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ROH TV – November 19, 2011
November 26, 2011, 9:51 am
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Can this show be any harder to find? Takes me six days to find a copy, and then it’s a cursed MP4, which my Wii has a hard time with. Frustrating is not the word for it. Anyways, last week we saw the debut of the Young Bucks who defeated The Bravado Brothers in a very impressive match. and the American Dragons defeated the House of Truth. We also got to see the entire story of Kevin Steen, which is shaping up as a very good angle. Let’s send it to Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness for this week’s episode.

We start with highlights from last week’s main event, and then to the opening video. Another week in the Davis arena, as our main event is Davey Richards versus Kyle O’Reilly, should be a hell of a main event. Comments from Mike Mondo, who reminds me of Dolph Ziggler and Batista merged into one person.

1. Mike Mondo v. Alex Silva

Mondo actually shakes hands with Silva, before the lock up. Mondo over powers Silva at the start and locks on a very innovative submission, which requires the ref to unhook. Mondo forces Silva to the outside and dives onto him, very impressive. Mondo impresses me each time I see him, as Kelly mentions that Dan Severn is the new trainer for Eddie Edwards. Dan Severn, seriously, when was the last time we saw him on anything? Mondo still in control of the match, as Silva tries to fight back and hammers Mondo and hits a nice spinebuster for a near fall. Silva misses the corner charge and Mondo springs up top and dives down, but Silva catches the feet. Silva with a nice gut wrench powerbomb, but Mondo counters into the Fujiwara arm bar. Silva able to make the ropes, and comes off the ropes, but Mondo catches him again, Silva kicks off. Silva blocks the spinebuster and hits the double arm DDT for the win. Nice back and forth match as Silva was able to hold his own. Good opening contest, very enjoyable.

1. Mike Mondo pinned Alex Silva with the Double Arm DDT 7/10

Over to Jim Cornette who makes his first public statement on the Kevin Steen lawsuit. Cornette says he will have an official response next week, but personally he denies coercing Steen into accepting the match and changing the contract. Next week as well, Jay Lethal faces El Generico for the TV title, as we get comments from Jay about Mike Bennett regarding their match last month.

2. Jamin Olivencia v. Mike Bennett

I assume this is our squash match of the week, as Bennett is in a storyline while Jamin is not. Bennett has the microphone and says he is the TV Champion of ROH and tonight’s match is a title match, then shakes his hand. Bennett shoves Jamin away, and Jamin comes back with the dropkick and arm drag. Bennett quickly comes back and overpowers Jamin, who tries to fight back but Bennett hits the reverse neckbreaker for a near fall. Jamin back in control and climbs the ropes, but Mike catches him with a kick and gets cocky, which allows Jamin to roll him up for a near fall. Bennett quickly comes back with the Box Office Smash, aka the Rock Bottom for the win. Not a bad match, Jamin got more offense then expected.

2. Mike Bennett defeated Jamin Olivencia with the Box Office Smash 6/10

Inside ROH, is about the announcement of Dan Severn, revealed by Davey Richards who says Eddie went behind his back. Davey says the Severn idea was his, and Eddie stole the idea from him, but at Final Battle he doesn’t care, this will come to an end. Next week, an interview with Dan Severn and Eddie Edwards. Highlights of the All-Night Express confronting Haas and Benjamin last week, who feel like they are forgotten. The Briscoes cut another horrible promo ripping apart the rookies who faced Haas and Benjamin last week, and challenge the rookies for next week. Cedric and Caprice respond and accept the challenge and do not fear the Briscoe Brothers.

3. Kyle O’Reilly v. Davey Richards

Of course we start with a handshake, as Truth Martini joins the commentary team for this match. Truth is doing the same gimmick Curt Hennig did with Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior in 92, saying both guys need him as a manager. Meanwhile Kyle and Davey evenly matches, as neither man can get the advantage. Kyle goes for submission hold and Davey able to counter, and Kyle makes the ropes. Davey helps Kyle to his feet, and the exchange strikes. Davey with a nice spin kick, and shoots Kyle in, Davey hits the knee lift sending Kyle to the mat. Davey in control as he works over the knee of Kyle, who refuses to quit. Kyle finally gets an advantage and hits a series of butterfly suplexes into the cross arm breaker, but Davey quickly makes the ropes. Kyle charges and Davey plants him on the top rope and hits a running boot on Kyle, who crashes to the mat. Davey continues to unload on his sparring partner, but Kyle starts to fight back and they exchange forearms. Davey hits a stiff kick to the side of Kyle’s head, and the ref starts to count, Kyle slowly gets to his feet. Davey hits the running strike to the chest and gets a near fall as we go to commercial. We come back as both men are exchanging pin attempts, and again exchange forearms and kicks, and Davey gets the advantage with the discus clothesline. Kyle pulls himself up on the corner and Davey charges, Kyle moves and charges, Davey gets the boot up. Now they exchange slaps in the center of the ring, but Kyle gets the jumping knee and a running knee to the face for a near fall. Kyle hits the kick to the side of the head and a perfect belly to back suplex getting another near fall. What a fantastic match, this is better then the entire Survivor Series PPV. Kyle climbs the ropes and Davey catches him, but Kyle fights him off and jumps into a boot sending him to the floor. Davey follows with a boot from the apron and tosses Kyle to the post. Davey kicks and misses, hitting the ring post hard. Kyle dives off the apron with a missile dropkick and throws Davey back in, Kyle in via the top rope and hits another missile dropkick and covers, but Davey just kicks out. Kyle locks on the guillotine choke, but Dave powers out into a suplex, but Kyle counters and Davey with the ankle lock. Kyle kicks him off and hits the tornado DDT and back into the guillotine. Davey fights free and Kyle charges back into the move, but Davey has the ankle on at the same time, and takes Kyle down. Kyle counters into his own ankle lock, but Davey reverses back in control of the ankle lock and the towel is thrown in. The crowd is not happy about that, was a great match but not a great ending. Still an entire level above almost everything TNA and WWE have done in the last five years. After the match Truth gets in the ring and gets in Davey’s face, and Davey responds by cracking him. Davey whips Truth into the corner as we come to an end this week.

3. Davey Richards beat Kyle O’Reilly via towel 9.5/10


1. Mike Mondo pinned Alex Silva with the Double Arm DDT 7/10

2. Mike Bennett defeated Jamin Olivencia with the Box Office Smash 6/10

3. Davey Richards beat Kyle O’Reilly via towel 9.5/10

A great episode of ROH this week, as we had one of the best main events this year, The opening match was good as was the squash even. The build to Final Battle keeps getting better each week, see what having a couple of months to build a PPV can do, as opposed to three or four weeks. Loving ROH so far, rapidly becoming the best wrestling show on TV.


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