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WWE Smackdown – April 27, 2012

No idea why the last post had that weird first line, but if I delete it for some reason it changes the spacing of the whole page. For some reason Blogilo doesn’t seem to want to do the spacing right either anymore, so I’m typing the blog in ScribeFire. Hopefully I’ll figure out a better way sooner or later, but for now this will have to do.Anyways, it’s time for Smackdown this week, only two days before Extreme Rules, also known as Rematch-a-Mania. Seriously, we have one match that’s not a rematch from Wrestlemania so far and that’s Brock/Cena, which is just a rehash of Rock/Cena. The PPV has been built up good, but so many rematches makes me wonder why anyone paid for Wrestlemania when you can see the same matches four weeks later cheaper? Anyways, let’s get to Smackdown and hopefully we get a good episode after a streak of bad ones.

We open the show with a recap of Josh Matthews being attacked by Brock Lesnar on RAW, and tonight we will get a recap of the contract signing. First though, we’re joined by Daniel Bryan who wastes no time starting the Yes chants. DB says he cut the cord and AJ is gone, and the loss at Wrestlemania should go on AJ’s record not his. DB talks about being the guest referee on Monday and he promised himself to call it down the middle and he did. Time for highlights of the match from Monday as DB quick counted Sheamus down and gave the win to Mark Henry. DB edited the video so it shows the count in slow motion so it looks legit, that’s hilarious. We then see Sheamus being locked in the Yes Lock after the match, and DB calls to pause the video. DB says Sheamus lost to Mark Henry, he made Sheamus tap, that Sheamus’ title reign is a joke, and that he will regain the title at Extreme Rules. I doubt it since the WWE seems hell bent on ADR versus Sheamus for the summer. Speaking of ADR, here he comes along with the always entertaining Ricardo Rodriguez. ADR quickly mocks DB and his yes chant, and here comes Big Show. What does he have to do with all this, he’s feuding with Cody Rhodes. Big Show asks if it’s Yes or Si, and gets the dueling chants going. Show goes after DB and DB and ADR bail out, leaving Ricardo alone with Show. Ricardo is sweating grease in the ring as Show asks if it’s yes or Si and Ricardo groans. Show chokeslams Ricardo in the middle of the ring. Well, that was a useless segment.

1. Big Show v. Alberto Del Rio

This is a rematch from last week, when ADR won thanks to Cody Rhodes, as we continue the trend of rematches. They announce that the Cody/Show match Sunday is a spin the wheel match, as Show is destroying ADR in the ring so far. Show goes for the chokeslam and here comes Cody for the save and disqualification. DUD was barely a match.

1. Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ DUD

After the match Cody grabs a Kendo Stick and clobbers Show, but no effect and now Show comes back with the belt and whips Cody who runs to the back. Backstage to JL with assistant Eve, as JL tells her to make any changes she wants and she says she sees crew people and she doesn’t know the names so she wants nametags. Bet Vince feels that way about the backstage people in reality, as Teddy joins them and asks what he is. JL says he will now report to him and Eve tells Teddy to go get a nametag. We now get highlights of Beth Phoenix losing the title to Nikki Bella on Monday, as Beth deserves an Emmy for that acting job with the injury. Backstage we see the Bella Twins walking to the ring for a match. Before the match we get comments from Damien Sandow again, as he talks about the age of enlightenmet and bestowing knowledge on the common man. 

2. Nikki Bella v. Alicia Fox for the Diva Title

This will be her one and only title defense I assume, as rumors abound that the Bellas are leaving at the end of the month. They couldn’t have put the title on Kaitlyn instead? I like the Bellas, but much like Rosa Mendes, not in the ring. They’re just eye candy, they have Beth, Natty, AJ, Kaitlyn and Tamina they could use instead. Hopefully the rumors of Kharma returning soon are true, she’ll add to the Diva division. Nikki controls the early part of the match as Brie keeps screaming for Nikki at ringside. Alicia finally comes back with some pretty good dropkicks and a nice back elbow,and does a nice Matrix move but gets caught with a neckbreaker. The Bella Twins do the twin magic and Alicia gets nailed with the facebuster for the win. 2/10 just a basic quick diva match, nothing bad but how good can a match that was under two minutes be?

2. Nikki Bella pinned Alicia Fox to retain the Diva Title 2/10

Backstage we see Yoshi Tatsu stretching, and he’s interrupted by Titus O’Neil and Darren Young. Great three guys that need to be released when the spring cleaning happens. They want to know who Yoshi’s tag partner is and here comes Ezekiel Jackson. They taunt Zeke, who looks horrible with hair and can’t cut a promo very well either Now to Teddy Long in a maid uniform, because men in drag make Vince happy, and Aksana comes in. They get interrupted by JL and Eve, and JL says there is a tryout match for Aksana’s friend, and if JL likes what he sees he will hire him and Aksana will be the ring announcer. Eve says Teddy Long will have his own ringside commentary table, the Teddy Table, and it will start next. JL says Teddy will have a headset, as will he and a microphone and Teddy will not say anything JL doesn’t want him to say. This is got to be a rib on Foley, as he talked about Vince screaming in his ear all the time while he was doing commentary.

3. Yoshi Tatsu & Ezekiel Jackson v. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young

Why is this match on TV? I like Zeke, but he works better as a bad ass heel, not the good guy. Yoshi had potential but they haven’t used him in so long he’s forgotten, and Titus & Darren just plain suck. The announcers care so little that Cole is taunting Teddy Long who’s at a table by himself. Booker is trying to hype up Titus & DY, but he’s so hard to listen to it doesn’t help. Yoshi is playing face in peril as they hit their finisher on him for the easy win. DUD a boring tag match, and Zeke never even got in the ring. What a waste of time that was.

3. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Ezekiel Jackson DUD

After the commercial we’re treated to Michael Cole in the ring as he is going to interview Randy Orton. Speaking of people who can’t cut a promo, here’s Blandy Boreton, as Cole talks about if any superstar touches and announcer they will be suspended. Orton says he’s award but when pushed he shoots first and asks questions later. Randy needs to watch some classic Piper or Jake Roberts promos so he can learn how to cut promos properly. We get a recap of the Kane and Orton feud, which Orton claimed was more important then DB and Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Cole asks about Randy going into a match with a monster he created, and the fans are chanting for the RKO already, whatever prevents Orton from talking. Orton says whatever happens at Wrestlemania goes down in history and that he lost a wrestling match but Sunday he will go above and beyond since Kane messed with his family. Randy says he will unleash Hell, and then he’s interrupted by Jindar Mahal? Are you serious, Jindar? Jindar says Orton and Kane will take each other out and a new breed will take over. Jindar starts to leave and Orton asks if he’s an announcer, Jindar says no and Orton quickly hits the RKO on Jindar. Well, unless this leads to a push of Jindar beating Orton over the summer, doubtful, this was a waste of time. After the commercials Aksana is in the ring to do the introductions, as they even play her cheesy music the whole time.

4. Tyson Kidd v. Antonio Cesaro

Antonio is formerly of ROH, and is a pretty impressive wrestler in his own right. Why can’t they do more with Tyson, I expect he’ll be in the next wave of cuts as well which is a huge loss. Antonio tossing Kidd around, but Kidd tries to comeback however Cesario catches him in a backdrop and uppercuts Kidd on the way down. Cesario hits the cradle piledriver falling face first for the easy win. DUD basically a squash match. Would have loved to see this match go fifteen to twenty minutes instead of the ninety seconds we got.

4. Antonio Cesaro destroyed Tyson Kidd DUD

After the match Teddy takes off his headset and goes in the ring to raise the hand of Cesaro who plants a big kiss on Aksana. Peanut Head looks devastated, as he leaves the ring almost in tears. We recap the Brock Lesnar/John Cena feud, which is looking good but if Cena wins Brock is doomed. Brock needs to crush Cena in a manner of minutes with Cena getting no offense in to make Brock look dominant.

5. The Great Khali v. Cody Rhodes

Well, the streak of bad matches looks like it will continue as no one can pull a good match out of Khali. First we get highlights of Show’s match with ADR from earlier, as Cody makes his way to the ring. Khali shows off his range of chops before Cody takes out the knees of the giant. Khali uses his power to toss Cody away and goes for the plunge but Cody fights off. Cody goes for the Beautiful Disaster kick and Khali catches him in mid air for the plunge and pin? DUD what was that about? Why did they job Cody to Khali two night before he faces Show for the IC title? This show makes no sense some days.

5. The Great Khali pinned Cody Rhodes DUD

We go backstage to Primo, Epico, Rosa Mendes and Abraham Washington who’s furious with the treatment of the tag champions. I’m always happy to see Rosa on TV, as this the best part of the show. AW says he wants a decision on Monday, as Ryback walks into the scene and AW chases after him. Now we see the Usos watching the big screen as we get another squash coming up.

6. Jacob Kaye v. Ryback

Jacob starts out quick on Ryback and knocks the big man down with some amazing high flying. A missile dropkick gets a near fall and Ryback is dazed, Jacob hits the spin kick to the face and follows with a shooting star press for the upset. Wait, no that’s not it, Ryback comes out and destroys the kid. DUD another squash match, as this show has degenerated into WWF Superstars in the eighties with just a series of squash matches.

6. Ryback killed Jacob Kaye DUD

More highlights continue to drag this show down, as we get a recap of Bryan kicking the stunning AJ to the curb and AJ attacking Natalya. Matt Striker asks AJ about her thoughts on DB’s match Sunday, and AJ walks away. Matt keeps following and Kaitlyn comes in to help AJ away from Striker. Kaitlyn tells AJ this is a good thing and DB was bad for her, she slaps Kaitlyn then looks horrified by what she did.

7. Sheamus v. Mark Henry for the Smackdown Title

Finally it’s time for the main event, but first we replay the highlights from RAW again of Henry pinning Sheamus. Mark Henry controls early and hammers the champion down, as the announcers talk about the match on Sunday instead. Henry comes back with ease tossing the champion out of the ring with one hand, but Sheamus comes back with the flying shoulderblock. After the commercials Henry is back in control but misses the big splash. Henry rolls to the apron and Sheamus catches him, Sheamus’ moveset is getting as contrived as Orton’s as everyone winds up in the right spot for the signature moves. Henry again fights back and begins to massage the shoulders of Sheamus, seriously, that’s all that ‘nerve hold’ looks like. Henry gets a near fall and argues with the ref which allows Sheamus to comeback, briefly as Henry headbutts Sheamus back down. Sheamus fights back up and hits a series of strikes to knock down the big man, and follows up with a DDT. Sheamus goes for the kick and Henry avoids it and connects with a clothesline of his own for a near fall. Henry misses the corner charge and Sheamus hits the pump kick for the win. 5/10 nothing to complain about, solid power match but about as good as can be expected.

7. Sheamus pinned Mark Henry 5/10

After the match DB comes out on the stage to applaud Sheamus on his win. Sheamus invites him in the ring and DB stays at the top of the ramp. Sheamus mentions the win at Wrestlemania, and the crowd chants eighteen seconds, as Sheamus says DB got off easy at Wrestlemania but won’t at Extreme Rules. Sheamus asks if he will beat DB on Sunday and gets the crowd to chant Yes as the show ends.


1. Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ DUD

2. Nikki Bella pinned Alicia Fox to retain the Diva Title 2/10

3. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young defeated Yoshi Tatsu & Ezekiel Jackson DUD

4. Antonio Cesaro destroyed Tyson Kidd DUD

5. The Great Khali pinned Cody Rhodes DUD

6. Ryback killed Jacob Kaye DUD

7. Sheamus pinned Mark Henry 5/10

Wow, what a horrible show that was. That was worse then last week, as the main event was the only good thing and even that was barely watchable. I’m expecting a good show on Sunday, but with the string of crap from Smackdown who know. Be back Monday with the Extreme Rules recap.


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