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TNA Turning Point – November 13, 2011

It’s time for another TNA PPV, and yet another under promoted main event. Seriously, this main event was only announced in the last ten seconds of the most recent Impact! Not a good way to build interest in a PPV, although it is nice to see talent in the main event. Maybe this is a sign that the Hulk/Eric era has finally ended, as we get AJ Styles facing Robert Roode tonight. James Storm defeated Kurt Angle the night after Bound For Glory, in about a minute as Kurt was injured, and won the World Title. Robert Roode defeated Samoa Joe, of course who hasn’t defeated Joe this year, to become number on contender. Roode then defeated his friend and tag partner, James Storm, by nailing him with a beer bottle and taking the World Title, also ending the Beer Money tag team. On the last episode of Impact someone, Roode, attacked Storm backstage and left him a bloody mess. He still wanted to compete against Roode, and Roode was able to quickly roll him up for an easy win. This brought out AJ Styles, who challenged Roode, and Sting who’s now the GM of Impact approved it. So we basically got what could have been three months of storyline in only four weeks. I would have rather seen a slow turn for Roode, instead of this, but slow builds never work anymore, see Rock/Cena. Sting was named the GM after beating Hulk Hogan at Bound For Glory, so he makes the matches, but Eric Bischoff can still make matches, which begs the big question. Who the hell is in charge of this show? It’s as convoluted as the HHH/JL story on RAW, as we don’t know who is in charge there either. What ever happened to easy to follow storylines that make sense? So tonight we have Roode vs AJ, also Gail Kim, who just returned, gets a title match with Velvet Sky. Way to over push Gail Kim now, why not a slow build for her? Also tonight is a triple threat X-Division title match, a six person match for the tag titles and some other matches I forget, so let’s just see what TNA does to anger the Internet fans this week.

The opening video covers the heel turn and title win of Robert Roode and the subsequent rematch with AJ issuing the challenge for the title match. Mike Tenay and Taz talk about Storm being attacked on the last episode of Impact, before sending it down to Christy Hemme to start the first match.

1. Robbie E v. Eric Young for the TV Title

This could be a good match if it wasn’t for all the comedy and Jersey Shore crap, as both guys are very talented. See a few Eddie Guerrero signs in the crowd, as tonight marks the sixth anniversary of his passing, time sure goes quickly. The quickly start fighting at ringside before EY rolls Robbie in the ring. EY with a nice corner headstand into the head scissors, the kid is crazy but impressive. Still remember watching him work local shows around here, as he locks up with So Cal Val, wish she would get more TV time. EY gets caught by Big Robbie T who nails a clothesline and tosses EY in, as Robbie E now has the advantage. The crowd starts early with dueling chants, as EY makes the comeback with a corner rollup, but EY gets kicked off into the buckles. I miss Cookie, just saying, she had so much charisma, more then Rob Terry out there. EY pulls off his shorts to reveal what looked like Robbie’s trunks, between that and the Warrior tasseled boots this is just weird. Taz makes a Rock and Roll Express reference, as Terry pulls Robbie out of the ring, so EY strips down some more before diving on both men. EY tosses Robbie E back in, but gets caught by Robbie T who drives Eric’s head into the apron. Robbie E makes the quick cover and scores the win and the title. Not a bad opening match, as both guys worked hard and at least it keeps Terry from being in a match. Nice way to open the PPV.

1. Robbie E pinned Eric Young with help from Rob Terry for the TV Title 6/10

We get thrilling footage of AJ Styles and Robert Roode arriving, never realized how many Robs there are in TNA till just now. Time for a recap of the amazing LAX 2.0 and Ink Inc feud, this is not going to be a good match, unless they keep Anarquia out of the ring. Hopefully Sarita and Toxxin, aka Christina Von Eerie get adequate time to show their skills tonight.

2. Hernandez, Anarquia & Sarita v. Jesse Neal, Shannon Moore & Toxxin for the Tag Titles

Toxxin has her hair down tonight, which takes away some of her uniqueness and cuteness. Three really hot women in one match, would rather just see the girls go at it. Not a fan of Anarquia or Shannon Moore, Jesse Neal is not too bad and Hernandez deserves a much better use then tag teaming. Great Shannon and Anarquia start the match, not a promising start. Jesse and Hernandez tagged in and exchange shoulder blocks, Jesse gets the advantage but trips and they make sound like he did it on purpose, nice save Taz. So far this has been pretty bad, but the crowd seems into it for some reason, I’m just waiting for the knockouts. Finally the girls are in there, and Toxxin takes it to Sarita, but seems a little hesitant as they seem to be a step off. Could Toxxin be a little nervous, as this is her first PPV. Hernandez breaks up a pin attempt from Toxxin and all six in the ring. Jesse hits a bulldog on Anarquia and then an assisted leg drop as he drives Toxxin up top of Anarquia. Toxxin and Jesse double team Anarquia and pull his pants down, what is TNA’s obsession with guys disrobing tonight, two matches in a row? Jesse goes after Hernandez, and Rosita gets involved, which allows Sarita to nail Toxxin with the belt and cover to end this train wreck. A horrible match, as there was nothing redeemable to this at all. The girls seemed off, and all four guys seemed to just mail it in.

2. Mexican America defeated Ink Inc when Sarita pinned Toxxin DUD

Backstage to Kid Kash and Austin Aries, two guys involved in the X Division Triple Threat match. Kash says they will take care of Jesse Sorensen tonight, and Austin says this is a handicap match. Austin stumbles over his words and Kash cuts him off by saying he has a surprise tonight. Kash heads to the ring, as Austin mugs for the camera.

3. Jesse Sorensen v. Kid Kash v. Austin Aries for the X Title

I’m hoping that this is the match of the night as all three guys are very talented, Kash was so misused in WWE. This is first pinfall wins the match, not elimination rules, which would have been better. Kash and Aries do as they said, work together to take out Jesse, but Jesse comes back and sends Aries out. Kash attacks Jesse, but Jesse tosses Kash over the top right into Aries. Jesse follows them out with a nice flip dive, very impressive move. Back in the ring and Kash catches Jesse on the top, which allows Aries to hit a neckbreaker and we’re back to a two on one. Kash and Aries get caught talking, and Jesse dropkicks Aries in the back, sending Kash to the floor. Jesse comes back with a series of dropkicks and a top rope cross body, but Kash quickly breaks the pin attempt. Kash with the inverted surfboard, allowing Aries to kick Jesse in the face. Jesse once again able to separate the men, but again it doesn’t last as Kash pulls Jesse out and unloads on him while Aries dives out through the ropes, crushing Jesse’s head into the barricade. Aries tosses Jesse back in and covers, Kash forgets to break it the first time, so they do it again, and Kash remembers this time. Dissension finally teased between Aries and Kash, as Jesse once again tries to comeback and fails again. Aries gets caught as Jesse puts his knees up as Aries goes for the frog splash, then Kash misses the moonsault. Jesse comes back and hits a neckbreaker on Aries, but Kash breaks up the pin attempt. Jesse with a spinning reverse DDT and covers, again Kash breaks the pin attempt and now Kash hammers Jesse in the corner. Kash gets caught charging in, and both men collide with clotheslines and Jesse and Kash both down now, as Aries nowhere to be seen. Jesse climbs the ropes, and Kash catches him and hits a nice superplex, as we see Aries hiding outside the ring. Kash pulls Jesse up and hits the Money Maker, and Aries puts Jesse’s foot on the ropes to break the pin attempt. Kash argues with the ref as Aries slides in and rolls him up for the victory. Nice finish to the match, as Aries outsmarted Kash, bet we get a rematch. A very good match, not as good as I expected, but still match of the night so far.

3. Austin Aries defeated Kid Kash and Jesse Sorensen to retain the X Title 8/10

Now backstage to AJ Styles who says Roode spit in the face of all the fans and tonight he will do more then spit in his face. AJ tells Roode his title reign will not last much longer.

4. Christopher Daniels v. Rob Van Dam in a No DQ match

This is another match that has the potential to be great, as long as RVD is not too baked tonight. Daniels has a microphone and asks RVD how did they get to a no DQ match as he’s not a savage. Daniels says he doesn’t run from a challenge or quit, it’s funny as he keeps calling RVD, "Bob", and says he wants a straight match with no paraphernalia. Daniels offers the handshake and RVD agrees, as Daniels quickly into a side headlock. RVD takes out the legs and kicks Daniels in the face. We actually get a nice series of back and forth moves, and what a monkey flip as RVD sent Daniels way up in the sky. Daniels charges into the RVD side kick which gets a near fall. Daniels finally able to slow down the match locking in a chinlock, RVD fights free and runs into a Death Valley Driver, which gets Daniels a near fall of his own. RVD able to get out of the ring and take a breather, when he gets back in he’s able to send Daniels to the floor. Daniels heads up the ramp and RVD catches him, hiptossing Daniels on the ramp. RVD sets Daniels on the rail and hits the running leg drop across the rail from the ramp. Daniels crawls towards the ring area and rolls in, and RVD in pursuit. Daniels tosses the ref into RVD and hits an STO before grabbing the chair and hits a rock bottom on the chair for a near fall. Daniels again looking under the ring, finds a screwdriver again, just like last month, but RVD connects with the chairshot. RVD quickly hits the five star frog splash for the win. Could’ve been a better match, but still very good but Daniels should have won to set up a rematch next month.

4. RVD pinned Christopher Daniels with the Five Star Frog Splash 7.5/10

Backstage to Jeremy Borash with the Robs, Robbie E says that little Robbie and Big Robbie are the biggest stars and they have the bling to prove it. Robbie says he’ll be champ for a long time, bet he loses it at the first taping on Monday. Now it’s hype time for Crimson versus Matt Morgan, this could be another disaster match. I just don’t get the hype for Crimson, but I like Morgan, another one wasted when he was in WWE.

5. Matt Morgan v. Crimson

It’s the irresistible force versus the immovable object to steal a line from the late Gorilla Monsoon, as this is a battle of the monsters. They start out showing off their power, and neither man able to get much of an advantage. Crimson drives the knees into the head of Morgan, but Morgan comes back with the discus clothesline. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint, but Crimson holds the ropes and takes down Morgan. The wind up outside the ring and Crimson gets the advantage and sends Morgan into the steps, but Morgan jumps over them and nails Crimson. The crowd is solidly behind Morgan tonight, as Matt hits the corner clothesline followed by the side slam for a near fall. Matt with the headbutt sending Crimson to the corner, and Matt with the series of elbows, but Crimson no sells the moves. Crimson comes back with the clotheslines and an exploder suplex getting a near fall. Matt runs into the Red Sky from Crimson, but both guys are so tired it takes Crimson too long to cover and Matt kicks out. Both guys face to face now and exchange shots and the ref gets tossed down by both guys and he rings the bell. The crowd is pissed, as that was a cheap way to end the match, was going good till then. Both guys are irate as well, and figure the hell with it and go it again. This brings in security to separate them, but they just keep going and finally security pulls them apart.

5. Matt Morgan and Crimson went to a double DQ 5/10

Scott Steiner and Bully Ray backstage for their promo time, as we get another horrible match coming up. Bully talks while Steiner poses, Steiner says this match will be easy and says he knows all Abyss’ weaknesses. Bully calls himself one half of the greatest tag teams, and Steiner takes exception to it.

6. Bully Ray & Scott Steiner v. Mr. Anderson & Abyss

This match has to end quickly, as none of these guys are impressive anymore. Abyss was once, but they’ve ruined him, and I have no interest in Steiner or Bully Ray at this point. Can it take any longer for the introductions, what a waste of almost ten minutes. Could be worse they could be facing Rick Steiner and D-Von instead of Abyss and Anderson! Steiner and Bully use their power to start, but Anderson able to avoid contact and get control briefly. Bully crotches Anderson on the post as Steiner distracted the ref and they unload on Anderson. Anderson finally makes the tag, but Steiner again distracted the ref, as the crowd is behind Steiner for some reason, weird. This has been a very boring match, as they’re teasing dissension between Steiner and Bully again which allows Anderson to DDT Bully and tag in Abyss. Abyss tears apart both guys and hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Steiner followed by a top rope splash for a near fall, damn hopeful this was over. Abyss with a chokeslam on Steiner and Bully makes the save, double clothesline blocked and Abyss hits one of his own. Bully catches Abyss with his head down and clotheslines Abyss out, as Abyss tags in Anderson. Anderson with a cross body on Steiner for a near fall, end this already, I’m begging. This is worse then the tag match earlier. Steiner hits the top rope Frankensteiner on Anderson, but Abyss is now legal? Steiner argues with the ref, and Abyss spins him around into the Black Hole Slam for the win. A horrible match, the only highlight was the Frankenstiener. After the match Bully throws Anderson out, and Steiner pounds on Abyss. Bully brings in a table and they double chokeslam Abyss through the table, but Abyss no sells it and springs up! Bully Ray’s facial expression is priceless as he dives out of the ring.

6. Abyss and Mr. Anderson beat Bully Ray and Scott Steiner DUD

Backstage to Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Karen Angle, Karen says Gail is ready and she can’t have a ho like Velvet as champion. Karen says Gail is a role model for women and Gail says this match is a cakewalk and will be over in a minute. Karen says Gail will go out there alone tonight and take care of business.

7. Gail Kim v. Velvet Sky for the KO title

This should be a good match as Velvet improves all the time and Gail is amazing, yet another underused former WWE star. Velvet starts out quickly sending Gail to the outside and pounds on her. Back in the ring and Velvet with a nice crossbody for the first near fall. Velvet pounds the head of Gail, but gets dropped on the top rope as now Gail has the advantage. This is where Gail should have always been, going back to the WWE was a huge mistake as they don’t use women right. Gail with the corner crossbody and continues the offense on the champ, as Karen joins us at the top of the ramp. Why is the title belt in the corner anyway, well, that’s a sure sign it will be used. Velvet able to make the comeback as Karen comes to ringside, why does she get TV time, she has no charisma or talent. Gail goes for Eat Defeat, but Velvet blocks and hits the face buster, and Karen distracts the ref. Madison suddenly in the ring and nails Velvet with the backbreaker. Gail slow to cover and Velvet kicks out, Karen is having a fit at ringside. Gail climbs the ropes and goes for the dropkick, called the senton splash, but Velvet moves and Gail crashes. Karen again distracts the ref, and Madison on the apron, Velvet knocks her down. This costs Velvet as she turns around into the Eat Defeat for the win. A good match, but very rushed, what is this WWE with the divas?? They could have eliminated the last match and gave these girls more time.

7. Gail Kim pinned Velvet Sky to win the KO title 6.75/10

Backstage to Eric Bischoff on the phone, as he’s yelling at his wife, wonder how long till she’s on TV. Eric says he’ll take care of his kid on Thursday as Bully comes in. Bully says they have to do something about Abyss, good to see Eric isn’t even watching the PPV, lucky guy. Well, this is still better then what I expect of tonight’s three hour Raw or Survivor Series. Great, now a promo for Jeff Hardy.

8. Jeff Jarrett v. Jeff Hardy

More Karen Jarrett as she comes out with Jeff for his match, as Jeff is wearing the AAA title to the ring, how many people watching have any idea what that is? Jeff Hardy comes out with some goofy looking helmet on, this man is such a freak. Jarrett goes after Hardy as gets in the ring and Hardy blocks, hits the Twist of Fate and wins the match. Glad that was quick and painless, about ten seconds long. Jarrett wants the match restarted and Hardy agrees, so Jarrett attacks him. Damn, I knew this couldn’t end that quickly. Jarrett controls the beginning of the match, can someone please quiet Karen down, she’s annoying with her screaming, she’s worse then Vickie Guerrero. The crowd of course behind Hardy, as Jarrett uses a sleeper but Hardy fights out. Hardy goes for Twist of Fate, but Jarrett blocks and sweeps the legs. Jarrett goes for the figure four but Hardy rolls him up for the three count. Can it end now, or do we need a third fall? Horrible match, as usual with Hardy, wish he’d just stay gone away. Karen screaming at ref, while Jarrett’s sitting on the mat still in shock. As Hardy heads up the ramp, Jarrett chases him and nails him with a chairshot to the head and says it’s not over. Can we not do chair shots to the head, seriously, have we learned nothing from Chris Benoit? Jarrett drags an unconscious Hardy back in the ring and hits the Stroke on Hardy. Jarrett covers and tells Hebner to count, Hebner starts to count and Hardy suddenly rolls Jarrett up for a third win. Enough already, this is getting stupid now.

8. Jeff Hardy pinned Jeff Jarrett three times 3/10

Backstage to people congratulating Hardy, including AJ Styles. Over to Jeremy with Robert Roode, who says he was Beer Money and he was Fortune and didn’t need Storm, Kaz or Styles.

9. AJ Styles v. Robert Roode for the World Title

Is it bad if I’m expecting a good match, this show needs something to save it as this has been brutal to sit through. At least next weekend we’ve got the WSU PPV, which is going to be amazing. Roode uses classic heel moves by hiding between the ropes and a cheap shot attempt from Roode misses, AJ pops him and Roode to the floor. Roode back in and AJ quickly on the offense as he unloads on the champion, bouncing him from corner to corner. AJ hits the big diving knee to the face and gets a near fall, but AJ gets caught with his head down and Roode clotheslines him down. Roode uses the ref as a weapon sending him into AJ, and continues the offense on the floor on AJ. Roode tosses the challenger back in the ring and chokes AJ, as AJ tries to fight back and catches the champion charging in. Roode catches AJ off the top and catapults him into the buckle, Roode follows with a facebuster for a near fall. Roode gets caught up top now, and AJ goes for a superplex, but Roode headbutts AJ down. AJ quickly back up and this time he hits the superplex and both men are hurting. AJ goes for a crossbody and Roode rolls through and tries to use the ropes, but AJ able to get free. This has been a very good match so far, as Roode hits the spinebuster and AJ again able to kick out. Roode getting frustrated, as AJ slides down Roode’s back and hits a belly to back suplex. AJ with a springboard flip, but Roode moves and AJ crashes down. Roode goes for the flip, and AJ counters to the Styles Clash, but Roode counters into the crossface submission hold. AJ fights free and powerbombs Roode down, AJ follows with the springboard forearm for a near fall. Roode in the corner as AJ goes for a German, and Roode holds the ropes, Roode hits a low blow which takes out AJ and the ref. Roode grabs AJ, but AJ fires off the enziguiri kick and takes down the champion with a flying punch. Roode begs off on AJ, who responds with a finger and takes down the champ. AJ unloads on the champion and sets him on the top rope, sending Roode to the floor. AJ follows and Roode drops AJ on the floor, AJ staggers around the ringside as Roode rolls back in. Roode catches AJ coming in and hits the fisherman suplex for the near fall, as Roode is furious now. Roode goes for it again, but AJ counters and hits Pele. AJ goes for the Clash but Roode counters and rolls up AJ for the win. A very good back and forth match, good way to end the show as they didn’t hotshot the title again.

9. Robert Roode defeated AJ Styles to retain the World Title 8.5/10


1. Robbie E pinned Eric Young with help from Rob Terry for the TV Title 6/10

2. Mexican America defeated Ink Inc when Sarita pinned Toxxin DUD

3. Austin Aries defeated Kid Kash and Jesse Sorensen to retain the X Title 8/10

4. RVD pinned Christopher Daniels with the Five Star Frog Splash 7.5/10

5. Matt Morgan and Crimson went to a double DQ 5/10

6. Abyss and Mr. Anderson beat Bully Ray and Scott Steiner DUD

7. Gail Kim pinned Velvet Sky to win the KO title 6.75/10

8. Jeff Hardy pinned Jeff Jarrett three times 3/10

9. Robert Roode defeated AJ Styles to retain the World Title 8.5/10

All in all, a very disappointing PPV tonight. Only four good matches out of nine, and three bad matches, one being a dud. Maybe one of the worst TNA PPVs of all time, horrible showing. Looking forward to the WSU show on Saturday as we get the first ever women’s War Games match and Melina’s return to wrestling. Should be a great show, better then this was, and better then the Survivor Series, which is looking boring.


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