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TNA Final Resolution – December 11, 2011

TNA presents their final PPV of 2011, Final Resolution, headlined by a rematch from last month of AJ Styles facing World Champion Robert Roode. This time it’s an Iron Man Match, which should be good. Also tonight we have more rematches from last month, as Robbie E faces Eric Young for the TV title, at least the title is being used. Jeff Hardy faces Jeff Jarrett again, but this time in the cage with special stipulations. If Hardy wins he gets the title shot next month, if Jarrett wins either he or Karen are fired. Hopefully it’s Karen, as I’m sick of her, she’s worse then Michael Cole and singlehandedly ruining the once promising Knockout Division. Speaking of Knockouts, Knockout Champion Gail Kim faces former champion, Mickie James tonight as well, Daniels meets RVD again tonight, and Crimson teams with Matt Morgan to defend the tag titles against D-Von and The Pope. It looks like a loaded card, although too many rematches, but should give us some moderately good matches. Hopefully this is better then Turning Point, which was a horrible show with a lot of bad matches and booking.

We open the show with the same video that’s been played on Impact for four weeks showing everyone being shocked by Roode turning heel. AJ says the dumbest thing ever "It’s not about the World Title", way to put over the belt. After Taz and Tenay welcome us to the PPV they send it to Christy Hemme to introduce the first match.

1. Rob Van Dam v. Christopher Daniels

Our first rematch from last month, which was a good match and I said Daniels should have won to set up a rematch. RVD won it last month with the Five Star Frog Splash, and the crowd solidly behind RVD. RVD with the early advantage, as he shows off his underutilized scientific style. One quick kick from Daniels takes down RVD, but RVD comes back with the armdrags. Stupid question, why was their first match No Disqualification, and their second match is not? Isn’t the natural progression of a feud to go from regular to a stipulation match, not the other way, or is this some silly Vince Russo gimmick? Daniels again catching RVD and sends him to the floor, where he follows and works the back of RVD. Daniels plays the cocky heel so well, I’d like to see Daniels win and be promoted to the main event level. AJ, Roode, Storm and Daniels in the main event picture would make some great matches for the new year, just hope Angle and the other older guys don’t get pushed back to the top. RVD comes back with the quick kicks and rolling thunder for a near fall. RVD using his speed to control the match, and goes for the Five Star , but Daniels moves and spears RVD down for the near fall of his own. RVD again comes back with the kick and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash for the win. Seemed really rushed tonight, not as good as last month, the finish almost came out of nowhere. So, where do they go with Daniels now, the feud is pretty much dead as RVD beat him clean two shows in a row. Much like last month, wrong booking decision as Daniels needed the win more then RVD.

1. Rob Van Dam pinned Christopher Daniels with the Five Star Frog Splash 7/10

Backstage to Jeremy Borash with the always gorgeous Mickie James. Mickie looks great in bright red tonight, as Mickie says the people will get what they want tonight. Mickie promises to take it to the limit, and says she is disappointed by Gail hiding behind politics. This would be a good match if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone knows Karen and Madison will get involved. I predict Madison accidentally nails Gail with the belt, and Mickie wins the title, thus turning Madison face.

2. Eric Young v. Robbie E for the TV title

Eric is one of my personal favorites, was lucky enough to see him work independent shows around here and happy to see him make it to the big time, same with Angelina Love. Eric still channeling his inner Mike Knox, with the monster beard, while Robbie E comes out with Rob Terry. Another rematch from last month, and this was a pretty fun opener last month, hopefully they can top it this month. Eric quickly slides in and works over Robbie before throwing him to the floor and diving after him. Terry misses a clothesline but Robbie E connects with his shot, knocking Eric down. Robbie connects with a fist drop and almost gets the win, much to the shock of any fan of Memphis wrestling. Robbie being relentless with a series of near fall, but keeps going back to the rear chinlock. We get a shot of Rob Terry, who is wearing an ear piece, leading to the question of who is he talking to? Could the Robs be the next members of the nWo? Tune into this week’s Nitro to find out, it’s the longest running episodic television program of all time. No, maybe not. Anyways, Eric make a comeback with the discus clothesline and the powerslam followed by the elbow drop for a near fall. Eric takes his eyes off the champ, distracted by Terry and Robbie knocks Eric down. The Rob’s have a conference with the ref on the apron, which allows Eric time to get up and both men collide with the double clothesline. Robbie distracts the ref, allowing Terry to come in and lift up EY in the corner. Robbie charges in and nails Terry. Eric shows his strength and catches both men on his shoulders, but they slide down his back. EY dropkicks Terry out, but turns around into the Codebreaker by Robbie for the win. A fun little match, much like last month, but again the same guy wins twice and that should end the feud. Not that I want to see WWE style 50/50 booking where they trade win to the point of wins not mattering, but if someone wins twice in a row that should end the story.

2. Robbie E pinned Eric Young with the Codebreaker to retain the TV title 6.5/10

Backstage to number one contenders D’Angelo Dinero and D-Von, D-Von says he has no problem with Pope as long as he leaves his kids alone. Pope says he can’t help being a father figure and tonight is about winning the belts.

3. Crimson & Matt Morgan v. D’Angelo Dinero & D-Von for the Tag Titles

Here we go with another Vince Russo classic, tag partners who don’t like each other forced to team up, times two. I’m all for anything that keeps Anarquia of my screen, so I won’t complain too much. Crimson and Pope start out, and Crimson uses his power to take down the Pope before bring in Matt Morgan. Matt tells Pope to tag in D-Von, and Pope obliges, Matt quickly overpowers the multiple time champion however D-Von fires back taking down the giant. Morgan and Crimson continue to use their power advantage, but Pope finally sneaks in a DDT and both men are down. This has been a pretty lackluster match, but better then last months tag title match. D-Von takes control working over Crimson and popping Morgan off the apron, and almost wins the title with a diving headbutt. Morgan quickly comes in and they both whip in D-Von, who hits a double clothesline that doesn’t move them. A flying clothesline takes them both down though, and Pope pulls out Morgan allowing D-Von to knock down Crimson. D-Von slams Crimson and Pope hits the diving elbow, as Matt has to break up the pin attempt. Matt tosses Pope out of the ring and D-Von gets double chokeslammed, allowing Crimson to cover for the win. Wasn’t great, but watchable as we see Pope outside with D-Von’s kids.

3. Crimson & Matt Morgan defeated D’Angelo Dinero & D-Von to retain the Tag Titles 5/10

Backstage to JB with AJ Styles, who says he’s not a hundred percent, he’s two hundred percent. AJ says he will beat on Roode for thirty minutes and Roode may have destroyed Fortune but won’t destroy AJ.

4. Kid Kash v. Austin Aries for the X Title

Someone explain why the hell Kid Kash is in a main storyline at this stage in his career. He’s the Kevin Nash of TNA, as Tenay points out it has been eight years since Kash held the title. With all the young talent out there, why push older guys? I liked Kash, but time for him to step back and be a trainer, ala Jamie Noble. Last month was a three way with Jesse Sorensen, where Aries rolled up Kash from behind to win and leads to this match, as I predicted. They also had the second best match of the night, as the crowd is split between both men, since they’re both heels. Nice back and forth start, as neither guy can get an advantage, till Kash gets a chop in the throat. We get a nice series of near falls from both men as they exchange pin counters, very cool. Aries rolls out for a breather, and Kash follows. Aries slides in and catches Kash coming in but misses the fist drop, allowing Kash to clothesline Aries to the floor. This has been a brutal battle so far, as Kash nails the post and Aries grabs the title. The ref takes it away allowing Kash to roll him up using the ropes, Aries comes back the same as both guys take any cheap shot they can. This has been fantastic so far, as both guys are just hammering each other not slowing down at all. Aries hits the pendulum elbow for a near fall, that’s about as telegraphed a move as the worm and the People’s Elbow. Another nice series of reversals, with Kash getting the advantage with a stiff forearm, as Kash nails Aries as he falls for extra emphasis, nice. Kash goes for a moonsault, but Aries moves and Kash sort of lands on his feet. Been a couple minor botches, but still some great stuff here. Kash gets caught on the top rope, and Aries climbs up after him, but Kash fights back and goes for the powerbomb, but Aries counters mid air to a rana. The crowd rightly chants "holy sh!t" and I agree, that was impressive. Both men slow to get up, and a slugfest again, and Kash gets the advantage, as Kash goes for the double underhook but Aries blocks. Kash staggers into the corner and Aries charges, eating the boots of Kash. Kash again goes for the double underhook and Aries flips out. Kash crashes into the buckle and Aries pulls out brass knuckles, and the ref catches him. Now Kash gets caught with a foreign object and Aries tosses the X Title to him while the ref is busy. The ref turns around and catches Kash with the title, Kash says he didn’t use it, the ref pulls the title away and Aries catches Kash quickly with the brainbuster for the win. Fantastic match with a couple flubs, but it’s forgivable. A very innovative finish, shades of the late Eddie Guerrero, great end to a great match. Here’s your match of the night.

4. Austin Aries pinned Kid Kash with the Brainbuster to retain the X title 9.25/10

A minor production flub as the promo video for the Knockout match doesn’t play, a second attempt gets it working. We recap the whole Gail Kim and Karen Jarrett garbage, including the stupid lingerie crap from Impact. It’s sad they did a lingerie match and the girls wore more clothes then they normally do. Now it’s highlights of ODB losing to Mickie in a street fight, and Madison jobbing to Mickie as well. As Mike and Taz talk they accidentally replay the same video, this time with no audio, someone is going to be fired for this mess.

5. Mickie James v. Gail Kim for the Knockout Title

This could be a good match, but like I said watch for interference from Karen and/or Madison. Talk about going the opposite direction with Gail, WWE does nothing with her, while TNA puts two title on her in a matter of weeks. Mickie still looks fantastic in her red tie-up shirt and cut offs, stunning. Mickie outsmarts Gail in the beginning, and the crowd solidly behind Hardcore Country. Mickie goes to slide under Gail, but gets caught, she fights free with a snapmare and a dropkick to the face of Gail. Gail catches Mickie on the top rope and splatters her hard on the mat, Taz says she’s not moving as she starts to get move, turn on your monitor Taz. Gail relentless now she has her down and begins to work the legs of Mickie and follows up choking the challenger on the ropes. Mickie shot into the corner and Gail goes for the corner cross body, but Mickie moves and Gail falls to the floor hitting the steps as well. Mickie catches Gail with the rana and a series of clotheslines, as Mickie gets fired up and flapjacks Gail down hard. Mickie climbs the ropes but Gail catches her again and goes for the top rope rana, but Mickie hold the ropes and dives down with the Thesz Press, nice. Mickie goes for the DDT, but Gail blocks and goes for Eat Defeat. Mickie counters with a dragon screw and Gail to the floor. Gail grabs the title and starts to leave, Mickie chases her and slaps Gail, then tosses her headfirst into the post. Mickie tosses Gail in, and here comes Madison to grab the ankle. This allows Gail to hit Eat Defeat for the win, well that came out of nowhere. Was a great match, but the ending was predictable and came out of nowhere. Would’ve been better with more time, still second best match so far.

5. Gail Kim pinned Mickie James with Eat Defeat to retain the Knockout Title 7.5/10

Backstage to James Storm who calls himself a beer drinking, ass kicking machine and tonight he will take out Kurt Angle. I hope Storm wins, as I really don’t want to see Angle in the main event anymore. We get the highlight package, including a sighting of Ken Anderson, glad he’s not on the PPV.

6. James Storm v. Kurt Angle

I like Storm’s new music, very cool and suits him perfectly. Angle tries to control early with his amateur skills and proceeds to work over the arm of Storm. Angle maintains a side headlock, as Storm shoots him off but Angle comes back with a shoulderblock. Storm catches Angle with a pair of armdrags into the armbar, as the crowd chants "Cowboy". Angle forces him to the corner and rakes the eyes before unloading on the Cowboy. Storm comes back and clotheslines Angle over the top and quickly follows. Storm gets sent into the steps and now Angle works over the head of Storm. Storm fights free with the back suplex and hammers the Olympian. Storm hits a Codebreaker followed by the Backstabber for a near fall, but runs into the belly to belly from Angle. Angle quick to apply the anklelock but Storm rolls free. Angle comes back with the rolling Germans for another near fall. Storm catches Angle in the Eye of the Storm for his own near fall, and both guys slow to get up. Storm climbs the ropes, big mistake, as Angle catches him with the belly to belly. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, Storm rolls through and goes for the Last Call kick, Angle catches the foot and applies the anklelock. Storm fights free and Angle crashes into the post, Storm hits an elevated DDT on the apron. Storm goes for the kick again, but Angle catches him and hits the Slam. Angle misses the moonsault, and Storm finally hits the kick for the win. A very good match, with the right man winning.

6. James Storm pinned Kurt Angle with the Last Call Kick 8.5/10

It’s time wasting time, as they have to build the cage so we go backstage to Jeff & Karen Jarrett, as Jeff is furious that they added the stipulation if Jarrett loses either he or Karena are fired. Sting wanders in and taunts Karen with the handcuffs, bet that’s not new to her. Now we get the whole recap package of this feud. Hardy won three times last month, and I bet he wins again tonight since I can’t see him gone.

7. Jeff Jarrett v. Jeff Hardy in a Cage

As Sting handcuffs himself to Karen we get our Twitter reference from Tenay, at least they’re not as annoying as Michael Cole. The TNA cage always looks so huge, as Hardy starts out working over Jarrett, as Karen acts like Vickie Guerrero outside the cage screaming. This early in the match and we have dueling figure fours, that’s not a good sign. So far no one has really gotten an advantage, but both guys have tried to escape and been caught. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate out of nowhere and instead of pinning he climbs the ropes, but Jarrett starts to get up, so Hardy drops down hits a second Twist of Fate. Hardy climbs to the top of the cage, and instead of leaving he goes for the swanton bomb, but Jarrett rolls out of the way. Jarrett starts to climb out but Hardy catches and drags him in, so Jarrett responds with an enziguiri. Jarrett hits the Stroke on Hardy and both guys fight at the door, with Hardy catching Jarrett with the dropkick using the cage for momentum. Jarrett shoves Hardy and he hits the cage door, sending the door into Sting as well. This allows Karen to unlock the cuffs and drives the cage door into Hardy’s head, getting a near fall for Jarrett. Karen grabs the guitar and tries to bring it in, but Sting grab her. This distracts Jarrett long enough for Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate and pin Jarrett. Not a good match, basically just a bunch of spots with no real story. Now one of the Jarrett’s will be fired, as Sting has the microphone, bet he says tune in at Impact for the results. That’s exactly what he says, way to deliver on your stipulation on the PPV.

7. Jeff Hardy pinned Jeff Jarrett in the Cage DUD

We now get our hype segment for the main event, this should be a great match.

8. AJ Styles v. Robert Roode for the World Title in an Iron Man Match

Wonder which way they’ll go with the match, like Bret and Shawn with no falls, or Dustin and Rude with multiple falls. Personally I think three falls is plenty, two for one guy and one for the other. Anymore then that makes the guys look weak, but any less is boring. Roode in control at the onset with the side headlock, as he tries to wear down both the opponent and the clock. Roode begins to work over the leg of AJ before tossing him out of the ring, Roode follows and gets slammed into the guardrail. Nine minutes into the match, and no one has scored a fall, actually been pretty slow so far. AJ has the side headlock, and Roode fights out with a shin breaker. Roode flips AJ over his head, and AJ’s leg is injured. AJ tries to spring up and Roode sweeps his legs out then covers for the first fall. Roode quickly back on the knee and continues to bend and contort the leg of AJ. Roode applies a figure four leg lock on AJ, who tries to fight off the pain but finally has no choice but to tap out at the half way point, putting Roode up by two falls. Rude wisely goes right back to the leg, but AJ able to kick him off sending Roode into the buckle shoulder first. AJ drives the arm down and locks on the crossface submission, and Roode taps with twelve minutes left. Now both guys have an injury to be exploited as AJ gets turned inside out by a Roode clothesline. AJ able to sneak a cradle in on Roode to score another pin and tie it up with just under ten minutes left. Roode goes for the catapult but AJ springs to the ropes and comes back with a DDT, very impressive as AJ follows up with a springboard splash for a third pin, giving AJ the lead with seven minutes remaining. Roode backdrops AJ to the apron, but AJ holds the arm of Roode and drops down. AJ comes in via a springboard sunset flip and Roode holds the ropes, scoring a pin to tie it all up again with less then five minutes left. AJ is furious and starts to hammer on Roode, and the ref has to physically pull AJ off Roode. AJ sets Roode on the top rope, and climbs up with him going for the superplex, but Roode shoves him off. AJ quickly springs back up with an armdrag and Roode lands hard on the shoulder. AJ follows with a backdrop suplex and goes for a vertical suplex, but Roode kicks the knee out. Roode goes for the fisherman suplex and AJ counters to a cradle for a near fall. Roode infuriated goes after AJ, right into the Pele Kick. AJ signals for the Clash, but his knee gives out and Taz does the serious voice. Roode rolls out of the ring and AJ goes for broke with the flipping dive to the floor, which hurts his knee even worse. Under a minute left, all tied up, and everyone is down outside the ring. AJ throws Roode back in the ring and Roode looks at the clock and bails out again, as he tries to wear out the clock. Roode avoids AJ until the clock runs out and the match ends in a tie. That was actually a very good Iron Man Match, one of the better ones I’ve seen, right up there with Rude and Dustin or Rude and Steamboat. The ending was very innovative, as Roode outsmarted AJ by avoiding him for the last minute, very sneaky and well done. The match is declared a draw and Roode retains his gold, much to the chagrin of the crowd. I bet we get a third match at the next PPV in January.

8. Robert Roode and AJ Styles went to a draw in the Iron Man Match 9/10


1. Rob Van Dam pinned Christopher Daniels with the Five Star Frog Splash 7/10

2. Robbie E pinned Eric Young with the Codebreaker to retain the TV title 6.5/10

3. Crimson & Matt Morgan defeated D’Angelo Dinero & D-Von to retain the Tag Titles 5/10

4. Austin Aries pinned Kid Kash with the Brainbuster to retain the X title 9.25/10

5. Gail Kim pinned Mickie James with Eat Defeat to retain the Knockout Title 7.5/10

6. James Storm pinned Kurt Angle with the Last Call Kick 8.5/10

7. Jeff Hardy pinned Jeff Jarrett in the Cage DUD

8. Robert Roode and AJ Styles went to a draw in the Iron Man Match 9/10

A much better show then Turning Point was, as only one bad match and one mediocre match. Five matches were must see, as the X match was the match of the night, but the main event was right up there. A very good way to end 2011 for TNA, I only hope this means 2012 will be more focused on the talent and less on the garbage backstage. A couple really fun finishes as well, and it was nice to see no interference or ref bumps in the main event, a welcome change as this makes two main events in a row. 2012 could be a good year for TNA, just wish the knockouts would go back to how good they were about three years ago.


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