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ROH TV – October 22, 2011
November 4, 2011, 10:10 am
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It took me ten days, but I finally found a proper working version of this episode. This show is getting as hard to find as a TNA PPV, people don’t know what they’re missing. With the WWE and TNA being so lackluster, now is a perfect time to support the Independent Companies like ROH, WSU, SHIMMER, etc. Last week on ROH we had two great matches as the Briscoe Brothers defeated The All Night Express, which had a disputed ending. We also got our first look at Eddie Edwards who put away Michael Elgin, but was then in a three on one situation as Roderick Strong and Truth Martini got involved. Luckily for Eddie, Nigel McGuinness stepped up to the plate and made the save, I assume we will get a tag match inevitably. This week we’re from the Davis Arena, the former home of OVW. With that, let’s see what ROH has to offer us this week.

Following the ROH opening video, Kevin Kelly welcome us to the show. Tonight Jay Lethal defends the TV title against Mike Bennett, also Mike Mondo versus TJ Perkins. First we get comments from both men. Mike Mondo looks like a combination of Heidenreich and Dolph Ziggler, as he’s called the giant killer and calls himself the biggest man in town. They actually mention that Mike is a former OVW champion, that’s something WWE would never do, acknowledge another organization.

1. Mike Mondo v. TJ Perkins

Mike Mondo had a run in the WWE for almost two years, as Mikey in the Spirit Squad which included a tag title run. Winning the titles from the Big Show and Kane before dropping them to Ric Flair and Roddy Piper. Quite an impressive resume for a young talent. TJ had one match in the WWE, a draw with Sheamus two years ago. TJ was also Puma in TNA and did a few multi-man matches. Mondo starts out using his power but Perkins counters with his speed, and locks in a nice pendulum move. Perkins releases and ties Mondo to the tree of woe and Mondo eats a dropkick to the face. Mondo finally takes a breather to try and slow down Perkins. Perkins gets yanked out of the ring and tossed into the barricade. Mondo hits a nice somersault dive off the apron and rolls Perkins back in. Perkins gets tied in the ropes and Mondo charges but Perkins moves and Mondo crashes on the floor, Perkins quickly dives onto him. Both men back in the ring and Perkins gets a near fall off a double stomp. Perkins locks on a figure four, but Mondo makes the ropes. Mondo blocks a superkick, but Perkins comes back with a second one that hits. Perkins with a Magistral Cradle and scores the big victory. A very good match, but I like Mondo better between the two, still a pretty good opener. At least it wasn’t a twenty minute interview segment!

1. TJ Perkins pinned Mike Mondo with a Magistral Cradle 7/10

Kevin Kelly announces the next PPV on December 23rd, Final Battle, which I will be recapping. We get an interview with the TV Champion, Jay Lethal, who says no matches have been signed yet but he hopes to be on the show. Now it’s highlights of last week’s controversial finish to the tag match, which Jim Cornette will give his decision on. Jim Cornette in the ring, brings out the Briscoe Brothers, and says he made the decision, next week on this show the Briscoes will face the All Night Express and the winners will face Haas and Benjamin at Final Battle. The Briscoes are not happy and say they will win. Backstage we get comments from the tag Champions, who say they want the Briscoes after the attack in New York. Time for inside ROH, as they hype up Final Battle which will take place at the Manhattan Center in New York City. Comments from Roderick Strong, who’s bitter about his loss two weeks ago. We also get comments from Davey Richards who talks about going into the PPV as the champion and the stress it causes. Before the main event we get highlights from Jay’s title win.

2. Jay Lethal v. Mike Bennett for the TV title

A quick start from both men jockeying for position, and Jay uses his speed to avoid a punch from Mike. Jay hammers the head of Mike and follows with the chops and a hiptoss and dropkick combo. Jay sends Mike to the floor and slides out after him to continue the offense. We go to commercial as Jay is on the floor, when we come back Mike hits a corner clothesline on Jay and gets a near fall. Mike controls the champ with a side headlock and fights Jay to the floor. Jay finally fights back with an inverted atomic drop as the crowd solidly behind him. Jay unloads on the challenger, as we get notice of three minutes remaining. Lethal with a nice hand spring neckbreaker, that was amazing looking, and only gets a near fall. Lethal goes for the Lethal Combination and Mike fights out, Jay’s suplex is countered. Jay off the ropes with a springboard, and caught in a spinebuster for a near fall for the challenger. Mike sets up the Box Office Smash, but Lethal fights out, Mike with a German Suplex and Lethal lands on his feet. One minute remaining on the clock as Jay goes for the figure four and gets cradled. Jay comes back with a superkick and climbs to the top and misses the flying elbow. Mike pounds the head of Lethal, what is this UFC? Lethal reverses and hammers Mike as the clock runs out and we have a time limit draw. Mike screams he had him, as the crowd chants "five more minutes", as does Jay Lethal. Bennett then says no and leaves, as Nigel calls him a Nancy! Great match, and hopefully this leads to a rematch.

2. Jay Lethal and Mike Bennett go to a time limit draw 7.5/10


1. TJ Perkins pinned Mike Mondo with a Magistral Cradle 7/10

2. Jay Lethal and Mike Bennett go to a time limit draw 7.5/10

Another great outing from the ROH as we get two very good matches. As opposed to watching RAW, I wish this show was longer as it just flies by. Next week we get a rematch for the number one conteders to the tag titles, and it should be great. Back tomorrow with that episode.


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