greg grabs the IC title and smashes it into the steel cage destroying it. 7.75/10 a great back and forth battle between two of the most underrated stars of the eighties.

6. Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine in a cage to regain the IC title 7.75/10

7. Bruno Sammartino v. Superstar Billy Graham for the WWF World Title

   Gorilla Monsoon is your special guest referee, and Billy goes for the cheap shot but Gorilla stop him. Billy tries again so Gorilla calls for the bell, as Bruno hammers Billy down and Billy begs for mercy. Bruno doesn’t give him any, instead kicking Billy in the face then ramming him into the buckle. Billy goes to the outside, as Billy tries to come back in Bruno quickly stomps the champion down. Billy tries to beg off and Bruno is relentlessly hammering the champion as it’s been all Bruno so far. Bruno gets distracted by the crowd and Billy sweeps the legs then pulls him outside. Billy finds some rope under the ring and tries to use it but Bruno gets it instead and chokes Billy with it. Gorilla finally gets the rope away and tosses it outside the ring as Bruno continues the offense on the champion. Bruno gets tossed to the corner and Billy misses the charge driving his own knee into the buckle. Bruno quickly works over the leg of the champ and Billy refuses to give up, but gets a low blow to break the hold, which Gorilla did not see. Billy begins to hammer the challenger as he finally gets the advantage and climbs the ropes and misses the knee drop. Bruno shoots Billy in the corner and misses the shoulderblock, but wisely rolls out of the ring. Bruno gets caught coming back in the ring and Billy takes over but then goes for the title belt which he smashes across the face of Bruno. Gorilla not calling for the DQ as that would help Billy, so the match continues. Bruno continues to work over the face of Bruno, who’s split open, and Billy is like a shark smelling blood. Billy gets caught with a boot the stomach and Bruno clobbers the champion then a big slam in the middle of the ring. Billy bails out of the ring and tries to leave, but Gorilla catches him and throws Billy back in the ring. Bruno continues to clobber the champion and rams him into the post, splitting him open as well. Bruno locks on the bearhug and Graham is in trouble, but he punches the ref in the face. Gorilla again refuses to call a DQ as Bruno maintains the advantage as Gorilla’s white shirt is covered in blood. Bruno and Billy continue to slug it out as the bell rings. 8.5/10 an impressive brawl but a lame ending hurt the match.

7. Bruno Sammartino & Billy Graham battled to a Double DQ 8.5/10

8. Hulk Hogan & Mr. T v. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff

   This is of course the classic main event from Wrestlemania, and also included Jimmy Snuka and Bob Orton in the corners for their teams. Piper wants to start with Hogan, but T wants in badly, so Hulk obliges and we have T and Piper. They go nose to nose in the middle of the ring and exchange slaps, Piper kicks T in the gut and takes him down and T fights free. T catches Piper in a fireman’s carry then drops him down, we have all four men in the ring, make that all six men as the corner men get involved as well. Referee Mohamed Ali takes a swing at Bob Orton, and the heels go to the floor. The heels have had enough and head to the backstage area, but are forced back to the ring as the ringside area was packed with cops and photographers. All four men brawl in the ring with the faces taking control as Hulk atomic drops Piper. Hulk bounces Piper’s head off the canvas repeatedly, then tags in T. A double clothesline takes down Piper, as T follows with a slam and an arm drag sends Paul across the ring. Hulk back in and Hulk and Piper slug it out, which Hulk wins, a big boot sends Piper to the floor but Paul catches Hulk from behind and sends Hulk to the floor. Piper smashes a chair across the back of Hulk, as we have chaos again, as Paul tosses Hulk in the ring. Piper and Orndorff double team Hulk as T has the ref, Pat Patterson, busy, A double atomic drop on the Hulkster leads to more beatings from Orndorff on Hulk. After some quick tags Piper gets the first near fall on the Hulkster, as the heels are in complete control. Orndorff misses a flying kneedrop and both men crawl for the tag, Hulk makes the hot tag and T takes over on both men but it’s too much for him as the heels double team T. T finally struggles to the corner and makes the tag, Hulk smashes Piper and Paul’s heads together, as the crowd has been loud all through the match. Hulk with a side headlock, but Paul counters with a back suplex and all six men in the ring, Snuka cracks Orton and the ref tries to get rid of Snuka. Paul with a full nelson on Hulk as Orton dives off the top, but Hulk moves and Orton nails Paul across the head with the cast. Hulk covers as Snuka disposes of Orton and T holds back Piper, giving Hulk and T the big win. 9/10 an amazing match, especially considering this was T’s first match.

8. Hulk Hogan & Mr. T defeated Paul Orndorff & Roddy Piper 9/10


1. Hulk Hogan beat Don Muraco via DQ to retain the World Title on May 20, 1985 from New York City 6/10

2. Junk Yard Dog defeated Terry Funk via DQ on January 28, 1986 from Poughkeepsie, NY 6/10

3. Terry Funk pinned Junkyard Dog on October 31, 1985 from Hershey, PA 5.5/10

4. Bruno Sammartino defeated Ivan Koloff by DQ on October 13, 1975 from New York City 7.5/10

5. Greg Valentine pinned Tito Santana to win the IC title on September 24, 1984 from London, ON 6/10

6. Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine in a cage to regain the IC title on July 6, 1985 from Baltimore, MD 7.75/10

7. Bruno Sammartino & Billy Graham battled to a Double DQ on August 1, 1977 from New York City 8.5/10

8. Hulk Hogan & Mr. T defeated Paul Orndorff & Roddy Piper on March 31, 1985 from New York City 9/10

   So I’ve come to the conclusion that I have the wrong box for this video, as even Gorilla introduces the tape as Grudge Matches. Regardless, this is a great tape with eight matches and four of them being fantastic, the only bad ones are the JYD ones. It seemed like this tape had a lot less clipping the previous volumes, which is good. All in all a fun tape and some great historical moments, like the two Bruno matches and the Wrestlemania main event. Coming up next is one of the three greatest wrestlers of all time, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, should be a fantastic tape.


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