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WWE Survivor Series 2011 – November 20, 2011

Honestly, with WWE’12 staring me in the face right now, I have even less interest in this show then before. Really there is only two matches I care about, and both involve Dolph Ziggler, so I don’t think is going to be my favorite PPV of the year. I don’t care about either title match nor the “big main event”, don’t like Cena and was never a fan of The Rock, Miz and Truth are just supporting players in this. So, let’s get this over with so I can get back to WWE’12, of course the Wii gets the crippled version as always, no create an arena feature, but at least I can push Dolph and Morrison to the top, where they belong. Can’t wait till I get my PS3 repaired or replaced, so I can get the better version of WWE’12.

The opening video features debuts of Undertaker and Rocky, plus showing the first Survivor Series main event. I wish they had left this PPV alone, and kept it as a series of four on four matches, would make it mean something. It’s not that hard to book this show, but they as usual dropped the ball. Cena, Rock, HHH & Orton versus Miz, Truth, Nash and Henry for the main event. CM Punk, Air Boom & Daniel Bryan versus ADR, Ziggler, Swagger & Christian. Kelly, Eve, Alicia & AJ versus Beth, Natty, Rosa and Maxine. Big Show, Sheamus, Sin Cara & Ted DiBiase versus Cody Rhodes, Tyson Kidd, Drew McIntyre and Hunico. There you have it, four big elimination matches, keeping the integrity of the Survivor Series and getting everyone a shot on the show, would be better then what we got coming up tonight. Anyways, fantasy booking aside, let’s get this done.

Michael Cole, Booker and Lawler welcome us to the show, and are interrupted by John Laurinaitis. This is off to a bad start as he welcomes us to the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series, which sends us to our opening match.

1. Dolph Ziggler v. John Morrison for the US title

Why does John Morrison get a title shot over Zack Ryder, oh that’s right because his contract and they want him to resign with WWE. If Morrison doesn’t win tonight I expect he’ll be in TNA by February. It’s sad, all these guys under contract and Dolph has to wrestle twice, not that I’m complaining with Dolph being one of the better guys but why not put Kidd on Wade’s team? Crowd quickly starts with a Ryder chant as Dolph catches Morrison early and tries to slow down the much quicker Morrison. The we want Ryder chants are getting louder, but of course Vince only hears what he wants to, this should have been a three way. Morrison catches Dolph and slingshots him into the buckle then clotheslines Dolph to the floor. Morrison does the twisting dive to the floor and gets in Vickie’s face, which costs Morrison as he gets in the ring with the spinning neckbreaker. Dolph drops the elbow and shows off with the kip up and continues the offense. Dolph into a headlock as the Ryder chant begins again, and Lawler mentions it as Dolph maintains control. Ziggler with a nice front layout suplex gets a near fall for the champion but Dolph misses the clothesline. John with a series of clotheslines and a dropkick into the Moonlight Drive for a near fall and almost wins the title. John tries to set up Dolph for the Starship Payne but Dolph holds the ropes. Dolph goes for a German Suplex but Morrison lands on his feet and springboards quickly into the flying chuck for the near fall again. Morrison goes for the tilt a whirl backbreaker, but Dolph holds on into the sleeper, counter by Morrison. Morrison hits a tornado DDT and covers, but Vickie pulls Dolph’s feet on the ropes and the ref catches her and kicks her out. Morrison goes for a suplex and Dolph counters into a small package for a near fall of his own, as they do a nice series of near falls. The flying chuck misses this time and Dolph hits the Fame-asser, but Morrison kicks out. This has been a phenomenal match so far, not sure how they can follow this up with anything else tonight. Morrison goes for the Starship Payne but Dolph gets the knees up, Dolph catches Morrison with the Zig Zag to retain the gold. Great match, amazing opener but there screwed trying to top this now. After the match Vickie is back and says Dolph has something to say, he hates to have to follow that, I agree. Dolph says people think he’s a showoff, but he can back it up as the crowd chants for Ryder. Out comes Zack Ryder and Dolph catches him, but Zack fights back and hits the Rough Ryder. Dolph quickly rolls out of the ring, as the crowd goes crazy for Ryder. Push this kid damn it, what the hell is wrong with this company?

1. Dolph Ziggler pinned John Morrison with the Zig Zag to retain the US Title 8.5/10

2. Eve versus Beth Phoenix in a lumberjill match for the Diva title

Well, at least I get to see AJ and Rosa, otherwise who gives a crap about this match. Eve is just a waste of time, as is Kelly. The only divas that matter are Beth, Natty, AJ and Kharma, when she returns. Eve tries to use her speed but Beth catches her and throws her down, but Eve comes back and I don’t care. Beth rolls out and gets tossed into Eve, with a neckbreaker and standing moonsault. Beth catches Eve and sends her to the apron, where Natty tries to get involved, but gets kicked down. The distraction costs Eve as Beth unloads on her, Eve channels her inner Kelly by yelling a lot. Cole actually calls the Divas of Doom versus Chickbusters match from Smackdown as a big match, really? Eve makes a comeback and goes for rolling thunder, right into Beth’s knees. Beth goes for Glam Slam, but Eve fights free into a nice submission move, alright that was impressive. Beth makes the ropes, as Eve gets in Natalya’s face, which allows Beth to roll her up, countered and Beth kicks Eve off. Eve with a leaping kick followed by a moonsault attempt but Beth catches her up top. Beth climbs up top, and Eve fights back, but Beth hits the Glam Slam off the top rope for the easy win. What an impressive finish, but the rest of the match was as bad as expected. Natty quickly rolls in and hands Beth her title, wish this was the last time we see Eve, but she’ll be back on RAW I’m sure.

2. Beth Phoenix pinned Eve after a top rope Glam Slam to retain the Diva Title 5/10

Backstage to David Otunga who tells CM Punk to apologize to Michael Cole for attacking him on RAW. Punk says he might after he wins the title from ADR. Now it’s time for a Rock promo, thanks for coming and taking a spot that someone who busted their ass all year should have. Idea, Rock gets attacked by Truth and Miz and pulled from the main event, they put Ryder in his spot instead. Ryder and Cena versus Miz and Truth, would the crowd be happier since they wanted Ryder or riot for another bait and switch? Rock goes over his history in Madison Square Gardens, and sadly has more charisma then almost the entire current roster combined. It’s sad how easy he can get people to chant anything he wants from “Boots and asses” to “Lady parts”, seriously anyone in the company can learn how to cut a promo from this man. I may not like the Rock but I do respect him, more then I can say for Cena, as Rock gets the crowd to sing the classic “New York, New York.”

3. Team Randy Orton v. Team Wade Barrett

Wade really needs to win tonight, it wouldn’t hurt Orton to lose in this match. Wade has an impressive team which includes Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Hunico and Cody Rhodes. I like four of the guys, not sure about Hunico yet, he looks like a welfare version of Homicide. Cody, Dolph, Jack and Wade are the future main eventers, and tonight is a good time to start those pushes. Team Orton includes Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston and Mason Ryan, I only like two guys on this team Kofi and Sheamus. Not to get off on another rant about Sheamus, but I’d rather he was on the heel side instead of Hunico and I despise Orton, he’s right up there with Cena, only at least Orton can sometimes sell, when he wants to. Really hope Hunico and Mason go out early, as Mason is simply a useless freak who they’re grooming as a new Batista, I didn’t like the original Batista. Kofi and Dolph start the match, mistake there as Dolph is probably still tired from his prior match. Orton tagged in and hits the RKO on Ziggler and covers for the first elimination, well that’s crap way to bury your best guy in the match. Orton takes out all four guys by himself now, the only person who’s going to look good after this match is Orton. Hunico and Swagger sent out and Sin Cara and Kofi dive out on them. Sin Cara botches up as always and now he’s hurt as he holds his knee and the ref is checking on him. Can we just kill off the Sin Cara character and accept it as a failure, probably not since he was Hunter’s first signing. The man is more of a risk in the ring then Kevin Nash, it’s sad but I can’t stop laughing at him. Someone call the Botch-a-mania guys we have our highlight of the week, as they announce Cara is eliminated, thanks for coming out you schmuck. Is that the Shockmaster under the mask? OK, I’m done, let’s get back to this match. as Orton is unloading on Cody Rhodes and tags in Mason, which the crowd boos. Maybe he can get injured too, would be appreciated. Cody tags in Hunico who doesn’t want in, as Kofi tagged in for the other side. Wade in finally and takes down Kofi, but Kofi comes back and both make tags. Hunico back in with Mason Ryan, who destroys Hunico tossing him around like a rag doll. Cody makes the blind tag and nails a knee to the head of Mason. Cody with Cross Rhodes scores the pin on Ryan, and Ryan can go back to the locker room as the crowd erupts in a chant for Cody. Sheamus in now for team Orton with Cody Rhodes, and Sheamus pounds the stuffing out of Rhodes. Sheamus gets caught with his head down, but comes back with the back elbow and does the forearm across the chest so the crowd can count with him. Wade able to distract Sheamus and Cody dropkicks him to the floor, Wade tagged in and takes over on Sheamus. I bet it comes down to Orton versus all four guys, and Orton beats them all. We get another Twitter trending topic graphic, and it’s Sin Cara trending, but does anyone care what’s trending? Kofi gets the hot tag and takes down Wade then hits the Boom Drop, setting up for the Trouble in Paradise, Cody distracts Kofi. Now it’s Swagger with a distraction, allowing Wade to catch him with the big boot and Wasteland eliminating Kingston. Now it’s Orton and Sheamus against Hunico, Swagger, Cody and Wade, Orton goes for the elevated DDT but Wade counters and sends Orton to the floor. Hunico tagged in and hits the dive through the ropes to the floor and tosses Orton back in, getting a near fall. Swagger tagged in now, or as Booker calls him “The Swag Man”, trying to tune out the announcers, as Team Wade is destroying Orton, but it’s all good Orton will come back as always. Cody with a nice layout suplex on Orton and into the submission attempt, but Orton fights free. Cody goes for the bulldog and Orton tosses him away, and both guys are down. Sheamus tagged in as is Swagger, and Sheamus tears apart Swagger as Swagger is not in that upper level with Orton or Sheamus. Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross but Swagger slides down, Wade comes in and gets tossed by Sheamus. Sheamus back on Swagger and refuses to break in the ropes, and the ref disqualifies Sheamus. Nice cheap elimination, as the crowd craps all over that, leaving Orton versus all four, just like I figured. Sheamus nails the big boot on Swagger before leaving and Orton slides in and covers, Swagger is gone, leaving it three on one. You know this is going to be an Orton showcase now, as the announcers try to make it sound like Orton is in trouble. If Hunico survives I will be shocked, as Cody unloads on Orton, but Orton comes back and takes out all three followed by the power slam on Cody. Orton quickly hits the elevated DDT on Cody and readies for RKO but Wade distracts Orton. Cody makes the tag to Hunico who springboards in, right into the RKO and goodbye Hunico. Wade quickly in and Orton hits the backbreaker and readies for RKO, and takes out Cody with it. Wade catches Orton in the Wasteland scoring the pin and winning for his team. Cole announces that Sin Cara injured his knee earlier in the match. Surprised that Orton did the job, wish Dolph had been able to survive too, but nice to see Wade getting the push he deserves. An impressive match, better then it deserved to be.

3. Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes won the Elimination Match 7/10

Backstage to ADR with the Bella Twins, as JL interrupts and tells him to take the match seriously. ADR says he is and has beaten Punk already and won’t lose to a man who should be homeless. ADR leaves and JL is texting on his phone as Michael Cole gets cut off for the anti-bullying video. I’m so tired of hearing “Never Before, Never Again” as we get hype for the Big Show/Mark Henry match. Cole says the reinforced the ring and again we get the recap of the ring collapse, much like Mick Foley falling off the cell, the more times we see it the less impressive it gets.

4. Big Show v. Mark Henry for the Smackdown title

Early in the match Big Show overpowers Henry sending him to the mat, Henry bails out of the ring. Henry back in and Show takes him down with a waistlock again and locks on a front face lock, and Henry makes the ropes. Henry charges and Show armdrags him down, sending Henry back to the floor. Cole talks about Twitter again, as Henry back in and Show catches him coming in. The crowd is not impressed by this match so far, as it has been slow as molasses. Show sent in to the ropes and Henry clips the knee and quickly starts to work over the injured leg of Show. The crowd is chanting boring, and I agree as Henry pulls Show up and Show hits a DDT getting a near fall. The crowd boos as they hoped this match was over, this is as boring as the Undertaker/HHH match from Wrestlemania or Sting/Hogan from Bound For Glory. Show tries for a chokeslam but Henry blocks and hits the World’s Strongest Slam for a near fall. Henry with the Splash and Show kicks out again, much to the anger of the crowd. Henry off the ropes and drops an elbow for another near fall, as the crowd is chanting “Undertaker” now, yeah that’s what we need Undertaker in this god awful match. Undertaker needs to stay gone, meanwhile they wind up outside the ring and Show gets shoved into the post. Show staggers in place, in front of the barricade, and Henry drives Show through the barricade then rolls in the ring. Count faster ref, finish this train wreck match, Show gets back in at nine, damn. Show gets set on the ropes, and Henry follows him up going for the superplex, but Show shoves him off, pissing off the crowd again. Henry charges into a superkick from Show, and we get an HBK chant. Show climbs the ropes, very slowly, and drops a big elbow on Henry which gets a near fall. The crowd has come to life after that, was impressive to be honest as we don’t see Show climb the ropes to often. This gets a big “Randy Savage” chant from the crowd, nice. Show readies the fist of death, but Henry ducks under and kicks Show in the yambag. The ref calls for the DQ, great, that means a damn rematch next month. This feud will never end, I’m in wrestling hell with this crap. Horrible match other then the two big moves, shoulder through the barricade and the elbow drop, only thing saving this from a DUD. Henry grabs a chair after the match and sets it on Show’s ankle. Henry dives off the top and Show moves out of the way, Show hits the big right hand knocking Henry out. The crowd chants “Daniel Bryan” as Show looks at the chair, Show sets the chair up on Henry’s ankle now and drops a leg on the chair. Henry writhing in pain as the medic comes out to check on Henry. Sadly the post match shenanigans were better then the match itself. Henry refusing medical help, as we get another WWE’12 promo, quit taunting me, I’d rather be playing then watching this.

4. Big Show beat Mark Henry by DQ 2/10

Backstage to Wade Barrett, with Matt Striker who should be doing commentary with Jim Ross, who says he is unstoppable and he wants to be World Champion. Miz cuts him off, as does R-Truth, who asks if that is what tonight is about. Wade says yes and walks off, as Miz says focus is everywhere but where it should be, on them. Truth does his conspiracy theories, including screaming at pigeons earlier, I got to admit that was funny as hell. Truth says all pigeons do is crap, and Miz says that is what Rock and Cena are. Truth says crap is gonna get got tonight. Hype time for CM Punk and ADR, doesn’t matter what happens in this match as I expect a rematch at TLC next month.

5. Alberto Del Rio v. CM Punk for the RAW Title

So the tag match is more important then the title, bet the same thing happens at Wrestlemania. Remember when title matches headlined PPV? After Ricardo introduces ADR we get a nice surprise as Howard Finkel is introduced to the crowd. Fink comes out to a nice ovation, and gets emotional before introducing CM Punk. Punk comes out and shakes hands with Fink before declaring it “Clobbering Time!” The bell rings and the crowd starts the “We Want Ice Cream” chant as they jockey for position. Punk gets the early advantage and starts to work the arm of ADR, wearing him down so he can use the Anaconda Vice. Punk unloads on the champ with a series of knees to the head and a dropkick, sending ADR to the outside. Punk dives through the ropes right into ADR, not pulling a Sin Cara, and tosses the champ back in, Punk back in via the top rope with a cross body for a near fall. ADR gets Punk in the ropes, and Ricardo takes a cheap shot. Punk chases after him, and ADR gets the baseball slide on Punk. ADR goes after him outside and rams Punk’s hand on the steps repeatedly before tossing Punk back in. ADR continues to work over the arm of Punk, interesting as both guys have finishers that involve the arm, so both guys are focused on the arm of their opponent. ADR misses the running knee and crashes hard on the floor, giving Punk a chance to recuperate, while Ricardo is checking on the champ. Punk grabs for ADR, but ADR snaps his neck on the ropes. ADR comes back in and eats a big knee from the challenger, and both guys are down as the crowd behind Punk. We get a slugfest, which Punk wins and dropkicks ADR down. Punk with the spinning neckbreaker getting a near fall, ADR pulls himself up in the corner and Punk gets the knee/bulldog combo for another near fall. Punk slides to the apron and hits the springboard clothesline and almost wins the match, but ADR powers out. Punk signals for the Go To Sleep, but ADR slides down and hits the Backstabber, is everyone now using that move? ADR goes for the German Suplex but blocks blocks and rolls the champ up for two. Punk misses the running knee and ADR connects with the enziguiri, but Punk kicks out again. This has been a very good match so far, no surprise with these two, should have been the main event. ADR sets Punk on the top rope but Punk fights free sending ADR to the floor, Punk goes for the double ax handle but ADR sweeps his legs out. ADR kicks Punk’s arm and charges at Punk, as he’s upside down in the corner, but Punk moves and ADR crashes into the buckle. Punk quickly drops the Macho Man elbow smash and gets the near fall, as Ricardo was ready to break it up. We get our second Randy Savage chant of the night. Punk goes for the Go To Sleep but ADR slides down and goes for his armbar, but Punk counters with the big kick. ADR ducks under and quickly locks on the armbar, as Punk is screaming in pain. Punk able to make the ropes, but the damage is done, as ADR looks over to Ricardo and charges at Punk. Punk catches him in the Go To Sleep, but ADR slides down again and sends Punk to the ropes, right into Ricardo. ADR quickly rolls up Punk with a handful of tights and Punk barely kicks out. Punk hits the spin kick into the Anaconda Vice and ADR has no choice but to tap out, and Punk has regained the World Title! A very good match, excellent work from both guys and this would be a great way to end the show, but the title match is not important if Cena is not in the match according to WWE logic. Punk pats some blond chick on the head as he leaves, that was odd. I still expect Cena to have the title by Wrestlemania, even though his match doesn’t need it.

5. CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio via submission to regain the RAW Title 8/10

Hype for the new Stone Cold DVD, which had potential but the match listing is really disappointing. Four discs and only one WCW match, not impressed, plus all the other WWE matches are on other DVD sets. They have such a library of matches, would have been nice to get a bunch of matches that have never been released instead of the same ones on every other set. I’ll still get it, but just disappointed by the selection of matches. Now we get a recap of the entire Cena/Rock including Rock’s debut fifteen years ago, I remember watching that live, seems so long ago. The song is horrible during this video, what a crappy choice of music.

6. R-Truth & Miz v. John Cena & The Rock

I really have no interest in this whole storyline with Cena and Rock, they’ve blown it already. Rock’s return should have been Wrestlemania not some throwaway tag match. Cena is such a moron when he comes out and does his usual overblown entrance, the only way this match can be good is if Cena turns on Rock and goes heel tonight, but no chance in hell of that. There’s a better chance of Tyson Kidd winning the World title over a Cena heel turn. The supporting players are introduced and then the Rock is introduced and the place explodes like nothing I’ve ever heard. I’ve said it before, I don’t like the Rock, but no one can command a crowd the way he can. The announcers mention that Rock’s last match was Cena’s first Wrestlemania, way back at Wrestlemania 20. Rock starts with Miz and Rock quickly takes over on both Miz and Truth and almost gets an early win. I’m impressed the Rock is showing no ring rust, someone has been training hard, as the crowd chants “You still got it” to the Rock. Truth says he wants in and Miz obliges, Truth and Rock exchange arm drags and Truth shows off but Rock nails him. Rock hits the fisherman suplex but Cena has the ref distracted, and the Rock asks Cena what he was doing. Cena really needs to screw the Rock over tonight and turn heel, ala Hulk Hogan in 96, would be the biggest turn since then. The crowd turns on Cena with a “Fruity Pebbles” chant and Rock tags Cena in, which the crowd boos. The crowd continues the abuse on Cena with a “You can’t wrestle” chant, and every move Cena does they boo. Cena with a monkey flip and a dropkick sending Miz to the floor, and the crowd responds with “You still suck” at Cena. Truth in now, and the crowd wants Rock back in, as Truth dances and Cena hits the shoulderblock and suplex, before signaling for the five knuckle shuffle, but instead gets in the Rock’s face. Rock comes in and distracts Cena, long enough for Truth to clothesline Cena down hard. Miz and Truth double team Cena, as we get dueling chants, the Cena fans finally woke up as it’s been all anti-Cena so far. Miz connects with the corner clothesline and distracts the ref, allowing Truth to nail him. Cena continues to play Ricky Morton, but when Truth or Miz cover Cena, The Rock doesn’t get involved as Booker calls the Rock a selfish person. It’s been all Truth and Miz for a while now, but otherwise nothing exciting, as the crowd is just waiting for the inevitable hot tag to the Rock. Cena catches Truth diving off the top rope and goes for the AA, but Truth slides down the back and nails the DDT for a near fall. Miz tagged in and Cena catches him in the STF, which Truth quickly breaks up and now Truth in, right into the AA. Nice of Cena to hit his big moves on each guy, as Cena crawls to the corner but Miz clocks Rock sending him down. Miz works over Cena as Truth takes out the Rock on the floor. Rock distracts the ref, allowing more double teaming from Awesome Truth, but Truth misses the legdrop and Cena finally makes the tag. Rock nails the DDT on Miz, hits the Rock Bottom on Truth and then catches Miz in the dragon screw into the Sharpshooter. At this moment Vince is backstage screaming “Ring the bell” forgetting for a moment what year it is. Miz almost makes the ropes and Rock pulls him to the center, but Truth breaks the hold and Cena takes out the Truth sending both men to the floor. Miz off the ropes, into the spinebuster from the Rock, followed up with the People’s Elbow as the crowd is going insane. Rock covers the Miz and scores the most anti-climatic win in WWE history. Nothing impressive in the match, other then the Rock having no ring rust. Rock celebrates as Cena heads up the ramp, Rock tells Cena to join him so Cena comes back in the ring, to the boos of the crowd. Rock poses on the top turnbuckle and the crowd cheers, Cena poses and the crowd boos. Perfect timing and reason to turn Cena heel, but of course they won’t. Rock again climbs the buckle and poses again, as Cena watches from center of the ring. Cena and Rock stand toe to toe in the center of the ring, and Cena goes to leave but Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Cena to the ovation of the crowd. Cena rolls out of the ring as Rock glares at Cena, who slowly heads up the ramp.

6. John Cena and The Rock defeated Miz and R-Truth 5/10


1. Dolph Ziggler pinned John Morrison with the Zig Zag to retain the US Title 8.5/10

2. Beth Phoenix pinned Eve after a top rope Glam Slam to retain the Diva Title 5/10

3. Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes won the Elimination Match 7/10

4. Big Show beat Mark Henry by DQ 2/10

5. CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio via submission to regain the RAW Title 8/10

6. John Cena and The Rock defeated Miz and R-Truth 5/10

Much like last month at Vengeance, Dolph Ziggler opened the show with a great match, and then it was just hard to follow that match. I assume this is the last we see of Morrison, as he has been pulled from all shows in December. The diva match was the usual, but with a great ending. The Elimination match was much better then I expected, but wish Dolph had been in the ending. The less said about the Smackdown main event the better, horrible match that leads to another rematch. Punk and ADR tore it up, as expected, but Rock and Cena was a let down. They should have had Punk winning the title be the ending of the show, as Rock winning was so expected and boring. All in all, not a great show, but three good matches out of six is about normal. Last month was four out of eight good matches as the status quo continues. It’s all just a waiting game till Rock and Cena at Wrestlemania, everything else is just ignored. At least it’s over and I can go back to WWE’12!


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