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WWE Superstars – December 1, 2011
December 2, 2011, 12:42 pm
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I still have not found last weekend’s ROH show, so in the meantime I guess I’ll watch Superstars. At least with Smackdown airing on Tuesday I have one less WWE show to sit through today. The Holiday episode of Smackdown was the usual disappointment, as that stupid Hornswoggle won a battle royal. Seriously, is there anyone who remotely finds him entertaining? Why does he get to eliminate one of the best in the business, Tyson Kidd, from the match again, he did the same stupid thing at Royal Rumble. They’ve ruined Sheamus to the point of being a joke now, seriously, he hugged the leprechaun and was then outsmarted by it? If this was the heel Sheamus he would have punted the little twerp’s head into the eighteenth row, instead he’s hanging out with Beaker and hugging a midget? Who decides this garbage? At least the Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan match was good, of course WWE is going to screw it up. The current rumor is that they want to turn Henry face, why? What good would a face Mark Henry accomplish? He’s doing great as a bad ass, and there is no need to turn him. Sometimes I wonder if they book this just to drive people nuts, as a lot of the decision really make no sense. Anyways, enough of the lesser, let’s just enjoy Superstars, unless we get a JTG match of course.

1. Ted DiBiase v. Heath Slater

It’s nice to see Ted is starting to get used, as he has a little story going with Jindar Mahal. As for Heath Slater, why is he still employed? Shouldn’t he be on the unemployment line, aka TNA Roster, with JTG? Ted starts out with the offense, but Slater gets a shot in and quickly calls himself the man, I don’t think so. Slater continues to work over Ted but Ted keeps kicking out and Slater starts getting frustrated which cost him. Ted hits that odd clothesline he does, which I like, and hits Dream Street for the win. Basically an extended squash match, as Heath got an advantage missed a move, Ted hits two moves and wins. Nothing major happened in this one.

1. Ted DiBiase pinned Heath Slater after Dream Street 4/10

2. Santino Marella v. JTG

Great, had to know this was coming, as we get a JTG match. I hope this is quick, can we lump him, Slater and Riley in a group and call it "Never Going to be Ready for TV"? Unfortunately JTG has the early advantage and slows it, but Santino fights free and misses the Cobra, was hoping this was over. The crowd is chanting for Santino, they probably just want this over with too. Santino thinks he’s a Samoan now, as he no sells the turnbuckle shots and fires back on JTG. Santino misses the diving headbutt, and JTG misses the mugshot. This gives Santino the chance to hit the Cobra for the win. Best thing I can say about this match, is that it’s over. Nothing to see here either, so far been a boring episode of Superstars.

2. Santino Marella defeated JTG with the Cobra 3/10

3. Kofi Kingston v. Primo

This is much better, as the stunning Rosa Mendes comes out with Primo. With Evan Bourne on his way back Monday, I expect we’ll get a feud between Air Boom and the new Mexicools, which is good as it’s nice to see tag teams again. We’ve got these two teams, Usos, Reks and Hawkins, and Watson and O’Neil as well. Slowly getting a proper tag team division, as Kofi starts out quick on Primo. Primo tries to comeback but Kofi continues to control the arm, as Rosa and Epico look on from ringside. Kofi tosses Primo from end of the ring to the other, but Primo finally slides out of the ring to slow down Kofi. After the commercial break Primo has slowed down Kofi with a rear chinlock and hits a nice quick sequence of moves to get himself a near fall. So far this has been a great match actually, but considering these two it should be no surprise. Primo is such an underrated star, while Kofi just can’t seem to break the glass ceiling and get to the upper levels. Primo continues the offense as Rosa screams at Kofi, Primo just did Christian’s pose, that was odd. That pause gave Kofi a chance to hit a headscissor take down and now it’s time for a Kofi break. Kofi hits on of the best high cross body blocks this side of Ricky Steamboat for a near fall. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and readies for Trouble in Paradise, but Primo ducks. Kofi springs to the top rope and Primo catches him and hits a top rope backstabber for the win. A great fast paced back and forth match, and a nice upset win for Primo. We should get a tag match this week on RAW or Smackdown I assume.

3. Primo pinned Kofi Kingston after the backstabber 9/10


1. Ted DiBiase pinned Heath Slater after Dream Street 4/10

2. Santino Marella defeated JTG with the Cobra 3/10

3. Primo pinned Kofi Kingston after the backstabber 9/10

After a very slow start this week, Superstars ended on a high note with a great match. Ted scored the win as did Santino in two boring matches, but Kofi and Primo tore it up in the main event. Highly recommend to find this match on Youtube, you won’t regret it. If this is any sign of things to come, the feud between the four should give us some great matches. I’m still searching for the November 26th episode of ROH, but as soon as I find it, a recap will be up. Hopefully I should get a couple more Coliseum Video releases done this weekend.


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