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WWE Superstars – November 24, 2011

After another mediocre PPV and a boring RAW, we finally get to the only worthwhile show of the WWE. Last week we had three good matches, would’ve been better with more time, but everything has to be stopped for the Rock. Now I don’t want to get off on a rant here but, this pathetic considering he probably won’t be back till around the Rumble, however Rock and Cena is about the only thing the WWE cares about. Over on RAW we did have two interesting videos, one for the return of Kane and one which doesn’t say who it’s for. Some people say Jericho and some think Undertaker, I’d rather it was Jericho as Undertaker should stay gone. He hasn’t had it in a long time, and his last match with Triple H was one of the worst Wrestlemania matches ever. Instead of focusing on Kane and whoever returning, why not focus on building the young stars. The guys they should be promoting, pushing and building consistently are Tyson Kidd, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Tyler Reks, Brodus Clay and Trent Barretta. I didn’t include John Morrison on that list because it looks like his WWE days are over as of next Monday, which is probably the best thing for him. After the spectacular stunts he did at the Rumble and Elimination Chamber they should have pushed him to the top right away, but he got hurt and then forgotten. Typical of WWE with the start/stop pushes of guys, I expect this week on RAW Punk drops the belt to ADR and then regains it at TLC. They have to keep their 50/50 booking style intact and can’t let anyone get over more then Cena. Anyways, forgetting the boredom of RAW, not hard to do, let’s just enjoy Superstars.

1. Drew McIntyre v. Ted DiBiase

Speaking of Drew, here he comes, did I actually hear a pop for Drew, is anyone else listening? Seconds in and their talking about the Rock during Drew’s entrance. This is the battle of the underrated superstars, as both these guys should be in the upper echelon of the company, not curtain jerking on Superstars. Nice opening sequence of counters and reversals, as the announcers are more interested in pointing out Ted’s new mustache, focus you chimps. Ted’s been getting a series of near falls, as Drew finally has had enough and slaps Ted, which just fires up DiBiase. Ted tosses Drew out and dives out after him, then unloads on the Scotsman, but his anger costs him as Drew catches Ted and drives him into the apron. After the commercial break Drew has the advantage on Ted who fights back, but Drew again outsmarts Ted and takes him down. Drew doesn’t learn as he slaps Ted, and that costs him as Ted comes back but runs into Drew’s big boot to the face. Drew gets caught coming off the top, as he gets a face full of Ted’s boots, and both guys are down. This has been a very good match so far, but no surprise with two of the best in the WWE. Now Drew back in charge and hits the face buster which almost gets him the win, as Drew is getting frustrated. This costs him as Ted is able to hit Dream Street out of nowhere for the big victory. Excellent opening match, both guys brought it and put on a great showing. Why are these two not being pushed, anyone?

1. Ted DiBiase pinned Drew McIntyre with Dream Street 8.5/10

2. Alex Riley v. Michael McGillicutty

Have I said how much I dislike this kid? This could only be worse if his opponent is JTG, the only person I hate more then Riley. Even Tyson Kidd couldn’t pull a good match out of this guy. Can we please change Michael’s name back to Hennig, why not push him based on being a third generation star? Riley takes control early with punches, way to show that great move set. Michael gets the advantage after Riley misses the corner charge, and I still don’t care. More punching as this match is not exciting at all, as Michael has to really slow down for Riley. Riley channels his inner Gangrel with an Implant DDT but doesn’t get the win. Riley goes for the sunset flip and Michael blocks and scores the win. Glad that’s over, Riley sucks as always as Michael carried him the whole match.

2. Michael McGillicutty defeated Alex Riley with a rollup 3/10

3. Jindar Mahal v. Trent Barretta

Are all these guys just staples of this show or what? We see the same group basically each week, but at least most can put on good matches. Jindar comes out and talks in his own language, and because he’s a foreigner he’s booed. Need to make a Jindar for WWE’12, just saying. Also need to make a Trent character too, he’s awesome. I miss the Dudebusters team, they were awesome. Trent gets an early advantage and springs to the top rope, but Jindar shoves him down and Trent crashes hard on the barricade. Jindar quickly tosses Trent in and works over the injured ribs now, smart work by Mahal. Jindar misses the corner charge and Trent goes for the tornado DDT but Jindar shoves him off. Jindar locks on the Camel Clutch for the win, not a bad match actually. Jindar is impressing me each week, he gets better and better.

3. Jindar Mahal defeats Trent Barretta with the Camel Clutch 6.5/10

4. Tyson Kidd v. Ezekiel Jackson

Talk about a contrast of styles, the technical high flyer versus the massive powerhouse, I like both guys. I think I’m the only fan of Zeke, but the guy is pretty good for a monster. I still can’t get used to Kidd with hair, it’s as odd as Santino with hair now. Zeke able to overpower Kidd with ease, but Kidd smartly attacks the leg of Zeke. Kidd continues to use his speed to control the massive Zeke but Zeke finally catches Kidd and unloads on him in the corner. Zeke tosses Kidd around like a rag doll now and quickly locks in the torture rack, and Kidd submits. A pretty good match, better then I anticipated.

4. Ezekiel Jackson beat Tyson Kidd with the Torture Rack 6/10


1. Ted DiBiase pinned Drew McIntyre with Dream Street 8.5/10

2. Michael McGillicutty defeated Alex Riley with a rollup 3/10

3. Jindar Mahal defeats Trent Barretta with the Camel Clutch 6.5/10

4. Ezekiel Jackson beat Tyson Kidd with the Torture Rack 6/10

A much better episode of Superstars then last week. Could’ve lived without the Riley match, but the rest was good. More entertaining than RAW was.


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