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WWE TLC – December 18, 2011

Here we go with the final PPV for the WWE of 2011, TLC. Before we get going on the PPV, I want to mention one thing I found out from this week’s Superstars. The mystery man who accompanied Hunico to the ring on the bicycle was none other then the son of former WWE star Haku, which is cool, as I always liked Haku, As of now there has been no announcement of any John Cena involvement, which makes me happy. The Ziggler/Ryder match should be the match of the night, while Nash/HHH will be the worst of the night. I assume we will get at least one more match added to the PPV tonight, as we have no diva match or tag title match. They wasted the tag title match on the under-appreciated Superstars this week, where Air Boom lost to the new Mexicools. The RAW title match between Miz, ADR and Punk probably won’t be very good, I don’t expect ADR to win as they seem to have lost interest in him. The other title match with Henry and Show is going to be boring as well, we’ve seen this match enough times, it needs to end tonight, and move Henry into another feud leading into the Royal Rumble. Booker and Cody should be a good match, as it looks like Booker is pretty intent on bringing it tonight, however I don’t expect him to win the title. Cody should retain the gold and they can maybe resume the storyline between him and DiBiase, since DiBiase is highly underused right now. I still expect Chris Jericho to return on the first episode of the new year, and hopefully we get a feud between him and Punk, as the promos alone would be fantastic and a main event match between them at Wrestlemania would be awesome. However before we get to Wrestlemania, and even the Rumble, we need to get through TLC.

We get a cute little opening video set to the classic Christmas tale, "The Night Before Christmas." As always a great job done by the people that make these videos. Of course the first face shown is Cena, which is sad since he’s not scheduled for the show. I don’t know I’m going to sit through three more hours of Michael Cole, after all he’s been on the last seven hours of shows this week. Cole and Lawler get interrupted by the Ultimate Heat Magnet, aka Vickie Guerrero, as we head to our opening match.

1. Dolph Ziggler v. Zack Ryder for the US Title

As much as I like Dolph, Zack needs to win here or his push is doomed. I’d like to see Dolph lose here and rebound back with a surprise win at the Royal Rumble. It’s time to push Dolph to the next level, strike while the iron is still hot. The crowd erupts for Long Island Iced-Z, I can’t believe how popular this kid is, it’s a testament to his charisma. This is the first PPV in a while where Dolph only has one match, so this should get a substantial length of time. Dolph does two moves and Cole says it’s a clinic, five minutes in and he’s pissing me off. Sometimes I wish we could watch the shows with the Spanish announcers, be less frustrating. Ryder catches Dolph and slingshots him to the post, clotheslines him over the top and does a nice flip dive over the top onto Dolph. Dolph catching Ryder on the apron and hits the apron DDT, both men slow to get up after that. Now Dolph has the advantage, maybe Vickie will stop screaming for a bit. Dolph connects with eight consecutive elbow drops before posing to the crowd, and follows up with one more for a near fall. Dolph continues his offense, as this Twitter trending crap is already out of control, as we’ve had at least fifteen Twitter references. If anyone is doing the WWE/Twitter drinking game tonight they’re drunk off their asses already, as Cole calls the fans lemmings, I bet that’s how Vince views the fans too. Dolph still in complete control as Cole continues to disparage Ryder, way to bury your young talent as Ryder catches Dolph with a missile dropkick and almost wins. Zack uses his speed and takes down Dolph with a nice facebuster and follows with the Broski Boot, but first some fist pumping to pop the crowd. Zack covers and Vickie puts Dolph’s foot on the ropes, the ref catches her and evicts her from ringside, to the delight of the crowd. Dolph distracted looking at Vickie and Zack rolls him up, Dolph counters using the ropes but Zack kicks out. Dolph misses Zig Zag but doesn’t miss the Fame-asser, which gets another near fall. I hate to agree with Lawler, but this has been great as Dolph goes for the sleeper and Ryder pushes him off, but Dolph comes back with a dropkick. Dolph climbs the ropes and gets caught, Ryder climbs up and hits the hurricanrana for a near fall, amazing. Ryder getting fired up and goes for Rough Ryder, Dolph moves and Zack hits the buckle, allowing Dolph another near fall. Dolph charges in the corner and eats the knee, followed by the Rough Ryder for the big win! Amazing opening match, great match and an awesome win. Zack looks so proud holding the title, simply a great moment for Zack Ryder, and well deserved. Reminds me of when Rick Steiner beat Mike Rotunda for the TV title, just a great moment.

1. Zack Ryder beat Dolph Ziggler with the Rough Ryder for the US Title 9/10

Backstage to Booker T and Alicia Fox, as Booker gets ready for his match. Suddenly out of nowhere Cody attacks and beats the crap out of Booker. The security pulls Cody off and Booker has the crazy eyes.. Now it’s a Slim Jim ad with Rey Mysterio, Big Show and Eve, hope that’s all we see of Eve tonight.

2. Air Boom v. Primo & Epico for the Tag Titles

I figured we’d get a Air Boom match tonight, since Evan Bourne missed the last PPV due to being suspended. Rosa looks amazing as always, hottest woman in the WWE. We get a recap of all the wins Primo and Epico have had over Air Boom, as Lawler goes nuts over Rosa, and I can’t disagree. Evan starts out with Epico, as this should be a great match if given enough time, as we get a few quick pin attempts from Evan. Nice usage of his speed from Evan, as Kofi tagged in and Kofi continues the offense, as Rosa screams in Spanish at her men. This is been a fast paced, high flying match so far, as Air Boom continues to hold an advantage but a double team sends Evan to the floor. Rosa looks much happier now as Primo and Epico work over the smaller man, as Evan gets to play Ricky Morton’s role tonight. Evan almost makes the tag but sent back to the wrong corner and double teamed some more. Here we go with more Twitter crap, as Primo hits a nice series of suplexes and scores a near fall. Evan finally makes the hot tag and Kofi takes over on Primo with his high flying offense. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and readies for the Trouble in Paradise, but Primo moves and Kofi springs to the top. Kofi hits the cross body and Epico breaks the pin, and Evan sends Epico to the floor. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Primo to score the win. A good match, but needed more time. Primo & Epico should have won and then have Air Boom chase after them for the rematch.

2. Air Boom defeated Primo & Epico to retain the tag titles 8/10

Backstage to Josh Matthews, who says Booker is being evaluated by doctors. Josh says the match may be off, I doubt it. Going to be hard to follow those two match, as we go to Teddy Long, who’s Thugging and Bugging while decorating the tree. Hornswoggle comes in and Teddy calls him a little boy, Hornswoggle snaps and says he has a beard. Hornswoggle is dressed as an elf, as Teddy hands him a gift and it’s the Rosetta Stone Ebonics edition. Great black jokes and midget jokes, have we sunk this low WWE? Hornswoggle calls him in for a hug and then stomps Long’s foot. The announcers are laughing their asses off, as I bet Vince is too. Stupid skit.

3. Wade Barrett v. Randy Orton in a Table Match

Wade needs to win this match to maintain his heat, a loss to Orton would kill Wade’s push. Orton doesn’t need the win, as he’s established as a main event guy, unlike Wade. It’s sad how fast the Nexus guys all fell to nothing after such a great start. Orton’s the first person to go for the table and Wade drives it into his face with a stiff kick. Wade now pulls a table into the ring, but Orton kicks it into him now. I just can’t get used to Wade Barrett with hair, just seems so odd. They wind up fighting their way up the entrance way, where there are dozens of tables set up, and Wade tries for the pump handle slam through a table but Orton slides down his back. Wade wisely kicks the table away before Orton can use it, and now they’re back to ringside. This has been a brawl around ringside but nothing exciting, just both men running from the tables. Orton eats a big boot while on the apron and almost goes through a table, but Orton’s leg was tangled in the ropes. Barrett goes for the kick again and Orton moves, crotching Wade on the ropes. Both men fight on the apron, and of course Orton gets the better of Wade. Barrett wind up in position for the elevated DDT, that move is as telegraphed as the 619, the guys always wind up in the right place and wait for the move. Wade catches Orton with the Black Hole Slam then drops a table on Orton. Does Wade win if he drives a table through Orton instead of the other way around, as Wade sets up a a table. Wade climbs the ropes and Orton catches him with a RKO off the top through a table for the win. Well, that was a lame finish and completely killed Wade’s push. Had to know one third of the Golden Children would win tonight, with none of the other two in matches tonight. A very slow paced boring match, the antithesis of the previous two matches.

3. Randy Orton beat Wade Barrett with a RKO through the table 3/10

Time for a website promo, then to the Bella Twins sitting on Teddy Long’s lap. They start arguing and Long stops them and hands them their gift. It’s a card with his phone number, and they both slap him and leave. Long slowly gets back up and turns around into Jack Swagger, who tells Long he’s the worst GM ever. Swagger asks what Long will do about Henry hitting him with a chair, Long says nothing and asks Swagger to sit on his lap. Swagger screams at Long some more as Sheamus comes in, I sense a match between these two. Swagger calls Sheamus a goof and Sheamus tells a stupid story, Long makes the match between them as we head back to the ring for our next match.

4. Beth Phoenix v. Kelly Kelly for the Diva Title

We get highlights from RAW of Lita, still looking perfect, giving a Slammy to Kelly and Beth interrupting only to get slapped. I thought we’d get a Kelly free PPV, but of course not, have to keep the boys backstage happy. They really need new divas, as I am so tired of Kelly being pushed all the time, she’s horrible in the ring and just not as pretty as they make her out to be. Beth challenges Yelly to slap her again, and she does. Beth charges and Kelly ducks sending Beth to the floor, Kelly follows with a bulldog on the cement. A much more aggressive Kelly, which is not a bad thing at all, but the yelling is annoying. Kelly taking Beth apart at the beginning, but Beth finally catches her and press slams Kelly into the buckle. Beth uses her power to toss the Barbie Doll around the ring, and the crowd is snoring loudly, but at least their trending on Twitter. Trending is much more important then entertaining the fans, right? Beth catches Kelly coming off the ropes with a nice spinebuster and quick series of near fall, as the crowd is still not interested. Beth climbs the ropes, this isn’t going to end well, as she misses the top rope legdrop. Kelly quickly goes for K2 and blows it, as Beth catches her in the Glam Slam. Kelly rolls through and we get a pair of near fall, which finally wakes up the crowd. Beth with a beautiful reverse powerbomb and gets the win, thankfully. It was a quick diva match, had a few good moments but wasn’t even five minutes. Just enough time for people to have a bathroom break and grab a snack. Still better then the Orton match at least but that doesn’t take much.

4. Beth Phoenix pinned Kelly Kelly to retain the Diva Title 5/10

Backstage to ADR yelling at Ricardo and sends Ricardo to get food. ADR turns around right into the Miz, who says their alliance was to take out Punk but it ends when the bell rings tonight. ADR says their was no alliance he was using Miz, as Miz makes fun of Alberto’s title reign. Miz says he won at Wrestlemania while ADR lost to Edge. ADR calls Miz a stupid little boy who came from a reality show and thinks he’s a bad ass but he’s pathetic. ADR says Miz can’t even beat Ricardo, as Ricardo comes in with nachos. Miz shoves the plate in his face and leaves, ADR then shoves Ricardo down. This is like the Ted DiBiase and Virgil storyline from the eighties, wonder when Ricardo does the face turn. We get a cute little promo for the Royal Rumble with Santino, which was the best thing I’ve seen since the tag match.

We’re about to start the IC title match as Booker comes out looking fine, only to be attacked from behind by Cody. Cody beats down Booker again and the zebras finally pull Cody off. They help Booker up and Cole says the match is off as they assist Booker to the backstage area. Guess that scraps that match as they move on to something more important, HHH and Nash. This is going to be a disaster of epic proportions. This has been a stupid pathetic waste of time, this whole storyline was basically done to usurp heat off of CM Punk and make HHH the main guy again. Instead of building up the young talent they’re wasting time on HHH and Nash, who hasn’t been relevant since 1997. What next the return of Billy Gunn? The only guys I want to see come back are Jericho and Brock Lesnar.

5. Kevin Nash v. Triple H in a sledgehammer ladder match

It’s sad that Nash comes out to the nWo theme, talk about clinging to your only good run. Seriously, why do these guys keep wrestling long after their usefulness as passed. I’d like to see Wrestlemania without Nash, HHH and Undertaker as it’s time for all three to step aside for the next generation. Same thing with keeping Cena and Orton out of the title picture, time to build the new stars. If something ever happened to Orton or Cena the WWE would fall apart, as they really have no one else in the same level with the two of them, short of putting HHH back in the title picture. I’m surprised this wasn’t the main event, considering the huge egos involved in this match. After almost ten minutes of intros we finally start, and Lawler says this match can’t last tong, hope he’s right. Cole shows his stupidity and calls 2011 a great year for HHH, what did he do this whole year? Nash uses his power early to hammer HHH down, but HHH of course comes right back and sends Nash to the floor. HHH first man to get a ladder, and Nash send it into his face, almost sending the ladder into the crowd. Nash sends Triple H into the timekeeper area, but HHH comes back diving off the announce table onto Nash. HHH clotheslines Nash over the barricade into the crowd now, and staggers around. After five minutes HHH is spent, this allows Nash to catch HHH with an elbow. If this recap makes the match sound good, I apologize, it’s not a good match so far. It’s been completely fifty/fifty as neither guy wants to look bad. It’s been one guy hits a move, the other guy comes back, repeat. HHH goes after Nash’s gimpy knees, that’s like going after Hunter’s big nose, just an easy target. Triple H uses a figure four with the ladder involved, which looks stupid, but Nash sells it. Nash comes back and tosses HHH out of the ring, this has been pretty lame so far. Nash with control works over HHH and then slowly takes apart the announce table. Nash goes for Jackknife but HHH backdrops Nash over the table and climbs in the ring. HHH sets up a ladder and does the slow climb to allow Nash to come in and pull him down. Nash whips HHH into the ladder and connects with a chokeslam before slowly leaving the ring, Nash searches under the ring and finds a table. I was hoping for a screwdriver as a tribute to TNA, as Nash slowly sets up a table in the ring. Nash goes for the Jackknife again and HHH drives Nash backwards into the ladder. It’s sad, this match has gotten the most time so far, and it doesn’t deserve it. HHH sets the ladder and climbs up, getting a hand on the hammer. Nash climbs up with him and they slug it out, and HHH slams the hammer into Nash sending him through the table, that was cool actually. HHH removes the sledgehammer and looks down at Nash, who slowly gets up. HHH hammers the knee of Nash with the sledgehammer, then tosses the ladder out of the ring. HHH hits the Pedigree, and the crowd chants one more time, instead he grabs the sledgehammer. Nash gives the clique sign and HHH does the crotch chop before cracking Nash in the head with the sledgehammer for the win. Was very slow paced, as expected and really not a good match. This should have been on RAW instead of PPV since they can’t use blood anyway. Surprisingly not a dud though, as there was a couple good spots. Nash gets loaded on a stretcher for a ride in the meat wagon, hope this is the last we see of Nash.

5. Triple H pinned Kevin Nash after a shot from the sledgehammer 4/10

Matt Striker is backstage with World Champion, CM Punk, as they recap the double teaming from RAW. Punk says watching that he caught something more painful then ADR butchering the English Language and Miz attempting to be tough or Cole trying to be relevant. Punk says what he saw was JL accept an award on his behalf, Superstar of the Year, and has yet to receive the award. JL comes into camera and says he mailed the award to him, and he should be more worried about this match. Punk says to wish himself well in his future endeavors, and JL will still have to put up with him as champ. JL says he is taller then Punk and wishes him luck, Punk says luck is for losers. Punk leaves as JL goes back to texting. Who is he texting anyway, does he think he’s Gossip Girl?

6. Jack Swagger v. Sheamus

This is our third unadvertised match, as we added three matches and looks like we removed one, making no sense. Sheamus needs a end to his nickname, The Great White, it sounds incomplete. Great White what? Great Lawler is making Procul Harum jokes, no one under thirty will get that one. Sheamus takes over right from the start and hammers the All-American American, this is going to be an extended squash. Swagger finally gets the advantage when Vickie distracts him, that never would’ve happened when he was a heel. Swagger able to hit Swagger Bomb but doesn’t get the win, as he’s not on the same level as Sheamus. Swagger screams at Sheamus, who comes back with a series of clothesline and hammers Swagger in the corner. Sheamus climbs the ropes and Swagger catches him, sending the Irishman to the floor. Sheamus drives Swagger into the post and then the barricade before throwing Swagger back in. Sheamus again ascends the ropes and hits the diving lariat for the near fall. Sheamus readies for the Brogue Kick but Swagger ducks and takes out Sheamus’ leg. Swagger quickly works over the leg, as this match is better then I expected, Swagger applies the anklelock. Sheamus fights free, sending Swagger into the buckles, and follows with the Brogue Kick for the win. Wasn’t a bad match and Swagger got some offense, which is good.

6. Sheamus pinned Jack Swagger with the Brogue Kick 6.5/10

Backstage to Josh Matthews with The Big Show, who comes out with a big grin on his face. Show says he has Henry beat and Henry has not been able to win over him. Show says he will hammer Henry with the chair and the reign of terror ends tonight.

7. The Big Show v. Mark Henry for the Smackdown Title in a chair match

This could be our third bad match of the night, as we’ve seen enough of these two. No matter what happens they need to move on to new challenges for 2012. The bell rings and show quickly tosses a whole bunch of chairs in the ring and Henry just stands here watching. Henry leaves the ring and asks for his belt, Henry says this ain’t happening as he starts to leave. Show goes after him, and Henry swings the title and misses, but Show doesn’t miss with the chair. Show unloads on Henry with the chair and just destroys the champion. Henry gets tossed in and catches Show coming in with the chair, as now it’s Henry unloading. Show fights back and goes for the chokeslam but Henry fights him off and grabs a chair. Henry slams the chair across the back of Show and then stomps on the hand of Show. Henry goes after Show but runs into the big right hand and Show rolls him over for the cover and win. Well, that was quick at least, so I’ll give them that. After the match Henry attacks Show with a chair and then sets up a pile of chairs. Henry hits a DDT into the chairs, knocking Big Show out cold. The crowd starts a Daniel Bryan chant, and on cue here comes DB. Daniel cashes in the case and covers Show, the ref counts and we have a new World Champion! Holy crap! Didn’t see that coming!!!! Michael Cole is beside himself, as Show slowly gets up and looks dumbfounded. Bryan stands proud atop the announce table with the belt, another great moment tonight. This would be the perfect time to end the PPV, but we still have another match. Show finally standing center ring and shakes his head looking at Bryan. I guess this kills the chances of DB headlining Wrestlemania.

7. Big Show pinned Mark Henry with the right hand for the Smackdown Title 6/10

7B. Daniel Bryan pinned Big Show to win the World Title NO RATING

Time for a hype package for the WWE network, this could be a huge success or an epic failure ala the XFL. There’s really no middle ground here, it’s all or nothing for WWE with this, just like the first Wrestlemania. I just hope they show a lot of the classic shows like Prime Time, Clash of Champions, etc and not just the reality garbage. Now it’s a recap of the two attacks on Booker T from Cody Rhodes tonight. Josh gets comments from Booker, who says he will compete tonight. Josh says everyone knows Booker will be in the hall of fame one day, Booker cuts him off and says it’s not the way he wants to go out.

8. Cody Rhodes v. Booker T for the IC title

Been a Booker T fan for almost two decades, but don’t want him to win this match. Cody needs the win tonight to continue building him as the future of the business. Booker quickly goes after Cody as the bell rings and unloads on the champion. Booker tosses Cody outside the ring and follows him, as the crowd is behind Booker. Booker tosses Cody around the outside before dumping him in the ring, but Cody catches Booker coming in and drives a forearm to the head sending Booker to the floor. Cody begins working over the knees of Booker T, and then locks on a seated full nelson. Booker powers his way out, Cody’s no Chris Masters, and chops Cody. Cody misses the corner charges and eats Booker’s elbow, they then collide with a double clothesline, shades of Hulk and Warrior from Wrestlemania 6. Booker makes the hot comeback with the elbows and a side slam for a near fall. Booker hits a nice spinebuster and Cody bails out of the ring, allowing Booker to do a spinaroonie. The crowd goes nuts for it, but this allows Cody to get up. Booker goes for the ax kick and Cody ducks, coming back with the Beautiful Disaster for a near fall. Cody hits a second Disaster and that one finishes the match, as Cody retains the gold. A good solid match, as Cody continues to improve and impress.

8. Cody Rhodes pinned Booker T to retain the IC Title 7.5/10

A hype package for Stone Cold Steve Austin’s new DVD release. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler go over what we’ve seen so far, wasting some time. Lawler actually calls the Henry/Show match fantastic, seriously? Was he watching the same match? Cole continues to knock Daniel Bryan, bet DB drops the title on Smackdown this week.

9. The Miz v. Alberto Del Rio v. CM Punk for the RAW Title in a TLC match

It’s time for the main event, as the crowd erupts for CM Punk as makes his way out. ADR and Miz work together to hammer the champion down, but Punk avoids a double clothesline and dropkicks both guys. However the number game takes over again on Punk, as the crowd asks for ice cream. Doesn’t take long for ADR and Miz to turn on each other, and now it’s every man for himself. Miz misses the corner charge and eats a high knee, but Miz blocks the bulldog, driving Punk’s head into the chair. That’s how you cause a concussion, as Miz grabs a ladder and goes for the Skull Crushing Finale on ADR on the floor. ADR blocks and shoves Miz off, Miz charges and gets backdropped into the ladder. ADR grabs the ladder and Punk drives it into his face twice. ADR and Punk fight near a table and Punk takes down ADR with a neckbreaker. Miz misses a chairshot and Punk grabs the chair, unloading on Miz, much to the crowd’s delight. Punk sets up a chair and hits the knee sending Miz into the crowd, Punk then goes after the ladder. Punk makes his way up the ladder and almost wins but Ricardo gets involved and cuffs Punk to the ladder. This allows ADR to attack and stomps a mudhole in the champ. ADR ascends the ladder, so Punk breaks the ladder to remove the cuffs and hammers ADR with the cuffs. ADR then gets sent into the ladder, as Miz comes in with a ladder and Punk slides out. Punk back in and Miz drives the ladder into Punk’s ribs then sets up the ladder. Miz begins the slow climb, but Punk catches him and pulls him down. Punk tosses Miz to the apron and sets Miz up top, as ADR comes in and kicks Punk down and through the table. ADR now wears out Miz with the chair and then locks on the armbar using the ladder. Miz screams in pain and taps out, but it’s meaningless in this match. ADR grabs a couple chairs and goes after Punk some more, continuing to work the ribs of Punk. Now ADR uses the armbar on Punk, with assistance from the chair and then begins to climb the ladder. Cole mentions that Alberto could win his third World Title this year, let’s be honest his third in about four months. Miz and Punk quickly knocks ADR off the ladder, sending ADR crotch first to the ropes and out of the ring. Punk and Miz start slugging it out and both men knock each other down. Ricardo back in sets up the ladder and climbs to the title, and Punk and Miz tip the ladder over sending Ricardo down through a table bouncing off the barricade. If he’s not legit injured I’m shocked, that was painful, that guy takes a brutal bump. Punk unloads on Miz in the ring and goes for GTS but Miz counter, Punk counter the Skull Crushing Finale. Punk misses the corner charge and Miz cuffs Punk to the post. Miz taunts Punk, but gets to close and Punk knocks him out with the roundhouse kick. ADR quickly brings in another ladder as Punk is still trying to remove the cuffs. Miz and ADR both start to climb opposite sides of the ladder, as Punk breaks the buckle to get loose and all three win atop the ladder. Miz shoved down, and Punk kicks ADR down. Punk almost has the belt but Miz pulls him down and quickly goes for the belt. Punk pulls him down and hits the GTS sending Miz to the floor. Punk climbs the ladder and gets the title down to retain the gold. A great match, some innovative spots with the cuffs and some brutal bumps, especially Ricardo. Great ending to the show.

9 CM Punk beat Miz and ADR in a TLC match to retain the Smackdown Title 9/10


1. Zack Ryder beat Dolph Ziggler with the Rough Ryder for the US Title 9/10

2. Air Boom defeated Primo & Epico to retain the tag titles 8/10

3. Randy Orton beat Wade Barrett with a RKO through the table 3/10

4. Beth Phoenix pinned Kelly Kelly to retain the Diva Title 5/10

5. Triple H pinned Kevin Nash after a shot from the sledgehammer 4/10

6. Sheamus pinned Jack Swagger with the Brogue Kick 6.5/10

7. Big Show pinned Mark Henry with the right hand for the Smackdown Title 6/10

7B. Daniel Bryan pinned Big Show to win the World Title NO RATING

8. Cody Rhodes pinned Booker T to retain the IC Title 7.5/10

9 CM Punk beat Miz and ADR in a TLC match to retain the Smackdown Title 9/10

Wasn’t as bad as I expected but still not the best PPV. However the title wins of Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder were great moments. It’s odd they added three extra matches, and they were better then Orton or Nash’s matches. A great start and end to the show, plus a great surprise with DB winning the title. Those three things plus the tag match and IC match saved the show. Average about a 6.5 for the whole show, so not a bad show and a pretty good end for 2011 for WWE. The only things left to recap this year for me is this week and next week’s Superstars, this weekend’s ROH show and the ROH PPV.


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