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WWE Smackdown – April 10, 2012

We have a special edition of Smackdown this week, since the WWE Wrestlers are headed overseas. There is a number of legends scheduled to make appearances tonight, so that should make for a fun show. Hopefully better then the trainwreck that was Raw this week. So without further ado, let’s head to the arena for a live Smackdown.

We open with the same promo from RAW showing all the legends scheduled to be on the show, best of all is Roddy Piper. Wish they had Michael Hayes on here too, and put Gene on commentary. First thing we get on the live show is a recap of AJ being kicked to the curb by DB, and tonight DB is on the Piper’s Pit, that is awesome! Piper’s Pit should be a permanent thing on Smackdown, as Lillian introduced the great Mene Gene, did he ever have hair??? Gene introduces the new World Champion, Sheamus. Sheamus towers over Gene before taking the microphone, and Gene disappears, what the hell was the point behind that? Sheamus apologizes for kicking the ref last week, as the crowd already chanting Daniel Bryan’s name. Sheamus is quickly interrupted by Clown Shoes, aka JL, who replays the ending of last week’s main event. I bet they’re going to build to Sheamus versus JL, like they did with Austin and McMahon, as JL demands Sheamus aplogize. Sheamus says he did, and JL says he didn’t hear it and to do it again, so Sheamus does. JL forces Sheamus to apologize to all the referees and then to the World, as Sheamus has a grin but still does it. Jl then tells Sheamus he’s on indefinate probation and if he does it again he will be fined half a million, then wishes him luck in his match tonight. Sheamus will face ADR and DB with Mene Gene as his partner, really, what is this 1985? We go backstage to Randy Orton with his dear old dad, Cowboy Bob Orton.
1. Randy Orton v. Mark Henry

Before the match we get a replay of last week’s Randy Orton and Kane match, which was better then their Wrestlemania match. Cole wastes no time talking about Twitter as Henry overpowers Randy Orton and almost scores a quick win. We see Cowboy Bob backstage watching the match, as we go to commercial not even five minutes into the match. If Henry loses he loses his momentum going into the title match on Monday, but I can’t see Orton losing again, so I expect a screwjob ending of some sort. Henry runs into the boots of Orton and this gives Orton the opportunity to come back with clotheslines and a DDT. Randy sets Henry up for the DDT but Henry fights free and goes for the Slam, but Orton counters to the RKO however Henry pushes Orton away and out of the ring. Henry follows him to the floor and tries to send Orton to the post, but Orton counters and bounces Henry off the ringpost. Orton rolls back in and we’re interrupted by Kane’s music, as the Big Red Machine appears on the tron. Kane says Orton showed why he is the viper last week and it would be a shame if it ends now, as he’s having fun. We suddenly see Cowboy Bob down and out on the floor and Kane standing over him, Randy bails out and goes after Kane. Randy storms the backstage area and finds Dad down, but gets caught by Kane who clobbers him with a lead pipe and leaves both Ortons down and out. 3/10 was shaping up pretty good but a non finish hurts the match. They really had no choice, as neither guy could take a loss tonight, thus the reason this match should not have been on the show. Why not have Orton versus someone lower on the card, and have the video play, Orton bails out and the other guy wins by countout?
1. Randy Orton and Mark Henry went to a sports entertainment finish 3/10

After the commercial we go backstage to Tony Atlas and Ted DiBiase watching on the monitors and calling the next match a squash match. They are joined by Hillbilly Jim and Pat Patterson, who are laughing at the jobber as he cuts a promo.
2. Benny Camer v. Ryback

Ryback almost knocks the kid’s head off with a lariat and then pulls him up and hits a vicious looking Samoan Drop for the quick win. DUD nothing but a squash match, but Tony, Ted, Jim and Pat enjoyed it.
2. Ryback crushed Benny Camer DUD

Backstage to Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd, as Heath says this is going to be huge tonight. Slater says he has them a manager for tonight, and it’s Jimmy Hart, as Heath sings and Kidd covers his ears. Glad to see Kidd on Smackdown, but I wish he’d get used better. Jimmy never changes, as he leads his new team to the ring, much to the chagrin of Kidd.
3. Tyson Kidd & Heath Slater v. The Usos

Sucks to be Tyson, stuck with the biggest jobber since Dwayne Gill as his partner due to Justin Gabriel’s injury. Before the match Mick Foley is introduced and joins the commentary table, giving us four announcers for one match. Did Josh actually say Jimmy Hart lead Demolition to the tag titles, really, what a moron. If you’re going to be a commentator learn your history you idiot, it was Honorable Mister Fuji. I miss Jimmy Hart and basically just managers in general, this should be permanent, would help get your young kids over. Kidd gets taken out by a double Samoan Drop, as Jimmy Hart keeps annoying Foley at ringside and Jimmy bails out. This leaves Heath Slater to get destroyed by the Usos, as expected, and the Usos score the win. 2/10 too much time spent on the outside stuff, the match was an afterthought. After the match Jimmy Hart meets Mr Socko, then after he screams through the microphone he helps Jimmy up.
3. The Usos beat Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd 2/10

Time for Piper’s Pit with Daniel Bryan, this should be great as no one can do interviews quite like The Hot Rod. Michael Cole gets a cheap shot on Jillian Hall mentioning the last time the Pit was on Smackdown was when she had the mole bitten off by Boogeyman. Piper shows the footage of DB breaking up with AJ, making this the third time we’ve seen this tonight. Piper brings out DB and doesn’t look very happy to see him, unlike the live crowd who’s chanting Yes for DB. DB says he just spoke with JL and has been granted his rematch with Sheamus, and this time Sheamus will not have a fluke ending as DB wants to pin and make Sheamus tap out and he can now do both. Bryan says the match will be a two out of three falls match and AJ will not be at Extreme Rules. Piper says he likes AJ and brings her to the ring, AJ marks out for being on the Pit, how can you not love this girl, as she tries to explain to Piper that DB is a good person. Piper tells AJ to leave the nice stuff backstage as he rips on DB, but AJ says it’s her fault and that she screwed up at Wrestlemania and begs DB for forgiveness. Piper says he’s been watching her since her debut and knows that she’s strong, smart and beautiful and doesn’t need DB, and all he does is use her. DB snaps and screams at both of them, DB says if she meant it then she would leave the ring right now. Piper gets in between them and defends AJ, but she still leaves the ring and DB is laughing at her and starts to leave. Piper says he’s not finished with DB and tells DB not to tell a lady to shut up, or to yell at her, and not to use her as a shield. Roddy calls DB a coward and says the only bright light he sees is that at Extreme Rules that Sheamus will beat him twice. DB says that he’s better then Sheamus and then slaps Piper across the face before running away from Hot Rod.
4. The Great Khali, Alicia Fox & Natalya v. Drew McIntyre and The Bella Twins

Ok, who thought this was a great idea for a match, although Natty looked hot dancing? Drew and Khali start out, and Khali shoves Drew to the mat which prompts Drew to tag a Bella. Drew leaves the ring and says he’s better then this and leaves the ringside area. Alicia hits a northern lights suplex on Nikki for the pin. 1/10 what the hell was that, lasted under a minute and Natty didn’t even get in the ring. As Natty, Alicia and Khali dance up the ramp they’re joined by Mae Young, who kisses Khali. Well, this show has sucked so far, other then Piper’s Pit.
4. Great Khali, Alicia Fox & Natalya defeated Drew McIntyre and the Bellas 1/10

We get comments from Damien Sandow, the new generation of the Genius. Damien rips on Twitter and says he’ll be the new guiding light of the people. Guess we have time to kill as we recap the Orton/Kane saga from earlier in the night, followed by the Raw recap. Backstage to Sheamus and Gene getting ready for their match tonight. Sheamus says they probably won’t win but the first pint is on him.
5. Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Hunico

This is what the show should’ve been, all fun legend matches, would have been better then what we’ve had so far. Nevermind here comes the poor man’s Homicide, why does this guy still have a job? Hacksaw quickly overpowers Hunico and Camacho gets in his face, so Hacksaw calls for backup and here comes Sgt Slaughter. Hunico gets in the ring and Duggan cracks him with the 2X4 drawing the DQ. DUD wasn’t even a match, but at least it was fun. After disposing of Camacho, Slaughter gets the Cobra Clutch on Hunico.
5. Hunico defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan by DQ DUD

We then replay the interview with Sheamus and Gene from five minutes ago, what a waste of time. Actually that describes this whole show so far, what a massive let down. Cody comes to the ring to cut a promo, and calls the show a waste of time. Cody talks about the future and regaining his title but gets interrupted by his dad, Dusty Rhodes. Cody says this doesn’t concern Dusty at all, but Dusty says Cody came in with as much fanfare as Shawn Michaels once did. Cody says they can talk about this in the back and leaves the ring, which brings out Big Show. Show cuts a Dusty Rhodes style promo and mocks knocking Cody out at Wrestlemania but tonight he’ll show a different video. This video is the classic Dashing Cody Rhodes promo, which was a great gimmick, and Cody looks humiliated. Cody leaves the ring as Dusty dances in the ring to his awesome theme song.
6. Sheamus & Mene Gene v. Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio

This is going to be stupid, as Sheamus gets taken down by ADR and then double teamed by Bryan and ADR. If Bryan and ADR don’t win this match it’s going to make them look weak. Sheamus misses the kick and DB dropkicks him to the outside where ADR hits another kick on the champion. ADR goes after Gene and forces him in the ring, where Gene is alone with ADR, DB and Ricardo. Gene begs off and here comes Roddy Piper, Jim Duggan, Pat Patterson, Hillbilly Jim, Ted DiBiase, Jimmy Hart, Dusty Rhodes, Sgt Slaughter and Tony Atlas to the rescue. ADR and Ricardo bail out as Sheamus makes it in the ring and DB turns around into the big kick for the win. DUD the only good thing was seeing the legends come to the ring. Ricardo is alone in the ring with the legends, as Finkel makes the announcement from the apron then runs to the ring. Ricardo takes a beating from each of the legends and ends with the kick. Wish they would do the same thing to Michael Cole, just saying. After the replay Michael Cole gets in the ring and congratulates the legends before making fun of them. They finally get a hold of him and Cole says he love them, so Patterson pops him one and Cole tumbles to the floor. Would have been better with a longer beating on Cole.
6. Sheamus and Mene Gene beat Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio DUD


1. Randy Orton and Mark Henry went to a sports entertainment finish 3/10

2. Ryback crushed Benny Camer DUD

3. The Usos beat Heath Slater and Tyson Kidd 2/10

4. Great Khali, Alicia Fox & Natalya defeated Drew McIntyre and the Bellas 1/10

5. Hunico defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan by DQ DUD

6. Sheamus and Mene Gene beat Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio DUD

What a horrible waste of time that was, all they hype for the legends and that’s what we get? Who books this garbage and thinks it’s good? The only worthwhile part of the show as the Piper’s Pit. Remember when Smackdown was great? I guess that died along with Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Wish I had spent the time watching the next Coliseum Video tape instead of this steaming pile of feces.

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