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Monday Night RAW – April 23, 2012

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With only six days until Extreme Rules, tonight on RAW we have the contract signing between John Cena and Brock Lesnar for their huge main event. Last week on RAW Cena dropped a match to Lord Tensai, surprisingly, which hopefully means a big push for the man formerly known as A-Train. Also last week we had a great promo video of Lesnar, since he didn’t make the trip over to the UK. One thing we have not seen on RAW since Wrestlemania are the divas, which seems really odd. No Kelly Kelly, no Beth Phoenix, only seen Eve in the backstage briefly. Not that I’m complaining, since no one really wants to see KK in a match. The biggest downfall for tonight’s RAW is that it is a three hour show, with no theme, thus no draft, and everyone just came back from an exhausting UK tour. I have a feeling some of them will be dragging pretty bad, and a three hour is usually unbearable as it is. Hopefully Dolph Ziggler can save us all, let’s head to Detroit, home of Wrestlemania III, for this week’s RAW, which will not be as cool as Wrestlemania III.


We open the show with the introduction of former Smackdown GM, Teddy Long, and we’re starting with the contract signing? Teddy messes up the introduction of Cena, by mixing up the titles, not like they mean anything so who cares. Cena comes out in his goofy green, and does the usual schtick on his way to the ring. Brock gets the big introduction including his UFC credentials, which is pretty cool, but instead of Brock we get JL who says Brock is not here yet. JL says he did not send him out here, and the contract signing will be on Brock’s terms when he arrives and to tell Cena to leave his ring now. JL continues to talk and gets interrupted by EDGE, holy crap, didn’t see that coming. Edge makes his way to the ring as the crowd explodes for the Rated R Superstar. Edge says he wasn’t supposed to be here and in a couple days he won’t be under contract anymore, but he came to talk to John Cena but not the John Cena in the ring. Edge looks so strange with short hair, as he wants to talk to the John Cena who was his greatest rival ever and he wants Cena to find that John Cena. Edge asks Cena if he thinks Brock cares about the fans, and says Brock doesn’t and Cena needs to wake up. Cena just stands there and Edge gets right in his face and says he’s not asking Cena to win, he’s telling him to and leaves the ring. Well, always good to see Edge but I have a bad feeling Cena will win at Extreme Rules and if he does that’s going to call Brock’s push dead.


  1. Chris Jericho v. Kofi Kingston


This should be a pretty good match, but Kofi doesn’t stand a chance since Jericho is getting the title match in six days. Kofi uses his speed to send Jericho to the outside and goes for the dive but Jericho moves and Kofi stops himself in mid move. Jericho gets back in the ring and gets a thumb in the eye to get the advantage and quickly works over Kofi. Cole and Lawler talk about Jericho taunting CM Punk’s family and the allegations made by Jericho. Kofi moves as Jericho charges and he tumbles over the ropes, allowing Kofi to hit his flip dive to the floor as we go to commercial. We come back to Jericho with the headlock on Kofi, who fights free but gets caught in an enziguiri which gets Jericho a near fall. Kofi keeps trying to fight back and even hits the SOS for a near fall, but Jericho refuses to stay down as Kofi hits a cross body across the small of the back and a Boom Drop. Kofi takes to long as he readies for Trouble in Paradise but Jericho blocks and goes for the Walls of Jericho however Kofi fights free. Kofi goes for a springboard move and Jericho catches him in the Codebreaker and quickly locks on the Walls for the victory. 7.5/10 a good fast paced match, as expected with these two.


  1. Chris Jericho defeated Kofi Kingston via submission 7.5/10


Following the match Jericho has the microphone and says that’s the proof that on Sunday he will be the Champion as he again mocks Punk’s family. Jericho is the Roddy Piper of this generation with the way he generates heat. Jericho says he has a gift for Punk that he will present to him tonight, to help Punk deal with the embarrassment of losing the title. We don’t see the gift yet, but with three hours to kill we have plenty of time, as we get a recap of Brock’s debut from April 21, 2002 as he faced Jeff Hardy. Brock just destroyed Hardy in his debut with multiple powerbombs and won when the ref stopped the match. Lawler mentions being inducted into the Hall Of Fame by William Shatner in this city a few years ago, as we get the Brock video from last week. This was probably one of the best promo videos the WWE has done in years and really shows what a machine Brock is. Backstage to CM Punk who shows the gift from Jericho, a liquor basket, which he says he’s never received before and he has a gift he will hand deliver to Jericho in Chicago. Punk hands the basket to Josh Matthews and tells him to have a good time with it.


  1. R-Truth v. Lord Tensai


R-Truth actually holds the ropes open for Little Jimmy, that’s hilarious, it’s the little things that can make a character work. We get comments from Tensai before the match, all in Japanese, although he may have said tomato somewhere in there! Tensai wastes no time going after Truth and hammers him, but Truth uses his speed to avoid Tensai’s attack. That doesn’t last long as Tensai catches Truth in the corner with a series of headbutts and the double arm hook powerbomb. Tensai drops the senton bomb on Truth followed by the Baldo Bomb and Truth struggles to his feet. This allows Tensai time to spray the mist in the hand before locking on the Iron Claw for the victory. 3/10 almost a squash but Truth got a little offence in to save it.


  1. Lord Tensai pinned R-Truth with the Claw 3/10


Kane joins us for his promo time, as he talks about his match with Randy Orton, which is a falls count anywhere match. Kane says he has found Randy’s weakness, when he hit Bob Orton with the lead pipe it hurt Randy more and that Randy is just a scared little boy. Randy finally joins us on the big screen and says once you mess with his family there is no turning back and what he did to his dad he had to return the favour. Nice to see WWF has dug up Paul Bearer again as Randy has him tied to a wheelchair and shoves him in a freezer. Maybe at the June PPV we’ll get a tag match of Randy and Bob Orton versus Kane and Paul Bearer. Kane laughs and says a true monster has no heart for a father and his real father is the devil and he has no intention of saving Paul. As Kane starts to leave the ring Randy charges down the aisle and attacks Kane, and we have a brawl around ringside. Randy rams Kane’s head into the post and finds a lead pipe under the ring which he clobbers Kane with repeatedly. Kane finally makes his escape and runs through the crowd as Randy stands tall in the ring, as I expect him to do at the PPV. We now waste some time recapping Edge’s promo with Cena from the first hour, good thing they do that for those who forgot this is a three hour RAW and just tuned in.


  1. Alberto Del Rio & Cody Rhodes v. The Great Khali & The Big Show


Khali comes out limping, more then usual, after the attack from Cody on Smackdown. Cole talks about the Giants knocking off the tag team champions last week, which did nothing for the tag titles. Khali and Cody start and Khali uses all his offensive moves, chopping Cody who runs to the outside. ADR tagged in and Khali chops him down, way to show the moveset Khali. More chops and ADR to the outside as we go to break, we come back and both men are down and need a tag. Show gets the hot tag and unloads on ADR but Cody pulls the ropes down and Show tumbles to the floor. Cody and Ricardo get some cheap shots in on Show on the floor, and Show is holding his knee. Show makes it in the ring at the nine, and ADR quickly continues to work the knee before tagging in Cody. Cody and ADR relentlessly work over the legs of Show but Show fights free and goes for the chokeslam on Cody, but Cody counters and chops the knee before locking in a figure four. Show screaming in pain but refuses to give up and instead punches Cody in the face to break the hold. Cody goes for the tag but ADR and Ricardo leave the ringside area, as Show makes the comeback. Khali reaches in and hits the chop on Cody, Show follows that up with the chokeslam for the win. 5/10 was as good as can be considering Cody had to carry the three others. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them put the tag belts on the Giants.


  1. Great Khali and Big Show beat Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio 5/10


Cole and Lawler announce that we will have a preshow match on Sunday, live on Youtube, as Santino Marella will defend the US Title against the Miz. That’s what you call a fall from grace, last year Miz was the defending RAW champion, this year he’s going for the US title. It’s sad when a title match is a dark match, just shows there are way to many titles. All they need is the World, IC, Tag and Diva titles, all the rest need to be retired. They could even make a TV title for Superstars if they want to, but otherwise they don’t need all these titles. Anyways, backstage to Jericho with JL, Teddy Long and Eve, as Jericho says he has proof of Punk drinking and he should be stripped of the title. Why, Austin drank as champion, as Eve says in the rules it says a champion is prohibited from drinking alcohol twelve hours before an event. I’d love to see this imaginary rule book, must be something with all the corrections and changes over the years. JL says he needs proof of the violation, and Jericho says to get the police to force Punk to take a field sobriety test and when he fails JL can strip Punk of the title and hand it to him. JL asks what is wrong with Teddy, and Eve says Teddy would not obey the rules and that is not JL’s way. Long asks if he is going to strip Punk of the title, and JL says he won’t Long will and sends Long on his way. Brock finally arrives at the arena and Josh asks him where he was, and Brock refuses to answer. Josh asks what will happen should he loose and Brock snaps and grabs Josh by the throat, but then playfully slaps his face gently before grabbing his bag and leaving. Josh makes a big mistake by saying he was just doing his job, and Brock loses it by tossing Josh into the interview set. After the commercial Cole asks what will happen to Brock since Sheamus was fined for kicking the referee a few weeks ago. We see Josh being stretchered out of the arena, and I spotted Dean Malenko back there with the officials.


  1. Nikki Bella v. Beth Phoenix for the Diva Title


Wonder how true the rumours of the Bella Twins leaving at the end of the month? It’s nice to finally see Beth back on TV, been too damn long. We see footage of Nikki pinning Beth three weeks ago in a non title match, as Cole mentions Beth is about to break the record for longest Diva title reign, which is currently held by Maryse. I miss Maryse, just saying. Before the match begins we’re joined by Eve, who announces that she’s the Executive Administrator for JL and because of the Bella Twins like to cheat this match is now a Lumberjill match. Well, at least this gets the other Divas on TV, but they better not change the title when Beth is so close to breaking the record. Here come the girls, we have Kelly, Natalya, Rosa Mendes (my favourite), Kaitlyn, Tamina, Aksana, Alicia Fox and Maxine. Always happy to see Rosa on TV, what a hot woman, as long as she doesn’t wrestle. The match finally begins and Nikki uses her speed to dazzle the champion, but Beth overpowers Nikki and clobbers her. Nikki gets press-slammed of the top rope and then choked on the ropes in front of Alicia and Tamina. Beth continues to destroy the over matched Bella, as Brie screams for her sister to do something. Beth goes for the Glam Slam and Nikki fights free clotheslining Beth on the top rope. Beth sends Nikki to the outside and goes after, and her leg goes out from under her. If that’s legit that really sucks, but her facial expression really makes it look like it’s legit. Beth struggles to her feet and Brie gets in her face, so Beth shoves her back and the divas start to brawl. Nikki tossed in the ring and Brie tries to send Beth in and her leg goes out again, she finally gets Beth in the ring and the ref wants to stop the match. Nikki makes a quick rollup and wins the title, damn it, this sucks. 6/10 was actually a great match for the divas, but it sucks that Beth lost. The trainer comes out to check on Beth, and she’s in tears. I guess the Bella Twins are not leaving after all, but I’m disappointed for Beth.


  1. Nikki Bella pinned Beth Phoenix for the Diva Title 6/10


Backstage to Teddy Long with CM Punk, who says he doesn’t care what JL says and he won’t do the sobriety test. Long says it will happen next and Punk says what will happen next is his flipping out and he destroys the backstage area. After the break Teddy and the cops are in the ring, and Jericho comes out to make sure it’s done right and so Teddy can give him the title personally. CM Punk comes out to the ring and says this whole thing is ridiculous, and slips up saying WWF! Long says it has to be done, and the cops tell him to recite the alphabet backwards. Punk struggles to do it, and says no one could do it drunk or sober and calls it stupid. The cop says if he can’t do that he has to walk the straight line, which Punk claims he didn’t see as the line is never there. Punk says he’s watched Cops he knows how to do it, and does a Karate Kid pose and says he can’t concentrate with Jericho screaming at him. Punk falls off the line and says he’ll tell them when he’s done, and tries again and fails again. Jericho says do we need more evidence, Punk is drunk and needs to be stripped of the title now. Long asks the opinion of the cop, and the cops says Punk is drunk and the cops gets booed by the crowd. Long tells Punk to hand over the title as Jericho eggs him on more, and Punk looks at the title before handing the title to Long who almost drops it. Jericho demands the title and tells Long to let him have it, Punk says he wants one more chance and asks Long what the first was he had to do. Long says to recite the alphabet backwards, and Punk does it with the crowd chanting along with him and walks the line at the same time. Punk then does the world’s worst moonwalk followed by the Ric Flair strut before kicking Jericho in the face. Punk hammers Jericho who tries to escape but Punk is relentless. That was actually a pretty good little segment, better then I expected it would be. We see JL and Eve watching backstage, and JL is fuming. Cole and Lawler continue to talk about Brock Lesnar, as we see highlights of his match with Hulk Hogan back on August 8, 2002. I love how they’re using all the TNA guys for these promos, as Taz is even on commentary.


  1. Sheamus v. Mark Henry in a non-title match


As Mark is being introduced Lawler mentions that there is no referee for some reason, and we find out why as we have a guest referee, Daniel Bryan. The yes chants start right away as Henry works over the champion, but Sheamus makes a comeback and Bryan gets involved. Bryan screams at Sheamus to hit him, and Sheamus turns away right into a clothesline from Henry. DB makes the fast count and Henry wins the match. 5/10 more story based then a match, but still entertaining to watch.


  1. Mark Henry pinned Sheamus via fast count 5/10


After the match DB takes off the ref shirt and tosses it at Sheamus, which gives Sheamus the chance to attack DB. Sheamus hits the kick on Henry but this allows DB to take out the legs and lock on the Yes Lock on Sheamus. Great a match sponsored by Doritos, and it features Hornswoggle, not a good sign. Backstage to Sheamus, who’s stopped by Matt Striker, who asks his thoughts on DB. Sheamus calls DB a snake who hid behind a ref shirt and DB needs to pray.


  1. Primo and Epico v. Zack Ryder & Santino Marella


I’m so happy, we get to see Rosa Mendes on TV again tonight, I approve of this. Ryder starts out with Epico and basically destroys him before Primo pulls him out. Primo sends Zack into the post and now the champs in control. Santino has yet to get in the ring, as Zack plays the Ricky Morton role in the match. Primo misses a flip move and Zack makes the hot tag to Santino who unloads on Primo with his unique offence and goes for the Cobra but Epico charges in and gets backdropped out of the ring. Santino hits the Cobra on Primo for the win, and Rosa is furious. 5/10 not a bad tag match, but they need to stop jobbing the champions. What is WWE’s obsession with having the champions lose all the time?


  1. Zack Ryder & Santino Marella defeated Primo & Epico 5/10


We get the replay of Brock Lesnar attacking Josh Matthews and then footage of Kane limping backstage as he passes the freezer Paul Bearer was shoved in. Kane walks over to it and pushes a frozen Paul out and rips the tape off his mouth. Paul thanks Kane for saving him and Kane then shoves him back in as Paul screams for help, Kane locks the door behind him. Over to Rosa, Primo and Epico arguing over the match, and they’re joined by AW who asks why are they being treated like jokes.


  1. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger v. Brodus Clay & Hornswoggle


Why are they pairing Brodus, who was getting over with this little troll? If Dolph gets pinned by Hornswoggle I’m giving up on this show, which was actually pretty good till this crap. Great now Hornswoggle has the same outfit as Brodus, not cool. The dancing is interrupted by Vickie who screams the entrances of Dolph and Jack, who deserve better then this. Brodus starts the match with Dolph, and Dolph wants the dwarf instead so he gets him. Ziggler destroys the little troll, but he comes back with a head scissor sending Dolph to the floor and Clay tagged in. Clay tears apart Swagger with ease and headbutts Dolph. Vickie gets in the ring and slaps Brodus drawing a DQ and in come Naomi and Cameron who block Vickie from leaving. Vickie grabs Brodus Clay’s hat and puts it on his head, and she wants to dance. Hornswoggle repsonds by biting Vickie on the ass, and we get more dancing. DUD was just a waste of time, and I agree with Cole, can’t believe we sat through that.


  1. Brodus & Hornswoggle beat Dolph & Jack Swagger by DQ DUD


More promo time, as we get Brock versus Kurt Angle from Wrestlemania, March 30, 2003. Of course they only show the parts where Brock dominated the TNA Star and they don’t show the botched Shooting Star Press. As we have the contract signing main event next. They announce the main event for Smackdown, Sheamus faces Mark Henry and an interview with Randy Orton. Nothing less exciting then a Randy Orton interview, as we get another Brock promo.


JL makes his way to the ring for the official contract signing of the Extreme Rules main event. How sad is it that the main event is not either of the two World Title Matches, just like Wrestlemania, who says the titles mean anything anymore? JL says this is the first PPV of the People Power era, and introduces Brock as the new face of RAW. If Cena comes out with the goofy grin I hope Brock destroys him again. Cena gets the most basic of introductions, and doesn’t come out, which makes this his best entrance ever. I bet he comes out of the crowd to attack Brock, as JL and Brock wait for Cena who never comes out. Brock grabs the microphone and says he was flown to Detroit and Cena was to scared to show up, I’d love to see Brock F5 JL through the table. Brock says they have business to discuss since John doesn’t have the balls to show up and tells JL to sit down and says he wants changes and is not happy with the way things are. JL looks confused as Brock presents him with a contract with the changes he wants right now, before he signs for the match Sunday. Brock goes over his changes and change one is that anything that goes on will have to go through him, and he wants Vince’s private jet to and from the arena. So he basically wants a Triple H contract as Brock says he beat someone up already and he doesn’t like stupid people. I thought he didn’t like gay people, as he says he will show up when and how he wants on RAW and won’t be JL’s puppet. Brock says he won’t be fined but will be paid more money and until the demands are made the match on Sunday will not be taking place. Brock says if he is the face of Monday Night, it will no longer be Monday Night RAW, it will be Monday Night RAW starring Brock Lesnar. I wonder how many of these demands he actually had in the real contract, as he says if JL makes him happy he’ll sign the contract for Sunday. JL has no choice and shakes Brock’s hand, and says he agrees to Brock’s terms. Brock then signs the contract for his first match in eight years, as Cena’s music kicks in and here comes the Green Goblin. Cena has the serious face tonight and the classic chain around the neck, bet he nails Brock with it. Brock lays back in his chair as Cena comes in the ring and wraps the chain around his fist, Brock responds by kissing his fists, Cena stalls and Brock tells him to sign the contract and tells says he can fell the vibration coming from him, which he likes as he senses that John is scared of him. Brock knocks the table over and they circle, as Brock leaves the ring, good thing he didn’t injure himself leaving the ring. The show ends and Cena still hasn’t signed the contract, is there still a match, what’s going to happen?




  1. Chris Jericho defeated Kofi Kingston via submission 7.5/10

  2. Lord Tensai pinned R-Truth with the Claw 3/10

  3. Great Khali and Big Show beat Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio 5/10

  4. Nikki Bella pinned Beth Phoenix for the Diva Title 6/10

  5. Mark Henry pinned Sheamus via fast count 5/10

  6. Zack Ryder & Santino Marella defeated Primo & Epico 5/10

  7. Brodus & Hornswoggle beat Dolph & Jack Swagger by DQ DUD


Well, other then the final match this was actually a pretty good episode of RAW this week. We had some good matches, and some good promos to build the PPV. I’m surprised as they put on a watchable three hour RAW, which doesn’t happen to often. Now if only they could make Smackdown better, but that’s too much to ask.


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