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ROH TV – November 5, 2011

Here we go with another thrilling episode of ROH TV. Last week we had the best match so far of 2011, plus an phenomenal tag match as ROH continues to shine each week. This week Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman face Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in our first Proving Ground Match on the show. Should be a great way to debut a new team. Haas and Benjamin may be looking past this new team, as they face The Briscoes at Final Battle in what should be a fantastic tag team encounter. Let’s get to the show.

We open the show with highlights from that amazing match last week between Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly and the post match brawl leading into our opening video. Kevin Kelly welcomes us to the Davis Arena and goes over our tag team main event. We go to Jim Cornette for the announcement of the challenger for the ROH title at Final Battle, Eddie Edwards gets the nod. Eddie says he has a new trainer, but doesn’t say who it is, as out comes the World Champion Davey Richards. Davey mentions how his belt actually means something, how true that is as the WWE/TNA titles are meaningless props nowadays. Davey says they will fight to the death and he’ll see him in New York but first there is some business to deal with. Davey talks about the House of Truth and next week he asks Eddie to team with him for a tag match against them. Eddie says that’s fine and when the fans chant "Next World Champ" Davey will know who they are talking about. After the commercial we get highlights of Michael Elgin versus Eddie Edwards from a few weeks ago.

1. Michael Elgin v. Shiloh Jonze

I smell a squash match, which they really don’t have time for with only forty minutes a week. A complete destruction from Elgin right out of the gate, no surprise there. Shiloh tries to fight back as Elgin misses an Earthquake splash and hits a diving lariat but only gets one. However he tries to shoot Elgin in and Elgin put the brakes on that. Michael powerbombs the kid into the corner and follows with the spiral powerbomb for the easy win. A good showcase for Elgin, but basically just a squash match.

1. Michael Elgin crushed Shiloh Jonze 3/10

Inside ROH talks about Kevin Steen, who Jim Cornette has banned his name and last week said they will not do business with him. ROH is being sued by Kevin Steen and includes a video, which we get to see. A bunch of lawyers representing Kevin Steen say they’ve informed Jim Cornette that Kevin must come back to ROH and they list the charges against ROH. I love how they’re making it all sound like collusion with the referees, the lawyer looks like Lex Luther from Smallville. Kevin Steen says that he’s doing things Jim’s way, suing him instead of doing things his way, beating Cornette up. Steen says he will be back because he belongs in ROH because the best guys are the ones who can’t be controlled. Steen mentions Corino and Generico and says he won’t stop until Cornette admits it. Now to the TV title situation between Jay Lethal and Mike Bennett, who says he didn’t run away from Lethal but he beat him. Bennett says him as TV champion would triple the ratings and he wants a proper referee. Comments from the referee who says Lethal did not quit and he made a correct call. Lethal says Bennett’s ego is so big he can’t see what’s real anymore. Great, more recaps, as we recap the Briscoes/All Night Express match from last week.

2. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin v. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman in a Proving Ground Match

We get a handshake before the match, as Shelton starts out with Cedric, and Shelton overpowers him to start out. The new kids are holding their own with the champions as we go to commercial. We come back as Shelton superkicks Cedric down as the World’s Greatest Tag Team has been working on Cedric’s knee. Cedric fights back and tries to make the tag, but Shelton catches him and drags Cedric to his corner to tag in Haas. Haas continues to stomp the knee of Cedric and into a single leg crab. Nice tornado DDT from Cedric who struggles to make the tag to Coleman as Benjamin also gets tagged in. Coleman hits a Rough Ryder and almost gets the win. The rookies tag out the champions as we have three minutes left, and Cedric and Caprice double team Shelton, but Shelton ducks under and Charlie pulls Cedric out. All four men in the ring and the WGTT hits the Leap of Faith and follow with a double powerbomb on Caprice for the victory. The rookies did good for themselves, as I really expected it to be a time limit draw. Not a bad little match, hope to see more from Cedric and Caprice in the future. Haas & Benjamin help the rookies up and shake their hands, as here come the Briscoes who have the microphone. The more the Briscoes talk the more they remind me of a white version of Cryme Tyme.

2. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin defeated Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander 7/10


1. Michael Elgin crushed Shiloh Jonze 3/10

2. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin defeated Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander 7/10

A good episode, but not as good as previous weeks. Too much talking this week, and only one real match. Hopefully next week is a better show.


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