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ROH TV – December 10, 2011

With two weeks to go until Final Battle, headlined by Eddie Edwards challenging Davey Richards for the World Title, we should get a couple more matches announced tonight. Last week we had a fantastic tag team main event between the Young Bucks and Future Shock that could’ve gone either way, but the Young Bucks were able to pull of a great victory. Also we had our first confrontation between Jim Cornette and Kevin Steen, leading to the announcement of Kevin Steen facing Steve Corino for the chance to return to ROH, I expect a bloodbath in this match. Final Battle is really shaping up to be a great night of wrestling, and I can’t wait to see it, but first we have another episode of ROH TV.

We open with the recap of the Kevin Steen/Jim Cornette/Steve Corino storyline, one of the best storylines in the business right now. This sends us to the opening video followed by Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us. Tonight’s main event is The All Night Express face Haas and Benjamin in a proving ground match, but first comments from the previous proving ground competitors Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. They say people will learn their names and tonight they will defeat the Bravado Brothers.

1. Lancelot and Harlem Bravado v. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman

This should be a good battle between two of the young teams here in ROH, and both teams respect the code of honor. The Justin Beiber chants start early on the Bravado Brothers, I think they look more like Kevin Von Erich personally, guess I’m showing my age. The Bravado Brothers have the early advantage on Cedric, as they double team the newcomer. Cedric uses his power advantage to make a quick tag, and now Caprice takes control of Lancelot. The Bravado Brothers cheat to get an advantage but Caprice tries to fight back and gets caught with a nice double team as it’s breaking down. Cedric hits a nice flip dive over the top rope on to both Bravado Brothers, very AJ Styles like, impressive. This has been a good match, as the Bravado Brothers again cheat to get an advantage but Cedric and Caprice again comeback. Lancelot gets caught in the flip slam/neckbreaker combo move for the win, very cool finisher. A good fast paced match, nice seeing tag teams featured. After the match the Bravado Brothers refuse the handshake.

1. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman defeated Lancelot and Harlem Bravado 7.5/10

We get comments from Chris Silvio, who’s doing a surfer/stoner style gimmick. TJ Perkins just looks like a generic jobber, hope he’s good in the ring, he’s very vanilla looking.

2. Chris Silvio v. TJ Perkins

Chris is a former OVW champion, and reminds me a little of Superstar Billy Graham, but smaller. Nigel compares Chris to a combination of Billy Graham and Jesse Ventura, which is pretty accurate. Perkins and Silvio jockey for position with Perkins using his speed to dazzle Silvio and hits a nice dropkick. Perkins continues to shine with some amazing speed and flying moves, as he’s sending Silvio all over the ring. Silvio finally catches Perkins and drives his arm into the ring post and begins to work over the arm. Perkins however able to fight back and connects with a series of strikes sending Silvio to the floor, and Perkins dives outside onto him. However it looks like he injured his leg and Silvio tries to take over, but Perkins fights back again and goes for an ankle lock on Silvio. Silvio breaks the hold and goes for a superplex, but gets pushed down. Perkins follows him down with the double knee into the Detonation Kick, he lifts the man into the fireman’s carry then drops him down and connects with a kick to the temple, has to be seen to be believed. Surprisingly a better match then expected as both kids are very crisp in the ring.

2. TJ Perkins defeated Chris Silvio with the Detonation Kick 7.5/10

Inside ROH as we recap the Jay Lethal/El Generico/Mike Bennett storyline, leading to the triple threat match at Final Battle. We get comments from Mike and Jay regarding the match. Then we get comments from Eddie Edwards and his trainer, Dan Severn. Next week Davey Richards faces Michael Elgin in another proving ground match, should be a great battle.

3. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin v. Rhett Titus & Kenny King in a Proving Ground Match

Hopefully the World’s Greatest Tag Team is not looking past the All Night Express, with the Briscoe Brothers looming at Final Battle. The Express work on Shelton to start the match, but Shelton fights back and brings in Haas. Haas begins to work over the left arm of Titus, but Titus makes the tag. King quickly takes down Haas and a double team puts Haas on the ropes. Titus misses a corner charge and drives his shoulder into the ring post, and Haas is quick to capitalize on the incident. After the commercial we come back to WGTT continuing to work over the arm of Titus. Titus finally able to reverse the corner whip, sending Benjamin hard into the exposed turnbuckle, but still unable to make the tag. Haas relentlessly hammers the arm but eats a jawbreaker and Titus is able to make the hot tag. Kenny comes in and unloads on Haas & Benjamin, as we have a donnybrook. Kenny takes down Haas and climbs the ropes, but takes way too long and Benjamin catches him with an explosive arm drag off the top rope. The WGTT set up the Leap of Faith, but Titus pulls the ropes and Benjamin falls to the floor. The Briscoe Brothers come from out of nowhere and crack Shelton with the chair, which no one sees happen. This allows the All Night Express to hit their finisher on Haas to score the upset win. A great match, between one of the greatest tag teams and a top newcomer, excellent work from both teams. After the match we see Shelton on the floor having trouble breathing, and being checked on by medics. Haas is out there with him, as Rhett and Kenny look confused in the ring. Kevin Kelly goes to check on Shelton as well, and Haas is furious. Haas has the microphone as says he wants the Briscoes now, this is the most fire we’ve ever seen from Haas. Charlie talks about Shelton being his brother, and having already lost a brother and vows vengeance on the Briscoes.

3. All Night Express defeated World’s Greatest Tag Team 8.5/10

Another great show, and not a lot of talking this which was nice. Three very good fast paced matches, just an all around excellent show. Question, how is it that ROH can deliver three great matches in one hour, while WWE can’t deliver one good match in three hours of RAW this week? This just proves that having bookers who know wrestling and not crappy TV shows and comedy is what is needed. Can’t believe still have a WWE PPV this week, who’s dumb idea was this scheduling? Seriously, 3 hour RAW, 2 hour Tribute to the Troops (which sucked), 1 hour of NXT, 1 hour of Superstars, 2 hours of Smackdown and a 3 hour PPV? That’s twelve hours of WWE in one week, talk about overkill.


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