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WWE Superstars – November 3, 2011

Following a very goofy episode of RAW featuring the Muppets and a lackluster NXT, that brings us to Superstars. First comments on RAW, the Muppets were entertaining but the rest of the show was just your typical boring garbage. The whole Rock promo was lame and stupid, as they spoiled it by airing the commercial advertising the Rock and Cena teaming during the previous PPV. Anyways, does Miz and Truth look like a challenge to them? Cena basically beat both guys this week, and killed what little interest there was in the PPV, would it have killed Cena to get beat by Miz this week? As for NXT, I tried to recap but the opening segment with JTG killed the show. Why does this man have a job and Vladimir Kozlov, Chris Masters, Maryse, etc do not? The release of Maryse is especially annoying because WWE really has no talented females other then Beth and Natalya, Maryse could’ve worked well with either one instead of Eve and Kelly Yelly. At least they can’t screw up Superstars, I can’t see Cena or Orton ever working this show, so thus keeping Superstars as the better show. Of course it won’t be better then ROH this week, but nothing can top that.

1. Justin Gabriel v. Jindar Mahal

Glad to see Justin Gabriel still around, wonder how long till he gets suspended. Slater, Darren Young and Evan Bourne all get suspended for supposed drug infractions and yet Mason Ryan is still on TV? How is this right? Anyways, Jindar, the Superstars regular, cuts a promo on his way to the ring not in English. I can’t decide on Jindar, two weeks ago he had a great match and then last week he gets squashed, makes no sense to me. Gabriel uses his speed to take down Mahal with an arm bar as the announcers talk about RAW still. Jindar uses the knee to the jaw to get the advantage sending Justin to the floor, Jindar works the back on the floor and sends Justin back in. Jindar continues the offense, shooting Justin into the turnbuckles hard and follows up with a nice neckbreaker for a near fall. Jindar misses a knee to the corner, and Justin with a quick series of kicks takes Jindar down. Justin goes for the springboard moonsault but Jindar moves, Justin lands on his feet though. Jindar goes for the full nelson bomb, but Justin counters into a foot sweep. Justin quickly ascends the ropes and hits the 450 Splash for the victory. Not a bad match, nice back and forth action and Jindar again impresses me. I don’t like how quickly Justin hits a couple kicks and then his finisher, felt rushed, but still a fun opener.

1. Justin Gabriel pinned Jindar Mahal with the 450 Splash 6/10

2. Yoshi Tatsu v. Tyson Kidd

This should be a great match, as they’ve had some great contests on NXT this year. Nice opening sequence of counters and reversals, as Kidd tries to slow it down by backing into the corner. Why is Tyson not getting a better push then this? I’d love to see a nice long feud with him and Daniel Bryan, they could put on a great thirty minute clinic. Kidd finally able to get an advantage on Tatsu and hammers his rival, Kidd connects with a nice suplex into a pin attempt. Yoshi able to roll up Kidd for a near fall, which serves to anger Kidd who takes down Tatsu and works over Yoshi’s back. Tyson locks on a nice double arm submission driving a knee in the back at the same time, but Yoshi refuses to quit. Yoshi fights free and chops Kidd down, then slams Kidd before climbing the ropes. Yoshi hits a chop off the top rope for a near fall, as both men are down and hurt. Kidd pulls Tatsu face first into the buckle and goes for a low dropkick, but Tatsu rolls him up for a near fall. Both men connect with a double clothesline as we go to commercial, we come back and Yoshi unloading on Kidd with the kicks. Yoshi hits the running knee and almost scores the win, so far this has been a great battle. Yoshi climbs up top again, and goes for the spin kick but Kidd catches the legs into the Sharpshooter. Yoshi powers his way to the ropes, causing the break, Kidd responds by choking Yoshi on the ropes but misses the springboard leg drop. Yoshi drives the shoulder in and misses the spin kick, however Kidd doesn’t miss. Kidd goes for a springboard and Yoshi gets the legs up, but Kidd catches the legs and goes for the Sharpshooter again, but Yoshi pushes him off and hits the big kick for the victory. A great match between two amazing young talents, would have been happier if Kidd had won, but can’t penalize the match for that.

2. Yoshi Tatsu pinned Tyson Kidd with the kick to the head 8/10

3. Drew McIntyre v. John Morrison

Hey, look it the battle of guys being punished for their significant others mistakes! Just saying. Both these guys deserve so much better then this, as both guys should be in the upper ranks of the company. Drew starts out working over the often injured neck of Morrison, but Morrison tries to use his speed, however he eats a big boot from the Scotsman. John with a nice hurricanrana sending Drew to the floor, John follows and springs off the steps, flipping over Drew and lands on his feet. John connects with the dropkick, as Drew had no idea when John was after the flip. Drew slides under the ring and John goes after him, Drew pulls John down right into the ring apron, brilliant move. Drew tosses John in and covers for a near fall. Drew sets John on the top rope, but John fights back and hits the Flying Chuck Kick, but Morrison is still hurting and can’t capitalize. After the break Drew has an armbar on Morrison who fights free and tries to slide under Drew, but Drew catches him in the curb stomp. Drew gets caught with his head down and John tosses him to the apron, Drew grabs John who hits an enziguiri on Drew. Morrison comes back with a series of clotheslines and dropkicks followed by the Moonlight Drive for a near fall. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Drew slides to floor and Morrison lands on his feet. Morrison dives over the ring post to the floor on top of Drew, amazing, and tosses Drew back in. Morrison hits the running knee to the head and covers, but Drew gets a foot on the rope. Drew rolls to the apron and John tries to pull him in but the ref pulls John back. This costs Morrison as Drew takes advantage of the distraction from the ref and hits the big boot and gets a near fall. Drew goes for the suplex but Morrison counters, and comes off the ropes, right into a spinebuster from Drew. This has been an amazing match, second best of the week. Drew misses the short arm clothesline and Morrison connects with the C4 flip, love that move. Again Drew kicks out and they’re fighting on the apron now, and John misses the kick connecting with the ring post. Drew goes for the powerbomb and John tries to fight free but Drew tosses down and the knee gives out. Drew kicks him in the knee and goes for the Future Shock DDT, which gets botched badly, but gets the win for Drew. A great match but they really flubbed the finish, the DDT looked horrible, but still a great match up to that point.

3. Drew McIntyre pinned John Morrison with a botched Future Shock DDT 8.5/10


1. Justin Gabriel pinned Jindar Mahal with the 450 Splash 6/10

2. Yoshi Tatsu pinned Tyson Kidd with the kick to the head 8/10

3. Drew McIntyre pinned John Morrison with a botched Future Shock DDT 8.5/10

A very exciting episode of Superstars this week as we had two great matches and one good one. Jindar continues to impress me each week, and he could be a star one day. Kidd and Tatsu continued the trend of great match, and I hope this feud is not over. Morrison and Drew proved why they belong in the upper echelon, although the ending was screwed up, still can’t take away from the rest of the match. That’s why Superstars is the better show, no twenty minutes of yapping from the overrated jackasses, no two minute diva matches, just three solid matches between young talent. This is right up there with this weeks episode of ROH as must see TV.


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