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Wrestlemania XXVIII – April 1, 2012

It’s that time of the year for Wrestlemania, so I thought I’d join the hundreds of other who do a recap of the show. Wasn’t a lot I was looking forward to on this show, but the atmosphere always makes up for the poor product. The whole PPV has basically been built around Rock/Cena and HHH/Undertaker with a little emphasis on Teddy/JL, everything has been treated like an afterthought. I’m not going to do a play by play recap of each match, just a little thought on each. After the long recap of the March Madness tournament, a shorter recap seems like a good idea. With that, let’s get to the show.

1. Primo & Epico v. Usos v. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel for the Tag Titles

This was the dark match, which shows the respect given to the tag division, and aired on the website. The commentary was great with Josh Matthews and Matt Striker, better then what we normally get. This was a fast paced high impact match, showing the talent of all six men. I was pulling for Kidd, of course, but Primo & Epico retained the gold in a short match with Primo pinning one of the Usos. 6/10 a good opening match that should’ve been on the PPV and given more time.

1. Primo & Epico beat Usos & Kidd & Gabriel to retain Tag Titles 6/10

2. Sheamus v. Daniel Bryan for the Smackdown Title

Here’s the biggest problem with Wrestlemania any more, the title matches get shunted down to the opener instead of being the main event. It’s not a good thing at all, as it makes the titles look worthless. This match didn’t help the cause, as Daniel Bryan got his head kicked off right as the bell rang and Sheamus won the title in under thirty seconds. DUD what a waste of DB and Sheamus, this should have gotten at least twenty minutes instead of getting screwed over. This is not a good start to the PPV, as this was one of the only two matches I was interested in. Last year Sheamus and DB got bumped to the dark match, this year they got no time to show their talents.

2. Sheamus pinned Daniel Bryan with the Pump Kick for the Smackdown title in under thirty seconds DUD

3. Randy Orton v. Kane

Randy Orton actually called this one of the main events of the show, which shows how deluded he is. A very slow match which got way more time then it needed, considering the match was only made two weeks ago. The crowd was still chanting for DB during the opening of the match, but in Randy’s mind they were chanting RKO. The top rope chokeslam for the finish was impressive though,and I’m surprised Orton lost at Wrestlemania. 5/10 a boring match till the finishing move, which was awesome to see. Still got more time then necessary.

3. Kane pinned Randy Orton with a top rope chokeslam 5/10

They actually waste time with a Deadliest Catch promo with Santino and Mick Foley. As much as I like both guys this had no reason to be on Wrestlemania. At least it wasn’t Snoop Dog like last year. More time wasted on a National Guard promo, love WWE thought plan. Buy our PPV, at a super inflated price, and watch our commercials.

4. Cody Rhodes v. Big Show for the IC title

It’s sad how rarely the IC title has been defended at Wrestlemania as of late, much like the Tag titles. Once again not a great match, but Cody tried. Why they ended Cody’s title reign is beyond understanding, I really thought he’d break Honky’s title reign. 5/10 Cody did the best he could, but it’s always hard to carry Show to a good match.

4. Big Show pinned Cody Rhodes with the KO punch to win the IC title 5/10

Sheamus doing a K-Mart commercial just seemed odd. Now we get a diva video, really, they’re not good enough for a title match, but we get a video of them. We should have had Beth defending the title against Natalya, instead we get a celebrity wrestling.

5. Beth Phoenix & Eve v. Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos

They actually wasted time recapping the storyline, which wasn’t a good storyline either. Maria had to wrestle the match with a cracked rib from Dancing With the Stars, but she didn’t have any tape on her ribs. Why did they hype up Dancing With the Stars when it plays against RAW? This should have been under a minute with Beth taking advantage of Maria’s injuries to score an easy win, but it dragged on too long. I’ll give Kelly credit for the Molly Go Round, that was impressive move for her to pull off. Beth once again pinned by Maria, way to destroy any credibility that Beth had. 3/10 the Molly Go Round was good, but the rest of the match was the usual garbage from Kelly.

5. Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos defeated Beth Phoenix & Eve 3/10

Matt Striker gets to be a part of the PPV as he interviews special referee Shawn Michaels. Shawn says he has the power to end an era. Justin Roberts announces the attendance record of 78,363 people for Wrestlemania. Once this show is over I’ll be glad to never hear that crappy theme song again. Jim Ross gets introduced to the crowd, and he has a goatee which looks odd. Cole and Ross shake hands, I guess all the crap from last year is forgotten.

6. HHH v. Undertaker with Shawn Michaels refereeing in the Hell in the Cell

Could they have added some more stipulations to the match? This should have been a retirement match if they’re calling it end of an era, would make more sense. Nice to have Jim Ross do the commentary, hope he stays the rest of the show. HHH coming out through an oversized Vader headdress was funny, at least it wasn’t the awful Conan thing from a few years ago. Undertaker looks even older then ever with no hair, bet this gets the second most time tonight, right after Rock/Cena. Even the cell got intro music, taking more time away that could’ve been used by DB and Sheamus. Was a lot better then last years match, a lot less laying around from both guys and Shawn did good as the ref. Jim Ross doing commentary helped a lot as well, no one can make a match sound huge like Ross. 7/10 was a solid match between two veterans of the ring, but went too long considering who was in the match.Seemed odd seeing Undertaker and Shawn hug after the match and help HHH to the back together. Can only hope this is the last time we see either of the three in the ring again.

6. Undertaker pinned Triple H with the Tombstone 7/10

After such an important match we get a Slim Jim ad with Big Show, Rey Mysterio & Eve. Wait, Eve is a heel why is she with Show and Rey? At least we don’t have a Rey match tonight. We get highlights of the Hall of Fame, best part of Wrestlemania each year. Who had worse hair Edge or Christian? Was really cool to see Ric Flair at the Hall of Fame considering he’s in TNA. Damn, Jim Ross has left the announce area, not a good sign. So proud to see Edge in the Hall of Fame, he deserves it, was one of my favourites since his debut. Heath Slater gets time for a promo on Wrestlemania, before being interrupted by some guy. Wasting more time.

7. Team Johnny v. Team Teddy for control of RAW and Smackdown

I’m really hoping Teddy wins, Smackdown without Teddy just wouldn’t be the same. The Bella Twins doing the intros for both teams was the best use I could think of for the two of them. This should have been an elimination match, and no Khali of course. Much better having Booker on Team Teddy then on commentary. Was a lot better then expected, as long as Khali was kept out of the ring. Why do they let Santino do the diving headbutt? 7/10 was a fun match, but not happy seeing JL have full control. I figured someone would screw over their team, but expected it to be Drew or Miz not Eve.

7. Team Johnny beat Team Teddy 7/10

After a promo for the next PPV we see Torrie Wilson and her boyfriend at ringside. Bet they would’ve killed for Stacy Keibler to make an appearance. With two matches left it’s time to waste some time as WWE toots their own horn with all the Wrestlemania hype. Backstage we see CM Punk warming up for the main event, and Team Johnny goes by all excited. Johnny tells Punk if he gets disqualified he will lose the title. Well, with the next PPV being Extreme Rules I expect Punk loses the title by DQ tonight and we get a no DQ match in four weeks for Punk to get the title back.

8. Chris Jericho v. CM Punk for the RAW title

This should be the match of the night, let’s hope they don’t disappoint. More time wasted as they recap the entire feud, including the needless adding in of Punk’s father being a drunk. Amazing back and forth battle between two of the best in wrestling. After an amazing sequence of counters and reversals Punk finally forces Jericho to tap to the Anaconda Vice. 10/10 one of the three greatest matches in Wrestlemania history, along with Savage/Steamboat and Hart/Hart, and a great main event for Wrestlemania. This should have been the final match, anything else will not compare. We have an early match of the year, and I doubt there will be any challengers for it. Suck to be whatever match follows, wink, wink.

8. CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho to retain the RAW title 10/10

Another promo for Wrestlemania next year and we have an additional match? I guess they knew there was no way they could have Cena/Rock follow that classic match, so we get some Brodus Clay action. I really enjoy his gimmick, he’s playing it so over the top it’s hilarious. Brodus calls his mama and finds out his mama is here and introduces her to the crowd. It’s some black woman with a huge ass, and Cole and Lawler are having a fit enjoying it. We then get a plethora of old ladies in matching dresses dancing with Brodus, well could be worse I guess, not sure how mind you. So we wasted time with this instead of giving more time to Sheamus/DB, who books this crap? So it’s not a match, just Brodus dancing, whatever. We’ve seen Heath, Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins backstage, why not throw one of them out there for a match? More time wasting as we get the promo for G.I. Joe and then a long drawn out recap of Cena and the Rock’s boring feud. Now it’s some wanna be singer, you know this is wrestling not a music concert, every year we waste time on this garbage. This brings out Super Cena, and more crappy music brings out Rock. Well there went about twenty minutes of the show, Why does the Rock get a free pass for taking a wrestler’s spot tonight anyway? Would the same free pass been given to Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan or anyone else if they had the main spot at Wrestlemania?

9. John Cena v. Rock

John Cena gets booed when he’s introduced while the place erupts for the Rock. What does it say about your company when a part timer gets a bigger ovation then ninety percent of your roster? I would have rather seen it be Dolph Ziggler versus Cena tonight then this. They keep calling it “once in a lifetime”, it better be or they’ll come off looking like even bigger morons then usual. Cena acting very heel like tonight, and the crowd is egging him on pretty good. I hope the rumours of a rematch are false, the whole point of this is that it’s one time only. Rock was pretty impressive, considering he’s had one match in eight years, he could’ve been a lot worse in the ring. Nice to see Rock break out the old school crossbody, his finisher back when he was Rocky Maivia, although it almost cost him the match. Who has a more annoying move People’s Elbow or the Five Knuckle Shuffle? Rock scores the surprise win with the Rock Bottom, not what I expected and sort of came out of left field. 6/10 did not come close to living up to the hype, and the end just came out of nowhere. It felt like they were told they were out of time and just wrapped it up suddenly. Wasn’t expecting much, but this felt like a massive let down. Cena really needed to snap after the loss and beat the hell out of the Rock with a chair, but they’ll never pull that trigger.

9. The Rock defeated John Cena with a Rock Bottom 6/10


1. Primo & Epico beat Usos & Kidd & Gabriel to retain Tag Titles 6/10

2. Sheamus pinned Daniel Bryan with the Pump Kick for the Smackdown title in under thirty seconds DUD

3. Kane pinned Randy Orton with a top rope chokeslam 5/10

4. Big Show pinned Cody Rhodes with the KO punch to win the IC title 5/10

5. Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos defeated Beth Phoenix & Eve 3/10

6. Undertaker pinned Triple H with the Tombstone 7/10

7. Team Johnny beat Team Teddy 7/10

8. CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho to retain the RAW title 10/10

9. The Rock defeated John Cena with a Rock Bottom 6/10

Michael Cole ended the PPV by saying this was the greatest Wrestlemania of all time, not even close. It was a pretty mediocre PPV actually with only one great match and two good matches and the rest was just not Wrestlemania worthy. Maybe it’s because there is twelve PPVs a year, or maybe because nothing really seemed fresh, but this PPV felt flat. After a year long build for Rock and Cena, they really couldn’t live up to they hype. The Undertaker/HHH match was much better then last year, but went longer then it should considering their abilities at this point in their careers. The opening match was a massive disappointment, was expecting that to be one of the best matches of the night and instead we got a joke of a match. Overall I give the PPV a 5.5/10, just barely a pass, thanks to Jericho and Punk who saved the show. I might do a similar style recap for RAW, but not sure yet.


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