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WWE Vengeance – October 23 2011

Here we go with another under hyped PPV, as usual. With all these PPV shows so close together they leave no time to build anything up properly. They basically have made this show a throwaway, as they’re waiting for the Rock for the big build. I don’t know which is worse, making a PPV feel like a waste, or pushing a guy who has been out of the ring for eight years? At least we have a John Cena main event, that never happens! As boring as ADR is, I would rather he retains the gold over another Cena reign. I’d like to see ADR hold the belt till Wrestlemania, give it some much needed stability. The title has changed hands too many times in the last little while, and needs to stay on one guy for a few months. The undercard looks promising though, with two Dolph Ziggler matches, Beth Phoenix defending her title and Sheamus versus Christian. I almost expect an appearance from Shawn Michaels, as he was at Smackdown two weeks ago and tonight we’re in his hometown. At least it’s a few weeks till the next PPV, so they can build the Survivor Series up.

We open the show with the recap of the thrilling HHH story of course, and Henry’s reign of terror. Great three hours of Booker T and Michael Cole, this is going to be hard to watch. Speaking of horrible voices, here comes Vickie, channeling her inner Stephanie McMahon.

1. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler v. Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston for the Tag Titles

This match has four of the best young talents in the company, four guys who deserve to be pushed, and this will more then likely be the best match of the night. Dolph’s US title match is following this match, and Cole calls it unfair. I like the new music and introductions for Air Boom, still not sold on the name. Air Boom starts quickly as they work over Jack Swagger with some nice double team maneuvers. Jack Swagger able to use his power to catch and slam Kofi, allowing a tag to Ziggler. Doesn’t take long for the announcers to become annoying, as the forget the match to argue again, can we fire all three? I’d rather listen to Superstar Billy Graham over these three. Evan Bourne goes for Air Bourne but Dolph comes over, Evan spots him and avoids the contact. Evan kicks Jack into Dolph and Dolph to the floor, Evan goes for Air Bourne but Jack gets the knees up. Ziggler tagged in and now Evan gets to play our face in peril tonight. Ziggler needs to stay out as much as possible if he wants to retain his title after this match. Swagger goes for the Vader Bomb, but now Bourne gets the knees up and makes the tag. Kofi as house of fire in there, as Swagger was able to tag in Dolph, and Kofi unloads on Dolph. Kofi almost wins with the high cross body block, and Kofi quickly hits the Boom Drop. Dolph avoids the Trouble in Paradise, but gets nailed with SOS. Jack tries to make the save, but nails Ziggler, this allows Kofi to hit the TIP on Jack, but Jack with the ankle lock. Evan off the top with the double knee takes out Jack. Dolph with a quick rollup, gets a near fall, though that was the end. Dolph turns around into the Trouble in Paradise, Bourne tagged in, hits Air Bourne for the win. A very fast paced exciting opening match, one of the better matches on PPV this year. Another great win for Air Boom, I hope they stay a team for a while. It’s nice to see tag teams again. It’s going to be hard to have a better match then this tonight.

1. Air Boom beats Ziggler and Swagger to retain the tag titles 8.5/10

2. Zack Ryder v. Dolph Ziggler for the US title

As Air Boom are still in the ring celebrating, here comes Zack Ryder. This should be quick, as Dolph is still stunned from the tag match. The bell rings and Zack quickly unloads on Dolph. Swagger and Air Boom are still at ringside, as Zack is tearing apart the champion early. Ziggler fights back with a neckbreaker, as the crowd solidly behind Zack. Dolph nailed with a clothesline, and quickly bails out of the ring. Air Boom catches Dolph and tosses him back in, which makes the ref kicks them both out. Zack quickly back on the offense, but misses the cross body and hits the ropes hard. Dolph completely in control now, as this has gone longer then expected, I figured Zack would run in, hit Rough Ryder and win, but this has been competitive. Dolph goes for the Stinger Splash, but Zack gets the knees up and follows with the running boot. Swagger gets involved and Zack kicks him off. This allows Dolph to hit the superkick on Zack and score the win. Surprisingly better then I expected, but Zack should have won and Dolph needs to be pushed to the main event. Still a great match, as Dolph proves to be the best of the young talent in the WWE.

2. Dolph Ziggler pinned Zack Ryder with a superkick to retain the US title 7/10

Backstage to CM Punk and Ted DiBiase, as HHH walks in so Ted leaves. HHH talks about his immigration problem from Smackdown, a stupid storyline, and Punk forgives him.

3. Beth Phoenix v. Eve for the Diva title

Beth needs to destroy Eve tonight, and then move on to someone with talent. Unfortunately, the only Diva with any talent other then Beth is Natty, unless WWE brings in some real wrestlers, not Barbie Doll models. We see footage from earlier tonight of Beth and Natty tearing Kelly Kelly apart, which makes me happy. Why are the Bella Twins with Beth and Natty? Eve makes the save, and breaking up the fight are the Usos? Seriously? Kelly oversells the attack, as usual, and back to live footage. Cole says John Laurinaitis has made a decision, but first Eve introduced with new music, JL has banned Kelly and Natty from the ringside area tonight. Damn, I like looking at Natty, just saying. Eve with a nice sunset flip, but Beth kicks out easily and hammers Eve. Eve comes back with the enziguiri kick, and Beth lands in 619 position. Eve ties Beth to the ropes with her wrist tape and unloads on her. The ref gets Beth free and Eve knocks her to the floor, Eve follows but gets taken down the hard way and slammed into the barricade. Beth with a body scissor and tells Eve to start crying as she hammers the back of Eve at the same time. Eve fights free and is able to lock on a submission of her own, but Beth powers her way to the ropes. Beth goes for the Glam Slam, but Eve counters and catches Beth off the ropes with a rollup for a near fall. Eve goes for the moonsault, but Beth rolls away and hits the Glam Slam for the win. A pretty good match, short, but still longer then most diva matches. Beth really needs better opponents though, as Eve and Kelly Kelly are not in her league. After the match Beth kneels over Eve and says something to her before leaving the ring.

3. Beth Phoenix pinned Eve with the Glam Slam to retain the Diva Title 6.5/10

Backstage to Matt Striker with The Big Show, as Striker mentions Show has only had one match since his return and asks if he is prepared. Show says to ask Henry, as it took Henry 15 years to win the title. Three seconds to end 15 years of failure, and it will take him three seconds to take the world title away from him. Show says Vengeance will be his and so will the World Title. Now we get a promo for the new Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels Rivalry. Is there anyone who still thinks the screw job was real?

4. Christian v. Sheamus

Well, we’re getting all three match I’m interested in right away, not boding well for the rest of the show. I’m surprised they haven’t started pairing Sheamus up with the damn leprechaun, totally kill his character off. Sheamus uses his power to take over Christian early, including a nice delayed vertical suplex. Christian catches Sheamus with his head down, and follows with a pair of neckbreakers. Christian continues the offense including the choke on the ropes and diving forearm. A nice missile dropkick from Christian, who climbs the ropes for a third time and misses the diving headbutt, as Sheamus hulks up. Sheamus hammers Christian down, but runs into the boots. Sheamus catches Christian coming off the ropes and tosses Christian with a fall away slam. Christian able to send Sheamus outside, but Sheamus comes back in with the flying shoulderblock. Sheamus goes for the big boot, but Christian ducks and hits a quick neckbreaker. Christian goes for the bouncing kick off the ropes and Sheamus catches him and drives Christian to the mat. Sheamus goes for the backbreaker, but countered to the Kill Switch, countered to the Celtic Cross, another counter and Christian catches Sheamus in the corner. Christian hits the bounce kick and goes for the springboard crossbody. Sheamus catches him in the backbreaker for a near fall. Sheamus readies for the Brogue kick, but runs into the spear and Christian almost scores the victory. Sheamus catches Christian with a knee and climbs the ropes, but Christian catches him and climbs up with Sheamus. Christian with a top rope hurricanrana and goes for another spear, but runs into the Brogue Kick, Sheamus covers for the win. Another very good hard hitting match, some impressive counters and another big win for Sheamus.

4. Sheamus pinned Christian with the Brogue Kick 7/10

Backstage to John Laurinaitis with David Otunga, and they’re joined by Miz and Truth. They thank JL for rehiring them and say it’s a safer work environment and they will live up to the law. JL calls them great, Miz says really, JL says no, but they suck up well. Truth says he sucks up better then Miz, Miz says he sucks more, but they don’t suck like HHH. Miz makes fun of HHH and CM Punk, Truth says Texas sucks too. Was that supposed to be funny, because it was not. Recap time, as we recap the epic feud between the Conspiracists and HHH and Punk, including Kevin Nash’s brief run. This goes on way too long, but it’s HHH so what else is new?

5. R-Truth & The Miz v. CM Punk & Triple H

Other then Triple H, we have three great young talents in this match. Of course HHH will probably score the pin, and Punk will be the face in peril. Love how they’re making a big deal about HHH returning to the ring, he was in a match at the last PPV you morons. Punk and Miz start, with Punk unloading on Miz before tagging in the Game, Miz quickly tags in Truth. HHH does a lot of stalling before finally going after Truth, does a few things then tags in Punk. Punk’s going to be the one doing the majority of the work for their team, but HHH will still be the one to score the pin. Triple H back in and locks on the figure four on Miz, with a little help from Punk. Punk tagged in and applies a submission hold, but Miz fights free and tags in Truth. They unload on Punk, but Punk makes the tag and HHH takes over on both guys. HHH sends both guys out, then follows, Truth tossed back in and HHH clocks Miz but turns into a baseball slide from Truth. Truth goes on the offense on HHH and tags in Miz, The announcers waste time talking about the Miz in high school, as the Miz has the chinlock on HHH. Honestly this has been a pretty boring match so far, as HHH blocks the kick from Truth and hits a DDT. HHH makes the tag to Punk, as Truth tags in Miz. Punk clotheslines Truth while hitting a bulldog on Miz. Punk hits the Macho Man Elbow on the Miz and readies for the Go To Sleep as HHH and Truth brawl around ringside. Suddenly someone attacks HHH, it’s Kevin Nash, damn, he’s back again? Punk distracted and Miz goes after Punk, Punk blocks and goes for the Go To Sleep, but Truth interferes. Truth and Miz hit a double team on Punk, Miz rolls him over and covers for the upset win! Other then the last few minutes the match really dragged, would’ve rather they cut 5 minutes or so from this match and gave it to the Divas. Outside the ring Nash is still destroying HHH, Nash throws HHH in the ring and nails a series of knees on the Game. Nash hits the Jackknife powerbomb on HHH, where did Punk, Miz and Truth go anyways? Nash leaves as Booker screams why at Nash, yawn. So, I assume we’ll get a Nash/HHH match at Series, or they’re on opposite teams. I expect it to be Cena, Rock, Punk, HHH and Sheamus versus ADR, Miz, Truth, Nash and Christian. The replay of the powerbomb makes it look like when Diesel got injured by Sid back in 95.

5. Awesome Truth defeated CM Punk & HHH 5/10

Backstage to JL with ADR, who asks if JL is trying to avoid him. JL says he’s busy and ADR says he should be the priority and he’s never been in a last man standing match. JL says calm down and tells ADR he won in the Cell and tonight he has an opportunity. ADR says he will find a way to win, as Ricardo is sporting one hell of a black eye. So, is JL’s gimmick he likes to send text messages or what? We now get another one of those stupid anti-bullying promos, nice they show Sheamus and Cena in there. Cena is one of the biggest bullies, why not Bradshaw and Undertaker in the promo too?

6. Randy Orton v. Cody Rhodes non-title

I would have rather seen a rematch of Cody and Ted over this match. I’m so tired of seeing Randy Orton and his super push, he’s right up there with Cena. Cody really needs to win this match, there is no reason for Orton to win here. Cody winning would make the IC belt look better, while Orton winning does nothing but knock Cody back down again. The bell rings and Orton goes after the face of Cody, Cody tries to come back with the bulldog and Orton pushes him off. Orton clotheslines Cody out of the ring and hammers him into the steps, back in the ring and Orton continues to work over Cody. Cody slides to the apron, and the ref pulls them apart, this allows Cody to headbutt Orton and gets the advantage. Cody hits that perfect dropkick and gets a near fall, Cody quickly continues to hammer Orton down. Cody locks on a Boston Crab, and Orton of course powers his way out of the hold. Cody retaliates with the Alabama Slam and another near fall, great homage to his first partner Bob Holly. Cody gets caught coming off the top rope as Orton dropkicks him in the ribs, but Cody comes back with the Beautiful Disaster Kick. Cody charges Orton and gets tossed to the apron. Orton goes for the elevated DDT, but Cody blocks, so Orton hits the backbreaker instead. Orton hits the neckbreaker and gets another near fall, Orton sets Cody on the top rope and follows. Cody blocks and headbutts Orton down, Cody follows down with a nice moonsault. Cody misses another top rope move and Orton connects with an uppercut. One of the baggers on the ropes, Orton knocks him down but Cody takes advantage and hits the Cross Rhodes and gets a near fall. That should have been the end of the match. Cody takes too long, as he mocks Orton’s RKO taunts, Cody eats a big dropkick sending him to the apron. Orton hits the elevated DDT and readies for the RKO. The other bagger gets on the apron, so Orton tosses Cody into him and catches Cody coming back with the RKO for the burial win. Well, that a waste of Cody Rhodes and the IC belt, but I doubt anyone though Orton would job again on PPV. Wasn’t a bad match, but should have ended with the Cross Rhodes, Cody needed the win more then Orton. Typical stupid booking of the WWE, as usual. Deducting a point for the predictable ending, what good does making your secondary champion lose do? Say hello to the glass ceiling Cody, wave to Kofi and Christian while you’re there. Has anyone ever come out of a feud with Orton looking good?

6. Randy Orton pinned Cody Rhodes with the RKO 6/10

Now it’s time for hype for the Rock, who returns to the ring at Survivor Series. Nice to see they couldn’t wait till Wrestlemania for the Rock’s return, thus lessening the impact of Wrestlemania. We now get a recap of the Mark Henry and Big Show feud, leading to our next match.

7. Big Show v. Mark Henry for the Smackdown Title

This match is either going to be a massive disaster or a good brawl, depending on how brutal they let them go. I can’t believe they’ve made Mark Henry interesting after all this time, glad it’s not another Orton and Henry match. Show starts quickly sending Henry to the floor after a series of punches. Henry gets caught on the apron and Show tosses him across the ring and follows with a superkick. Henry bails out of the ring again and grabs his title belt and tries to leave. but Show stops him and throws him back in the ring. Henry catches Show coming back in with a dive of the knees and follows up with a huge slam. Henry works over the injured leg of Show, using all his weight on the knee. Show tries to fight back and goes for a slam, but Henry falls back on top of him for a near fall. Henry like a shark, quickly back to working over the leg of the World’s Biggest Athlete. Show finally back up and they collide with a double clothesline, as we get a slugfest with both guys on their knees, Show gets the advantage with a series of headbutts. Show connects with a series of clotheslines and an avalanche, Show readies for the slam and slams the big man down. Show ready for the chokeslam, as Henry slowly gets up, Show connects with the chokeslam and gets a near fall. Show loads up the right hand and Henry blocks with a kick and Worlds Strongest Slam gets a near fall, and Henry is in disbelief. Henry climbs the ropes and Show catches him with a huge top rope chokeslam and Henry kicks out again! I thought that was the end, would not surprise me to see them change the title here. Show looks down at Henry, and climbs to the top rope, but Show gets caught this time. Henry climbs up top, reminds me of when Show and Brock broke the ring years ago, and hits a massive superplex, and the ring collapses! This would’ve been the perfect ending to the PPV. I was waiting for one of the announcers to say this has never happened before, as the crowd is laughing, not the reaction they wanted I bet. Both guys and the ref are down, as we get multiple replays, we come back to the doctor in the ring. Here comes the medics with the stretcher, I don’t think that little thing can hold either guy, and more replays of the ring collapse. Now they bring out a flatbed, and here comes JL and Teddy Long as well, maybe they’ll have to stop the PPV. Show crawls to the edge of the ring, as he holds his neck, they pull back the flatbed and get Big Show on it, they drive Show to the backstage. Meanwhile Henry falls out of the ring to the floor, the medics and Long help Henry to his feet. Henry throws everyone aside and falls back down, Long tells Henry to let them help him. Henry says no, and staggers a few steps before falling again, as we get more replays. Henry finally staggers his way up the ramp as JL has the microphone, JL introduces himself, because people who go to PPV don’t watch the TV shows I guess. JL says no matter what injuries sustained or damage to the ring, he will give them what he wants, a World title match tonight.

7. Big Show and Mark Henry went to a sports entertainment finish 6/10

It’s now time for a Cena/ADR recap, whatever.

8. Alberto Del Rio v. John Cena for the RAW title in a Last Man Standing match

Ricardo introduces ADR as only he can, as the announcers wonder if they’re going to do anything to the ring. Great, a new shirt for Cena, well at least it’s black this time, but it’s still typical Cena garbage. Cena comes out and looks more confused then usual, as he looks at the destroyed ring. The crowd quickly starts their usual dueling chants, as Cena goes after Ricardo and ADR kicks Cena. Lawler mention Brock and a fifty man battle royal as previous times the ring has collapsed, but Cole mention this is the first time the show continued after, as ADR continues to hammer Cena. Cena of course makes the comeback, and the crowd loudly boos him, as Cena unloads on the champ, but ADR comes back with a kick to the back. ADR follows up with a trio of belly to back suplexes and the ref starts the count, Cena up of course and nails a clothesline on ADR. Nice of Cena to no sell the beating till he can knock ADR down. Cena goes for the AA, but ADR counters with a backstabber. Cena comes back again with a series of suplexes, and follows with a pair of shoulderblocks as Cena not showing any effects from the beating, of course. Cena hits the poor version of a belly to back suplex and signals for the five knuckle shuffle, but no ropes so he just drops a fist. Cena goes for AA and Del Rio counters again with a nice German Suplex but Cena comes back with the gutwrench suplex. This is stupid, every time ADR hits a move Cena comes back with moves of his own. Cena refuses to sell for any length and give the champion a chance to get an advantage, can we end this match now. Del Rio ties Cena in the mangled ropes and lays the ring post over Cena, then jumps on it. Cena springs back up and hits the AA on ADR, this is worse then Sting and Hogan last week. Cena back up, fresh as a daisy and goes for a second AA but Ricardo breaks it up. The distraction allows ADR to hit Cena in the yambag and locks on a sleeper. ADR breaks the hold to allow the ref to count, but Cena back up and tosses ADR out of the ring into the barricade. Cena goes after ADR and rams him into the barricade, then tries to throw him into the steps, but ADR reverses the toss. Cena back up and plants Ricardo across the post crotch first, but this allows ADR to nail him. ADR charges at Cena who drops him on the post, sending Ricardo into the air. Cena tears apart the steps and tries to nail ADR, but ADR moves and catches Cena, tossing Cena into the steps. ADR slams the steps into Cena’s head and Cena’s down, the ref counts but of course Cena back up at eight. Cena fires off on ADR, once again no selling the beating and they fight into the backstage area. Cena tosses ADR across a table, nice to see Cena back in charge, as he looks like he’s just starting the match now. Cena knocks a big case on top of ADR, but ADR moves and tosses Cena on top of it. ADR slams Cena on the case, but don’t worry kids Cena will spring back up again. Cena staggers into the interview area and ADR smashes part of the set on Cena, ADR continues dropping all four parts of the set on Cena. Cena is buried under the four parts of the interview set, and that should be the end, but Cena springs right back up. They fight through a dark area and back out to the ring area, as Cena of course as the advantage, and Ricardo gets involved. This allows ADR to toss Cena through the giant paper V, as Cena takes a rest ADR sets up a table, bet ADR goes through it. ADR puts Cena on the table and climbs the scaffolding, but Cena spring back up and catches ADR, tossing him through the table just like I figured. ADR up at eight and Cena continues to hammer the champion as they go back to the ringside area. Cena gets tossed over the announce table, and ADR clears of the Spanish table. Cena fight back and tosses ADR into the barricade and clotheslines Ricardo down. Cena backed into the post and ADR goes for the kick, but Cena moves and ADR kicks the post. Cena stacks the steps and lifts up ADR, Cena hits the AA through the Spanish Table off the steps and says that’s it. The ref starts to count, and suddenly here comes Awesome Truth who beat the crap out of Cena! The ref watching Cena get destroyed, allowing ADR time to rest. The ref starts to count and ADR is up, but Cena is not. Cena back up at nine of course, and ADR cracks him with the title belt, but falls out of the ring and the ref counts again. ADR pulls himself up and Cena doesn’t get up in time, so ADR wins. Nice of Cena to let ADR win, of course it took four guys to win the match, making the champ look weak, but at least Cena comes out looking good. Pure crap, typical WWE main event as Cena has to always look strong at expense of anyone else.

8. Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena to retain the RAW title DUD

Match Recap:

1. Air Boom beats Ziggler and Swagger to retain the tag titles 8.5/10

2. Dolph Ziggler pinned Zack Ryder with a superkick to retain the US title 7/10

3. Beth Phoenix pinned Eve with the Glam Slam to retain the Diva Title 6.5/10

4. Sheamus pinned Christian with the Brogue Kick 7/10

5. Awesome Truth defeated CM Punk & HHH 5/10

6. Randy Orton pinned Cody Rhodes with the RKO 6/10

7. Big Show and Mark Henry went to a sports entertainment finish 6/10

8. Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena to retain the RAW title DUD

Well, it started out great with four good matches, and then it all fell apart. Loved the opening four matches, and would’ve been a great show with those matches. The tag match was mediocre at best, of course Punk had to take the fall, and now we have Nash back again. Orton of course buried the IC champ, which was the worst booking choice possible for that match. The two main events were pathetic, as one was a stupid finish we’ve seen before and the other one did nothing but make the champion, ADR, look weak. Just a completely dismal show, the only plus is the whole thing will be forgotten by tonight. Will Orton or Cena ever try to make anyone look good with them, ever? If I base the show solely on the first half, it’s a success, but the second half ruined the show. Overall a five out of ten, I’d recommend the first half of the show and skip the rest, it’s just the usual WWE garbage.


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