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WWE Superstars – December 29, 2011

It’s been a hectic week, but finally going to get somewhat caught up on WWE shows. As for the ROH, I finally got a copy of the PPV, so a recap is forthcoming. Tonight we have the final Superstars of 2011, headlined by Air Boom versus Curt Hawkins and one of my favorites, Tyler Reks. On RAW this week we had CM Punk defeated by Dolph Ziggler, which sets up the match for the first RAW of the new year. I expect Punk will win, and then we get the return of Canada’s greatest wrestler, Chris Jericho. Also on RAW Kane called out John Cena, and once again we got a similar promo like Piper did a few weeks ago, basically telling Cena to embrace the Dark Side. With the friendship between Ryder and Cena, a great way to turn Cena heel is to have him suddenly snap during a tag match and beat down Ryder, ala Paul Orndorff turning on Hulk Hogan in 1986. A heel Cena would reinvigorate the character and the product, plus give Cena some new rivals. We could have a new corporate Cena with John Laurinaitis to feud with the ultra face CM Punk, would be similar to Mick Foley joining with Vince McMahon to feud with Steve Austin. The promos between heel Cena and Punk would be pure gold as well. Finally, according to on-line rumors it looks like our top three matches for Mania will be Cena/Rock, HHH/Undertaker again and Big Show/Shaquille O’Neil. Not a single match I want to see there, so it it’s true Wrestlemania will be a bust for me, unless we get a Punk/Jericho match with plenty of time. Anyways, let’s get to the final Superstars for this year and what should be a great tag team main event.

1. Yoshi Tatsu v. Tyson Kidd

Remember when they were pushing Tatsu? What the hell happened to that? He got depushed as quick as Kofi Kingston after the Randy Orton incident. Kidd should not be opening Superstars, or doing mixed tag match, he should be in the upper level feuding with Daniel Bryan. A thirty minute match between those two would be the best match since Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat and Wrestlemania III. Tatsu uses his speed to dazzle Kidd, but gets caught coming off the top rope and now Kidd has the momentum. Tatsu fights back and both men go down, both are slow to get up, Kidd up first but gets caught by Tatsu. Tatsu hits the knee to the face and gets a near fall, very cool looking. Tatsu goes for the spin kick, but Kidd kicks out the knee. Kidd hits the Brainbuster, but somehow Tatsu kicks out, that should have been the end as it looked painful. Kidd sets Tatsu on the top rope, but Tatsu headbutts him down and follows down with the spinning kick for the win. A great fast paced opening match, love to see what these two could do with twenty minutes or more.

1. Yoshi Tatsu pinned Tyson Kidd with the top rope spin kick 7.5/10

2. Trent Barretta v. Darren Young

Here’s another guy I just don’t care about, Darren Young. He’s right up there with that useless mass of flesh called Alex Riley. So far it’s all been DY, as he works over the back of Trent, including a nice back suplex on the apron. I’ll give him that, it looked brutal but I still don’t like him. DY slows the match down with a classic Sid move, the rear chinlock. Trent finally fights free but gets sent into the buckle hard, and more slow moving DY offense. Guys like these two are the reason why gimmicks need to come back, neither guy really has a discernible character, thus making it hard for the crowd to get into the match. DY is the heel, but why, because he’s cocky, not a good enough reason for me. Trent fights free of DY on the top rope and hits that awesome moonsault for the near fall, love that moonsault, looks better then anything Mysterio has done in the last five years. DY misses the corner charge and Trent climbs the ropes, but DY hits the ropes. Trent gets the advantage back as the battle up top, but DY gets Trent on his shoulders and hits the Gut Check, a top rope stomach breaker. Wasn’t a bad match, but DY just doesn’t impress me in the ring. Would rather have had Trent versus Drew, as Drew is one of the most underrated in the company.

2. Darren Young defeated Trent Barretta with the Gut Check 2/10

3. Alex Riley v. JTG

Is this someone’s idea of a joke, an Alex Riley match after a Darren Young match? If he faces JTG I’m fast forwarding, JTG is the worst in the WWE. Here comes JTG, so I’m not sitting through this crap.Skip forward and Riley hits the Spinebuster and the Final Score, aka the TKO for the win. Whatever, drive on through to the next match.

3. Alex Riley defeated JTG with the Final Score NO RATING

4. Air Boom v. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins in a non-title match

Finally we get four guys with talent, after two lackluster matches. Air Boom gets the early advantage on Hawkins, as they use their speed to control him. Reks finally tagged in and unloads on Evan, who gets to play Ricky Morton this week, but Bourne uses his speed to nail Reks and tags in Kofi. Reks overpowers Kofi in the corner but again the speed of Air Boom helps them. Reks powers back with a nice suplex and tags in Hawkins. Hawkins continues to unload on Kingston, this kid is so underrated, he’s amazing in the ring. Reks has everything WWE could want in a star, big, monster, unique look, can cut a promo, so why is he in a lower mid card tag team? Hawkins slides out of the ring and taunts Kofi, but Kofi dives into him. Reks comes around the corner and eats a double knee from Bourne, amazing sequence as we go to commercial. We come back and Bourne controls Hawkins and climbs the ropes, but Reks distracts Bourne. The ref busy with Kofi and Reks hits a nice move allowing Hawkins to get a near fall. Reks legally in now and chokes down the much smaller man. This has been an amazing match, even better then last week. Reks hits a spinning neckbreaker with a forearm across the chest, getting another near fall. Bourne is the face in peril as the Rekking Crew has full control of the champions, and the crowd solidly behind Air Boom. Evan finally makes the hot tag to Kofi who nails Reks with a diving clothesline. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on the big man, tags in Bourne who connects with the Shooting Star for the win. A great tag team match, as expected, but I wish Reks/Hawkins had won, even by DQ just to continue this feud.

4. Air Boom defeated Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins 8/10


1. Yoshi Tatsu pinned Tyson Kidd with the top rope spin kick 7.5/10

2. Darren Young defeated Trent Barretta with the Gut Check 2/10

3. Alex Riley defeated JTG with the Final Score NO RATING

4. Air Boom defeated Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins 8/10

Well, we started out good, but the middle was horrible. It was like the Christmas present from Hell with those two middle matches. I hated giving Trent a low rating, but Young dragged him down to his slow paced level. Hope I never see another episode of Superstars with those three (DY, Riley & JTG) back to back. Thankfully Reks/Hawkins/Kofi/Bourne saved the day as I expected. It’s nice to see the tag team division back in force, we have Air Boom, Rekking Crew, Usos and Hunico/Epico. If they put a few more mid-carders together to make some more tag teams we’ll have a great division again. Then maybe we can focus on the semi-dead Diva division, which has only two real wrestlers, Beth and Natty. Much like TLC the beginning and end was great but the middle was sub-par at best.


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