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Best of the WWF Volume 2

Tape six in the Coliseum Home Video library is the second volume of the best of the WWF. This is another compilation of matches, mostly from 1985. The box cover is bright red, like Volume 1, and features Mr. Fuji of all people on the cover. The tape advertises Magnificent Muraco versus Pedro Morales and Tito Santana versus Paul Orndorff as our featured matches. The box also advertises The Moondogs, Killer Kowalski, Midget Madness, surprise endings and more. Should be a good lineup, as usual with these tapes, so let’s get it started.

As usual we open with the classic video, then over to Gorilla Monsoon who welcomes us to Volume 2. Gorilla says we will also get some great historical footage as well as we go to our first match.

1. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch v. Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson for the Tag Team Titles

Gorilla mention that Rocky Johnson is a former pro boxer, as the tag champions make their way to the ring. Vince McMahon and Mene Gene on commentary, as Rocky starts out quick controlling Adonis on the mat. Adrian with a nice cartwheel but gets caught by Rocky again, it’s impressive to see Adonis in his prime, he was so underrated. Murdoch gets a left hand in and gets the advantage, tagging in Adonis and they unload on Atlas. Hot tag is made to Rocky and we have all four in the ring, this never works out good for the faces. Atlas and Murdoch brawl on the floor, and Rocky distracted allows Adonis to roll him up from behind for the three count. A pretty good tag match, although a little short as it didn’t seem clipped. History is made as we crown new WWF Tag Team Champions!

1. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch defeat Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson to win the Tag Team Titles 7/10

2. Pedro Morales v. Don Muraco for the IC Title

Muraco jumps Pedro before the bell, but Pedro fires back and whales on Muraco with the IC title. Pedro really fired up tonight as he refuses to slow down on the challenger tonight, as we have Vince and Gorilla on commentary for this match. Pedro continues the offense catching Muraco on the apron and drives Muraco into the buckle, Muraco collapses to the floor. Muraco gets a low blow in on Pedro, giving him a much needed break, as it’s been all Pedro so far. Pedro relentless as he’s still hammering Muraco, but misses a corner charge and drives his knee into the buckle. Muraco quickly works on the leg, but Pedro kicks Muraco into the ring post. Pedro makes a crucial error as he does a backbreaker, driving Muraco down into his own injured knee. This has been a brutal match so far, and very good. Pedro shoots Muraco in and goes for the powerslam, but his knee buckles and Muraco lands on top of him for the win and the title. That was a very unique way to end the match, but it worked as Muraco sneaks away with the title.

2. Don Muraco pinned Pedro Morales to win the IC title 7/10

3. Pedro Morales v. Killer Kowalski

Going back to the seventies for this match, as we get some rare footage of the man who trained Triple H among others, Killer Kowalski. Kowalski gets the early advantage unloading on Pedro, as Gorilla mentions Killer runs a wrestling school in Boston. Jesse Ventura on commentary for this match, must be done from the studio since Jesse was not in WWF at the time this was taped. Kowalski comes back with a leg sweep and begins to work over the knee of Morales. Pedro finally rakes the eyes of Kowalski to break the hold and unloads with the lefts, sending Kowalski to the mat. Kowalski makes the comeback and goes back to working the knee in the corner, but Pedro fires back as this is a slugfest. Kowalski able to get the claw in on Pedro, as we clip and it’s still Kowalski working the abs of Pedro. Pedro fights back again with the left hands and starts to make the comeback, but Kowalski gets a shot in on the abs. Both men wind up on the apron as the bell rings and the ref tries to separate them, but Pedro is relentless. The ref declares a double DQ, as Pedro continues to beat down Killer. Not a bad match, but nothing impressive, nice to see a Killer Kowalski match, as those are pretty rare.

3. Pedro Morales & Killer Kowalski fought to a double DQ 5/10

4. Jamaica Kid & Billy the Kid v. Sky Low Low & Little Brutus

Great, it’s midget time, this won’t be good. Gorilla says this is good for a laugh, wow, how politically incorrect is that? This is pretty old, as the video is yellow, but it’s still impressive quality. Thankfully this is highly clipped, as Gorilla seems to having a good time with it. The crowd is laughing at most of the stuff they do too, as Jamaica & Billy win the match, no it’s two out of three falls, of course. I have no idea who’s who in this match, so it’s impossible to call anything, but you’re not missing a thing with this. This is worse then an Alex Riley match, I’d rather rewatch Undertaker versus Triple H from Wrestlemania over this. They pile up on the ref, as usual, how long till someone bites the ref on the rear. Even the producers of the video got bored as the match just fades to blue and we never get an ending, and I couldn’t be happier.

4. Jamaica Kid & Billy the Kid and Sky Low Low & Little Brutus had no ending NO RATING

5. Chief Jay Strongbow v. Professor Toru Tanaka

The professor was a former tag champion with Mr. Fuji and also was in the movies Running Man and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Lord Alfred Hayes on commentary, as both guys start out slowly. Tanaka uses the shoulder nerve hold, ala Haku, but Jay fights out with a headscissor take down. Tanaka backs up in the corner and Jay follows into the corner, allowing Tanaka to apply a wristlock. I’m distracted by the referee in beige pants and a white t-shirt, did they run out of stripped shirts? Jay able to get the headscissor back on Tanaka as we clip to Tanaka using the nerve hold again and Jay slowly fading out. Strongbow comes back with the racially motivated war dance and chops, I see where Tatanka got his dance steps from. Tanaka goes for the salt and the ref grabs his hand and disqualifies Tanaka. Not a bad match, but very slow and not what current fans are used to, and the ending was lame.

5. Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Professor Toru Tanaka by DQ 5/10

Time for a WWF Musical Interlude, seriously? Captain Lou Albano plays piano as we fade over to Mene Gene singing Tutti Frutti, from the first Slammy Award show, classic cheese. Hilarious as Hulk Hogan on bass guitar in the back, as Gene is having a great time. The drum player looks like Harvey Whippleman, I’m sure it’s not him but it’s funny to see.

6. Tito Santana v. Paul Orndorff for the IC title

Tito Santana defending the IC title against on again/off again friend of Hulk Hogan, at this point Paul was a heel. Tito quickly sends Paul to the floor, and Vince is ecstatic on commentary. A nice sequence of counters and holds, as Orndorff shows his underrated technical skills. Tito gets the advantage and applies an armbar on the challenger, driving a knee into the head as well. Paul finally fights free, but runs right back into the armbar as we get some clipping, and Tito still has the armbar on. So far it’s been all armbar, as Tito gets shot off and caught in the inverted atomic drop from Orndorff. Paul quickly goes after the back of Tito and the crowd is not happy, but they are sure loud. Tito rolls to the floor and Paul follows with an atomic drop on the cement before coming back in the ring. We’ve certainly picked up now as Paul is destroying the champion with stomps and a clothesline using the ropes. Tito writhing on the floor as Paul poses, this allows Tito to come back in with a sunset flip, but Paul hammers Tito in the head. Paul takes too long and Tito starts to fire back, but one eye rake from Paul sends Tito down. Paul sends Tito into the ropes, but Tito comes back with a crossbody and gets a near fall. Paul goes for a top rope move and Tito catches him with the knees, and now it’s Tito on the offense as the crowd explodes. Tito slingshots Paul into the top turnbuckle and goes for the flying forearm, but Paul jumps over him and catches Tito with a big clothesline for a near fall of his own. This has been great so far, as Tito sends Paul to the corner and charges, Paul gets the boot up and quickly covers. The ref counts and the bell rings, the time limit has run out as Paul was so close to winning the IC title. A slow start but picked up and wound up a great match, probably the best on the tape. Would’ve been a higher rating had there been a definitive finish, but no complaints.

6. Tito Santana & Paul Orndorff went to a time limit draw 8.75/10

We get a series of clips of matches with surprise endings, first is Don Muraco versus Rocky Johnson for the IC title. Joined in progress with Muraco bleeding and Johnson hammering Muraco. Johnson relentless as he unloads on Muraco, who can’t defend himself. Johnson accidentally nails the ref with the right hand, as Muraco backdrops Rocky to the floor and the bell rings. The ref disqualified Rocky for hitting the ref, Muraco keeps the IC title. Next clip is Bobo Brazil versus Freddie Blassie, some great archival footage here. Bobo is destroying Blassie, who gets tangled in the ropes and the ref holds up Bobo Brazil’s hand. The referee gives the win to Bobo Brazil, not a clue what happened there, I guess because he was tangled in the ropes. Bobo goes to shake Freddie’s hand, and instead headbutts Blassie down, much to the delight of Lord Alfred. Now we get Andre the Giant versus the Black Demon, this is after Andre wins. Demon attacks Andre after the match and Andre headbutts him then tosses Demon across the ring and in the process unmasks the Demon. Fourth clip is the Moondogs versus Tony Garea and Rick Martel for the Tag Titles in a Texas Death Match with Gorilla Monsoon as referee. Rex has a side headlock on Tony Garea but able to fight free, however he runs into a knee and Rex tears apart Garea. King holds Garea, and Monsoon pulls King off via the hair. Garea tries to comeback and tags in Martel who takes out both Moondogs with dropkicks. Martel slams King down and drops a knee, and goes for the abdominal stretch. Rex comes in and takes out Monsoon, who then hammers Rex, as Garea & Martel double team King for the win.

7. Tony Garea & Rick Martel v. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito for the Tag Titles

Martel starts out with Fuji and hammers him quickly, Saito tagged in Martel continues the offense. The speed picks up and Martel is relentless on Fuji, catching him in a cross body for a near fall. Fuji & Saito get the advantage finally and work over Garea, Albano gets a cheap shot in as Martel has the ref busy. There is a reason Albano is the manager of champions, he always knew when to get a shot in without getting caught. Garea tries to fight back, but fails as he misses dropkick. Gorilla was right when he said there were a lot of two counts in this match, as Garea keeps kicking out. Garea finally makes the hot tag to Martel and Martel climbs the ropes for the crossbody, but Fuji throws the salt in his eyes. Saito rolls through the crossbody and scores the big win and the titles. A very fast paced tag team match, which was not clipped, or at least it wasn’t noticeable. Vince is beside himself, he’s so angry about this, it’s funny to listen to Vince as a commentator.

7. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito defeated Tony Garea & Rick Martel for the Tag Titles 7.5/10


1. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch defeat Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson to win the Tag Team Titles on April 17, 1984 from Hamburg, PA 7/10

2. Don Muraco pinned Pedro Morales to win the IC title on January 22, 1983 from New York, NY 7/10

3. Pedro Morales & Killer Kowalski fought to a double DQ on July 22, 1974 from New York, NY 5/10

4. Jamaica Kid & Billy the Kid and Sky Low Low & Little Brutus had no ending NO RATING

5. Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Professor Toru Tanaka by DQ 5/10

6. Tito Santana & Paul Orndorff went to a time limit draw on September 1, 1984 from St. Louis, MO 8.75/10

7. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito defeated Tony Garea & Rick Martel for the Tag Titles on October 13, 1981 from Allentown, PA 7.5/10

Not a bad tape as we had three title changes on this tape, so lot’s of historical importance here. Other then the midget match, there really wasn’t anything really bad. The worst matches were Pedro/Kowalski and Strongbow/Tanaka but the rest was excellent. Highly recommend if you’re a fan of the old school and want to see three title changes. Coming up next is Biggest, Smallest, Strangest, Strongest. Not a clue what’s on it, but I bet we get more midgets.


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