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Extreme Rules 2012 – April 29, 2012

Tonight we have Extreme Rules, aka Rematch-a-mania, as all but one announced match (Cena/Brock) are rematches from Wrestlemania. We have Jericho/Punk, DB/Sheamus, Show/Cody and Orton/Kane announced, all rematches from Wrestlemania. The only odd man out is the Brock versus Cena match, which is basically just Rock/Cena with a tweak. Invader comes in to company, Cena says he’s always here, leads to the match. The only way this match should end is with Brock destroying Cena, completely dismantling him. This should lead to Cena disappearing for quite a while, while Brock destroys everyone placed in front of him. Have Brock tear apart Sheamus at next PPV to win the Smackdown belt, then at Summerslam he beats Punk to unify the titles. They can call it the Ultimate Championship to play on his UFC career. Along the way Brock defeats Orton, Kane, Bryan, leading to a win at Survivor Series where Brock says he’s beaten everyone, and this brings out the Rock. We get Rock/Brock for Royal Rumble, which Brock ultimately win, however John Cena finally returns to win the Rumble and the rematch is set for Wrestlemania. Cena finally defeats Brock at Wrestlemania, and Brock leaves the WWE. Would be the best way to utilize Brock over the next 12 months, and finally unify the two world titles. I’m expecting a pretty good match, and good PPV so let’s hope we get a RAW quality show and not a Smackdown quality show tonight.

  1. The Miz v. Santino Marella for the US title

Miz comes out a talks about being in the main event last year and now he’s on the free show this year. Miz promises to make this the most watched free show ever, and here comes the champion. Miz controls the early part of the match and looked good, but misses the second corner clothesline. This gives Santino the chance to hit the Cobra for the win. 5/10 a good match, but short as expected for the pre-show. A good solid opening match to get the crowd going.

1. Santino Marella defeated The Miz to retain the US title 5/10

We open the show with the recap of Brock/Cena including Brock’s promo. Michael Cole welcomes us to Extreme Rules and we go right to our opening match.

2. Kane v. Randy Orton in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

I bet it won’t take long for them to fight through the crowd, as Cole already starts with the Twitter garbage. How long till Vince discovers Keek and starts using that? I just don’t understand Michael Cole sometimes, he attacks people then calls them a legend, is he supposed to be schizophrenic? We’re a minute in and they’re already using the lead pipe, that’s not a good sign for the match. Didn’t take long for them to wind up in the crowd, as the brawl their way through the fans. No other falls count anywhere match can tough the one between Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit from years ago, that was a classic, besides I’d rather have Dusty Rhodes on commentary over Booker or Lawler. Orton is destroying Kane all around the building so far, but Kane fights back and they start up the stairs now. The fight their way to the stage and Orton dropkicks Kane into the metal structure that makes up the entrance. Orton goes for the RKO but Kane shoves him off and Randy runs into a big boot, getting Kane a near fall. Booker claims this match alone is worth the price of admission, well maybe if you’re Orton. Now they’ve fought their way into the backstage area and we see lots of people just standing around, and Orton tosses Kane though a door. If this was the attitude era that would have been the diva locker room and they would be running around in towels, instead it’s just a room where the non used talent is watching the PPV. If they’re not being used why are they there? Just wondering. Anyways, Kane is attacked by Zack Ryder and Kane grabs him but this allows Orton to hit the backbreaker. Zack has suddenly disappeared as Kane tosses Orton into the conveniently stacked pipes. Now they begin their long journey back to the ring, nice of Randy to agree to go back to the ring with Kane. Orton hits the powerslam and then goes after a steel chair which he drives into the ribs of Kane. Kane gets set up on the table and Orton hits the elevated DDT on the floor, that move just looks so contrived, it exposes the business in a bad way. Kane sends Randy into the steel post and gets another near fall, as Kane throws Randy back in the ring and goes for the flying lariat but Orton crotches him on the top rope. Orton hits a superplex, shades of his dad, but doesn’t get the win after what was his father’s finisher. Orton goes into the stupid dance and goes for the RKO but Kane blocks and chokeslams Orton for a near fall. Kane sets up the chair and goes for the tombstone piledriver on the chair but Orton counters and hits the RKO for the win. 6/10 wasn’t the best brawl but considering who was in the match, was as good as can be done. Their match on RAW was the best of the three match series. Sad that this was falls count anywhere and the match ended in the ring.

2. Randy Orton pinned Kane with the RKO 6/10

Backstage to JL and Eve who promises a surprise for JL, she calls in Teddy Long and mocks him. The RAW roulette wheel is set up behind them, as Long pours champagne for JL and Eve, JL’s phone rings and it’s HHH. Hey look it’s the fountain from the opening of Married with Children, just saying. Well, the PPV is taking a dive in quality now, unless Hornswoggle isn’t with him.

3. Brodus Clay v. Dolph Ziggler

Never mind here comes Horny, they’ve killed Brodus with this little jerk. I like Brodus but can’t stand that they put him with the troll, at least Dolph will save us all. Dolph is in the top five best in the company right now, along with Punk, Jericho, DB and Kingston. Brodus gets distracted and Dolph dropkicks him to the floor, where Jack Swagger shoulderblocks the big man down. Brodus tries to come back but Dolph takes out the knee and unloads on the dinosaur. Brodus fights his way up and Dolph dropkicks him back down, as this is the most trouble we’ve seen Brodus in since his debut. Dolph tries for a suplex and can’t get the big man up, however Brodus gets him up with ease. Swagger gets involved again and Dolph goes for a sleeper, Brodus shoves him off and hits the big headbutt. Brodus follows up with a big splash and scores the win. 6/10 a pretty good match for what it was, as no one can bump like Dolph can and that makes the big man look good. Cole says something stupid again, as he claims this is Brodus’ first PPV win, what about Drew back at the Rumble? If this is Extreme Rules why was there not a stipulation to the match?

3. Brodus Clay pinned Dolph Ziggler with a splash 6/10

We get highlights of the pre-show, as Show and Cody’s stipulation is chosen by a spin of the wheel. Teddy spins and we get a table match, which Big Show laughs about and Cody looks disgusted. Cody blames Teddy who asks what did he do.

4. Cody Rhodes v. Big Show for the IC title in a table match

Before the match we get highlights from Big Show winning the IC title at Wrestlemania, making him one of five men to have held all the active titles in the WWE. The IC, Tag, US, WWE and World Titles, which is pretty impressive actually, Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart mentioned as being in that group? What is Cole smoking anyways, neither Owen or Shawn ever held the US title? Show starts out quick and tosses Cody around the ring sending Cody to the outside. Show sets up the table and goes to toss Cody into it, but Cody fights free so Show tosses Cody over the guardrail. In the ring and Show sets the table in the corner, then sends Cody into it but Cody jumps off it to hit the Disaster Kick. Show comes back with ease and tosses Cody outside to continue hammering him before tossing Cody back in. Cody bails out the other side and Show goes after him. Show tosses Cody back in the ring again but gets dropkicked off the apron, Show steps back on the table, which gives way. Cody win the match and regains the title, and Show looks furious. 2/10 basically a squash until the screwjob ending, although it was an original ending. After the match Cody celebrates regaining his title and Show spears him. Show sets up a table and chokeslams Cody through the table, and the crowd boos Show.Show looks down at the table he stepped on and grabs Cody again, then press-slams Cody over the top rope to the floor through another table.

4. Cody Rhodes beat Big Show to regain the IC title in a table match 2/10

We get a promo for the new Edge DVD, which is pretty awesome and has some great matches on it. Always one of my favorite guys, could always put on a good match, and anyone who can get Lita to have a nipslip gets bonus points from me. Backstage to Matt Striker with Daniel Bryan, who talks about his advantages he has over Sheamus. DB mocks the crowd as they are cheering for him, if he doesn’t the crowd to turn on him Sheamus will get killed out there. Recap of the infamous match from Wrestlemania which started the backlash against Sheamus.

5. Daniel Bryan v. Sheamus for the Smackdown title in a 2 out of 3 fall match

Daniel gets a pretty good pop, as opposed to Sheamus who gets booed loudly when his music starts. I hope to see AJ get involved and help DB regain the title, as we’ve seen her backstage already. Sheamus takes down DB to start and the crowd continues to get on Sheamus, and we get a loud Daniel Bryan chant. Sheamus hits the rolling slam and locks in a submission hold, but DB makes the ropes. He goes back to it and DB rolls him up for the near fall, though the ref counted three, and Sheamus quickly goes back to his power moves on DB. DB able to knock Sheamus off the top rope and begins to dismantle the champion with his scientific skills. DB has slowed the match down to his style with his submission skills, which makes this a very different style of match. DB gets caught with a big clothesline and Sheamus quickly hammers the challenger before hitting a very impressive fall away slam for a near fall. Sheamus able to hit the battering ram, diving shoulderblock, and gets another near fall but Sheamus is already looking exhausted. DB pulls the ropes down as Sheamus charges, sending him to the floor and DB charges for the dive but Sheamus catches him with a forearm. Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross but Bryan rolls through for a neat fall. DB goes for the Yes Lock multiple times, but Sheamus powers out and charges, DB moves and Sheamus smashes into the steel post. DB gets Sheamus back in and unloads with a series of kicks on the champion, who’s in the ropes and the ref calls for the bell, as DB has been disqualified and the crowd is furious. DB quickly applies the Yes Lock on Sheamus, who holds on way too long for my liking, and finally passes out from the pain giving DB the second fall. DB should reapply the hold for the win, as the doctor comes in to check on Sheamus, while DB leads the crowd in a chant of yes. They’re giving Sheamus way too much time between falls, and they need to call an audible and give DB the win as the crowd is going insane for DB. Third fall starts finally and Sheamus hits the kick right away, and the crowd is pissed, rightly so. Sheamus crawls over for the cover and gets a near fall, which cause the crowd to erupt. Both men are struggling to get to their feet and DB up first and kicks Sheamus, who fights back but a kicks to the head knocks Sheamus down getting DB a near fall. DB climbs the ropes, this won’t go well, as Sheamus catches him up there and hammers the challenger. Sheamus goes for a superplex but DB headbutts him down and goes for the splash, but Sheamus moves and DB crashes to the mat. DB charges Sheamus in the corner but Sheamus moves and DB lands badly, this allows Sheamus to make the comeback with all his usual moves. Sheamus hits the pump kick again and wins the match, deflating the crowd. 7/10 a good solid battle, this is the match we should have had at Wrestlemania. DB should have won, but they’re hellbent on Sheamus versus Del Rio for some reason, instead of DB as champion.

5. Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan 2 falls to 1 to retain the Smackdown title 7/10

Promo for WWE joining forces with YouTube, which is great if you’re in the US but in Canada we’re screwed again unless you use a proxy. Over the Limit promo featuring only one name, Randy Orton? Does that mean he’s next to face Brock? We see Santino backstage watching on the monitor, and he calls in Khali to watch with him. We’re seriously getting a squash match on PPV? Are you kidding me?

6. Aaron Relic & Jay Hatton v. Ryback

Why is this on PPV, yet we don’t get a Tag Title Match? If you wanted to get Ryback on PPV why not throw him out there with Tatsu or Riley or someone who’s a name at least. This is Lawler’s first time seeing Ryback I bet, since he doesn’t watch Smackdown.The crowd has no interest in this match, and I can’t blame them. Ryback kills the one kid and forces the other one in the ring to crush him as well. The crowd is chanting Goldberg, which is hilarious, as Ryback finishes the scrubs with ease for another win.The crowd pop was not for the match but the fact that it’s over. Khali and Santino enjoyed the match more then the crowd did.

6. Ryback crushed Aaron Relic & Jay Hatton DUD

Backstage to Matt Striker with CM Punk, and the crowd explodes for him, who says tonight is not just any title match but a street fight. Punk says Jericho has no idea what that means and tomorrow Jericho will wake up with a hangover from being put to sleep. We get a recap of the feud before the introduction of Chris Jericho.

7. Chris Jericho v. CM Punk for the RAW title in a Chicago Street Fight

I guess we’re getting the diva match between this one and the Brock/Cena match. I hate that a grudge match is being billed as the main event over the World Title matches, that irks me. Punk’s music hits and the places erupts, I bet Cena wishes he could get a pop like that. Once again Cole makes a fool of himself by saying the WWE title is over fifty years old, it won’t be fifty till next year, I wish these people could get their facts right or just shut up, learn from the people who were good at their jobs, Gordon Solie, Jim Ross and Jim Cornette. Punk starts out quickly on the challenger and hammers Jericho with a chair and a Kendo stick right away. Jericho bails out and runs away from the champion but gets caught by a running forearm. They show Punk’s sister at ringside, wonder if that really is his sister, as Jericho gets a cheap shot in to take the advantage. Jericho begins to unload on Punk outside the ring but Punk comes back and bounces Jericho’s head off the announce table. Jericho gets an elbow in to knock Punk back, then tosses Punk in the ring where he unties the turnbuckle pad. Outside the ring Jericho pulls apart the padding on the rail then slams Punk’s head into it, right in front of Punk’s sister who slaps Jericho across the face. Jericho goes after her and Punk attacks Jericho then slams him across the hood of the announce table. Punk tears apart the tables and goes to powerbomb Jericho but Jericho counters and backdrops Punk on the floor. Jericho tosses Punk in the ring and locks on the rear chinlock, but Punk back suplexes his way free. Punk goes for a springboard and gets nailed by the Kendo stick as Jericho continues to bad mouth the champion. Jericho goes out of the ring and grabs a beer which he cracks open and pours all over Punk, Jericho grabs another one and takes a drink which allows Punk to kicks Jericho in the stomach. Punk smashes the Kendo stick over the back of Jericho and begins to mount a comeback including the running knee and bulldog combo. Punk continues to attack the challenger and connects with the flying elbow, shades of the Macho Man, but only gets a two count. That gets a Randy Savage chant from the crowd, as Punk goes for the GTS and Jericho counters into a bulldog. Jericho goes for the lionsault but Punk catches him in midair and almost gets the GTS but Jericho again counters and smashes Punk’s head into the post. Punk staggers backwards right into the Codebreaker from Jericho, and Jericho has that smirk on his face as he goes for the Walls of Jericho. Jericho locks it in and Punk reaches for the ropes, but there are no DQ so no break is called. Punk reaches to the floor and is able to get a fire extinguisher, which he sprays at Jericho to break the hold. Punk smashes the extinguisher to the ribs of Jericho who falls to the floor and Punk is relentless. Punk kicks Jericho in the head sending him onto the announce table. Punk quickly climbs the ropes and almost falls off the ropes before he hits the Macho Man elbow through the table and both men are down. So it’s a street fight but needs to end in the ring, really? Punk rolls Jericho in the ring and covers, but Jericho kicks out, so Punk locks on the Anaconda Vice however Jericho reaches the Kendo stick and clobbers Punk with it to break the hold. This has been amazing and the crowd agrees as they chant this is awesome. Jericho advances with the stick but Punk hits him with the chair, however Punk walks into a Codebreaker and Jericho gets a near fall. Jericho pulls Punk to his feet and goes for a GTS of his own but Punk catches the leg and slingshots Jericho into the exposed buckle. Punk quickly hits the GTS for the win. 10/10 that is your match of the year for 2012, as that was an amazing brawl between two of the greatest in the business.This should have been the end of the show, as nothing Brock and Cena can do will top this. Punk celebrates with his hometown crowd, and that’s how you end a PPV, but we still have two matches left.

7. CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho with a GTS to retain the RAW title 10/10

After the “Don’t Try This At Home” video we go back to the arena and Punk is still celebrating. We get clips of Santino versus Miz from the pre-show, were Santino pinned Miz to retain his US title. That sends us backstage to Eve, who runs into Beth Phoenix and the Bella Twins, Beth says she will take her title back tonight. Eve says Beth is not medically cleared and Beth says when she is cleared she will regain her title. The Bellas decide to go home but Eve she will have a match and will defend the title and the opponent is a surprise. Nikki says she doesn’t like surprises, Eve says not to worry it’s not Kharma, well who’s left then? Nikki asks if it’s Mae Young, as they leave laughing.

8. Nikki Bella v. surprise opponent for the Diva Title

Well doesn’t matter who it is, as the Bellas are gone after tomorrow so if she doesn’t lose it tonight she will on RAW. It’s too bad I like the Bella Twins, but not like the divas get any time anyways. Wonder if they’ll do Brie versus Nikki just to irritate the crowd, doesn’t matter as without Kharma this is the bathroom break before the main event as we get highlights of the title change on RAW. Following the Bella Twins introduction, they cut a promo and says the title is where it belongs as they say she will be the longest Diva champ ever. No, this can’t be happening as it’s the return of Layla, this sucks and I hate that damn music. I’m just glad it’s not horseface returning, that would have sucked. Layla gets a welcome back chant, it’s been almost a year since she got hurt. Layla uses her kicks to dazzle the champion, but a little help from Brie gets Nikki the advantage. Nikki quickly goes after the injured knee but Layla fights back with a clothesline. Layla with a springboard crossbody and Brie gets on the apron. Layla dropkicks her off, but this allows Nikki to toss Layla across the ring. Nikki eats a big boot and rolls out, and we get Twin Magic as Brie goes for the finisher. Layla ducks and hits a neckbreaker to win the title. 5/10 was just a basic diva match, but where was Kharma? Maybe they’ll overturn it on RAW and then bring out Kharma. Layla really looks different tonight, but looks good.

8. Layla pinned Nikki Bella to win the Diva Title 5/10

Backstage Matt Striker catches up with JL and asks what HHH called about. JL says it has nothing to do with him and will be discussed tomorrow. The next PPV is in three weeks, way to build up the PPV. We waste some more time by recapping the Cena/Brock feud.

9. John Cena v. Brock Lesnar in an Extreme Rules match

There is way more time remaining then they should have alloted for this match. Brock comes out to a pretty good ovation, as opposed to Cena who gets booed as soon as the music hits. Cena does his stupid salute before going to the ring, and he’s got the chain and lock around his neck, bet that gets used. Cena should have charged out there and attacked Brock right away, instead of doing his usual posing. We have about twenty five minutes left, which is a lot as I expected a quick destruction. Brock is in MMA gear, which looks odd as the bell rings and Cena charges, Brock takes him down and starts to pound Cena. Brock hits a huge clothesline and Cena is split open already, they should end the match to drive the crowd insane. This is already more exciting then a UFC show, as the ref checks on Cena and the doctor comes in which elicits boos from the crowd. Just let them brawl, who cares about some blood, stupid PG garbage. Cena again charges Brock but gets taken down and Brock hammers Cena again. Brock is just destroying Cena in there, which is the way this should be. Cena’s a bloody mess as he tries to get in the ring, and they pause the match to fix Cena again. This is killing the match doing this, just let Brock destroy him. Brock charges and Cena catches him with an elbow and goes for the AA. Brock fights off and hits a pair of German Suplexes on Cena then hammers the head of Cena. Cena tries to fight back and hits the shoulderblock, sending Brock into the ref and the ref tumbles to the floor. Cena goes for it again but Brock shoulderblocks Cena down, they never should have had Cena take Brock off his feet. Brock continues to hammer Cena who tries to grab the chain, but Brock unloads on him in the corner. Brock locks on an armbar and starts to crank the pressure, then drives the shoulder into the buckle. Cena tumbles to the floor and Brock follows as he cranks back on the arm again then tosses him into the barricade, right in front of two little kids in Cena gear. Brock tosses Cena in the ring and grabs the chain of Cena which he wraps around his hands. Brock then tosses the chain aside instead  and drives a knee into the ribs of Cena before grabbing the chain again, which he ties around Cena’s legs. Brock tells Cena to get up, and Cena struggles to his feet only to be clotheslined down. Brock sets Cena on the top rope and knocks him down, but Cena’s legs are tangled in the buckles, so Brock just hammers the face of Cena. Cena is getting destroyed worse then the jobbers who lost to Ryback earlier. Brock checks on the ref, which allows Cena to try to come back but Brock just hurls Cena into the steps. Brock tosses the ref back in the ring with one hand and follows the ref in, Cena crawls his way back in the ring as Brock stands over him. Brock grabs the chain from Cena and tosses it aside again, but Cena quickly goes for the AA. Brock fights free and hits the F5 on Cena, but the ref gets in the way. A new ref comes out and counts, but Cena kicks out, so Brock takes out the other ref. Brock grabs the stairs as we have another ref come out, Brock sends the steps into the ring. Brock sets up the stairs and Cena taunts him, so Brock hammers him and again locks on the submission hold. Cena is screaming in pain but doesn’t want to quit, as the dueling chants are loud. Cena gets Brock up and drives him into the steps, before climbing the ropes. Cena goes for the legdrop but Brock moves and Cena crashes to the mat hard and rolls to the outside. Brock gets back up and can’t figure out where Cena disappeared to, but he finally spots Cena who struggles to get back in the ring. Brock hits a flying move off the steps sending Cena to the floor, but Brock went over the top with him and is holding his knee. It would really mess up the WWE’s plans if Brock got injured in his first match back. Brock laughs off the pain as Cena wraps the chain around his first, Brock gets in the ring to taunt the crowd. Cena again crawls in the ring and Brock charges, but Cena cracks him with the chain and Brock is down. If they job Brock tonight they’ve killed him dead. Brock is split wide open as Cena hits the AA on Brock right on the steps and covers, the ref counts three, are you kidding me? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this crappy company, that was the worst decision they could have made. I’m done, that was the biggest waste of time ever. After the win Cena is back to doing his goofy poses and faces, thus negating all of Brock’s work.

9. John Cena pinned Brock Lesnar to piss away the biggest opportunity the WWE has ever had

That was just stupid booking from the WWE, and that just killed the whole show and Brock’s entire run. What was the point in bringing him in to job him in his first match back. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Someone needs to slap Vince across the face and tell him to quit kissing Cena’s ass, this was the worst thing they’ve done in since messing up the Invasion. I’m going back to the old school tapes, because this was a complete waste of three hours. After over three decades they’ve finally killed what little interest I have in this company, there is no way to save this anymore.


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