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WWE Superstars – December 15, 2011

This has been a long week of WWE programming, as there is twelve hours of shows this week. I don’t know who decided to have a three hour RAW, Tribute to the Troops and the PPV all in the same week, but this is what you call overexposed. The Slammy Award three hour RAW was horrible, as expected, and once again no Brodus Clay. I have no idea what goes through the heads of the writers of WWE, they hyped him up and then postponed his debut for weeks, and now no mention of him. It seems weird that we have a PPV on Sunday and no John Cena match, I couldn’t be happier about that, although they still have Smackdown and during the show even to add him in. It was nice to see the return of Classic Kane this week, hopefully he gets a nice final push before sliding into retirement, he deserves it for how long he’s been with the company. Anyways, before we get to TLC we have Superstars to enjoy, as long as there is no JTG match, so let’s see what underutilized stars we get this week.

1. Drew McIntyre v. Justin Gabriel

Speaking of underutilized, here comes one of my favorites, Drew McIntyre. Why is he on Superstars and not in the upper mid card? The man has talent, ability and can cut a great promo, this is such a waste of his talents. Gabriel uses his speed to dazzle Drew, along with those stiff kicks, but Drew isn’t putting up that for long. One big boot to the face and Gabriel is down, as now it’s Drew using his understated power to control the high flyer. Justin comes back with a nice tornado DDT and scores a near fall. Justin hits the spin kick, but sends himself to the outside. As he comes in via the top rope Drew catches him with a nice clothesline. Drew quickly hits the Future Shock DDT and scores a much needed win. A very good match between two contrasting stars, not that this win will do a damn thing for Drew.

1. Drew McIntyre pinned Justin Gabriel with the Future Shock DDT 7.5/10

2. Trent Barretta v. Hunico

Hunico comes out on a bike, with some guy steering the bike, well at least it’s not a lawnmower. Hunico quickly works over Trent, who tries to comeback and misses a corner charge. This allows Hunico to choke Trent in the corner and follow up with a nice suplex. It’s pretty much been all Hunico as Trent is getting destroyed but Hunico gets caught going for a shoulderblock in the ropes and Trent drops a leg. Trent spring to the top and hits a nice moonsault for a near fall. Hunico pulls himself up in the corner and Trent charges in with a knee to the chest, scoring another near fall. Trent goes for the tornado DDT but Hunico blocks and hits a fireman’s carry suplex. Hunico climbs up top and nails the senton bomb for the victory. Almost a squash match, which sucks because I like Trent, but Hunico isn’t half bad in the ring. Hunico has the microphone and cuts a promo in Spanish.

2. Hunico pinned Trent Barretta after the Senton Bomb 6.5/10

3. Jack Swagger v. Alex Riley

Jack comes out without Vickie Guerrero, which seems odd. Have I said how much I hate Riley? Seriously, John Morrison is gone and this schmuck is still around? Swagger easily controls Riley and does the Swagger dance, just a nice way to aggravate the fans. Thankfully it’s been all Swagger so far, as he hammers Riley and hits the Swagger Bomb for a near fall. This has been a dismantling so far, which is good, but it’s dragging on longer then it needs to. Unfortunately Riley comes back with some clotheslines and a poor spinebuster, but Swagger quickly hits the belly to belly suplex and stops Riley cold. A second Swagger bomb fails as he lands on the feet on Riley and Riley goes for the TKO. Swagger slides down and applies the ankle lock. Riley kicks him off and catches Swagger with a DDT for a near fall. Riley misses a corner charges and Swagger clips the legs, then quickly back to the ankle lock and Riley taps. Went on longer then needed, considering Riley’s limitations, but at least the right guy won.

3. Jack Swagger defeated Alex Riley by submission 6.5/10

4. Air Boom v. Primo & Epico

Why is this on Superstars and not the PPV? Way to show no respect for the tag titles, as usual. Always good to see the perfect Rosa Mendes, the hottest diva in the WWE. Evan and Kofi have the early control and double team Epico, as the announcers talk about other tag teams. Kofi with a nice sunset flip into the double stomp, as we get a great look at Rosa. Epico finally makes a tag and they go for a double team, but Kofi hits a double clothesline taking both men down. Kofi dropkicks both men out and sends Evan out on top of them as we go to commercial, and Rosa is screaming at Air Boom. We come back and Evan is still in control of Primo, Primo able to catch Evan with a shot into the ropes. This allows Primo to hammer the head of Evan as Epico is tagged in. Rosa much happier now, which makes me happy too! Primo and Epico control Evan and make sure he can’t get Kingston in, as Rosa continues to scream at ringside. Bourne blocks a suplex and hits the double knee, crushing Primo and both men make the hot tag. Kingston takes it to Epico and connects with a nice dropkick followed by the Boom Drop. Kofi readies for Trouble in Paradise, but misses and Epico charges and eats Kofi’s boot. Kofi with a nice crossbody and Primo has to make the save. Evan and Primo wind up on the floor, and Epico makes a blind tag. Epico quickly slides in and hits the Backstabber on Kofi and scores the big win, which brings in Rosa to dance! A great match that would’ve only been better had it been on PPV.

4. Primo & Epico defeat Air Boom in a non title match 8.5/10


1. Drew McIntyre pinned Justin Gabriel with the Future Shock DDT 7.5/10

2. Hunico pinned Trent Barretta after the Senton Bomb 6.5/10

3. Jack Swagger defeated Alex Riley by submission 6.5/10

4. Primo & Epico defeat Air Boom in a non title match 8.5/10

This was world’s better then Raw, as we have two really good matches and two good matches, which were still better then anything we saw on RAW. I love this show, would rather watch this over the PPV, as we get a series of good matches and no crap. Back tomorrow with another Coliseum Video recap and Monday with TLC.


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