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ROH TV – December 17, 2011
February 6, 2012, 8:47 pm
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After a lengthy hiatus I’m back with the ROH TV recaps. This is the final episode before the PPV, Final Battle, so we should have everything built to the big night. The previous episode featured three very good matches, two tag and one single, as ROH continues to shine each week. This week should be no exception, so let’s get started.

Following the opening video Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the Davies arena, Michael Elgin will face Davey Richards in a proving ground match. First we get comments from Richards’ PPV opponent Eddie Edwards who talks about training with Dan Severn. Eddie says no one will get in his way or distract him.

1. Andy “Right Leg” Ridge v. Eddie Edwards

What kind of nickname is Right Leg? Seriously? That is just bizarre sounding. This should be a complete dismantling of the young guy, anything else will make the number one contender look weak. Truth Martini joins us on commentary and now claims to be backing Richards, after getting tossed aside by Edwards. So far it’s been a pretty even match, as the youngster is keeping off with Eddie. Eddie finally gets a hold of Ridge and chops him, but Ridge comes back with chops of his own. Ridge does some impressive kicks, reminds me of Lo-Ki, but Eddie comes back with a big belly to belly suplex into a submission hold,. but Ridge gets the ropes. A much more aggressive Edwards now he’s training with the Beast, but Ridge with a series of kicks stuns Edwards, getting Ridge a near fall. We get a nice series of counters including an impressive slingshot stunner, but Eddie retaliates with a lariat. Eddie hits a quick powerbomb into the dragon sleeper for the submission win. A much better match then expected, very competitive and fast paced. Truth at ringside now, applauds Eddie who looks confused.

1. Eddie Edwards defeated Andy Ridge via submission 7/10

Kevin and Nigel go over the feud between the World’s Greatest Tag Team and the Briscoe Brothers. They then recap the card for Final Battle, which looks amazing, recap coming this week. More recaps of Edwards and Richards storyline, which may conclude at the PPV.

2. Michael Elgin v. Davey Richards in a Proving Ground Match

This is our main event for tonight, and should be a great battle. Elgin tries to use his power to control the champion, but Davey able to avoid the bigger man and stun him with a nice dropkick. Davey shows his strategy as he begins to work over the legs of Elgin but runs into a spinning side slam and almost gets pinned. Elgin continues the offense on the champion before tossing him outside, allowing Truth to rake Davey’s eyes. Davey finally gets back on the offense, sending Elgin to the floor and then dives through the ropes on top of him, impressive. Coming back from the commercial and it’s a slugfest which Davey wins and sends Elgin back outside, but Elgin blocks the running knee from the apron. Elgin quickly nails a muscle buster on the cement, personally that should be the end of the match, but Richards makes it back in at nine. Elgin hits a vicious backbreaker slam for a near fall, and follows that with a cradle piledriver that just looked painful. Davey once again able to kick out and Elgin stalks the champion, and readies for the spinning powerbomb, but Davey fights free and hits a double stomp on Elgin. Richards gets Elgin on the top rope and follows, but Elgin fights him off, however Davey is relentless and continues to hammer the big man. Richards drops Elgin down hard with the top rope superplex, and both men are slow to get up. Elgin begins to Hulk up, as Davey hits a pair of running boots but no effect on the monster. Another slugfest ensues and both men collapse, and again are slow to rise up, as we continue where they left off with a series of strikes back and forth. Kevin mention we have less then four minutes remaining, as Davey hammers Elgin in the corner with kicks but Elgin comes back. Davey ducks the clothesline and hits a nice dragon suplex for a near fall. Truth distracts Davey allowing Elgin to go for a suplex, but Davey lands on his feet. Davey takes down the big man, leaps to the apron, takes out Truth and hits the double stomp on Elgin for a near fall. Davey with the stiff kick and goes for the arm bar, but Elgin tries to block it as the clock continues to tick down. Elgin powers Richards up, but Davey goes up and over into a sunset flip and scores the win with a minute left. Truth comes in the ring and this allows Elgin to nail Richards, suplexing him down hard in the middle of the ring. Edwards comes out to make the save and goes to nail Elgin with the title, but Elgin spots him and tossed Richards into the belt. We have a stare down between Richards and Edwards which quickly breaks down to a brawl, and Edwards locks on the Dragon Sleeper. The locker room empties to break up the battle, as we fade to black as Jim Cornette jumps in the ring to separate the two men. .

2. Davey Richards pinned Michael Elgin 7.5/10

A good show to finish the build to the PPV, as the focus was on the men in the main event who each won their match. A great stare down and battle to end the show, and build up hype for the match. This could be one of the best matches in years. PPV recap coming soon.


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