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WWF Wrestling’s Country Boys

Due to my DVD player deciding not to cooperate anymore, I had a bit of a delay. I finally got the DVDs to play in my Wii, so we should be good to go. Today’s show is one I’ve been dreading, Wrestling’s Country Boys, a tribute to Hillbilly Jim and his wrestling family. I don’t expect anything good to come from this cluster of a tape. The tape cover is lime green with a shot of Elmer and Jim on the cover and promises some “Down Home Matches”, with that said let’s get this over with so we can get to the good tapes again.

After the classic WWF Home Video opening we’re greeted by Mene Gene who promises great wrestling action, I disagree. The first thing we get is footage of Hillbilly Jim training with World Champion, Hulk Hogan. Jim wants real food but Hulk hands him one of those classic Hulk shakes, and Jim is grossed out by the taste. From there we head over to the gym where accompanied by some classic 80’s music Jim and Hulk workout. Well, this is still better then when he trained Mene Gene at least. They wind up in the ring and Hulk finally rips Jim’s hat off, but sadly doesn’t kick it, as they continue their workout. Jim keeps asking Hulk when he’s going to get to wrestle and Hulk tells him to stick with him. Great more music and more goofy working out, well this might be better then watching them wrestle at least.
1. Hillbilly Jim v. Terry Gibbs

This would be Jim’s first match and Hulk is in his corner. We’re joined in progress as Jim takes down Gibbs with a series of shoulderblocks then catches him in a big slam. Gibbs rakes the eyes of Jim and hammers the big man but Jim fights back with another slam before locking on the bearhug for the win. 2/10 a good showcase to debut the newcomer, but basically a squash.
1. Hillbilly Jim defeated Terry Gibbs with the bearhug 2/10

Back to the music and workout video, I’m glad this is only eighty minutes as this music is almost as annoying as that damn Wrestlemania song. Hulk brings in some guy to help teach Hillbilly how to get out of a hammerlock. Hillbilly finally gets his chance and powers his way out of the hammerlock, and Hulk rewards him with boots. Hulk can’t even buy new ones as he gives Jim his old boots, good friend, and Jim almost crushes Hogan with a bearhug.
2. Hillbilly Jim v. Rene Goulet

Vince McMahon says this is Hillbilly Jim’s first appearance in Madison Square Gardens, and he gets a nice ovation too. They show Andy Warhol at ringside, which just seems odd, be like having Gary Busey at a WWE show. We also see Joe Piscipo and Danny Devito in the crowd as well, as Gene and Gorilla are happily pointing out these celebs around the Gardens. After a long stall session Goulet finally applies a side headlock on Jim, but Jim fights free and catches Goulet with a shoulderblock. Goulet rolls out and takes a breather, when he comes back in Jim uses a side headlock of his own and Goulet has a lot of trouble fighting out. Gene and Gorilla keep pointing out that Jim has idea what he’s doing in the ring, nowadays that would make him a main event star. Rene again leaves the ring and when he comes back in the ring he has something in his fist which he uses to clobber Jim. Checking out the History of WWF website I see this match was the night of the War to Settle The Score that aired live on MTV that was included on Piper’s tape. Jim makes his comeback with  a big headbutt, as Gene screams we have action, not really but I guess Gene is easy to entertain. Goulet tries to dive off the top and Jim catches him in the bearhug for the submission win. 3/10 a little better then the previous match at least but still an extended squash. After the match Goulet goes after someone at ringside, it’s Mr. T who dives over the railing after Rene who quickly runs to the back.
2. Hillbilly Jim defeated Rene Goulet with the bearhug 3/10

We head over to Jesse Ventura’s talk show, the Body Shop, with guest Hillbilly Jim. Jim was injured at this point with a broken leg from Brutus Beefcake and Johnny V. Jesse quickly insults Jim, who says he will come back and wants to bring someone out, his Uncle Elmer. Jesse turns around and almost falls over from this massive beast of a man. Elmer says he scuffles, which is what Jesse calls wrestling.
Now over to Piper’s Pit, the best interview show in wrestling history, who brings out a smiling Hillbilly Jim. Piper starts making fun of Jim and taunts him about his injury. Jim says he has someone he wants Piper to meet, and Piper says he doesn’t want to meet them. This brings out Uncle Elmer and Piper and Orton look stunned. Piper says any friend of yours is a friend of mine, and then insults him.
3. Uncle Elmer v. Tiger Chung Lee

Did Elmer have something special as music, because as he comes out we get some weird backwoods banjo music and no intros. Tiger quickly jumps Elmer wth the can and hammers Elmer. Elmer fights back and Lee bails out and Elmer waits patiently for Lee to get back in. Lee finally back in the ring and they lock up, Elmer shoves him backwards. Elmer with a pretty good side headlock takeover, but takes too long getting up and Lee quickly hammers the back. Elmer fights back with a big right hand and shoots Lee to the corner and backdrops him out before dropping a sloppy leg, almost crushing Tiger’s head, for the win. DUD was a quick squash, and that’s about it.
3. Uncle Elmer squashed Tiger Chung lee with a legdrop DUD

4. Big John Studd v.  Uncle Elmer

This is going to be painful to sit through, as Studd is only as good as the opponent he gets and Elmer won’t help. Here we go with the freaky banjo music again, what the hell is going on around here? Studd jumps Elmer before he gets in the ring, then goes after Jim who’s at ringside before returning to work over Elmer. Studd continues to hammer Elmer on the mat before pulling him up, which is a mistake as Elmer fights back and clobbers Studd into the corner. Elmer with an avalanche and sends Studd to the corner before following with another avalanche crushing Studd. Elmer readies for the big slam but Heenan dives in the ring and breaks it up, drawing the disqualification. Jim comes in and grabs Heenan, but this allows Studd to clobber Jim. Elmer gets up and rescues Jim and we have a slugfest. DUD the only positive thing about the match was how short it was. After the match Elmer and Jim dance to the amusement of the New York City crowd.
4. Uncle Elmer defeated Big John Studd by DQ DUD

Time for some TNT footage of Hillbilly Jim and family at home, this is like an episode of Hee Haw. Just thinking but a hillbilly gimmick would be great for someone like Husky Harris, as he has the body shape to pull it off. Considering how much Vince loves hillbillies I’m surprised he hasn’t thought of this. Jim and Elmer perform a country song and then sit down with Vince McMahon and Lord Alfred Hayes for a dinner of barbecued possum. Alfred looks hilarious in a cowboy hat, and says tomatoes in a funny way that confuses the hicks. Jim makes sandwiches for both guys and Alfred looks disgusted by everything but tries buttermilk, guess he would’ve liked moonshine instead.
5. Cousin Junior v. Ron Shaw

Our third hillbilly makes his debut, accompanied by Jim and Elmer, and Jesse and Vince are on commentary. Vince mentions Elmer’s wedding coming up, as Juniot cleans his toes before the match. Shaw with a side headlock but Junior catches him with a clothesline. Junior connects with a mulekick for the win. DUD another squash, but at least it was quick.
5. Cousin Junior beat Ron Shaw with a Mule Kick DUD

6. Cousin Junior v. Adrian Adonis

Adrian still in his leather phase, and Jim is at ringside but no sign of Elmer tonight. Junior surprises me with a series of armdrags to stagger Adrian, and Adrian catches Junior in the corner and unloads on him. Adrian gets sent into the corner and backdropped out then slammed twice by Junior. Adrian bails out right into Jim, but when he gets back in the ring he takes control of Junior. Gorilla accidentally calls Junior the wrong name, mistaking him for Uncle Elmer as Adrian hits a nice suplex on Junior for a near fall. Junior makes a comeback with a series of kicks but Adonis fires back and ties Junior in the ropes. Adrian chokes Junior and the ref counts, Adrian refuses to break and gets disqualified. 4/10 wasn’t as bad as expected, as Adrian was always a good worker. After the match Jim makes the save nailing Adrian with the cowbell.
6. Cousin Junior beat Adrian Adonis by DQ 4/10

7. Cousin Junior v. Moondog Spot

Well, this is an odd match, as Junior would later become Moondog Cujo about a decade later. Spot has a thighbone in his corner, if Russo was booking it would be a bone on a pole match just because no one likes pole matches like Russo. Like all the other matches, a lot of stalling before they finally lock up and a shoulderblock moves no one. Jesse tows the company line by saying this should be a good match, as Junior hits the mule kick and sends Spot to the floor. Spot back in the ring and Junior continues to kick the Moondog in the corner. Can’t believe there were twenty different Moondogs in wrestling, what a run for a gimmick. Junior almost wins with a big splash, but Spot powers out. Spot catches Junior with a reverse aromic drop but gets distracted by Jim at ringside. This allows Junior to catch Spot with a mule kick, which the camera misses big time (bet Vince had a fit about that), for the big win. 2/10 As much as I like Spot this was pretty bad overall, but at least they clipped it as it actually ran over twelve minutes uncut!
7. Cousin Junior pinned Moondog Spot with a mule kick 2/10

8. Uncle Elmer and Cousin Junior v. Barry O and Jerry Adams

Seriously, we’re getting a TV squash match on a Coliseum Video release? The damn banjoes are back too, what the hell is happening with this tape? This is supposed to be the debut of “Don’t Go Messing With a Country Boy” but the banjoes took over. Does Vince not own the rights to his own music? I’m so confused by this, as Vince and Jesse talking about manager of the year and Heenan trading Missing Link for King Kong Bundy. Elmer hammers Barry to start and backdrops him before tagging in Junior. Junior runs over Barry with a shoulderblock but gets caught in a backbreaker then tags in Adams who eats a mule kick. Junior tosses him into Elmer and follows up with an Earthquake splash for the win. DUD a TV squash match that had no business being on here.
8. Cousin Junior and Uncle Elmer beat Jerry Adams and Barry O DUD

Great, we’re ending this thing with the wedding from Saturday Night’s Main Event. Piper gets involved and calls out the entire Hillbilly family and security finally gets rid of him so they can finish. As they kiss we get the classic line from Jesse about two carp going after the same piece of corn. That’s the end of the tape, well at least they trimmed it down from how long it was on SNME.

1. Hillbilly Jim defeated Terry Gibbs with the bearhug 2/10 on December 1984 from Poughkeepsie, NY

2. Hillbilly Jim defeated Rene Goulet with the bearhug 3/10 on February 18, 1985 from New York City

3. Uncle Elmer squashed Tiger Chung lee with a legdrop DUD on July 20, 1985 from Landover, MD

4. Uncle Elmer defeated Big John Studd by DQ DUD on August 10, 1985 from New York City

5. Cousin Junior beat Ron Shaw with a Mule Kick DUD on August 20, 1985 from Poughkeepsie, NY

6. Cousin Junior beat Adrian Adonis by DQ 4/10  on September 14, 1985 from Landover, MD

7. Cousin Junior pinned Moondog Spot with a mule kick 2/10 on August 17, 1985 from Landover, MD

8. Cousin Junior and Uncle Elmer beat Jerry Adams and Barry O DUD on September 10, 1985 from Poughkeepsie, NY

Well this had to be the worst of the Coliseum Home Video library, seven matches and none break the five barrier. Not a good show at all, was worse then last week’s Smackdown. At least the next tape is Best of the WWF Volume 4, which should be much better.

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