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WWF Most Unusual Matches

The next release in the Coliseum Home Video library is called the WWF’s Most Unusual Matches. Should be interesting to see what WWF considered to be unusual in 1985, compared to nowadays. This volume’s box features footage of a battle royal, and it looks like Brutus Beefcake in the center and one of the Moondogs hanging on the top rope. I guess this means we get a battle royal on this tape, which makes me very happy. Also advertised on the box is a ten man tag match, a cage match between Superfly Snuka and Don Muraco, an Indian Strap match, a ladies battle royal, a lumberjack match and more. Should be a fun series of matches, hopefully they can keep the clipping to a minimum, as this tape clocks in just under ninety minutes.

We open with the usual opening video before being greeted by Jesse Ventura, wearing a freaky blue feathered wig. That man had the most disturbing outfits in the eighties. Jesse goes over the matches for tonight, with some highlights. Love the cage, but miss the old school blue cage, I think that debuted at Wrestlemania 2.

1. Tito Santana v. Greg Valentine (IC, Lumberjack)

Greg is the IC champ going into this match, as Tito has been chasing him for a while. Greg had previously injured Tito with his figure four, as Jesse gives us a history of the Lumberjack Match. Greg Valentine wearing a pastel purple robe to the ring tonight, and the classic green IC title. Mene Gene and Gorilla Monsoon mention the Lumberjack, King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd, Jimmy Snuka, Don Muraco, Rocky Johnson, Charlie Fulton, Barry O, Matt Borne and Ricky Steamboat among others. Valentine attacks before the bell, and that fires up Tito who quickly comes back. Greg bails out and Studd tries to protect Valentine, but Steamboat throws him back in. The heels continue to try to help Valentine, while the faces throw him back in again. Tito continues to be in complete control of the champion, who hides outside again and Junkyard Dog tosses him back in. Every time Greg tries to leave the faces toss him back into Tito’s flurry. It’s been all Tito so far, as Tito runs into Greg boot in the corner and now the champ finally has the advantage and tosses Tito to the floor. Studd and Fulton quickly toss Tito back in the ring, and out the other side goes Tito, right into the Dog and Steamboat who help Tito back up. Usually these matches degenerate into chaos, but so far it’s been good, of course it’s Valentine, so no surprise. Tito finally makes the comeback and unloads on the champion, and Valentine falls like a redwood in the middle of the ring. Greg tries to escape and Tito pulls Greg’s pants down, bringing Greg back in quickly. Tito goes for the figure four and Greg pulls him down by the hair and bails out again, but tossed back into Santana’s waiting arms. Tito with the flying forearm and goes for the figure four, and Jimmy Hart distracts the ref, which allows Studd to pull Greg to the ropes. Tito attacks Studd which allows Greg to clobber the challenger, and we get a slugfest. Greg shot it and they collide head to head, with Valentine landing on top, the ref counts and Greg wins. A very good match, with a very innovative ending. They kept the lumberjacks to a minimum, and Greg and Tito put on a fun match.

1. Greg Valentine defeated Tito Santana to retain the IC title 8/10

2. Greg Valentine v. Chief Jay Strongbow in an Indian Strap Match

Now would that be called a Native American Strap match these days? Jesse is doing the voice over commentary, and this is from 1979. Greg starts out with choking Jay with the strap. Strongbow split open and that fires him up, as the does the racist war dance before doing his comeback. They wind up fighting on the floor, and Strongbow hammers Valentine. Valentine busted open as Strongbow kicks the ref down and Tito Santana, Ivan Putski and Domenic Denucci come out to break things up. A good hard hitting brawl, but sucks there was no ending. Love the fact that the cops have to restrain some guy in the crowd, as Gorilla comes out to break things up as well. The crowd is not happy with the ending, as Finkel makes the announcement.

2. Greg Valentine & Chief Jay Strongbow went to a no contest 7/10

3. Cowboy Bob Orton & Roddy Piper v. Jimmy Snuka and Junkyard Dog in a Tornado Match

Basically a tornado match is all four men in the ring at the same time, should be fun and chaotic. The faces start out quick and send Orton and Piper into each other and Orton sent to the outside. Piper and Snuka brawl on the floor, and Snuka eats the steel. This leaves Dog alone with Orton and Piper, who they destroy before Snuka slowly gets back in. Dog goes out, but Snuka cracks Piper and Orton together and Piper begs off. Piper and Orton try to leave, but Snuka and Dog catch them and throw them back in the ring. Piper and Orton take control with double sleepers, as Piper kicks Snuka while holding Dog, classic Piper. Snuka and Dog able to drive Piper and Orton into each other, breaking the hold and now the faces take over but Piper and Orton makes the comeback. Orton mocks Snuka with the big splash, but Snuka gets the knees up as Piper takes out the Dog. Piper and Snuka battle on the floor again, and rams Snuka into the post again. Dog comes off the ropes and Piper hooks the leg, allowing Orton to make the pin. A solid brawl and the clipping helped keep it fast paced. One of the better JYD matches from his WWF run.

3. Bob Orton & Roddy Piper beat Jimmy Snuka & JYD in a Tornado Match 7/10

4. Ten Woman Battle Royal

This is really old footage, as it’s yellow looking and I have no idea who is who. Jesse says this is from the late sixties, and they have to pin the ladies to eliminate them and the winner faces Moolah for the title. Gorilla calls it the most unusual match ever, and points out the Masked Venus, Sue Green and Paula Kay along with Donna Christianello. We have five ladies in the ring at this point and Venus covered by two people at once, eliminating her. Clip to a double slingshot, wow they get enough time back then to do a clip, can’t do that nowadays. We’re down to final three as Sue, Donna and Paula remain and a nice double team eliminates Paula, Sue then pins Donna for the win. It was good considering other then Donna I have no idea who they were, and we joined it with only five left. Nothing to complain about during this match, as they ladies took a beating, and the last backdrop was brutal as Paula landed on her head with Donna on top of her.

4. Sue Green wins a Ten Woman Battle Royal 6/10

5. 20 Men Battle Royal

Howard Finkel introduces the twenty men for the battle royal, Sika, Luis Rivera, Butcher Vachon, Antonio Inoki, Tony Garea, Chief Jay Strongbow, Afa, Steve Lombardi, Dick Murdoch, Bob Orton, Adrian Adonis, Rene Goulet, Ron Shaw, Charlie Fulton, Terry Daniels, Iron Sheik, Tito Santana, Paul Orndorff, Sgt Slaughter and Samu. Quite the impressive list of names in there, I find Lombardi funny looking clean shaved, don’t see that too often. The bell rings and it’s chaos right away, as Sarge and Sheik right away go at it. Clipping as we have a few people gone, Tito, Adrian, Charlie, Samoans, Inoki, Daniels, Shaw, Garea and Sarge are still there. Murdoch almost out by the Samoans, and Adrian quickly comes to save his partner. Adrian charges Sarge and he;s out, along with Murdoch and they pull out the Sarge. Surprising that there is no Andre in this match, also surprising is that Lombardi is still in there. Clipping again, and down to six, as Samu goes out via Inoki. Inoki with the enziguiri sending out Bob Orton as well. Final four, Inoki, Goulet, Shaw and Garea. Shaw and Goulet toss out Garea with ease, and it’s a two on one on Inoki. Inoki uses his speed but they finally catch him and Shaw holds Inoki, Goulet charges and accidentally nails Shaw sending him out. Inoki quickly tosses out Goulet for the win. Not the best battle royal I’ve seen, but wasn’t bad. Lot of lower card guys in this one, which kind of brought it down. Once it was final four it was obvious that Inoki was winning.

5. Antonio Inoki wins a Twenty Man Battle Royal 6/10

6. Jimmy Snuka v. Don Muraco for the IC title in the Cage

For those that know they’re history of the WWF, this is that match with the move still talked about today. Jesse sends it over to Gorilla Monsoon and Pat Patterson at ringside. Snuka starts out quickly on the champion, who immediately tries to leave but Snuka won’t let him. Snuka continues to hammer Muraco, but Muraco gets a low blow in and then tosses Snuka into the cage wall. This busts open the Superfly and Muraco is relentless tearing at the cut. Snuka gets a boot in and climbs up the ropes, Muraco follows and they’re fighting on top of the cage. Snuka kicks Muraco down to the mat and instead of leaving goes after him. Muraco able to get another shot in on Superfly and goes back to work on Snuka, but Snuka fights back and rams Muraco into the cage. Now Muraco is bleeding all over the ring, as we have a gorefest out there now. Snuka relentless on Muraco and charges the champion with the big headbutt, sending Muraco through the cage door to the floor. Muraco pulls off the win, and Snuka is pissed and goes after Muraco. Here comes that big moment as Snuka suplexes Muraco down hard and then climbs to the top rope. Snuka changes his mind and climbs to the top of the cage instead and dives down onto Muraco with the Superfly Splash. What an amazing moment, even thirty years later. A great match with a legendary ending. Snuka goes outside the cage and grabs the IC title and brings it in the ring, Snuka drops it on top of Muraco.

6. Don Muraco beat Jimmy Snuka in the cage 9/10

7. Jimmy Snuka and Arnold Skaaland v. Don Muraco and Captain Lou Albano

We get the managers in the ring for this match, which took place the same night Iron Sheik won the World Title. Arnold able to control the IC champion, which angers Muraco and Arnold almost gets the win. Arnold able to tag in Snuka, and the crowd explodes as they stare down. Snuka beats down Muraco, who has no choice but to tag in Jimmy’s former manager, Albano. Snuka unloads on Albano, who gets a shot in the leg of Snuka and hammers Snuka down. Albano distracts the ref allowing Muraco to drive a knee into the back of Superfly. It’s been all Albano and Muraco for a while here, as surprisingly we’ve had no clipping. Snuka finally starts to make a comeback, but Albano distracts Snuka allowing a dropkick from Muraco. Muraco holds Snuka and Albano swings, and nails his own man. Arnold comes in and clobbers Albano, allowing Snuka to hit the Superfly Splash for the win. A much better match then I expected, great work from the managers, both former wrestlers.

7. Jimmy Snuka and Arnold Skaaland defeated Don Muraco and Captain Lou Albano 7/10

8. Haystacks Calhoun, Larry Zbyszko & Peter Maivia v. Butcher Vachon, Moose Monroe and Strong Kobayashi

Joined in progress, as Calhoun is pummeling Moose in the corner. Larry comes in and nails Moose as does Peter, and Calhoun back in hits the splash for the win. Calhoun was the biggest man in the WWF history at this point, over six hundred pounds. Not possible to rate this, as it was just a two minute clip showcasing Calhoun. By the way, Peter Maivia is the grandfather of The Rock for those who don’t know.

8. Haystacks Calhoun, Larry Zbyszko & Peter Maivia defeated Butcher Vachon, Moose Monroe & Strong Kobayashi NO RATING

9. Mr Fuji, Ray Stevens, Don Muraco, Buddy Rose & Superstar Graham v. Andre the Giant, Rocky Johnson, Sal Bellomo, Pedro Morales & Jimmy Snuka in a 3 out of 5 falls match

This will be heavily clipped as they have about ten minutes of tape left, as Buddy and Rocky start out and Rocky destroys him. Buddy had so much talent, it’s amazing to watch him be tossed around. Clip to Snuka headbutting Muraco and tagging in Pedro who unloads on Muraco, and Andre tagged in. Andre hits the big boot sending Muraco to the floor. Clip again as Sal Bellomo being spun around by Muraco, who falls and Sal on top for a near fall. Rose in now and spins Sal and tags in Fuji. Muraco in now and all five guys get their shots in on him, and Andre clobbers Muraco who gets tangled in the ropes. Clip to Fuji catching Sal with a belly to belly suplex and scores the first fall, Fuji was actually impressive in the ring. Clip to Snuka dropkicking Sal in the back as Fuji goes for a slam, and Sal scores the fall. Clip to Snuka with a sunset flip on Rose to score it two falls to one for Team Andre. More clipping as Rose works over Snuka, but Snuka uses his speed to take down Rose. Andre tagged in and hammers Rose, who tags in a reluctant Fuji. Ande unloads on the entire team and rams Rose into Snuka heads, then hits the big boot and butt drop for the win. Heavy clipped as expected, but what we got was very good. A quick match with ten big names, a great way to end the tape.

9. Andre the Giant, Rocky Johnson, Sal Bellomo, Pedro Morales & Jimmy Snuka defeated Mr Fuji, Ray Stevens, Don Muraco, Buddy Rose & Superstar Graham 3 falls to 1 7/10


1. Greg Valentine defeated Tito Santana to retain the IC title on March 17, 1985 from New York City 8/10

2. Greg Valentine & Chief Jay Strongbow went to a no contest on July 30, 1979 from New York City 7/10

3. Bob Orton & Roddy Piper beat Jimmy Snuka & JYD in a Tornado Match on January 21, 1985 from New York City 7/10

4. Sue Green wins a Ten Woman Battle Royal from Philadelphia 6/10

5. Antonio Inoki wins a Twenty Man Battle Royal on July 23, 1984 from New York City 6/10

6. Don Muraco beat Jimmy Snuka in the cage on October 17, 1983 from New York City 9/10

7. Jimmy Snuka and Arnold Skaaland defeated Don Muraco and Captain Lou Albano on December 26, 1983 from New York City 7/10

8. Haystacks Calhoun, Larry Zbyszko & Peter Maivia defeated Butcher Vachon, Moose Monroe & Strong Kobayashi from New York City NO RATING

9. Andre the Giant, Rocky Johnson, Sal Bellomo, Pedro Morales & Jimmy Snuka defeated Mr Fuji, Ray Stevens, Don Muraco, Buddy Rose & Superstar Graham 3 falls to 1 on February 19, 1983 from New York City 7/10

Another great tape from Coliseum Video, as we had six very good matches, and two were alright. Not a bad selection of matches, with lots of talent featured. There is a second Unusual Matches tape coming, but next is Andre The Giant.


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