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WWE Superstars – November 17, 2011
November 20, 2011, 11:00 am
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Coming off the heels of one of the most boring episodes of RAW, three hours felt like six, it’s time for Superstars. I don’t know why they even bother with those three hour RAW episodes, they’re painful to sit through. If this was supposed to sell people on Survivor Series I think it failed. If Miz and Truth were able to beat down Cena and Rock it might have worked, but instead it was another beating for Awesome Truth. It’s already been established that Cena can beat both guys by himself, so why does he need the Rock? What is Rock’s motivation to team with Cena, he’s had no interaction with Truth or Miz really. A brief period before Wrestlemania with Miz, but that seems so long ago it really doesn’t matter. And what is Miz and Truth’s motivation for the match, they’ve been humbled by Cena so many times, does anyone even think they have a chance, unless Cena and Rock implode. As for the rest of the card, if Punk wins who cares, it’ll just lead to another rematch with ADR either Monday or next PPV, if ADR wins then what? Another match with Cena? Punk again in December? It feels like the whole company is just spiraling around the toilet with the only thing the bookers care about is Rock and Cena. It just seems like they’re wasting so much talent. One last thing about Series, I expect Morrison wins the title thus getting him to sign a new contract, doubt they want him going to TNA. Vince may claim TNA is not on his radar, but I bet it burns him up each time TNA scoops up someone formerly of WWE and uses them better, see Matt Morgan. Whatever, let’s just enjoy Superstars.

1. Drew McIntyre v. Alex Riley

It’s the battle of guys who once were pushed hard and now forgotten. Sad how often WWE does that though, no good comes from the start and stop pushes, same thing with the 50/50 pushes. At this point Drew should be in the upper card on Smackdown, not curtain jerking on Superstars, he’s one guy who would do better in TNA or ROH. Riley showing all his skills with punches and headlocks, such an amazing move set for this kid. Drew able to take out the leg of Riley and now he’s working over the injured leg. Drew channels his inner Bret Hart with a ring post figure four leg lock, very cool. Riley comes back with clotheslines and a spinebuster, as he forgets to sell the leg, but goes for his finisher and then remembers the leg. This gives Drew the chance to hit the big boot for a near fall, Drew sets Alex on the top rope but Riley tries to fight back with the Tornado DDT, Drew fights off though. Drew misses the corner splash and Riley hits the TKO for the win. That was dumb, after taking a beating for most of the match Riley comes back with one move and wins. A move which involved lifting the man on his shoulder no less, stupid nonsensical booking. I give Drew credit for trying to carry Alex, but even Mark Henry would struggle to carry this deadwood.

1. Alex Riley pinned Drew McIntyre with the TKO 5/10

2. Epico and Primo v. The Usos

Hey, look it’s the next generation of the Mexicools! Honestly I’m glad to see Primo finally getting used again, and it’s nice to see tag teams again. Epico and Primo start out with the advantage, but the Usos overpower Primo. The announcer talk about the new teams in the WWE, what happened to Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins teaming anyways? Primo outsmarts Jimmy and sends him to the floor as we go to commercial, we come back and Epico unloading on Jimmy. Epico and Primo continue the offense on Jimmy, who gets to play Ricky Morton tonight. Jay finally tagged in and hits the kicks on Epico followed by the running ass splatter in the corner, Primo makes the save and all four in the ring. Primo hits a Codebreaker on Jay followed by a backstabber from Epico which gets the win. Not a bad little tag team match actually, like the Codebreaker/backstabber combo finisher, very cool.

2. Epico and Primo defeat the Usos 6/10

3. Trent Barretta v. Tyson Kidd

Always glad to see Tyson Kidd, another guy who should be pushed better, Great the announcers are talking about Twitter, shut up about Twitter already. Kidd uses his speed to avoid the baseball slide and kicks Trent in the face. Kidd chokes Trent on the ropes and locks on the dragon sleeper, enough about freaking Twitter, going to start watching on mute. Now on to Facebook and the comparison between the two sites, do they know there is a match going on. Trent finally gets the advantage and hits a nice moonsault/legdrop combo, very cool looking. Trent goes for the DDT and Kidd pushes him off, Trent comes back with the enziguiri and the running double knee for a near fall. Trent charges and gets dropped face first on the turnbuckle. Kidd quickly hits the brainbuster for the win. Well that was good for what it was, but way to short. Instead of showing the entire Rock/Cena garbage from RAW and another movie trailer, give the time to these two and you’d have a better show. This company is so frustrating to watch lately.

3. Tyson Kidd pinned Trent Barretta with a brainbuster 6/10


1. Alex Riley pinned Drew McIntyre with the TKO 5/10

2. Epico and Primo defeat the Usos 6/10

3. Tyson Kidd pinned Trent Barretta with a brainbuster 6/10

That was quick episode of Superstars this week, were any of the matches even close to ten minutes? Everything felt like it was in fast forward, as they had to devote the last fifteen minutes to the Rock/Cena crap instead of giving more time to these three matches. Stupid as usual. Well, we’ve got the Survivor Series coming up next, then back to Coliseum Video classics with Hulk-a-mania I.


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