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ROH TV – November 26, 2011
December 9, 2011, 4:35 pm
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Took me almost two week to find this show, don’t know why it’s so hard to find ROH each week. Getting worse and worse to find each week, and keep getting stuck with the MP4 version, which I cannot get converted to AVI. Last week we had a great main event between Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly, which Davey won, when the corner man for Kyle threw in the towel. We’re heading towards Final Battle, so let’s get this started.

Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness welcome us to ROH TV, and tonight we get to see Eddie Edwards training with Dan Severn. In the main event Jay Lethal defends the TV title against former champion El Generico, should be awesome. First we get comments from the Briscoe Brothers and the team of Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander. The Briscoes basically look past the rookie team, and talk about the match at Final Battle with Haas & Benjamin. Coleman & Alexander tell the Briscoe Brothers not to look past them, as we start our first match.

1. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman v. Mark & Jay Briscoe

The rookies almost went the limit with the champions a couple weeks ago, lasting thirteen of fifteen minutes, now take on the number one contenders. This is how you build up a tag team division, WWE take notes. We start early with the Twitter crap, as Kevin Kelly does his best Michael Cole impersonation, I like Twitter, but I’m tired of hearing about it on wrestling. Cedric & Caprice start out quickly on the Briscoes and send them to the floor. I’d like to see the rookies win here, and then make the title match a three way at Final Battle. The Briscoes finally get the advantage with a little double teaming, and now they’re relentless on Cedric. The Briscoes continue the cheap shots, and finally nail the ref drawing the DQ. Haas & Benjamin make the save for the rookies as we go to commercial. Well, that was quick, and a really cheap finish. Not an impressive start for this week. Started out strong, but the ending was too quick and out of nowhere.

1. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman defeated Mark & Jay Briscoe by DQ 5/10

2. Michael Elgin v. Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine

I hate handicap matches, just saying. Obviously Elgin is going to crush these two jobbers. Sean Casey did job duty in the WWF from 1997-1999, losing to Scott Putski, Mideon, and Too Cool among others. He also did one match on Nitro, losing to Kevin Sullivan in 1996, It’s all Elgin as he dismantles the two guys, as they keep trying to fight back but he continues to overpower them. Elgin lifts up both guys at the same time and nails a double Alabama Slam for the win. Well, at least the kept it some what competitive.

2. Michael Elgin defeated Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine 5/10

Over to Jim Cornette who gives a statement in regards to Kevin Steen. Jim says he has an idea, thanks to Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino, he invites Steen and his attorney along with Jacobs and Corino to meet him in the ring next week.Inside ROH, as we feature Eddie Edwards in training with Dan Severn, who doesn’t look any different then he did in the WWF in late 90s. Davey says it was his idea, and Eddie stole the idea, Eddie says he didn’t steal it, he ran with it when Davey went to Japan. Dan says the only person to blame is him, as Eddie blames Kyle O’Reilly and says Kyle is stirring the pot. Roderick Strong still feels he should have been given the title shot and has his training camp, a bar in Florida. Roderick issues an open challenge to anyone, and says he doesn’t need to train and will be at Final Battle.

3. El Generico v. Jay Lethal for the TV title

This should be a great match, as the original match was amazing. Before the match starts Mike Bennett and Bob Evans are spotted in aisle with two chairs. Jay & Generico lock up to start, as we see Mike & Bob sitting at ringside having a snack. They start out quickly with a nice sequence of moves and counters, very nice. It’s been a stalemate so far as neither guy can get an advantage, until Generico starts to use his speed to take down Lethal with a series of armdrags. Jay tries to fight back, but Generico comes back with a couple of chops to the chest. Generico connects with a nice split legged moonsault for a near fall. Jay finally takes down the masked man by backdropping him to the apron and follows with a dropkick sending Generico to the floor, at the feet of Mike and Bob. Jay continues the offense in the ring utilizing a surfboard, but Generico refuses to give up. Now it’s Jay’s turn to unload with the chops, but gets caught by a series of clotheslines from Generico. Generico almost wins the title back with the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Jay shows his resiliency by kicking out. Great, the clock is shown in the corner, not a good sign. Meanwhile Mike Bennett has just hijacked the TV title and puts in on, while Jay connects with the handspring cutter. Generico comes back with an enziguiri and the German Suplex, as we have one minute left. Jay rolls to the floor, and spots Mike with the title and pops him. Generico tries to suplex the champ back in, but Jay rolls through. Jay hits the elbow smash, but Mike distracts the ref and the time runs out. Jay goes after Mike and clobbers him, and we have a slugfest on the floor. Bob gets involved to help Mike, as Generico dives over the top rope wiping out everyone. A great match, and I expect we get a three way at Final Battle.

3. El Generico & Jay Lethal went to a time limit draw 8.75/10


1. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman defeated Mark & Jay Briscoe by DQ 5/10

2. Michael Elgin defeated Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine 5/10

3. El Generico & Jay Lethal went to a time limit draw 8.75/10

Could’ve done without the pair of squash matches, but the main event made up for it. Final Battle is shaping up to be the must see PPV of the year. Looking forward to it, more so then this months WWE/TNA shows. It’s nice what being able to have a few months to build a show can do. Next up is last week’s episode of ROH, to get us caught up, plus this week’s episode of Superstars.


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