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ROH TV – December 3, 2011
December 10, 2011, 10:37 am
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Continuing the road to Final Battle tonight, last week we saw TV Champion Jay Lethal battle El Generico to a time limit draw. Mike Bennett got involved in the end and we had a three way battle as the show closed. Also Michael Elgin destroyed two men at the same time, and a very short tag match involving the Briscoes and Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman. Tonight we should get some more matches announced for Final Battle and we have a tag match featuring the Young Bucks, should be a good show.

We open the show with highlights from last week’s TV Title match. and then over to Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. Kevin says a new match has been signed for Final Battle and we’ll talk about that later. We get comments from Tomasso Ciampa, who says he is the dominant man in ROH.

1. Shiloh Jonze v. Tomasso Ciampa

This is going to be a squash match, obviously, as Ciampa is undefeated. Jonze offers the handshake and Ciampa shoves him to the mat. Ciampa destroys the kid, who tries to fight back and eats a huge clothesline. Jonze has no chance, as the crowd is cheering him on anyway. Jonze able to take down the big man with a diving lariat but runs into a dropkick this time. Jonze collapses in the corner, and Tomasso pulls down the kneepad, then drives the knee into the kid’s face repeatedly. Ciampa pulls him out of the corner and hits the Project Ciampa for the win. Basically an extended squash, as Shiloh really had no chance.

1. Tomasso Ciampa squashed Shiloh Jonze with the Project Ciampa 5/10

Comments from the Briscoes who tells Haas and Benjamin to watch over their shoulders. Kyle & Rhett, the All Night Express, offer comments as well, as they face Haas and Benjamin next week.

Kevin and Nigel in the ring, with Jim Cornette, Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. Kevin Kelly introduces Kevin Steen, who comes to the ring to a pretty loud ovation. Jim Cornette calls Kevin Steen a great wrestler, and sells tickets, but he’s crazy and Jim says he never knows what he’s going to do or say. Jim says he is impossible to deal with and has more issues then anyone he has ever met. Kevin says that’s the nicest thing he’s heard all week, and some might think he’s crazy but at least he’s not a hypocrite. Kevin says he did it on his own and doesn’t need Jim to make him a star. Jim says he was going to make a settlement offer, but since it was Steve’s idea, he can do it. Corino says for a year he has suffered the burden as he convinced Kevin to turn, and tells Kevin he went to far. Steve says Kevin’s future is being him, but it’s not to late and he can make amends. Kevin cuts him off and calls Steve and Jimmy as pathetic as Cornette, who calls Kevin a stupid bastard. Steve says his salvation is now, and the offer is, at Final Battle, Kevin Steen versus Steve Corino. Corino tells Kevin if he wins, he is reinstated, and warns Kevin that at Final Battle he will face the evil Corino that night. Kevin says he loves the offer, and Jim says he added to it and that Jimmy Jacobs will be the referee. Kevin tells Jim to be at ringside and watch him win his career back, Jim agrees. Kevin says after he win, it will be him ROH and then spits on Corino who smacks Kevin as all hell breaks loose. A great segment, and sets up what should be a hell of a match.

Inside ROH as we find out the TV title match at Final Battle will be a three way match with elimination rules. Jay Lethal defends against El Generico and Mike Bennett, should be a great match. We get more on the Eddie Edwards and Dan Severn training sessions. More comments from Roderick Strong who says no one has accepted his challenge yet, could they get an uglier women to hang out with Roderick?

2. Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole v. The Young Bucks

This should be a good battle between two young tag teams. Kyle and Adam control the start of the match with some nice double team moves. Matt tagged in and gets the same treatment, as Future Shock hit a double team on Matt. Kyle and Adam have been on the offense the whole match so far, but Nick catches Kyle and pulls him to the floor. This allows the Bucks to double team now and they unload on Kyle in their corner. After the commercial we get highlights during the break of more double teaming from the Bucks. This has been a lot slower a match then I expected, as the Young Bucks continue to work over Kyle. Kyle able to fight back with a belly to belly on Nick and gets the knees up as Matt comes off the ropes, this allows the tag to Adam Cole. Adam takes out both Bucks and sends Nick to the floor, but Nick pulls Cole to the apron. Nick goes for a baseball slide and Adam catches him and hits the wheelbarrow suplex into the apron. Adam with a nice cross body on Matt for a near fall, as this has picked up quickly. Adam hits a cutter and tags in Kyle who hits the rolling butterfly suplexes on Matt, then it’s Nick’s turn. Stereo Kicks from the Bucks, and Nick triple bombs Adam and then the superkick gets a near fall. Blind tag to Kyle who hits the tornado DDT into the suplex to the guillotine choke. Nick pulls Adam out and drives him into the post. Nick tries to make Kyle break the hold, and he’s relentless. Adam drags Nick out of the ring as Kyle maintains the choke, but Nick hits a diving legdrop on Kyle, amazing series so far. Young Bucks hit the More Bang For Your Buck sequence for the win. Great tag team match, why TNA didn’t use these kids better is beyond me.

2. Young Bucks defeated Future Shock 9.5/10


1. Tomasso Ciampa squashed Shiloh Jonze with the Project Ciampa 5/10

2. Young Bucks defeated Future Shock 9.5/10

Again we have a squash match which was alright, as at least it showcased a future title contender. The main event was spectacular though, and really makes me question TNA’s logic, as they had these kids and didn’t use them. The build up for the Kevin Steen story has been amazing as it has gone a year plus, something you really don’t see anymore. If this was WWE or TNA he would’ve been fired in November and back by December, a great build to what should be a fantastic battle. Can’t wait for Final Battle, it’s going to be the PPV of the year.


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