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ROH TV – October 29, 2011

Tonight on ROH, we have a rematch between the All Night Express and The Briscoe Brothers. The winning team will go to Final Battle to face Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. After a disputed end to the previous match between the two teams, I expect we’ll get an actual finish tonight. This should be a very good match, as all four guys are very talented and no matter who goes to the PPV it will be a fantastic match.

We open the show with highlights from last week’s main event as Mike Bennett and Jay Lethal went to a time limit draw and Bennett decided against the five extra minutes. From there we go to our opening video, as Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the Davis Arena. Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly gave comments before our opening match.

1. Roderick Strong v. Kyle O’Reilly

I love the over exaggerated introduction that Truth Martini demands, he’s a great manager. Reminds me a lot of Bobby Heenan or Freddie Blassie, nice to see managers again, a much missed aspect of the business. Nice opening sequence of reversals and counters, again something you don’t see enough of anymore. Great counter of the cross arm breaker by Roderick into a pin attempt, great action so far. Truth on commentary with Nigel and Kevin is very entertaining, this is how you do commentary. WWE take notes, never thought I’d call Kevin Kelly a great announcer, but he’s great on this show. Kyle gets the advantage with a series of strikes and a nice Northern Lights suplex for a near fall, but Kyle gets caught charging into a big boot followed by snake eyes. We go to commercial as Roderick hammers Kyle, and when we come back Kyle gets nailed with a vicious enziguiri from Roderick. Kyle finally comes back with a series of strikes and a nice hurricanrana. Kyle with a series of butterfly suplexes and another near fall. Kyle gets caught up top and now it’s Roderick with the strikes in the corner followed by the sit-out powerbomb for a near fall of his own. Roderick goes for the suplex and Kyle counters twice but runs into two knees followed up with the double knee gutbuster. Roderick locks in the Stronghold, aka the Boston Crab but Kyle makes the ropes. What a fantastic match, as Roderick with a discus punch but misses the clothesline. Kyle comes back with a spinning DDT into the guillotine choke and Roderick rolls forward into a near fall, what a counter. Roderick comes back with the strikes and the running boot for the big win! What a freaking match, that was one of the best matches this year. Screw Triple H and Undertaker at Wrestlemania, this was a true battle. Awesome match, what more can I say. Truth tells Kyle he has a message, team Richards produces losers. Kyle goes after Truth and Michael Elgin charges the ring to make it three on one. Another of Davey Richards protégées comes out and gets destroyed as well, and finally Davey makes the save and takes out both guys but gets caught by Truth. Davey grabs Truth and that costs him as Elgin and Strong double team the champion. Eddie Edwards charges the ring and takes out both guys, as Davey makes his way up and we have Edwards and Richards sending Elgin and Strong out of the ring. Truth gets nailed as the American Wolves clear the ring as we go to commercial.

1. Roderick Strong beat Kyle O’Reilly with the Strong Kick 10/10

After the commercial Jim Cornette has the microphone and tells Truth he won’t run roughshod over ROH and Truth’s stable has been fined. The crowd chanting something about Steen, not sure what that storyline is to be honest. Cornette says he doesn’t want to deal with Kevin Steen and ROH will not do business with him. Time for Inside ROH, who will challenge Davey Richards at Final Battle and a new team challenges Haas and Benjamin. ROH officials have narrowed it down to two men Eddie Edwards and Jay Lethal as the next challenge for Davey. Lethal does a Ric Flair impression during his promo, either guy would make for a fantastic match. I’m looking forward to this PPV more then the Survivor Series, as I have no interest in the Cena and Rock crap. Newcomers to ROH challenge the tag champions to a proving ground match, a one fall non-title match where if the challengers win or go to a draw they get a title match. Innovative little idea there, as it says anyone can challenge any champion, nice way to bring someone to a title shot quickly. Comments from Haas and Benjamin and their new challengers, Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman. That match is next week, should be an interesting match. Steve Corino joins us on commentary for the next match, wow three match in one show, not sure if that’s a good thing with less then twenty minutes left.

2. Alex Silva v. Tomasso Ciampa

Ciampa is still undefeated in ROH, I expect he will stay undefeated after this match. Silva offers a handshake and Ciampa spits on him. Alex turns his back like an idiot and gets hammered by Ciampa. Silva rolls out and pulls Ciampa out with him, but gets driven into the barricade. Ciampa nails a suplex on the floor before throwing Silva back in the ring and continues to pound on the kid. Ciampa gets cocky and Silva nails the enziguiri and a rollup, but Ciampa quickly comes back. Ciampa misses a corner charge and Silva climbs the ropes but misses. Ciampa connects with a neckbreaker then sets Silva in the corner, Ciampa hits the running knee to the jaw four consecutive times. Ciampa finishes him off with the Project Ciampa, a backstabber from the powerbomb position, for a pretty easy win. Basically a squash match with a little offense from Silva, but more a showcase for Ciampa.

2. Tomasso Ciampa pinned Alex Silva with the Project Ciampa 5/10

3. The Briscoe Brothers v. The All Night Express, winner faces Haas and Benjamin at PPV for Tag Titles

The quickly start brawling before the introduction are finished, it’s going to be a brutal match tonight. Kenny and Rhett have the early advantage with a series of nice double team moves. Much like with the Bella Twins and the Usos have a hard time telling which Briscoe is which. The Briscoes are hoping to get another title shot and become seven time tag champions, but right now the All Night Express have had the advantage since the start with a series of quick tags. I don’t think Kevin and Nigel know which Briscoe it is either, as they haven’t said a name yet. Mark makes a blind tag and a nice double team takes Rhett Titus down as we go to commercial. We come back as the Briscoes are double teaming Kenny King. Kenny almost makes the tag but Jay knocks Rhett off the apron as Mark continues the offense. Why is Nigel talking about Rhett’s skill in the bedroom, that just sounds creepy. Next week we will find out who faces Davey Richards at the PPV, as The Briscoes continue to work over the back of Kenny. A nice cutter on Kenny gets a near fall as Rhett makes the save and Mark throws him out. Jay goes for the finish but Kenny counters and rolls to the corner, Rhett comes in a house of fire. Rhett unloads on both men with a nice double corner splash, then tosses Mark out. Double team on Jay gets a near fall, but Mark in again. King tosses Mark out and set up for a double team on Jay, but Jay counters out as Mark holds Rhett. Jay hits a spinebuster on King and then goes after Rhett on the top rope. Rhett slides out and drops Jay face first across the turnbuckle. Mark comes in and unloads on Rhett and hits a top rope cutter. King hits a springboard neckbreaker on Mark, but Jay comes in and nails the DDT on King as all four men are down. Rhett sets up Mark for a double team, but Jay kicks King down to the floor. Jay knocks down Rhett as Mark rolls him up for the win. A very fast paced hard hitting tag team match. The Briscoes will face the World’s Greatest Tag Team at Final Battle in December, should be a hell of a match!

3. The Briscoe Brothers defeated The All Night Express 9/10


1. Roderick Strong beat Kyle O’Reilly with the Strong Kick 10/10

2. Tomasso Ciampa pinned Alex Silva with the Project Ciampa 5/10

3. The Briscoe Brothers defeated The All Night Express 9/10

What a fantastic show this week, that blew away anything else on TV this week. My only complaint would be they should have cut the second match and given an extra five minutes to the tag match. Otherwise a perfect hour of wrestling. If your not watching ROH, you should be, this is how wrestling should be. Great matches, excellent announcer who actually talk about the matches and great production. I’m loving the ROH, I may need to find some of the old shows and see it from the beginning with WWE and TNA basically a dead horse at this point. Awesome show. Be back tomorrow with Superstars, not sure if I’m going to do NXT yet.


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