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WWE Smackdown – April 6, 2012

After the shocking return of Brock Lesnar on Monday Night, we move forward to Smackdown as we continue to build towards the next PPV, Extreme Rules. Tonight is the second night of “People Power”, another lame catchphrase the WWE thinks will attract attention. Much like their constant talking about Twitter, which is pathetic. How much money do they get for being a trending topic anyway? Let’s see if we at least get a good match tonight on Smackdown.

We open with that damn Wrestlemania song, how long are they going to torture us with that crap? Michael Cole talks about Teddy Long being gone and JL being in charge, and that brings out David Otunga, who introduces JL. Cole starts kissing ass right away, and Booker calls him on it. Can we end the run of General Managers, it’s been done to death now, as JL calls himself the most powerful man again. They call out Teddy Long to thank him for his service to Smackdown, bet they embarass him tonight. Teddy cuts off JL and tells him to go to Hell, he might need someone to draw him a map to the Niagara region for that, just saying. Teddy says he cannot walk away from the greatest job he’s ever had without thanking the fans, I won’t call it the Universe. Teddy starts to leave and JL cuts his music and offers Teddy a job, which he denies. JL then brings up Teddy’s grandkids and their college education, Otunga explains that the WWE established a college fund for his grandkids, but it’s controlled by the General Manager. JL says to take the job and offers his hand, Teddy reluctantly goes to shake his hand but JL pulls back first and tells Teddy he has to tell the crowd he is better then Teddy. Left with no choice Teddy says it, and JL is happy about it and sends Teddy back to start working and Teddy asks what is the job. JL says he hasn’t decided yet but for Teddy to head to the back. No one embarasses their employees quite like the WWE does, just ask Jim Ross. JL announces tonight Kane versus Randy Orton in a no DQ and R-Truth versus David Otunga and his partner Mark Henry. I hate handicap matches, such a waste of time, as here comes Henry.
1. Mark Henry & David Otunga v. R-Truth

This is what the crowd wants to see, a handicap match, Michael Cole mentions Booker has been summoned to WWE headquarters on Monday. Of course Truth destroys Otunga, and almost wins but Otunga makes the tag. We see Abraham Washington backstage watching the match on the monitor, as Henry nails the World’s Strongest Slam on Truth. Otunga wants back in and Henry tags him, he covers Truth for the win. DUD just a boring waste of airtime, in otherwords the norm for WWE TV. As Henry and Otunga celebrate Kane’s music goes off and we go to commercial.
1. Mark Henry & David Otunga defeated R-Truth DUD

2. Kane v. Randy Orton in a NO DQ match

After the commercial Henry and Otunga have disappeared and Kane stands alone in the ring for his Wrestlemania rematch. I bet Orton gets his win back, as WWE loves to do the 50/50 booking and keep everyone on an even level. They brawl all around the ring and knock out Michael Cole’s headset, briefly but it was a nice respite. They make their way to the top of the stage Kane tries for the chokeslam but Orton fights free and instead gets a DDT on the ramp. This is the match they should have had at Wrestlemania, a good hard brawl all over the arena. Orton avoids the chokeslam again, sends Kane into an exposed turnbuckle and hits the RKO for the victory. 7.5/10 a much better match then the one at Wrestlemania, a good solid brawl but like I said it does nothing for either guy to exchange wins back to back, builds no momentum at all.
2. Randy Orton pinned Kane with the RKO 7.5/10

Now it’s a recap of Sheamus/Daniel Bryan with the worst song ever in the background. Cole defends DB as we get highlights or Alberto’s return from RAW.
3. Barry Stevens v. Ryback

They let the jobber have the microphone and we see a bunch of other jobbers and Kaitlyn backstage. He mocks the crowd and here comes the return of Skip Sheffield, it’s been a long time coming. Ryback kills the jobber with a Muscle Buster and it was quick and painful for Barry. DUD, a squash match but a great return for Skip. Skip’s return match was better then Train’s on RAW, this is what Train’s match should’ve been.
3. Ryback crushed Barry Stevens DUD

Daniel Bryan comes out with AJ, and he doesn’t look happy. He starts to talk and hands the mic to AJ, who says he’s still the greatest and the crowd is behind him and will support him. She is impressive on the mic, much better then Kelly or any of the other divas. DB says the people are mocking him and calls the fans sheep and blames AJ for him losing the title. He calls AJ’s kiss the Kiss of Death and that it’s her fault and says he walked into his first Wrestlemania as Champion. If they break these two up it’s a huge mistake as they work so well together, but they probably will and put DB with Eve instead. DB says he won’t let her ruin his life again and calls her dead weight and says that is the last kiss she will ever get. AJ plays her character so perfectly as she cries while leaving the ring, but keeps looking back at DB.
4. The Big Show v. Heath Slater for the IC Title

Cody Rhodes is on commentary which is always a good thing, as we get ready for this exciting match. I think Heath could be the next champion, not. Big Show destroys Slater with the spear and chokeslam. DUD just another squash match. Cody starts to get in the ring with Show, but changes his mind. Show pulls Slater to his feet and hits the WMD on him. Cody tries to sneak attack Show, but Show turns around in time and Cody bails out.
4. Big Show squashed Heath Slater with the chokeslam DUD

Highlights of Jericho attacking Punk on RAW with the bottles of alcohol. Now backstage to the Bella Twins with JL, who’s joined by Sheamus. JL says tonight Sheamus and Alberton will have to go face to face before the match begins. Sheamus says that’s fair the only people who will get kicked are those who deserve it and makes a joke about JL.
5. Beth Phoenix v. Nikki Bella

This is punishment for Nikki supporting Teddy at Wrestlemania and before the match we’re joined by Kelly Yelly who stands on the ramp. Beth gets distracted by Kelly and Nikki hits a facebuster for the upset win. DUD was about a minute long and a waste of Beth. Why are they burying the Diva Champion, stupid company.
5. Nikki Bella pinned Beth Phoenix DUD

We get a nice video package for Cheif Jay Strongbow who passed away this week. Strongbow was hell of a wrestler back in his time and had some great matches. After an Extreme Rules promo we get our first promo from Damien Sandow who’s playing a character who’s better then everyone else. It’s surprising he’s been with the WWE for a decade, and was once managed by old Horseface herself. More recaps as we get the entire Cena promo plus the return of Brock Lesnar. Glad to see the monster back, hope we get some awesome matches from him. Are you kidding me, the Three Stooges are guest hosts for this week’s RAW? Really, this is maybe the dumbest thing ever, I hope Brock hits the F5 on all three of them.
6. Alberto Del Rio v. Sheamus

Glad to see ADR and Ricardo back on TV, Ricardo along with Santino and Foley were the only good parts of this years Royal Rumble. Before the match we get another recap, this time of Sheamus and ADR from RAW. Alberto wisely spends the majority of the match working over the arm and shoulder of Sheamus, smart move as it weakens the arm for ADR’s finisher. ADR gets caught in a backbreaker and the champ quickly takes over. Ricardo gets on the apron so Sheamus kicks him down and catches ADR with a chair. The ref turns around as Sheamus knocks down ADR and grabs the chair, and Sheamus gets disqualified. 5/10 wasn’t a bad match but very short, however the ending continues the feud and keeps both men strong. After the match Sheamus kicks the referee
6. Alberto Del Rio defeated Sheamus by DQ 5/10

1. Mark Henry & David Otunga defeated R-Truth DUD

2. Randy Orton pinned Kane with the RKO 7.5/10

3. Ryback crushed Barry Stevens DUD

4. Big Show squashed Heath Slater with the chokeslam DUD

5. Nikki Bella pinned Beth Phoenix DUD

6. Alberto Del Rio defeated Sheamus by DQ 5/10

A very bad episode of Smackdown, when Orton and Kane have the best match there is a problem. We had six matches and four were DUDs, that’s not an acceptable thing. The return/debut of Ryback was great, and I hope he can go without an injury as he would make a great challenger for Sheamus for the later summer/fall. Not an enjoyable episode of Smackdown at all, lots of fast forward material, hopefully next week is better.

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