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Best of the WWF Volume 3

It’s time for another classic WWF Home Video, as we continue through the 80s with the Best of the WWF Volume 3. This tape should cover matches from late 1984 into 1985. The box for this volume features the Junk Yard Dog, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka, and advertises a Battle Royal, Fijian Strap Match, the return of Bruno Sammartino and the best of TNT. Nothing more entertaining then a battle royal and this one includes Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Big John Studd and others, should be awesome. Following the classic WWF Home Video opener we’re greeted by Vince McMahon, and sadly he’s not wearing a pink suit just a plain tuxedo. Vince goes over tonight’s matches and we have a tag match coming up with the Hart Foundation facing the British Bulldogs, that should be awesome. The battle royal is for thirty thousand dollars, doesn’t seem like much these days. Vince sending it to the ring for our opening match.

1. Rowdy Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka in a Fijian Strap Match

Vince says this match has never been televised and there has to be a winner, as Piper is reluctant to be tied to the strap. Jesse Ventura is doing the commentary for this match, as Piper finally attaches himself to the strap. The crowd is rabid tonight, as they always were for these two, one of the better feuds of the mid eighties. We quickly start with a battle of power as both men struggle with the strap and Snuka wins, choking Piper with the strap. Piper rakes the eyes before whipping Snuka across the back with the strap. Snuka sweeps the legs and goes back to the choke, Piper fights free and rolls to the floor but Snuka drags him back in before chopping Piper down. Piper keeps trying to run but Snuka keeps pulling him back in, as we have a slugfest now, which Snuka wins and then begins strangling Piper with the strap. Piper fading out quickly but able get a thumb in the eyes and then quickly unloads on the Fijian, but the headbutt backfires. Jesse reminds us this match is no disqualification as Piper makes the big mistake of ramming Snuka into the buckles. Piper again rakes the eyes sending Snuka to the floor, Piper follows but gets pulled into the steel post. Back in the ring and Snuka pounds the daylights out of Piper and connects with the cross body for the big win. A brutal battle but the end seemed to come out of nowhere, it didn’t seem clipped either. Strange ending, as Piper attacks Snuka from behind and tosses Snuka out of the ring then hangs Snuka. The referees come out to break it up as Piper leaves to the boos of the crowd.

1. Jimmy Snuka pinned Roddy Piper 6.5/10

2. Ricky Steamboat v. Cowboy Bob Orton

This should be a good match as Steamboat can always deliver, and Orton was extremely underrated. If Orton’s kid had even a tenth of his dad’s abilities he’d be watchable, instead of doing goofy faces. Orton of course has the classic cast on the arm, which has Gorilla Monsoon very upset, as he and Gene do the commentary for this contest. Steamboat uses his speed to dazzle Orton in the beginning before locking on the armbar. Steamboat works over the arm with the cast and the crowd is going bananas, Steamboat maintains control of the left arm, as Orton is unable to fight free. Orton tries to send Steamboat into the corner, but Steamboat comes back with the chop and right back into the armbar. Orton finally breaks free with a headbutt then tosses Steamboat across the ring and connects with a nice flying head scissors. Steamboat ducks and Orton falls to the floor, but Orton grabs a drink and spits it in the face of Steamboat which helps him maintain the momentum. Orton hammers Steamboat down but takes time to gloat to the crowd before going back on the advantage with a cravat. No one sells moves like the Dragon, makes everything look painful as Orton tries to nail Steamboat with the cast and Steamboat moves. Orton quickly goes back to rear chinlock to take down Steamboat, but Steamboat comes back and unloads on Orton with the karate chops. Orton tries to comeback but Steamboat backdrops Orton and climbs the ropes. Steamboat nails the cross body and gets a near fall, Gorilla thought it was over. Orton eats another pair of chops but rakes the eyes before tossing Steamboat out. Steamboat holds the ropes and comes back in then tosses out Orton, who is slow to get back in. Steamboat distracted by the ref, allowing Orton to rake the eyes and goes for the suplex to the floor, but Steamboat reverses then goes for a splash. Orton gets the knees up and both guys are down and hurting, as Orton readjusts his cast before climbing the ropes. Steamboat staggers to his feet and Orton cracks him with the cast, drawing the disqualification. That was a pretty good match until the lame duck ending. Orton goes after Steamboat after the bell, but Steamboat chops Orton out of the ring.

2. Ricky Steamboat defeated Bob Orton via disqualification 7.5/10

3. Rene Goulet & Johnny Rodz v. The British Bulldogs

This is one of the first matches for the Bulldogs in the WWF, while Johnny and Rene are legends. Dynamite Kid and Rene start out with Dynamite using his speed to control Rene before tagging Davey Boy Smith in. Davey gets a rollup and Rodz breaks it up, Davey dropkicks Rodz into Rene and tags Kid back in. Rodz gets a cheap shot in but gets tossed from the top by Davey who follows up with a missile dropkick. Rene gets one as well from Kid, as the Bulldogs take over again. Kid tosses Rodz around the ring with suplexes but Rodz rakes the eyes and makes a tag. Goulet overpowers Kid as they double team the Brit but Rodz misses a diving headbutt, allowing Davey to be tagged in. Rodz again with a cheap shot and makes the tag, Goulet suplexes Davey down and gets a one count, he follows up with a knee to the gut. Surprised the veterans are getting so much offense on the newcomers, but again Rodz misses the diving headbutt. Kid comes in and headbutts both men, but gets caught from behind and double teamed again, as Gorilla is getting mad at the ref for allowing the double teaming. Davey catches Rodz coming off the top rope and gets powerslammed. Rene comes in and Davey puts him on his shoulders, tags in Kid who springs off the back of Goulet onto Rodz for the win. A much better match then expected, very fast paced and fun to watch.

3. The British Bulldogs defeated Rene Goulet and Johnny Rodz 5/10

4. The British Bulldogs v. The Hart Foundation

It’s a battle of Stampede stars, and this should be the star of the tape, sadly it’s joined in progress with Kid tossing Bret Hart out. Clip already to Davey and Jim Neidhart doing the test of strength, and Neidhart forces Davey to the ropes then shoots him in. Davey leaps over Neidhart and hits a nice dropkick knocking the big man down. Bret with a cheap shot to get the advantage and a double team from the Foundation takes down Davey. Gorilla threatens Jimmy Hart at ringside, as the Foundation does the Demolition finisher about two years before Demolition debut. Clip again to Neidhart holding Davey as Bret charges and Davey moves, Bret nails Neidhart. This allows the tag and Kid takes care of both men by himself, as Jimmy Hart is having a fit at ringside. Dynamite hits a nice missile dropkick on Bret then brings in Davey who follows with the running powerslam, Neidhart has to make the save as we clip again. Now it’s Bret choking Dynamite on the ropes and working over the head of the Brit. The Anvil comes in and hammers Dynamite down to the mat as the bell rings, Foundation quickly bail out of the ring. Another match that was going good but ended poorly, and the clipping was brutal. If it wasn’t clipped it would’ve been much better, but Vince had to save tape for the next segment. I’ll rate what we saw which was good, but I hope a future tape has a full match with these teams.

4. The British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation went to a draw 7/10

Time for the best of TNT, first up George Steele gets psychotherapy. This is pure cheese, as we get a therapist with a fake German accent, a shirtless Lou Albano and Vince McMahon in a lavender suit. Steele is put under with hypnosis and says he bit his tongue playing football, when he couldn’t talk the teacher called him dummy. When Steele comes out of his trance he attacks the therapist, can’t believe they included this crap instead of the entire tag match. We even get the second part of this, Steele gets electric shock therapy, as the shrink puts a stupid hat on Steele. We get stupid sound effects and Steele makes faces, finally saying “How now brown cow”. The shrink continues to increase the power, and Steele starts to shake and then snaps. Albano calls him a quack as Steele runs off the set. That was a waste of time, but Albano is always fun to watch.

5. George Steele, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo v. Big John Studd, Adrian Adonis & Bobby Heenan

This should be fun, as Windham, Rotundo and Adonis can always bring it. Adonis still in his leather phase at this point, as Steele and Heenan start, and Heenan bails as only he can. The crowd is hot for this match, and no one on the heel side wants in with Steele. Windham and Adonis lock up, and Windham tosses the former tag champion around the ring with slams and arm drags. Adonis runs into Steele who bites him, Adonis finds his corner and tags in the monstrous Big John Studd. Windham is almost the same height as Studd, but a shoulder block fails Windham, who has to use his speed and almost slams Studd. Clip to Heenan stomping Windham, but Windham tosses Heenan to the corner and pounds on him before tossing Heenan to the floor. More clipping as Rotundo in there with Studd, and Rotundo works over the arm of Studd but Studd overpowers Rotunda, and makes the tag to Adonis. Adonis controls Rotunda with a nice DDT, called a piledriver by Gorilla. The heels triple team Rotunda and Windham and Steele charge in to make the save, and all hell breaks loose. Studd saves Heenan and tosses the Animal out, and it’s three on two. Steele grabs a chair from outside and chases the heels out then nails the ref with the chair drawing the disqualification. Well, another good match with a stupid ending. Was shaping up to be fun, but again the ending tainted it.

5. Big John Studd, Adrian Adonis & Bobby Heenan defeated Mike Rotundo, Barry Windham and Bobby Heenan 6/10

Ivan Koloff v. Bruno Sammartino in a cage match for the World Title

This is truly vintage old school footage, as we join the match in progress with Bruno hammering Ivan in the corner. Ivan gets whipped into the cage and it bulges out. We get about thirty seconds of footage, so no rating.

Over to Mene Gene with David and Bruno Sammartino, as David prepare to face Brutus Beefcake. Brutus and Johnny V cut a quick promo, where Brutus says nothing. This is from Wrestlemania, and David’s only Wrestlemania match.

6. David Sammartino v. Brutus Beefcake

Bruno Sammartino is in the corner of his son, while Johnny V is in the corner of Beefcake. We clip forward to David suplexing Brutus, to the shock of Jesse, but Brutus comes back with a low blow and tosses David to the floor. Johnny slams David on the floor, and Bruno comes to his son’s rescue tossing Johnny in the ring. Brutus attacks Bruno from behind and we have chaos as Bruno and David clear the ring. The clipped version was better then the full match, as it dragged on for too long on the original broadcast.

6. David Sammartino and Brutus Beefcake went to a double disqualification 5/10

7. David & Bruno Sammartino v. Brutus Beefcake & Johnny V

Why didn’t they just do this match at Wrestlemania instead of the previous one? Gorilla says it’s been five years since Bruno has been in the ring, Beefcake and Valiant take a long time getting ready as Bruno paces. Bruno quickly takes down Valiant and send him to the floor, Brutus comes in and gets the same as Bruno clears the ring. Bruno rings the bell of both men and the crowd is electric for this, Bruno was always a favorite in the New York area. Valiant finally gets back in the ring and gets tossed around some more, as Bruno locks on the armbar before tagging in David. David maintains the armbar and gets sent in, he comes back with the shoulder, slam and back to the armbar. Brutus starts to come in and Bruno cuts him off, as David continues to work over Valiant who finally tags in Brutus. David makes the tag to his dad, and Bruno takes down Brutus with a hammerlock and works over the shoulder and arm of Brutus. Clip to David in there and Valiant finally sneaks in with a cheap shot allowing Brutus to take control. Valiant tagged in gets caught with his head down and David makes the hot tag, unloads on Valiant. A double team from David and Bruno takes down Valiant but another cheap shot gets Valiant the advantage. Brutus chokes David while Valiant has the ref distracted. Brutus comes in and hits a pair of backbreakers on David. Valiant and Brutus continue to work over the weak link of the team, but Valiant misses a corner charge and David rolls him up for the win. That came from out of nowhere, which seems to be theme tonight, but was a pretty good tag match with a very hot crowd. As I said, this should have been at Wrestlemania instead of the singles match.

7. David & Bruno Sammartino defeated Brutus Beefcake and Johnny V 7/10

Time for more TNT with King Kong Bundy and Jimmy Hart on the set. Bundy says he wishes he was more unrecognizable and Vince says Alfred had some wigs that could help. Bundy asks Jimmy his thought, and Jimmy says it’s worth a shot. Bundy tries some on and hilarity ensues, or at least in Alfred’s opinion as he cracks up and Bundy snaps.

8. Tony Garea v. King Kong Bundy

This should be a quick squash match, as Bundy was just starting to get over in WWF at this point. Bundy quickly overpowers Tony from the lockup twice, and Tony looks confused on what to do. A side headlock from Tony, but Bundy shoots him in and knocks him over with the shoulderblock twice. A third try and Tony puts the brakes on and kicks Bundy then unloads on him, but Bundy fights back with a big elbow smash. Bundy misses the elbow drop though and Tony starts to work over the legs. Bundy finally gets to his feet and wants to slow things down, as Gorilla talks about being a big man in the ring, Bundy rams Tony into the buckle. Bundy applies the rear chinlock to wear down Tony, as Jimmy continues to rile up the crowd. Tony fights free and Bundy misses the clothesline, Tony with a dropkick and quickly hammers the big man but can’t take him down. Bundy shoots Tony to the corner and follows with the massive Avalanche followed by a big splash for the win. An extended squash but at least the ending made sense this time.

8. King Kong Bundy pinned Tony Garea 5/10

9. 18 Man Battle Royal

I love battle royals, and this should be good with the lineup of stars in there. We have Masked Superstar, Moondog Rex, Samu, Mil Mascaras, David Schultz, Bob Boyer, Mr Fuji, Tiger Chung Lee, Ivan Putski, Big John Studd, Tony Atlas, Paul Orndorff, Rocky Johnson, Adrian Adonis, Jimmy Snuka, Dick Murdoch, Hulk Hogan, and Andre the Giant. Vince and Gene on commentary, as everyone is slugging it out to start, except Studd who’s standing on the floor watching. Hulk tosses out the first person, Moondog Rex, Mr Fuji being choked in the ropes by Andre. Adonis caught on the top rope and slammed down hard, while we have a dog pile in the middle of the ring with Bob Boyer on the bottom. The refs drag Bob out of the ring and call it an elimination, Studd on the apron chokes Andre while Hulk almost goes out by Adonis and Murdoch but Atlas and Putski save Hogan. Hulk sends Schultz out of the ring, as we see Boyer being stretchered out, and Chung Lee has been eliminated in the meantime. Masked Superstar and Tony Atlas tumble out of the ring, as does Orndorff. Johnson through the ropes and Orndorff smashes Rocky into the post, busting him wide open. Orndorff tosses Johnson back in the ring and Johnson gets fired up hammering everyone in sight. Johnson ducks and Samu flies out, Murdoch and Johnson spill out together. Hulk backdrops Adonis out and turns into Andre, and they lock up as Andre clobbers Hogan down. Studd tosses out the Snuka and Mil, leaving final three. As Andre and Hulk battle on the ropes Studd grabs both men and tosses them out, winning the battle royal. Hulk jumps in and challenges Studd to get in the ring, as Andre circles the ring and Studd winds up in the ring with Hogan and Andre. Studd tries to escape as the refs try to stop Hogan and Andre, who double team Studd. Studd finally escapes thanks to the refs, and Hulk and Andre act like they won the match. Was a good fast paced battle royal with a good ending and fun to see Hulk and Andre as faces go at it.

9. Big John Studd wins the Battle Royal 8/10


1. Jimmy Snuka pinned Roddy Piper 6.5/10 on July 20, 1984 from Saint Louis, MO

2. Ricky Steamboat defeated Bob Orton via disqualification 7.5/10 on July 20, 1985 from Landover, MD

3. The British Bulldogs defeated Rene Goulet and Johnny Rodz 5/10 on April 22, 1985 from New York City

4. The British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation went to a draw 7/10 on July 13, 1985 from New York City

5. Big John Studd, Adrian Adonis & Bobby Heenan defeated Mike Rotundo, Barry Windham and Bobby Heenan 6/10 on June 21, 1985 from New York City

6. David Sammartino and Brutus Beefcake went to a double disqualification 5/10 on March 31, 1985 from New York City

7. David & Bruno Sammartino defeated Brutus Beefcake and Johnny V 7/10 on May 20, 1985 from New York City

8. King Kong Bundy pinned Tony Garea 5/10 on June 21, 1985 from New York City

9. Big John Studd wins the Battle Royal 8/10 on February 10, 1984 from Saint Louis, MO

All in all another fun tape with some good matches, but the decision made no sense. The battle royal and Steamboat/Orton were great matches, this was more fun that watching the Royal Rumble. Coming up next is the WWF Amazing Managers, should be interesting.


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