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WWE Superstars – December 8, 2011

With ten days until the TLC PPV, we finally have the main event announced this week. Which means that on next week’s RAW they have build up a PPV main event, but of course the entire focus will be on the Slammy Awards. That’s one of the biggest problems with WWE, is there is never any build up to the PPV matches, and they pretty much feel meaningless. Everything just feels rushed as we hurry from one PPV to the next, with no build and really no blow off to anything. This week on RAW we got a John Cena versus Zack Ryder match, which would’ve meant something had it been built properly, and would have been a great start to a more heel like Cena. The whole segment reeked of useless, as the premise was basically if Cena wins he’s in the main event but if Zack wins he gets a US title match with Dolph. Cena of course wins the match, and then argues with JL that Zack deserves a title match. Cena then gave up his title shot to get Zack a second chance, which of course led to Zack facing Mark Henry. Cena then got involved, hit the AA on Henry so Zack could win. Thus making Cena look like a hero by helping Zack, but basically showing that Zack couldn’t win without Cena. If Cena was so hell bent on getting Zack a US title match, why didn’t he just lay down for his friend? He gave up his title shot anyways, so it wouldn’t have made any difference to the end result. We all know Cena can get the title whenever he wants, so he really didn’t need the win, it’s all so confusing. Speaking of confusing that brings us to NXT, aka the show that never ends but never gets anywhere either. This season has gone longer then the first three combined, and no end seems to be in sight. The only advantage is at least Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins and The Usos get TV time, but as for Curtis and Bateman, who cares. At least we still have Superstars, to make this worth watching. Let’s hope we get some great matches this week.

1. Justin Gabriel v. Tyson Kidd

This should be a pretty good opener, as we get two very underutilized superstars. Justin starts out quickly, but Tyson catches him going to the top and hammers the Cape Town star. Truly a global encounter as we have a South African facing a Canadian, both former tag team champions, not that anyone remembers that. Great, we have the Tribute to the Troops this week, can we say over saturation. So next week we have a three hour RAW, two hours of Tribute to the Troops, NXT, Superstars, two hours of Smackdown and a three hour PPV, that’s 12 hours of WWE in one week. Who thought this was good idea? Tyson slows things down with a side headlock, but Justin fights free and connects with a series of kicks. Gabriel goes up to too soon, and Tyson goes to catch him but Gabriel jumps over him and sends Tyson to the floor. Tyson avoids the baseball slide and hits the kick to the side of Justin’s head. Back in the ring and Gabriel back on the offense, but Tyson catches him up top. Justin rolls through the head scissors for a near fall. Justin with a side suplex and hits the 450 splash for the win. Not a bad match, but way too short for what these two are capable of. Would’ve like to see a twenty minute match with these two.

1. Justin Gabriel pinned Tyson Kidd with the 450 Splash 6.75/10

2. Jack Swagger v. Trent Barretta

As much as I like Trent, I don’t think he’s winning this battle. Swagger with the early advantage and hammers Trent down. Trent finally catches Swagger with his head down and hits a nice enziguiri followed by a missile dropkick getting a near fall. Trent tries to use his speed going for a headscissor, but Swagger catches him in the Swagger Bomb. Swagger then applies the ankle lock and Trent quickly taps out. Basically a squash match, and Trent deserves so much better.

2. Jack Swagger defeated Trent Barretta via submission 5/10

3. Drew McIntyre v. Mason Ryan

They’re going to squash Drew McIntyre again, not impressed. Why is Mason even getting a push? Does he ever get tested, why does Heath and Evan get suspended yet Mason is still around? Mason overpowers Drew right from the start, but misses a charge and eats an elbow. Drew begins to work over the arm of Mason, but Mason fights back with a big forearm. Mason gets caught by a low dropkick and Drew climbs the ropes, not normal for Drew, and we see why as he gets caught in the full nelson slam. Mason covers and wins, stupid booking. Just another squash match, as Drew is another who deserves better. I hate Mason Ryan more then I hate Alex Riley.

3. Mason Ryan pinned Drew McIntyre with a full nelson slam 2/10

4. Evan Bourne v. Epico

This is Evan’s first match back from his suspension, and last week Kofi lost to Primo, so this week it’s the other half of each team. Have I said how much I like Rosa Mendes, just saying is all. Evan starts out in control of Epico with a side headlock, Evan maintains control with a series of near falls, but Epico fights back and rams Evan’s head into the buckle. Evan quickly comes back with a kick and a bulldog, much to the chagrin of Rosa. Evan backdrops Epico to the apron, then dropkicks him to the floor. Primo tries to help him up, and Evan dives down on top of Epico. After the commercial, they’re back in the ring and Evan is still in control. It’s been all Evan pretty much. Epico finally able to catch Evan and crotches him on the top rope. Epico quickly works over the back of Evan and hits a rolling belly to back suplex, that was impressive, as he finishes with a German Suplex for a near fall. Epico goes for the Gory Special and stretches out the body of Evan, who won’t give up. Evan fights his way free and armdrags Epico down. Epico misses the corner charge and eats a series of kicks followed by the headscissor take down. Evan unloads on Epico and hits the knee to the face, but now Evan gets caught in the corner. Epico climbs up top and Evan catches him this time with the headscissor. Evan quickly ascends to the top and Primo distracts Evan who jumps down, right into the backstabber giving Epico the big win! Great match, not as good as last week with Kofi and Primo, but better then anything we saw on RAW. Bet we get a tag match at TLC.

4. Epico pinned Evan Bourne with the backstabber 8.5/10


1. Justin Gabriel pinned Tyson Kidd with the 450 Splash 6.75/10

2. Jack Swagger defeated Trent Barretta via submission 5/10

3. Mason Ryan pinned Drew McIntyre with a full nelson slam 2/10

4. Epico pinned Evan Bourne with the backstabber 8.5/10

Not the best episode of Superstars ever, but better then RAW. I would have rather they cut the middle two matches out and given us more time for Kidd/Justin and the main event. Next up is tonight’s TNA PPV, which I can’t even remember the name of, which shows how much I care. Give me more classic WWF and ROH, as the rest of this stuff is crap lately. I hope the TNA PPV can deliver, but not feeling to optimistic.


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