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WWF Rowdy Roddy Piper’s Greatest Hits
December 18, 2011, 11:57 am
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We come to one of my favorite wrestlers of the eighties Coliseum Video, Rowdy Roddy Piper. This should be a lot of fun, as no one could fire up a crowd like Piper, and most of the current crop could learn a lot from Piper. Whereas Sheik, Volkoff and Blassie could get heat by playing to the USA hatred of Iran and Russia in the eighties, Piper got heat by just being a major jerk. The front of the box features Piper with a blue background, and features Piper interviewing himself, plus a match with Hulk Hogan, Piper’s pit with Andre the Giant, Mr. T and more matches. Let’s hit play and get to the show.

My copy is missing the opening video, but no big deal, as Mene Gene welcomes us to the third video featuring one individual. Gene talks about previous videos on Hulk Hogan and Andre, and says he’s not friends with Piper but he’s doing it because it could be interesting. Gene complains that Andre’s tape is just called Andre, while Piper’s is called Greatest Hits. Gene digresses and gives us a quick biography of Roddy Piper alongside a slide show of Piper in action.

First thing we get is Piper’s Pit with Andre the Giant. Piper taunts Andre and asks where he comes from, Andre responds none of your business. Piper asks if the questions are to hard and mocks Andre’s brain. Roddy asks Andre about being slammed by Big John and Andre says he’s never been slammed. Piper says he could slam Andre, and Andre pulls Piper up by the shirt and threatens the Rowdy One. Andre rips Piper’s shirt off and leaves, Piper gives a classic line, “You do not throw rocks at a man who’s got a machine gun.” I always loved that line, pure classic Piper. This sends us to our first match.

1. Roddy Piper & David Schultz v. Andre the Giant & Jimmy Snuka

Pat Patterson & Gorilla Monsoon on commentary, as Snuka has as much grease in his hair as Bret Hart usually does. Piper sends David in the ring first with Andre, Piper shows his smarts by letting David do the early work. Andre overpowers David to the ropes, and David begs off as we clip to Piper being tagged in. Piper quickly tags David back in before locking up and David tries for a side headlock, but Andre just lifts David up with ease. Andre does the classic butt bounce we’ve seen before when he did it to Don Muraco, sending David to his corner. Andre gets overconfident and David jumps him from behind, now that Andre is staggered Piper wants in. Piper unloads on Andre, but one right hand from the Giant sends Piper down. Piper comes back and runs into a boot, runs in again and a headbutt send Piper to his corner to tag David back in. David uses the shoulder in the corner to stagger Andre, but Andre fights free with ease. Andre gives David some of his own offense with the shoulder, but David gets a knee in and takes the Giant down. Andre plays face in peril, as he tags but Piper distracts the ref. Snuka is furious and as he has the ref, Piper clocks Andre with the brass knuckles then stomps a mudhole in the Giant, who’s busted wide open. Piper and Schultz double team the bloody Andre, as Snuka keeps distracting the ref, wise move Superfly! Gorilla is screaming for a doctor as Piper chews on Andre’s head, and we clip again as the medics are out to check on the Giant.Piper and Schultz sit in the corner watching amused, as they get Andre in a sitting position before helping him out of the ring. Snuka demands the match continue as a handicap match, and the ref gives the OK for it. Snuka handles Piper with ease using his speed and takes out David as well, as this crowd is so loud. Piper begging off as Snuka headbutts both heels but the numbers are too much, as Piper pokes the eyes. Piper and David use their ability to tag as they work over Snuka, but the crowd explodes as Andre makes his way back to the ring heavily bandaged. Andre destroys Piper and David as the ref calls for the bell. Snuka is disqualified because of Andre’s interference since this was now a handicap match, odd decision but it keeps everyone strong at least. Was a fun little brawl for what we got, and sets up a rematch with Andre and Piper.

1. Roddy Piper and David Schultz defeated Andre the Giant and Jimmy Snuka by DQ 6.5/10

Piper’s Pit with jobber Frank Williams, as Piper says he’s doing this out of the generosity of his heart. Piper says he’s never lost a match and says he’s never seen Frank win a match. Piper says Frank lacks the courage and backs up from people, Frank says he’s now coward. Nothing like firing up a jobber, as Piper calls him a lousy wrestler. Frank defends himself so Piper unloads on the jobber and tosses him from the set. Piper gives another classic line, “Just when they think they have the answers, I change the questions.” Now we go to Alfred Hayes and Vince McMahon who recap the buildup to the Wrestlemania match. Piper is on the set of the greatest TV show ever, The A-Team, and mocks Mr T and says he beats people up for a living. Piper asks T how it feels to portray someone like himself. T calls Piper a nothing and beats up no one but wimps. Piper insults Cyndi Lauper and that angers Mr T, as Piper makes fun of T and his Mohawk. T finally has enough and security has to hold back T as we go to the War to Settle the Score.

2. Hulk Hogan v. Rowdy Roddy Piper for the World Title

This is one of the biggest matches in wrestling history as this was the show that started the build to Wrestlemania and made the WWF the big monster it became. Piper comes out with a guitar and wearing a Hulk Hogan shirt, as Howard Finkel introduces Bob Costas as the special ring announcer. I hope this isn’t clipped, but if it is I’ll have to recap the whole show as I have the full broadcast. As Costas introduces the Rowdy One, Piper smashes the guitar and then steals The Superfly’s pose. Hulk Hogan comes out to generic music, I guess they didn’t want to pay for the right to “Eye of the Tiger”, same thing with the Coliseum Video version of Wrestlemania. Glad I have the original broadcast of Wrestlemania with all the music intact. Hulk stops at ringside to talk to Mr T before coming in the ring and ripping off the shirt. A slugfest quickly starts us out and they brawl all over the ring, and the crowd is insane for this. Hulk has the advantage and unloads on Piper, whipping him into the corner and following with the elbow. Hulk drops a big elbow as Gene mentions Cyndi Lauper and Lou Albano are ringside, along with Danny Devito. Piper able to catch Hulk with a clothesline and stomps the Hulkster’s head. Piper uses every cheap shot he can to wear down the Hulk before locking in the sleeper on the Hulkster. Gene and Gorilla are screaming it’s a chokehold, but the ref is not breaking it. Hulk drops down as the ref checks the arm, there’s something they don’t do anymore, and Hulk comes back on the third driving Piper into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Piper up first and works over the Champion, and while the ref is busy Orton tries for a cheap shot, but Hulk catches him and drives his injured arm into the buckle. Hulk comes back and they exchange eye rakes, as Hulk takes down the challenger. Paul Orndorff makes his way to ringside as Hulk drops Piper with an atomic drop. A second one reversed, and the ref gets bumped, this allows Orndorff to come in and drive a knee into Hulk’s head. Cyndi Lauper gets on the apron as Paul and Piper double team the Hulk, Albano tries to get Cyndi down as Piper and Orndorff close in on her and Mr T comes out of the crowd to make the save. Piper and Orndorff invite T in the ring, and he obliges and they double team T. Hulk slowly gets up and saves T, as we have a face off between the foursome, and Piper and Orndorff bail out of the ring and security hold back Piper, Orndorff and Orton as Hulk and T try to get them. We have all hell breaking loose, and the crowd is going bananas, as Gorilla would say, the cops gets Orndorff, Piper and Orton backstage. The in ring stuff wasn’t amazing but the whole sequence of events was awesome and pure magic as the crowd was loud for everything. Every wrestling fan needs to have seen this at least once, as this was a true game changer for the entire wrestling business.

2. Hulk Hogan defeated Roddy Piper by DQ 8/10

Piper’s Pit time again, and this time Piper’s guest is one of his favorite of all time, the greatest wrestler in the world, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper interviews himself, as he talks about being a championship boxer and wrestler. Piper calls Frank Zappa his idol, boy there’s a reference that’ll be lost on today’s generation. Piper tells kids to go out and eat frog legs but don’t kill the frogs, and claims to have a fan letter from Hulk Hogan’s mom. They make fun of her spelling and says that Hulk has nightmares about Piper beating him up. Piper talks about his Hot Rod, and we get some sex jokes, and this was family oriented? Piper talks about Clint Eastwood shooting guns and says when he shoots someone gets pregnant, this is hilarious. The two Piper’s start talking about the time remaining and one says the other is the only man they wouldn’t fight and they kiss each other, classic.

Mene Gene goes looking for Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff and Bob Orton as they work out before Wrestlemania. Orton says Piper and Paul are meditating and not to disturb them, as Piper rock back and forth like a crazy man. Why does Bob Orton have so much charisma but his son has none, as Piper starts to foam at the mouth. We see Paul Orndorff lifting weights, as Piper and Orton watch on, Orton says Gene is not supposed to be there. Orton finally throws Gene out, and some guy tries to help Gene so they stomp the daylights out of him.

Vince McMahon is with the TNT doctor, he’s a doctor of Thuganomics right? Piper drags Bob Orton in, as this is Orton’s post Wrestlemania appointment about his arm injury. They show the x-rays and Piper claims it’s not Bob’s and says Bob’s arm is still broken. The doctor starts to test the arm and Bob claims pain, as the doctor says the x-ray shows the arm is fine. Piper makes quacking noises at the doctor, and Vince is trying not to laugh as Piper takes down the x-rays.

It’s the most legendary Piper’s Pit of all time, the one with Jimmy Snuka. Piper teases Snuka with a pineapple, bananas and a coconut. Snuka asks if he’s making fun of him, and Piper responds with a coconut to the head. Piper beats the hell out of Snuka destroying the Pit set and mashes the bananas in Jimmy’s face. Piper whips Snuka with his belt and taunts Snuka to get up, Snuka finally fights to his feet, lets loose a loud scream and Piper runs through a door. Other wrestlers finally come out to restrain Snuka who’s gone nuts. This leads Piper being interviews by Vince McMahon on TNT, and they scream at each other. Wonder how often that actually happened backstage? Piper says Snuka deserved it and that he destroyed a legend and Alfred says Piper contributes nothing to the program. Piper calls Vince a piece of garbage and slaps Alfred across the face.

3. Jimmy Snuka v. Roddy Piper with No DQ and special referee Lou Thesz

Piper gets a cheap shot in on Snuka and works over the Superfly, as we see a fan with a big foam hand for Snuka! Snuka fights back and again the crowd is insanely loud as Piper bails out. Piper gets back in and Snuka starts to choke, Piper drives a knee into the yambag of Snuka. Gene and Alfred on commentary, that’s not a good combination, but still better then Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. They wind up brawling to the outside and Piper cracks Snuka with the chair as Gene is asking for a DQ, I thought this was no DQ? Snuka uses his speed to dazzle Piper and chops him to the outside, and now it’s Jimmy’s turn to crack a chair over the head of Piper. Piper rolls back in the ring and Snuka charges, but Piper pulls Thesz in between them. The crowd is getting louder as Snuka slams Piper and climbs the ropes, hitting a cross body and Piper goes after the ref. Piper rakes the eyes and grabs Lou’s belt and whips Snuka then chokes Superfly, as Lou tries to pull Piper off. Piper knocks down Thesz, allowing Snuka to come back and Piper takes off down the aisle. The referee counts out Roddy Piper, kind of a cheap way to end the match, but this crowd doesn’t care as they enjoyed it and so did I.

3. Jimmy Snuka defeated Roddy Piper by countout 8/10

Backstage Piper opens an envelope and reads a letter asking him to stop hurting Jimmy Snuka. Piper claims it’s from Snuka’s daughter, I guess that would be Tamina, and Piper spits on the letter. We go to another Piper’s Pit with Snuka’s cousin the Tonga Kid, thus continuing the feud while Snuka is injured. Piper mocks Tonga Kid’s sarong and Tonga responds by mocking Piper’s kilt. Tonga challenges Piper and Piper walks off.

4. Roddy Piper v. Tonga Kid

Tonga is accompanied by Jimmy Snuka, Tonga would later be one half of the Headshrinkers as Tama, and is the uncle of the Uso Brothers. Tonga starts out quickly hammering Piper with headbutts and Piper tries to leave but Snuka blocks him. Tonga relentlessly hammers Piper, but Piper pokes the eyes and works over Tonga. Piper takes time to taunt Snuka while he works over Tonga, as we clip to Tonga suplexing Piper down. Piper tries to comeback by ramming Tonga Kid’s head into the buckles, but no effect. Piper rolls out and pulls out Tonga then rams Kid into the post, and Snuka comes around the corner. Piper runs into the ring and while Snuka checks on Kid, Piper attacks Snuka then throws Tonga back in. Snuka follows and we have a brawl, Bob Orton comes out to save Piper. Piper and Orton bail out as Snuka and Tonga go after him. Not a bad match, but nothing exciting as the Snuka attack was expected. The ring announcer says both teams have been disqualified, even though it was a singles match.

4. Roddy Piper and Tonga Kid fought to a double DQ 6/10

5. Roddy Piper & Bob Orton v. Jimmy Snuka & Tonga Kid

Piper and Orton quickly bail out as the Island Boys come out, and while Snuka and Tonga remove their sarongs Orton and Piper try to attack. Snuka and Kid fight them off and send them into each other, Tonga and Piper start the match. Tonga with a quick cross body followed by the arm drag, as Kid controls the Rowdy One. Orton gets in and gets the same, as he tries to tag but Piper doesn’t want in. Snuka forces Piper in and hammers him as Piper tries to beg off but Snuka is relentless. Piper pokes the eyes, as always and tags in Orton who takes down Snuka. Orton goes for a Vader/Swagger Bomb but Snuka gets the knees up. Orton crawls to his corner and tags in Piper, as Tonga gets the hot tag. Tonga gets caught in the wrong part of town and is choked out by Piper. The ref still busy with Snuka as Orton and Piper double team the Tonga Kid, as we get a long beat down sequence. Monsoon stops being impartial as he cheers for Tonga to make the tag, but Piper and Orton continue to double team Kid. Kid able to make the hot tag to the Superfly who proceeds to destroy Piper and Orton. The ref tries to calm down Snuka, who shoves the ref away, and we have all four in the ring as Orton gets a knee in on Snuka then sets him up top. Piper tosses Kid out, and Snuka headbutts Snuka down and follows with the cross body. Piper breaks up the pin and they double team Snuka, tossing him to the floor. Now it’s a two on one on the Kid, as Gene and Gorilla are screaming for a DQ, Orton gets shoved off the top rope by Snuka. Piper nails Snuka and sends him to the floor, as the bell rings, but the Island Boys go after Piper and Snuka. This is pure chaos, and the crowd loves it as Piper accidentally cracks Orton, and we cut to our closing video. A great brawl, but the beat down on Kid went a little longer then was needed. Still a fun match to end the show.

5. Jimmy Snuka and Tonga Kid went to a Double DQ with Roddy Piper and Bob Orton 8/10


1. Roddy Piper and David Schultz defeated Andre the Giant and Jimmy Snuka by DQ 6.5/10 on March 25, 1984 from New York, NY

2. Hulk Hogan defeated Roddy Piper by DQ 8/10 on February 18, 1985 from New York, NY

3. Jimmy Snuka defeated Roddy Piper by countout 8/10 on May 25, 1984 from St Louis, MS

4. Roddy Piper and Tonga Kid fought to a double DQ 6/10 on December 1, 1984 from Philadelphia, PA

5. Jimmy Snuka and Tonga Kid went to a Double DQ with Roddy Piper and Bob Orton 8/10 on December 28, 1984 from New York, NY

The best parts were the classic Pits and two of the matches. The Tonga matches were not as good, but still enjoyable. A very fun tape with some classic moments, and the Hulk/Piper match is must see for all wrestling fans. Surprised by the fact that not a single match had a clean finish, but that was classic Piper. Coming up next is the final WWE PPV of 2011 TLC, Totally Lame Crap, as there is very little that looks redeeming about this show. Our next Coliseum Video tape is Best of the WWF 3, which should be more fun.


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