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ROH TV – November 12, 2011

The build to Final Battle continues, last week the Tag Champions turned back newcomers Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander in a pretty good match. Other than that there was really much to last week’s episode sadly. Hopefully this week ROH can deliver a better show. They need to find a balance between hype/promos and matches, I know they are trying to introduce all these names, but they need to find a better balance. I wish they had been able to get a two hour block instead, would have been easier for all that they want and need to do, especially with a PPV looming in six week or so. I don’t remember if they announced anything for this week, so we’re going into it blind. Let’s see what ROH can do this week.

We open the show with highlights from the tag team match last week, and comments from the Briscoes. That takes us to the opening video, then over to Kevin Kelly as he welcomes us to the Davis area again and introduces Nigel McGuinness. Tonights main event is Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards facing Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong, I forgot about that, should be a slobberknocker.

1. The Bravado Brothers v. The Young Bucks

Lancelot and Harlem Bravado facing off with Matt and Nick Jackson, most recently of TNA as Generation Me, aka Max and Jeremy Buck. I expect a lot of high flying fast moving offense in this match, as the oldest one is 26 years old. The Bravadoes start out quickly on Nick, and get the first near fall, but Nick fights back with a jawbreaker. Nice double team from the Bucks as they quickly take advantage on Harlem. The Bucks continue to use double teaming to keep the Bravadoes on the defense. These kids could be huge stars if they could keep their mouths shut and quit angering people. Harlem finally able to get the advantage and hits Blue Thunder for a near fall, but gets caught with a roaring elbow. Harlem moves and the Bucks collide and tumble to the floor, Harlem dives over the top rope onto both Bucks and lands on his feet, wow! Max catches the Bravadoes with their heads down and goes for the Pele kick, but countered into a nice double face buster which gets the Bravadoes a near fall. All four guys in the ring as all hell breaks loose, Harlem and Matt wind up alone in the ring as Lancelot and Nick fight on the floor. Nick gets the advantage takes down Lancelot, then sweeps Harlem from the outside. A stiff kick to the side of Harlem’s head and now the Bucks take advantage. Bucks with a wheelbarrow double suplex then the rolling bomb and senton and spin splash gets the win. What a great series of double teams at the end, very impressive match. The Bucks offer the handshake and when Bravadoes move forward the Bucks bail out of the ring.

1. The Young Bucks defeated The Bravado Brothers 7/10

Kevin Kelly in the ring after the commercial and introduce Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Kevin asks them about their match at Final Battle with the Briscoes, and Charlie says they have beaten them before and after the match he and Shelton were attacked by the Briscoes. Shelton says he never liked the Briscoes anyway and nothing else matter but getting their hands on them. Out comes the All Night Express, Kenny King and Rhett Titus, to interrupt. Kenny says they were listening to the love affair with the Briscoes, and they’re tired of being ignored by the WGTT and Briscoes. Kenny calls Charlie and Shelton, Donald and Daffy because they’re just a couple of ducks, that was funny actually. Rhett says they’ve beaten the Briscoes before and can beat Charlie and Shelton.

Inside ROH featuring Kevin Steen, as they recap his heel turn on El Generico two years ago. Steve Corino masterminded Steen’s heel turn while in Japan and they cover the matches between Steen and Generico, including when Steen unmasked Generico during a match. This led to a mask versus career match, at Final Battle 2010, which Generico won and Steen was sent back to Montreal. Meanwhile Corino decided he made a mistake and invited Steen to Best in the World to apologize, and Steen showed up to tell the entire ROH company off and destroyed Corino. Steen was at Death before Dishonor and got in the face of ROH owner and tried to attack but was held off by security. This led to a lawsuit which is where they are at now. That’s how you do an angle, this looks like it’s been amazing so far. Now to the Mike Bennett and Jay Lethal story, as Bennett keeps claiming he beat Lethal a few weeks, when the match went to a time limit draw. I sense a rematch at Final Battle, probably with a stipulation or special referee.

Now over to Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness, who get interrupted by Steve Corino. Steve apologizes for breaking into the show but he needs to say something. Steve says he has a solution to a problem, for one year he’s apologized but someone has a problem with it. Steve says he needs five minutes to talk with Jim Cornette as they both have a problem but he has a solution. Kevin and Nigel recap the American Wolves and House of Truth storyline which leads us into our main event.

Michel Elgin and Roderick Strong v. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards

This has the makings of being a classic main event, with four amazing talents, as long as manager Truth Martini doesn’t get involved too much. There is almost twenty minutes left of the show after the bell rings, that’s always a good sign for a main event. We start with all four men in the ring, but Davey gets tossed out early and House of Truth double team Eddie. Eddie fights back sending Roderick to the floor and now the Wolves are in control. Davey unloads on Elgin with a series of strikes and tags Eddie back in, but Elgin able to get the advantage and tags in Strong. Nigel quoting Gorilla Monsoon, I love it, as he talks about the Irresistible Force and Immovable Object. Davey gets caught by Elgin in the Shock Treatment, one of Abyss’ old moves. Davey able to get a blind tag after taking a beating and the House of Truth sent to the outside, where the Wolves fly right through the ropes into them. Nice transition from Eddie from a pin attempt into the single leg crab, this kid is amazing, but Roderick makes the ropes to break it. A double team gets the HOT the advantage after dropping Eddie on the ring apron and now it’s all HOT. More double teaming from the HOT on Eddie, but Eddie fights free with a double chin breaker and crawls to his corner tagging in Davey. Davey able to roll up Elgin and suplex Roderick at the same time, double pinning both but HOT kicks out, amazing! Elgin runs into the kick from Eddie and a German Suplex bridge from Davey getting another near fall. Both wolves climb the ropes, but Davey misses and Eddie shoved down by Strong. Spinebuster from Elgin on Davey almost wins it, Elgin relentless hits the stalling suplex and Eddie breaks the pin attempt. Eddie and Roderick on the floor, while Elgin unloads on Davey but Eddie makes a save again. Elgin catches both Wolves in a fall away slam, what a display of power, amazing match. All four guys slowly getting back up and a slugfest ensues, which the Wolves win, and Roderick sent to the floor. Elgin taken down and Eddie with the double stomp, as well as one from Davey but Roderick breaks the pin again! Davey with the strikes and kicks but Elgin able to power out, Davey applies the ankle lock, but Elgin rolls through. Davey charges right into the knee off Elgin, and a sit out powerbomb gets a near fall for Elgin. The ref busy with Martini, while Elgin has the cover, but no referee. Eddie slides in and locks on the Dragon Sleeper on Elgin, who’s fading out slowly. Eddie releases as the ref turns around and Davey drapes an arm over Elgin for the win. A great tag team main event, as Davey has no idea what happened. Kevin and Nigel question who taught Eddie the Dragon Sleeper, which led to the win.

2. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards defeated Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong 9.5/10


1. The Young Bucks defeated The Bravado Brothers 7/10

2. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards defeated Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong 9.5/10

A great episode of ROH, rebounding from last week’s lesser episode. Two fantastic tag team matches one featuring the young newcomers and one with the main event squad. Excellent show, plus a nice recap of the whole Kevin Steen story for us who have no clue what was going on, much appreciated.


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