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WWE Superstars – November 10, 2011

It’s time for another great episode of WWE Superstars, but first I just got to say, if you don’t watch NXT watch this weeks. Trent Barretta and Tyson Kidd put on one of the best WWE TV matches in a long time. They were given a good long stretch of time and put on a great match, very highly recommended. The rest of the show was a waste, but Tyson/Trent made up for it. Once again, why does JTG have a job, and now he’s with Tamina? Anyways, let’s get to the best of the WWE TV shows, Superstars.

1. Justin Gabriel v. Curt Hawkins

Interesting match to start the show, two very underrated young stars, especially Hawkins. Both are former tag team champions, which is usually forgotten, but I’m sure Matt Striker will mention it. Curt comes out with his new prop, the cane he used when injured, bet he uses it before the match is up. Gabriel starts out quickly on Hawkins, before slowing down with the armbar. Hawkins gets to the ropes and takes a cheap shot, but Gabriel comes back using his amazing agility. Gabriel sends Hawkins to the outside and follows with a spectacular dive, but gets caught coming back in the ring as we go to commercial. We come back and Hawkins is working over the left leg of Gabriel, smart way to slow down the high flier. Gabriel tries to fight back but gets clotheslined down and Hawkins continues to work over the leg. Hawkins misses the corner splash and eats a spinning kick which gets a near fall for Justin, but Hawkins again comes back with the backbreaker. Curt getting frustrated and runs into a belly to back suplex, and Gabriel looks at the corner. Hawkins catches him on the ropes and follows him up, Hawkins drives Gabriel down with the superplex, and Gabriel again kicks out. Hawkins goes for the cane, but Gabriel catches him with the enziguiri and quickly hits the 450 Splash for the victory! A very good back and forth match, much better then anything we saw on RAW.

1. Justin Gabriel pinned Curt Hawkins with the 450 splash 7/10

2. Alex Riley v. Michael McGillicutty

I forget Riley even existed, did his push ever disappear suddenly or what? Can we please change Michael’s name to Hennig, why not push him as a third generation star? They start out jockeying for position, and neither guy gets the advantage. Riley is another one that should be sent back to FCW or released, I just don’t see anything about him. Michael uses his power to control Riley but is spending a lot of time talking with the crowd, which may cost him. Michael runs into a Downward Spiral move from Riley, who follows with clotheslines and a spinebuster. Riley goes for a DDT and Michael counters, but Riley comes back with a knee lift into the TKO for the win. Not a bad match, but nothing major to see here, was just there.

2. Alex Riley pinned Michael McGillicutty with the TKO 4/10

3. Daniel Bryan v. William Regal

This is going to be a hell of a main event, they should have made this an hour long iron man match and been the whole show. If anyone could do an hour and make it exciting, it’s these two. What a great entrance for Regal as he came out to his old music, A Real Man’s Man from about 98, classic moment. Great sequence of reversals and counters to start the match, as Regal gets the advantage with a wristlock, but DB fights back. These two are putting on a clinic of moves to begin, but DB misses a dropkick and Regal with a big smirk, almost as big as Daniel’s beard. The crowd torn between these two stars, since we are in England, as we get dueling chants. Neither man has gotten an advantage as both men know each other so well, Striker says everyone should be backstage watching this match, and I agree. DB fires off a series of kicks sending Regal to the floor, DB follows with a running knee strike as we go to commercial. We come back to DB with a rear chinlock on Regal, Regal able to get free but winds up eating a series of kicks again from DB. DB ties up the knee in the ropes and hits a running strike on the left knee, trying to prevent Regal from using the knee trembler. Regal fight back with a quick head and shoulder suplex and both men are down. Regal locks on the Dragon Sleeper, and DB refuses to quit, so Regal brings the forearms down across the chest of DB. Regal follows up with a series of knees, but DB sweeps the leg and then drives the knee into the ring post. A much more aggressive DB then we’ve ever seen, could there be a heel turn in Daniel’s future? DB back in the ring and twists the ankle and knee of Regal, but Regal not giving up. DB kicked off, but comes back like a rabid pit bull, but that costs him as Regal drops the bomb on Daniel’s chest. Now we have a good old fashioned slugfest in the middle of the ring, DB hits the knockout kick to the side of Regal’s head. DB locks in the Labell Lock and Regal has no choice but to submit. What a great match that was, maybe one of the best WWE matches this year. Would love to see another battle between these two. Regal offers the handshake to DB and raises his arm, very classy from Regal, great way to end the show.

3. Daniel Bryan defeated William Regal with the Labell Lock 9.5/10

A very good episode of Superstars again, as we opened with a great match and ended with a phenomenal main event. Why can’t RAW and Smackdown be exciting like this show? I’ll be back Monday with ROH and the TNA PPV.


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