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WWE Smackdown – April 20, 2012

With Extreme Rules only 9 days away, tonight we have Smackdown. Last week’s Smackdown which showed so much promise, instead wound up one of the worst shows ever, meanwhile RAW this week was impressive. So, will Smackdown be a flop or a success, let’s find out.

Smackdown comes from London, England as did RAW and our main event is a six man tag. Sheamus, Orton and Khali v. Henry, Bryan and Rhodes, should be interesting. We’re joined right away by Daniel Bryan, with the most over catchphrase in a long time with “Yes”, who would’ve thought it? Daniel talks about the screwjob that was Wrestlemania and says Sheamus took the coward’s way out and took advantage of him while he was distracted. DB says at Extreme Rules he will not be distracted and we’re returning to the city where he won the Money in the Bank briefcase. The crowd is solidly behind DB as he says he will outwrestle Sheamus and gets the crowd to chant yes with him again! Suddenly out comes AJ to the ring, and DB tells her to go away but instead she says no and gets in the ring. AJ again begs DB to talk about their problems and he says his only problem was her and he got rid of her. AJ wishes her good luck and he says he wishes he had never met her and she starts to cry. DB tells AJ he wishes she were never even born and laughs in her face and says he would never take her back, DB then leaves the ring. I’m just waiting for her to snap and nail him in the yambag. After the commercials we come back and AJ is still in the ring, as Natalya makes her way to the ring.
1. Natalya v. AJ

Two of the only divas in the WWE I care about, as AJ still looking up the ramp as Natty checks on her. AJ suddenly smacks Natty across the face and hammers her in the corner. Natty tries to cover up as AJ has snapped in the ring and the bell rings. NO RATING wasn’t even a match as the ref holds AJ back and she crumples to the mat crying.
1. AJ and Natalya went to a sports entertainment finish NO RATING

We get another promo from Damien Sandow, he really looks like Mike Knox with that big beard. He mocks reality TV and says he will bring in an era of enlightenment. 
2. Hunico v. Brodus Clay

Wow, this looks like it’s going to be a good match. As Gorilla Monsoon would say, a main event anywhere in the world! Brodus cuts the music and says his little brother was supposed to be there and sends the girls to get him. If this is Hornswoggle I’m gonna be pissed. Damn, it is, this show sucks now. Can we just cancel the whole damn show now. This will be death of Clay, but I bet Vince is wetting his Depends right now, I hate that little troll. He ruined the career of Chavo Guerrero and has beaten Tyson Kidd, it’s pathetic. The match starts and Hornswoggle comes in and dances some more, Hunico shoves him down. Hunico is now my favorite wrestler, as Clay dismantles him. We need JBL to come back and destroy Hornswoggle again. Brodus wins with a big splash, can we move on to something good now. DUD a waste of time. Hornswoggle steals Clay’s heat by hitting a splash on Hunico. Does Hornswoggle have an issue with Mexicans or what?
2. Brodus Clay squashed Hunico DUD

The show started out good with the DB and AJ stuff, but this just killed it. The dancing lasts longer then the match, as we go to commercial. We come back to Teddy Long looking for Aksana, and he’s cut off by Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. These two still have a job, I’m surprised? JL shows up and says he signed both men, great DY has an afro pick now. I’d rather be watching golf at this point, this is pathetric. JL puts a black furry hat on Long and sends him on his way. Michael Cole is having a good time, as he calls this the greatest Smackdown of all time, but not like he has any credibility left. Great, now an interview with Randy Orton, way to sell the beating from Kane for a whole week. 
3. The Usos v. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

This show is descending to WWF Metal levels of crap. Cole claims DY and Titus will be major players, they’ll probably be released in the next round of cuts. They showcase the new team by having the Uso’s destroy DY right from the start before one misses a charge, This is horribly boring, as DY and Titus have horrible offense. Titus hoists an Uso in a bearhug so DY can hit a top rope clothesline for the win. DUD way too long for the lack of talent involved.
3. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young beat Usos DUD

4. Big Show v. Alberto del Rio 

Why did they put the title on Show? Cody was so much more entertaining, unless they push Cody to the main event. Show overpowers ADR to start the match, as usual with Show. Show is squashing Del Rio, as he’s had no offense so far. Show misses a clothesline and ADR clips the knees. ADR starts to work over the arm and shoulders, the man is so one dimensional in the ring. I never understood all the hype surrounding him, as he has yet to improve since his debut. Ricardo is more over then he is. Show fights off ADR and goes for the chokeslam but ADR slides free and clips the knee again. ADR goes for the cross arm breaker but Show overpowers ADR and tosses him away. Show comes back with a series of clotheslines, guess he forget that ADR has been working over the arms. Show hits the spear and follows with the chokeslam, but Cody slides in and hits the kick as Ricardo has the ref distracted. This gives ADR the win, and ADR continues the attack. 3/10 a boring match, as ADR spent all that time working the arm and then Show comes back with clotheslines?
4. Alberto Del Rio pinned Big Show with help from Cody Rhodes 3/10

Backstage to Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre, as they mock a scrub in the ring. Why does Slater look like a red headed Kid Rock? 
5. Danny Lerman v. Ryback

Great, another squash match, can this show suck anymore? I miss when Smackdown actually had good matches, this has been abysmal so far. Booker says not to count the kid out, and Cole laughs at him. For once Cole is right as Ryback destroys the little jobber with ease. DUD a squash match, what more can be said. Drew and Heath had fun at least, I don’t think anyone esle did.
5. Ryback crushed Danny Lerman DUD

Backstage to Teddy Long as a royal guard, and William Regal walks in to a huge ovation. Regal asks if his head goes to the top of the hat, and then leaves. Cue to porn music as here comes Aksana with someone named Antonio, I can’t understand a damn word she says. JL then comes out and mocks Teddy. This show is sucking the life out of me, seriously. It’s sad how good RAW was and how bad this show is.
6. Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry v. Sheamus, Great Khali & Randy Orton

Khali seems to struggle just to get to the ring, as Cody suddenly attacks Khali from behind and clips the knee. Khali crumples to the mat, and that eliminates Khali from the match. Guess it’s a handicap match, which is what it would’ve been anyways since Khali is pretty useless in the ring. Instead here comes the Big Show who wants to join team Sheamus, and they let it happen. Whatever, so we get two Show matches on one show but no Tyson Kidd, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Justin Gabriel,  Primo, Epico, Drew McIntyre, etc. Main event time and we have less then fifteen minutes left, end it now. Sheamus overpowers Cody Rhodes including the rolling slam like Finlay used to do. Cody comes back with the Goldust punch, but Sheamus no sells and clobbers Cody down. Until DB got involved it’s been a squash match as Sheamus is crushing Cody, but DB distracts him and Cody sends Sheamus to the floor. DB hits a dropkick on the floor and tosses Sheamus back in. Cole is now a DB supporter, as Henry tagged in and stands on the chest of Sheamus. It’s been a good match so far, since Orton and Show haven’t been in there. Of course after fifty minutes of crap anything would look better. Damn, Orton gets the lukewarm tag and tears apart Cody Rhodes, why has Rhodes been the whipping boy in this match? Randy hits the DDT and does his goofy faces as he goes for RKO, but Henry stops that. Now Randy gets to play face in peril, but not for long as he tags in Show who goes to work on Henry. Cody gets another cheap shot in on Show and Henry clotheslines him down. The heels work over Big Show now and Cody locks on the figure four while tagging in Henry who splashes Show down. DB comes in and DDT’s Show and covers, but Show kicks out with power sending DB to the floor. This gives Show a chance to tag in Sheamus who clobbers DB. Big Show catches Cody on the floor with the WMD as Sheamus misses the kick and Henry tagged in. Sheamus hits the kick on Henry, tags ins Orton as Show hits the WMD on Henry from the floor. Orton hits the RKO for the win. 7/10 not a bad match, better without Khali and pretty fast paced. 
6. Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show beat Daniel Bryan,  Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry 7/10
1. AJ and Natalya went to a sports entertainment finish NO RATING

2. Brodus Clay squashed Hunico DUD

3. Titus O’Neil & Darren Young beat Usos DUD

4. Alberto Del Rio pinned Big Show with help from Cody Rhodes 3/10

5. Ryback crushed Danny Lerman DUD

6. Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show beat Daniel Bryan,  Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry 7/10

It’s too bad for the fans in London, as they had a great Monday Night RAW and then it was followed by this.  This show was a shit sandwich, with a good opening and a good ending, and a whole lot of shit in the middle. This was another horrible episode of Smackdown, if it wasn’t for DB this show would be unwatchable. I’m going back to my Coliseum Videos, at least they don’t suck.

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