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Best of the WWF Volume 5

   Returning to the classic Coliseum Home Video collection, we move on to Best of the WWF Volume 5. This of course is the fifth in the Best of collection, which totaled twenty in all. I expect that this tape will cover late 1985 rolling into 1986, as we began to head towards Wrestlemania II. This tape is bring red and features Ricky Steamboat on the cover with a sleeper hold on Don Muraco, so I guess we’ll have that match on here. Also advertised is Wendi Richter versus Leilani Kai and Jesse Ventura versus Tito Santana. Always cool to see a Jesse match, as he really didn’t get a lot of respect for his in ring abilities, mainly for his commentary.

   The usual classic opener and then we’re welcomed by our host, Mene Gene who talks about some of the other tapes he’s covered. Gene then covers over some of the matches we’re going to see, and it sounds like a pretty good show. We head to ringside for the opening match.

1. Ricky Steamboat v. Don Muraco

   Don is of course accompanied by the sinister Mr Fuji, as Gorilla mentions both men are from the island of Hawaii. Muraco does some stalling as Steamboat keeps doing karate poses, finally they lock up and Steamboat uses his speed to send Muraco to the floor. Steamboat chases Muraco back in the ring and Muraco backs up in the corner. Muraco able to get a knee in on Steamboat but takes too long to capitalize and Steamboat gets the advantage back. Muraco tries to stall again but Steamboat’s had enough and kicks Muraco in the face. It’s been all Steamboat so far, but the crowd has been into it, as usual with MSG fans. Muraco gets caught again trying to use his power and gets sent to the outside, and Fuji goes to check on his man. Steamboat is relentless as Muraco again tries for a cheap shot, but Steamboat comes back and locks in a chinlock to control the larger man. We clip to Muraco breaking the hold finally and clotheslining the Dragon down to the mat. Don Muraco finally has the advantage and slams Steamboat into the buckle then tosses him across the ring into the corner ringpost, splitting the Dragon wide open. Muraco tears at the cut as Jesse thinks the match should be stopped, this isn’t Baltimore in 1988 Jesse. They brawl to the floor and Muraco slingshots Steamboat head first into the ringpost and then shoulder first into the post. Muraco slingshots Steamboat back in the ring and continues to work over the open wound, but Steamboat fires back with the chops. Every chop Steamboat does the crowd pops loudly for, this is how you do a comeback in a match, something sorely lacking in the WWE now. None of the faces are willing to sell for the heels, as it makes them look weak, so they can’t do a comeback to pop the crowd. Muraco again catches Steamboat with a lariat and unloads in the middle of the ring before tossing Steamboat on the announce table. Fuji tries for a cheap shot but Steamboat blocks and kicks Fuji away. Muraco and Steamboat fight for the cane, and the ref gets bumped. Muraco grabs the cane and goes after Steamboat, but Steamboat moves and kicks Muraco in the back of the head. Steamboat grabs the cane and hammers Muraco, just as the ref comes to and calls for the bell. Steamboat breaks the cane over the head of Muraco splitting him open as well, and then gouges the cut with the cane. The ref tries to pull them apart but they brawl to the floor and Steamboat has the upper hand, slamming Muraco into the post. This crowd is insane for Steamboat, as he smashes Muraco’s head into the barricade now. They continue to battle inside the ring as Steamboat clobbers Muraco with punches and the diving chop. 8.5/10 after the initial stalling the match quickly picked up and was very intense. A vicious blood feud between two amazing talents.

1. Don Muraco defeated Ricky Steamboat via DQ 8.5/10

2. Killer Bees v. The Hart Foundation

   Bret and Jim are in black and blue as this is before the pink and black attack. We open with Bret and Blair in the ring and Blair powerslams Bret, Neidhart slides in and gets powerslammed as well. Brunzell tagged in and gets caught by Bret, who makes the tag and Neidhart overpowers Brunzell. Jesse talks about getting back in the ring, as Blair gets the tag but Bret gets a cheap shot in giving Neidhart the advantage again. Some double teaming from the Hart’s control Blair, Bret hits the classic side backbreaker followed by a legdrop before tying Blair in the ropes. Bret dives at him, but Blair moves and Bret bounces off the ropes. This gives Blair the chance to tag in Brunzell who takes over on both men. All hell breaks out as all four men are brawling in the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Nothing stops these four men as they continue brawling, but the Bees get the advantage and The Hart Foundation bail out. 7/10 was shaping up to be a pretty good match, but a cheap ending hurt the match.

2. Killer Bees and Hart Foundation battled to a double DQ 7/10

3. Killer Bees & Paul Orndorff v. Hart Foundation & Barry O

   Really Barry O was the best the Hart’s could do for a tag partner? We join in progress as Bret is working over Brunzell before tagging in Barry, which is mistake as Brunzell makes the tag to Paul. Paul clobbers Barry and a nice double team gets the win for Paul and the Bees. 4/10 what we got was pretty good, but very short.

3. Killer Bees & Paul Orndorff beat Hart Foundation & Barry O 4/10

4. British Bulldogs v. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake for the tag titles

   Greg and Brutus are the current reigning tag team champions, and are accompanied by Luscious Johnny V. This is not the match from Wrestlemania II, but a random house show with Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino on commentary. Bulldogs get the early advantage on the veteran Valentine, who tags in the rookie Brutus Beefcake. Davey Boy continues to maintain the advantage and double team Brutus. Brutus rakes the eyes and tries to get an advantage but Davey Boy catches Brutus with a dropkick as Luscious Johnny V watches on at ringside. A double team from The Dream Team finally gets them the opportunity, but Greg misses the elbow and Kid takes over on both men. Johnny gets involved and shoves Kid off the top drawing the DQ. 6/10 was good for what we saw of it.

4. The British Bulldogs beat The Dream Team via DQ 6/10

   We go to TNT with Mr. Fuji and Don Muraco, as we get to see Fuji General, This is just a classic skit, this is the kind of comedy they just can’t do anymore. They even play the classic soap opera style music during the dramatic scenes.

5. Wendi Richter v. Leilani Kai

   It’s funny seeing Wendi on here after seeing how bad she looked on RAW this week, talk about a fall from grace. We join in progress as Kai snapmares Wendi over and drops a knee. Leilani misses a charge and tumbles hard to the cement floor, Moolah quickly goes to check on her charge. Wendi suplexes Leilani back in the ring and gets a near fall, before locking on a surfboard hold. Wendi’s shoulders are down during the hold but the ref doesn’t count, as we clip to Wendi with an armbar on Kai. Wendi gets caught with her head down and Kai unloads on the champion. Wendi gets a kneelift to the side of Kai’s head and follows with a second one, then a nice flying clothesline gets a near fall. Wendi catches Kai with the big boot, but Kai gets a foot on the ropes to break the pin. Wendi slams Kai in the corner and covers, meanwhile Moolah gets a hold of Cyndi Lauper and chokes her. Wendi tries to make the save and Kai rolls her up from behind for the win and the title. 6.5/10 better then any of the current diva matches, but nothing special.

5. Leilani Kai defeated Wendi Richter 6.5/10

6. Wendi Richter v. The Spider

   This is the legendary screwjob, the real one not the fake Bret/Shawn one. We’re joined in progress as Wendi on the floor catches Spider with a shoulder and a dropkick. Spider catches her in a cross body and almost wins, as the Spider unloads on the champion. Wendi eats the turnbuckle repeatedly then chokes her on the ropes. Wendi gets a shoulder in and shoots Spider in, Wendi hits the flying clothesline and gets two. Spider quickly small packages Wendi and we get a fast count from the ref as Wendi had her shoulder up before one. Spider is handed the title and Wendi has idea as she clobbers Spider and rips the mask off, revealing Moolah. Wendi hits a backbreaker and covers but the match is over. Wendi gets screwed out of her title and her career. 6/10 not a great match but important for historical reason, this is the screwjob.Even Howard Finkle seems confused by it all. Gorilla and Jesse try to cover up by claiming the shoulder was down, but it clearly wasn’t. This was the last we saw of Wendi until the Hall of Fame this year. Basically Wendi thought she was as big as Hogan and demanded more money, so Vince basically decided to screw her out of the belt and get rid of her.

6. The Spider pinned Wendi Richter 6/10

7. Jesse Ventura v. Tito Santana

   Tito is the current IC champion, as Gorilla Monsoon and Billy Red Lyons on commentary for this match. Tito gets Jesse in the corner and clean break, as Jesse complains that Tito had a clenched fist. Jesse does some classic stalling and even taunts Tito. Tito gets a hammerlock on Jesse who quickly makes the ropes. Jesse finally gets a hold of Tito’s arm and starts cranking it, but Tito fights free and sends Jesse to the corner. Tito quickly hits a pair of shoulderblocks into the headlock, Jesse sends him in and Tito comes back with the shoulderblock. Tito goes for it again, but Jesse ducks and catches Tito with a low knee and begins to unload on the champion. Jesse sends Tito to the outside and quickly goes after him, as Jesse is relentless on the champion. The crowd solidly behind Tito as Jesse drives Tito hard into the ring apron back first before breaking the count. Tito struggles to make his way into the ring and catches Jesse with a right hand, but Jesse answers with a thumb to the eye. Jesse hits the backbreaker and almost wins the IC title, Jesse follows up with an atomic drop and another near fall. Ventura locks on a bearhug and squeezes the air out of the champion, who starts to slump but makes the comeback smacking the ears of Jesse. Tito starts the hot comeback with a series of rights to the midsection and Jesse begs off. Tito drives Jesse into the mat and hammers the face as the champion unloads on the challenger. Tito locks on the figure four but Jesse able to make the ropes and break the hold. Jesse bails to the ramp and Tito follows, as both guys battle on the the ramp. Tito goes for the figure four and Jesse kicks him off sending Tito back in the ring as the bell rings. 7/10 not a bad match, as Jesse was always entertaining while Tito was great at getting the crowd behind him.

7. Jesse Ventura and Tito Santana went to a double countout 7/10

8. Afa, Sika, Samula & Big John Studd v. Andre the Giant, Jay Strongbow, Ivan Putski & Rocky Johnson

   This is a huge eight man tag team match, and Samula starts with Rocky who uses his speed to confuse Samula before backdropping him and then a dropkick. Samula falls in the corner and then tags in Afa, who does about as well with Rocky. Afa makes the tag to Big John, so Rocky responds by bringing in the Giant. Studd says forget it and tags in Sika. Andre rams Sika and Studd’s heads together. Andre unloads on Sika, who looks tiny in their with Andre. Jay tagged in and locks on a sleeper on Sika, the other Samoans gets the ref so Studd can break the hold. Andre comes in to make the save and all eight men are in the ring as we have chaos. The Samoans gets tossed into each other as Studd bails out and the bell rings? The Samoans get disqualified thus losing the first fall. We start the second fall with Studd choking Jay from behind and now Samula clobbers Jay in the corner. The Samoans continue to destroy Jay and Sika covers Jay to win the second fall? That was short, as Andre helps Jay to his feet and the third fall is underway. Sika continues to clobber Jay but Jay ducks and Sika runs into the big boot of Andre. Jay covers and scores the pinfall and third fall in under thirty seconds. Ivan tagged in and unloads on all four men, as the crowd is going bananas. Ivan may have sucked in the ring but he sure could fire up a crowd. Sika finally rakes the eyes and tags in Afa, and they double team Ivan. Ivan makes the hot tag to Andre who clobbers all three Samoans but Studd catches him in the corner. Andre fights free and Samula gets shot in the corner, Samula goes for the crossbody but Andre gets the boot in the face. Andre hits the sit down splash and scores the final pinfall making this the quickest eight man tag. 5/10 was way to quick to end each fall, the final two falls were under a minute. Was expecting a great match, but the whole thing felt rushed especially for a eight man, three out of five fall match.

8. Andre the Giant, Jay Strongbow, Ivan Putski & Rocky Johnson defeated Afa, Sika, Samula & Big John Studd 5/10


1. Don Muraco defeated Ricky Steamboat via DQ on November 25, 1985 from New York City 8.5/10

2. Killer Bees and Hart Foundation battled to a double DQ on September 10, 1985 from Brantford, ON7/10

3. Killer Bees & Paul Orndorff beat Hart Foundation & Barry O on October 1, 1985 from Poughkeepsie, NY 4/10

4. The British Bulldogs beat The Dream Team via DQ on September 9, 1985 from Poughkeepsie, NY 6/10

5. Leilani Kai defeated Wendi Richter on February 18, 1985 from New York City 6.5/10

6. The Spider pinned Wendi Richter on November 25, 1985 from New York City 6/10

7. Jesse Ventura and Tito Santana went to a double countout on September 22, 1985 from Toronto, ON 7/10

8. Andre the Giant, Jay Strongbow, Ivan Putski & Rocky Johnson defeated Afa, Sika, Samula & Big John Studd on July 16, 1983 from Philadelphia, PA 5/10

   Quite the mixed bag on this tape as we had a few good matches and a couple bad ones. Still a very fun tape as usual from these Coliseum tapes. Seems weird that we didn’t see any Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper or Bobby Heenan. Coming up next is WWF Grudge Matches.


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