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ROH Final Battle – December 23, 2011

Well, it took a while but I finally have a chance to watch the ROH PPV Final Battle. Been looking forward to this for a while, so should be a great show. Our main is for the ROH World Title, Eddie Edwards faces Davey Richards, and it should be a great battle. Steve Corino will battle Kevin Steen, The World’s Greatest Tag Team defend their titles against the Briscoe Brothers, and lots more. Hopefully in the new year ROH will start featuring some of the female athletes as well, of course it’s hard for ROH with only one hour of TV each week. This PPV has been built up great so far, even with only one hour a week of TV, as each match has had a good amount of hype and storyline, so hopefully they can deliver. It’s a long show, over four hours, so let’s get it started.

Some technical glitches right from the start as the ROH logo keeps floating over the screen while they introduce the announcers. We finally get a picture of the ring with Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness, after the ROH opener, and now no sound. This is not a good start to the PPV, as Nigel is screaming in the ring but no idea what he’s saying. The audio kicks in just as Jim Cornette welcomes the owner and the COO, not Triple H. We’re wished a happy holidays, and it’s time for the opening match, live from the Hammerstein Ballroom, the original home of RAW.

1. Michael Elgin v. T.J. Perkins

Michael Elgin comes to the ring with manager Truth Martini, will do battle with the youngster T.J. Perkins. Michael is still undefeated in ROH, and I don’t expect that to change in this match. Perkins uses his speed to stagger the big man and sends him outside, and dives onto him only to be caught and driven hard into the barricade. Here’s the first “holy shit” chant of the evening, as Elgin scores his first near fall. Elgin continues the offensive flurry hammering the smaller man down and Perkins tries to come back with speed but the power of Elgin is too much. Perkins finally able to take down the big man and connects with a flip dive to the floor. Been a pretty good big man versus little man opener, as Perkins keeps coming back with his speed but the power of Elgin keeps kicking out. Perkins making a big gamble climbing to the top rope, and Elgin catches him up but Perkins pushes him down. Elgin catches Perkins in mid air with a musclebuster but Perkins kicks out and counters the powerbomb into a leg sweep. Perkins gets caught coming off the ropes again and nailed with a big backbreaker but avoids the corner charge, connecting with the spinning neckbreaker. Perkins goes for the codebreaker, but Elgin catches him and tosses him into the buckles. Elgin goes for the powerbomb again but countered again with a beautiful reverse hurricanrana for a near fall, that was amazing. Perkins makes a mistake going for the power move, but blocks the lariat however he couldn’t block the spinning fist. A second buckle bomb followed by the spinning powerbomb finishes off Perkins. A great back and forth battle, as Perkins held his own through the whole match, great opener. Elgin walks around the ring with Martini on his shoulders and the audio goes really weird now, as we get our replay.

1. Michael Elgin pinned TJ Perkins with the spinning powerbomb 8/10

Kevin and Nigel talk about the next match with Tomasso Ciampa facing Jimmy Rave, as this is Jimmy’s first match back in a while. ROH wastes no time as we start the next match.

2. Tomasso Ciampa v. Jimmy Rave

Prince Nana with the beautiful Mia Yim escort Tomasso to the ring, and Nana wastes no time screaming at the crowd, garnering a “shut the **** up” chant from the New York crowd. Jimmy Rave makes his way down the aisle, last time I saw him was in TNA with Christy Hemme and Vance Archer, he’s got shorter hair and beard now. This will be another battle of power versus speed, Kevin says this is a battle between Embassy past and present members, a nice way to bring newcomers up to speed. Nigel asks if Ciampa has a weakness, and Kevin says he has not been truly tested yet as we get a nice sequence of scientific moves to start out. Ciampa finally catches Rave with a huge clothesline, sending Rave to the floor and Ciampa quickly follows. They battle outside the ring and Rave gets the advantage before rolling Ciampa in. Rave walks in the jaw breaker and then driven to the turnbuckle, this allows Ciampa to hit the running corner knee twice getting the first near fall of the battle. Ciampa gets caught charging into Rave with a double leg sweep into the ankle lock but Ciampa makes the ropes and crawls to the apron. Rave drives a knee into Ciampa sending him to the floor, and Rave follows with the baseball slide, but Ciampa catches him and swings Rave into the barricade. Rave comes back in with the sunset flip and a kick to the face of Ciampa, then hits the Rave Clash, a ripoff of the Styles Clash for a near fall. This starts an AJ Styles chant from the crowd, as Rave goes for something and Nana gets on the apron, offering him a spot back in the Embassy, and while the ref is distracted all hell breaks loose, but Rave fights them all off. The distraction costs Rave as he gets caught in the Project Ciampa for the win. A pretty good match, but lots of interference at the end hurts the match, Ciampa should not have needed any help for the win. More technical problems as the replay doesn’t start, as Nana puts the robe on Ciampa who stands victorious.

2. Tomasso Ciampa pinned Jimmy Rave with the Project Ciampa 6/10

Kevin and Nigel go over tonight’s TV title match as Jay Lethal defends the title against Mike Bennett and former champion El Generico, and it’s elimination rules.

3. Mike Bennett v. El Generico v. Jay Lethal for the TV Title

Mike Bennett comes out first with Brutal Bob and the always gorgeous Maria Kanellis, making her ROH debut! Kevin and Nigel talk about Maria being in Playboy and the crowd starts chanting CM Punk at her, which Kevin says who. After a lengthy amount of time we finally get all the introductions and the match starts, and Mike bails out of the ring leaving Jay and El alone in the ring, angering the crowd. Generico and Jay quickly go after him and double team Bennett, much to the chagrin of Brutal Bob and Maria. Mike bails out and both guys argue over who will dive onto him, so they both dive and nail Bennett hard. Generico and Jay in the ring and put on a clinic while Bennett is still on the floor, and Nigel says it’s stupid as they should go after the guy who’s injured, which is true. This is the problem with triple threat matches, it’s always one on one with the other guy on the floor, and that’s what it’s been so far. Bennett back in and Lethal out, now Bennett back out and Lethal in again, as Maria checks on Mike. Meanwhile in the ring Jay has a submission on Generico, who refuses to tap out so Jay releases the hold but runs into the backbreaker from Generico. Bennett now makes his way in and tosses Generico to the floor then crushes Jay in the corner and follows with a legdrop but forgets to cover the champ. Bennett gets dropkicked out of the ring, which allows Generico to hit a cross body on the champion for a near fall, as we’re back to Jay and Generico while Bennett is on the floor with Maria. Generico takes down Lethal and Bennett sneaks back in but gets caught. Lethal takes out both Generico and Bennett with the kicks, but misses the corner charge on Generico. Generico hits the suplex into the buckles on Lethal, and now Bob pulls Generico out. Bennett hides behind Bob, and Generico tosses Bob aside, so Bennett hides behind Maria. The distraction costs Generico, as Bennett nails him and goes after Lethal. Bennett takes out Lethal and hits a TKO on Generico but eats a kick from Lethal and all three are down. Bob and Maria check on Bennett as Lethal takes out Generico with the Lethal Combination for a near fall. Bennett sneaks up on Lethal and hits the spinebuster, almost pinning the champion. Lethal rolls out and Generico catches Bennett with the Yakuza kick into the Michinoku Driver for a near fall of his own. Lethal hits a kick on Generico and climbs the ropes, but Generico catches him with the Yakuza sending Jay to the floor. Generico hits the most amazing move I’ve ever seen as he springs from one rope to the other to dive onto Lethal, earning the “holy shit” chant. Generico tosses Bennett in and almost pins him, Lethal catches Generico from behind with the neckbreaker. Lethal quickly goes for the Hail to the King, Macho Man elbow, and connects but Generico kicks out again! Lethal slams Generico and climbs up again, but Generico catches him, but Bennett nails Generico from behind and rolls him up with the tights for the pin. Lethal quickly hits the Lethal Injection on Bennett to score the win. A pretty good three way match, but what was with the ending? It came out of nowhere, as both pins were within seconds of each other. The finish felt rushed, but the match was still fun, and always happy to see Maria! After the match Jay offers the hand to Generico and Generico shakes his hand, classy ending, rare to see that anymore.

3. Jay Lethal defeated Mike Bennett and El Generico to retain the TV Title 7.5/10

Nigel and Kevin talk about the next match of Kevin Steen versus Steve Corino, as Jim Cornette and special ref Jimmy Jacobs head to the ring.

4. Kevin Steen v. Steve Corino with Jimmy Jacobs as ref

This should be a bloody match, and it’s been built for over a year, hope it can live up to the hype. Steen comes out through the crowd, stealing Sandman’s gimmick, as the announcers say he is not a part of ROH. We start, as expected, with a slugfest and a nice dropkick sends Steen to the floor. Steen gets the advantage on the floor sending Corino to the post and connects with a cannonball from the apron, impressive for a big guy. Steen misses a second running move and hits the post, allowing Corino to hammer the big man. Corino throws some chairs in the ring and then drives the chair into Steen’s head, a second attempt fails as Steen superkicks the chair into Corino. Back on the floor and Steen powerbombs Corino into the ring apron, then climbs on the apron delivering a frog splash to the floor. Steen throws the table into the ring but continues the offense on the floor. A chair gets set up across the corner of the barricade, and Corino gets powerbombed through the chair, that was brutal. Steen gets in Nigel’s face, as he plays his loose cannon character very well, as Nigel calls him the loose cannon just as I typed that! Corino rolls into the ring, as Steen sets a table between the apron and barricade before getting in the ring. Steen goes for another powerbomb, but Corino fights back and a lariat takes the big man down. Corino grabs a trash can and tosses it in the ring, hitting Steen, then a few chairs too, that hit Steen as well. Steen cracks the skull of Corino with the trash can lid, then puts the lid on Corino’s head and hits a cannonball. Steen gets in the face of Jim Cornette before going back after a now bloodied Corino. Corino gets a low blow on Steen then hammers him with the trash can and then a suplex on the trash can. Corino piles the chairs in the center of the ring and slams Steen on top of them before he climbs up top and hits the Superfly Splash for a near fall. The crowd starts the dueling chants as Corino sets up four chairs in the ring and then the barricade on top of that, before going back after Steen, who slides to the apron. Steen climbs the ropes and Corino catches him and superplexes Steen through the barricade, but Steen kicks out of the cover! Steen crawls out of the ring, onto the table he set up between the rail and apron, and Corino looking under the ring for something. Corino changes his mind and climbs the ropes, but Steen catches him this time and shoves Corino to the floor. Steen grabs some chairs and sets one on the table and hits Corino with the other one. Steen goes back to piling chairs on the table as Corino battles to his feet, only to be slammed into the post. Steen pulls Corino up top with him and goes for a superplex but Corino fights free and nails Steen with the trash can lid, sending Steen crashing through the table and chairs. The crowd starts a we want fire chant, as Corino throws the limp carcass of Steen in the ring and covers, but Steen kicks out again. Corino sets up a table across the face of Steen and drives a second one into it, then sets another chair up. Steen blocks the suplex and counters with one of his own then the Exploder Suplex on the chair, but now Corino kicks out, this is brutally amazing. Steen grabs a chair as Corino is on his knees and slams the chair over Corino’s head for another two count. Steen points at Cornette and throws Jimmy out of the way, but Jimmy grabs the chair away from Steen. Corino cracks Steen with something and gets another near fall, as Cornette is beside himself at ringside. Corino again sets up three chairs as Jimmy tosses some more in for him to set up, Corino finally has four chairs set up. Corino climbs on top and Steen hits the low blow, the quickly connects with the package piledriver through the chairs and Jimmy reluctantly counts three. Steen is now reinstated with ROH after an amazing brawl. One of the best garbage style matches in years, some brutal moves and just amazing. Steen calls for the microphone and says “Merry Christmas, the devil is back”, then says he had three goals. Destroy Steve Corino and win his job back, check, and number two, he drops the microphone and nails Jimmy Jacobs with a package piledriver. Nigel asks what is number three, as Cornette checks on Jimmy and Steen looks at Cornette. Steen goes after Cornette and goes for the package piledriver but El Generico makes the save, and we have a slugfest. Generico hits the Yakuza kick on Steen followed by the top rope brainbuster attempt but Steen pushes him to the apron. Steen quickly grabs Generico and hits a package piledriver from the apron through the table to the floor, holy shit chant number three of the match. Kevin Kelly screaming for help as Steen stands proud in the middle of the ring. It sucks to be whoever has to follow this match, as this was insane. Nigel goes to check on Generico as Steen heads backstage, we got bodies all around the ring area as medical personally called to ringside.

4. Kevin Steen pinned Steve Corino with the package piledriver 9/10

As the ring is cleared of all the bodies Kevin Kelly sends us to intermission. We come back for the announcement of the teams in the tag team gauntlet tonight, Future Shock, Bravado Brothers, All Night Express, Caprice & Cedric, and The Young Bucks who I predict to win.

5. Contenders Cup Gauntlet Match

The first team in the match are Lancelot and Harlem Bravado, as Kelly recaps the situation with Generico who’s been taken out in an ambulance. Team number two, Caprice & Cedric, make their way to the ring as the crowd seems not to excited. I think they’re burned out from the previous match, sucks for these guys. Bravado Brothers attack Caprice and Cedric before the bell but they make a quick comeback and Cedric dives onto both Bravadoes on the floor. In the ring and Cedric and Caprice double team Lance, while Harlem is still down on the floor, but is able to pull the ropes down sending Cedric to the floor. Now the Bravadoes double team Caprice in the ring and a nice belly to belly almost eliminates C&C. Caprice pulls Lance out and then takes out Harlem, Caprice with a sit out powerbomb for a near fall. A series of pin attempts finally costs Harlem as Cedric makes the cover and eliminates the Bravadoes, bringing out team number three, Future Shock, Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly. Kyle and Adam quickly work over the tired Cedric with a series of double team moves and almost eliminate the young team. Caprice makes the blind tag, and they hit a nice double team move almost pinning Kyle, the match has picked up now, as now Adam makes a blind tag and hits the Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Future Shock continue to work over Caprice who finally makes the hot tag and Cedric takes over for his team. A nice double team on Adam, then on Kyle who almost gets pinned. Caprice runs into a big kick from Adam, and now a double team on Cedric. Future Shock hit the Inside Out on Cedric for the elimination. Team number four comes out, it’s The Young Bucks, who get caught before they even get in the ring. We have chaos on the floor and apron, as Nick hits a stunner on the apron on Adam, followed by the frog splash from Matt gets a near fall. The Young Bucks continue to work over Adam with a series of double team moves, but Adam starts to fight his way free but a cheap shot takes him down again. Adam catches both Bucks charging in with a boot and makes the hot tag to Kyle, who takes out Nick then sends both Bucks into each other. A series of strikes takes down Matt, and a belly to belly for Nick, as he takes out both Bucks. The rolling Butterfly Suplexes, a series of nine, takes out Nick, then a nice double team German Suplex almost gets Matt pinned. Adam sent out of the ring but he pulls out Nick and suplexes Nick on the apron. Kyle misses a dive into Nick and Matt gets hammered by Adam, but he runs into the stereo superkicks. More Bang For Your Buck finishes off Adam Cole, and the final team makes their way out, The All Night Express. Nick misses the dive and they destroy him, then unload on Matt. In the ring and Kenny hits the corner splash, but Nick pulls Titus out of the ring and drives his injured knee into the post. Kenny all alone with both Bucks now and they quickly take advantage of him, taking the occasional shot at Titus on the floor. Stomach Breaker followed by a neck breaker almost gets the win for the Bucks, as Titus is still down on the floor. Kenny blocks the superkick and suplexes Nick down hard, as Titus crawls into the corner finally. Titus tagged in and takes out both Bucks, but he’s having a hard time standing but hits the sit out powerbomb on Nick. However they double team Titus again, but Kenny makes the save and takes out Nick with the Coronation. Matt and Kenny go tumbling to the cement, Nick kicks Titus in the leg but he comes back with the clothesline. Matt from behind takes out the knee off Titus, and locks on the spinning toe hold. Nick hits the 450 splash while Matt still has the submission on Titus and the ref stops the match. Nick hits a second 450 splash, and Kenny makes the save with a chair. Not a bad match, picked up after the Bravadoes elimination, a good way to showcase all the teams of ROH. The ref and Kenny help Rhett to the backstage area.

5. Matt and Nick Jackson won the Tag Team Gauntlet 7/10

Kevin and Nigel talk about tonight’s Roderick Strong Invitational Challenge, Nigel says Roderick did not want to wrestle him.

6. Roderick Strong Invitational Challenge

Depending on who the surprise opponent is this could be either a great moment or a waste of time. Roderick says it’s a shame that on the biggest show of the year he has no opponent, and after eight years the talent list they sent him was pathetic. Roderick tells the ref to count to ten and ring the bell, as Truth starts to count, while insulting the crowd. When he gets to nine the building goes dark, and out comes Chris Hero, and the place explodes. I thought he was supposed to be coming to the WWE, but this should be a great match. Roderick tries for the shoulderblock twice and no one moves, Hero flips over the ropes and catches Roderick with a big boot. Kelly mocks Truth asking how he let this happen, as Hero chops Roderick in the corner. Hero slows it down with a cravat but Roderick fights back and runs into Hero’s boot. Hero follows him outside, but gets nailed by Truth with his big book, and this gives Roderick the chance to work over Hero. Roderick tosses Hero in the ring and stomps a mudhole in him, but misses the corner however Roderick drives Hero back in the corner. Roderick sends Hero out of the ring and Truth gets involved again, as Roderick sends Hero into the barricade before throwing him back in the ring. Roderick relentless as he stomps on Hero each time he starts to get up, but Hero finally makes it to his feet and dropkicks Roderick down. Roderick bails out and Hero goes to dive after him, but Roderick moves, however Roderick holds the ropes and pulls himself back in then baseball slides into the face of Roderick before tossing him back in. Hero sets Roderick up top and hits the top rope stunner and Roderick kicks out. Hero gets caught on the top rope and Roderick drops him over the top rope with a backbreaker, that was brutal looking, and quickly locks on the Stronghold. Hero kicks free and hits a cravat suplex then follows with a corner forearm and a spinning elbow for a near fall. Hero goes for the moonsault and lands on him feet but runs into a boot and Roderick with the German Suplex into the buckle followed by the Gibson Driver for a near fall, an amazing sequence of moves just then. Roderick hits the knee but Hero comes back with a pair of roaring elbows and a spinning boot but Roderick again kicks out. Hero hits the Death Blow, roaring elbow to the back of the head, and covers, but Truth breaks up the pin. Hero makes the mistake by going after Truth, which allows Roderick to roll him up, but Hero kicks him off almost into Truth. Hero goes for the boot and Roderick moves, Hero nails Truth but turns around into the Sick Kick which gets Roderick the win. Amazing match with some brutal shots, one of the best matches of 2011. Going to be hard to top this, but we still have the World’s Greatest Tag Team facing Briscoes and the battle of the American Wolves.

6. Roderick Strong pinned Chris Hero with the Sick Kick 9.75/10

Kevin and Nigel recap the feud between the Briscoes and WGTT.

7 World’s Greatest Tag Team v. The Briscoe Brothers for the World Tag Team Titles

This has been built up for the last six months and should be a hell of a battle. Haas and Benjamin attack the Briscoes before the bell using the belts and we have a massive brawl to start the match. Haas and Benjamin refuse to get in the ring as they hammer the Briscoes into the barricades and all around the ringside area, as the bell has yet to ring. Haas slams a chair across the back of Jay while Shelton cracks Mark with a chair, Haas throws Jay in and follows. Haas unloads with the chair on Jay, as Shelton tosses Mark into the chair Charlie is holding. The Briscoes have no idea what is going on at this point, now Charlie tosses Mark into the chair that Shelton swings. Haas and Mark continue to battle on the floor, Shelton unloads with the chair on Jay, Haas backdrops Mark into the barricade. Haas and Benjamin switch places and continue the destruction, Shelton comes back in and Haas holds Jay while Shelton drives the chair into his ribs. Shelton how holds Jay and Charlie cracks Jay as Mark tries to get in the ring and eats the chair. Jay tries to fight back and takes a chairshot to the head, busting him open and Charlie smashes the chair over his head again. The ref still trying to get the match started, but Haas and Benjamin are relentless as the Briscoes are being torn apart. The crowd is furious with Haas and Benjamin, as they continue to destroy the Briscoes and connect with the leap of faith on Jay. Mark comes back in as the bell rings and he tries to fight both guys, but Shelton hits the DDT on Mark. Jay finally back in takes out Shelton and gets in the face of Haas, as they slug it out, but Jay runs into the big boot from Haas sending him to the floor. Shelton hits a Stinger splash on Mark, but injures the ribs and Mark spears him down then tags in Jay. Jay clobbers Haas and then they double team Shelton across the ring. Now the Briscoes work over the injured ribs of Shelton but Shelton able to make the tag and Charlie takes out both Briscoes. Shelton with a nice Exploder Suplex on Jay getting a near fall, Haas follows up with the powerslam and Mark breaks up the pin. Shelton takes out Mark and another double team on Jay gets another near fall. Mark pulls Shelton out and tosses him into the barricade, as Charlie gets double teamed now by the Briscoes. The Briscoes ready Charlie for something but Shelton pulls out Mark and Charlie backdrops Jay then hits a series of German Suplexes. Charlie locks in the Haas of Pain on Jay Briscoe, but Mark dives off the top rope, however Shelton blocks the shot injuring himself. Shelton rolls to the floor, and the ref goes to check on him, as the Briscoes alone with Haas now. Shelton is helped to the back, leaving Haas all alone now and the Briscoes are relentless. Haas catches the Briscoes with their heads down and boots Jay then drops Mark, right on top of the ref as Shelton makes his way back to ringside. Shelton grabs a board from under the ring and smashes it over the head of Mark, splitting it in half. Haas and Benjamin each have a piece of wood and unload on Jay Briscoe. The WGTT go for the Doomsday Device, but Mark smashes the wood into Shelton and Jay superkicks Charlie. The Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device on Haas and score the win and the titles! An brutal brawl from start to finish, one of the best tag matches of 2011. The Briscoes win their seventh tag team title, what a contest.

7. The Briscoe Brothers defeated World’s Greatest Tag Team for the Tag Titles 10/10

Nigel and Kevin go over the story leading to our main event, as it’s time for the main event of the night.

8. Eddie Edwards v. Davey Richards for the ROH World Titles

This should be a true mat classic, however following that amazing tag match is going to be a chore for these two, however they did give them almost forty five minutes. Eddie comes out with his trainer Dan Severn and a nice ovation from the crowd, while Davey comes out with Team Richards. They start out face to face in the center of the ring and shake hands and the bell rings, Eddie quickly charges with a boot and Davey fires back, but Eddie goes for the Dragon Sleeper. Neither guy connects with their feet and we have a stalemate. Both men jockey for position with submission holds and Davey gets the early advantage with a reverse figure four but Eddie makes the ropes. Kevin asks Nigel about coming into the show as champion, and Nigel says it’s difficult with the pressure being on the champion. Davey again goes for the ankle lock and Eddie quickly to the ropes, as Davey snapmares Eddie down and into the armbar. Davey comes off the ropes and Eddie catches him with belly to belly, sending Davey to the floor. Eddie goes after him and they exchange chops, but Eddie tossed into the barricade and Davey connects with the boot to Eddie’s face. Back in the ring and Eddie takes control again hammering Davey in the corner with chops and headbutts, but Davey fires back with forearms. Eddie charges Davey who backdrops him to the floor and goes for the running knee, but Eddie ducks and Davey hits a back kick knocking down Eddie. Davey spring back in the ring and dives through the ropes, driving Eddie into the barricade then tosses him back in the ring. Davey hits a belly to belly and covers for a near fall, Eddie pulls himself up in the corner and Davey charges with a big knee but Eddie blocks the German Suplex. Davey blocks the kick and rolls into the ankle lock but Eddie kicks him off and catches Davey in the Single Leg crab countered to a small package. That was an amazing sequence of counters, this has been an amazing match so far. Both men exchange forearms in the middle of the ring, with neither guy backing down and Eddie able to send Davey out and follows with a moonsault but Eddie smashes him knee on the barricade. Eddie luckily is not hurt as he throws Davey in and goes for the double stomp but Davey moves. Eddie comes back with a backpack jawbreaker for a near fall on the champion, both men exchange pin attempts as Eddie rolls into the STF. Eddie releases the hold and goes for the ankle lock instead, but Davey kicks his way free however Eddie holds the arm and stomps the crap out of the champion. Eddie pulls off the elbow pad, and both men are face to face again and exchanging slaps now, Eddie chops Davey but Davey catches the arm and unloads on the champion. Davey off the ropes into the superkick, but Davey counters with the lariat and covers. A second lariat only gets a two count, as Davey climbs up top and hits the double stomp across the back followed by the big boot and a second stomp to the gut gets a near fall. Davey pulls Eddie up and sets him on the top rope and Eddie headbutts Davey repeatedly, they exchange shots again but Davey pops off the enziguiri staggering the challenger. Davey hits the superplex and rolls through and suplexes Eddie over the top, and both men tumble hard to the cement. Both men are slow to get up and struggle to get in the ring at nineteen, and again they exchange chops and boots as both men are completely drained. Davey unloads with a series of kicks in the corner but Eddie comes back with a series of chops, back to Davey with the kicks and Eddie slumps down in the corner. Davey unable to follow up as he struggles to catch his breath, and Eddie gets back up and face to face again in the center of the ring. Another series of kicks and knees to the head from Davey, followed by a backdrop driver but Eddie comes back with one of his own, each man retaliates with another one. Eddie catches Davey with the dragon suplex, and both men are slow to rise. Eddie off the ropes into the inverted drop but Eddie hits the knee to the face and both men are down. Suddenly Roderick Strong makes his way to ringside and Team Richards confronts him and Roderick destroys them, but here comes Severn who clobbers Roderick. This brings out Elgin and Severn hammers him, as the House of Truth come out and we have chaos on the floor. Severn grabs Truth and drags him backstage, while team Richards brawl with the House of Truth to the backstage area. Back in the ring and both men are face to face again and exchange forearms and boots, both men are staggered as Eddie goes for the dragon suplex and sends Davey right into the buckle. The ref starts to count as both men are down and out, Eddie first man up pulls Davey up and sets him on the top rope. Eddie follows and goes for a dragon suplex from the top rope, but Davey fights him off but Eddie charges back up with a big knee. Eddie snaps off the top rope hurricanrana followed by a powerbomb and sit-out powerbomb but Davey still kicks out! Eddie kicks him in the side of the head and Davey crumples to the mat, quickly locking on the Dragon Sleeper, but Davey fights free and rolls Eddie up but Eddie kicks out. Eddie back to the Dragon Sleeper and into the tombstone piledriver followed by the Die Hard, a muscle buster, but Davey kicks out again! Eddie pulls Davey off the mat and again sets him on the top rope but Davey blocks the superplex and goes for the sunset powerbomb but Eddie blocks. Davey hammers the back of Eddie while seated on the top rope and hits a top rope dragon suplex, but Eddie kicks out this time. Eddie crawls to the apron and Davey goes after him and goes for another dragon suplex, but Eddie fights free but runs into an Exploder Suplex on the apron, drawing a well earned holy shit chant. Eddie makes it back in at nineteen but gets a big knee to the head sending Eddie back to the apron. Davey quickly hits the dragon suplex on the apron and waits patiently in the corner as the ref counts, but Eddie again back in at nineteen. Davey looks frustrated, as Eddie crawls across the ring, Davey waits for Eddie to get to his knees and hits a series of kicks and covers for the near fall again. Davey applies the ankle lock but Eddie counters to a roll up, however Davey counters back to the ankle lock and quickly hits the running knee for another near fall. Davey unloads with more stiff kicks to the head of Eddie and covers and this time Eddie cannot kick out. Match of the year, no contest, probably the best match I’ve seen since Steamboat versus Flair, one of the greatest matches ever. Davey grabs the microphone and says everyone knows how tough Eddie is and whatever happens he’ll always be his friend. This brings out Kevin Steen to mock Davey who says he will take Davey apart, as team Richards holds Davey back. Steen says in 2012 he will win the title and hold ROH hostage because he is the anti-Christ of wrestling.

8. Davey Richards pinned Eddie Edwards to retain the World Title 10/10


1. Michael Elgin pinned TJ Perkins with the spinning powerbomb 8/10

2. Tomasso Ciampa pinned Jimmy Rave with the Project Ciampa 6/10

3. Jay Lethal defeated Mike Bennett and El Generico to retain the TV Title 7.5/10

4. Kevin Steen pinned Steve Corino with the package piledriver 9/10

5. Matt and Nick Jackson won the Tag Team Gauntlet 7/10

6. Roderick Strong pinned Chris Hero with the Sick Kick 9.75/10

7. The Briscoe Brothers defeated World’s Greatest Tag Team for the Tag Titles 10/10

8. Davey Richards pinned Eddie Edwards to retain the World Title 10/10

Looking past the technical glitches of the show, this was hands down the best PPV. Not just of the year but pretty much of all time. The final three matches were amazing and blew away anything from WWE from the last ten years and ever in TNA. The Steen/Corino match was a sick brawl, something we haven’t seen since the days of Foley and Undertaker, but done even better here. The Roderick/Hero match was damn close to perfect if it wasn’t for the interference. The Tag and World Title matches were sheer excellence as you had no idea who would win till the end. I would have given the triple threat match a higher rating if the ending didn’t seem so odd, it just seemed rushed. As for the tag team gauntlet, would’ve rather just had a regular tag match with Young Bucks and All Night Express. Overall I’d call this a successful night for ROH and I can’t wait to watch the next episode of the show. There hasn’t been a PPV this exciting since Wrestlemania 17, this is a blueprint that all companies should follow for PPV, no interviews or comedy segments, just quality matches. I only wish we could have had a women’s match, since they usually use talent from SHIMMER. Still nothing to complain about here, the show ran close to five hours and was excellent. Highly recommend to any wrestling to see this show, or at least the Steen/Corino and final three matches.


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