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WWE Superstars – October 20, 2011

Tonight’s episode of Superstars is coming to us from Mexico City, Mexico, same as Raw, NXT and Smackdown this week. RAW was lackluster at best, and really forgettable. Once again John Cena won, as he teamed with Jim Ross to defeat Alberto Del Rio and Michael Cole. Cena picked the stipulation for this Sunday’s match with ADR, Last Man Standing. So, once again Sunday John Cena gets to overcome the odds and win the title for the thirtieth time, or whatever number he’s at. NXT is the show that never ends, as we have no pros left, two rookies, one who joined halfway through, and the same matches each week. Will the season ever end? As for TNA, I read the spoilers for Impact, and it’s a surprise, but I think it’s a good surprise. Of course certain people will complain no matter what TNA does, so they can’t win no matter what they do. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope that this is the start of something good. Back to WWE, we have yet another useless PPV this Sunday, which got next to no build. Can you tell they’re in autopilot until the Rock returns? It doesn’t look like a very exciting PPV this Sunday, but I’ll still recap it on Monday, but first let’s enjoy the best WWE show, Superstars.

1. Jindar Mahal v. Ted DiBiase

Well, at least it’s not JTG. So, Ted is supposed to be a face as he now has the DiBiase Posse. I like DiBiase, but he just doesn’t have the charisma of his father, this is where managers, not valets, work well. If he had a good manager, or learned to cut a promo he could be a huge star. I just don’t see much about Jindar, he’s like an Arabian ADR. I’ll give Jindar credit, that was nice suplex he did, which almost got him the win. The announcers are bored, they’re talking about Big Show and Mark Henry. Mind you I’d rather these two commentate then Lawler, Cole or Booker. So far Jindar has been in control most of the match, as the crowd gets behind Ted. Ted gets tossed to the outside as we go to commercial, we come back and Jindar with a chinlock, is that the commercial move? Ted fights free and slings Jindar into the buckle and quickly unloads on Jindar. Ted takes Jindar down and goes to the top rope, but Jindar catches him. Damn, this has been a long match. Jindar hits the Full Nelson Bomb and scores the win? Wow, is this a push for Jindar? I’m actually impressed with this match, if Jindar keeps improving I may have to change my opinion of him. That was very impressive showing for Mahal, and a very good match.

1. Jindar Mahal pinned Ted DiBiase with the Sands of Time 7/10

2. Santino Marella v. Heath Slater

Heath still has a job? Why? Heath just got suspended for thirty days for a wellness violation, just after this was taped. Heath is another one I just don’t see anything in, he was good with Gabriel, but on his own, he’s nothing impressive. Santino could be so much more then a comedy character, he has the talent and charisma, no idea why they don’t use him more. Heath on the offense in the opening minutes, and gets a near fall with the reverse neckbreaker. I love the announcers talking about Axl Rose during the match, as Heath misses the top rope move. That’s the same thing that cost Ted the match earlier, will it do the same to Slater? Santino fired up with the hip toss, diving headbutt and the Cobra for the win. It was fun an inoffensive, and best of all it was short.

2. Santino Marella pinned Heath Slater after the Cobra 5/10

3. Air Boom v. Drew McIntyre & Michael McGillicutty in a non-title match

This could be a good match, as all four are very impressive athletes. I wish McGillicutty would change his name to Hennig though and let’s not start on the lack of use of Drew. Drew overpowering Kofi early on, but Kofi uses his speed to comeback, as the announcers talk about the title change between Drew and Kofi from last year. Nice homage to the Hardy Boys with the Whisper in the Wind style move from Air Boom, who follow with stereo plancha dives as we go to commercial. We comeback with Michael in control, slowing down Kofi with the chinlock. Evan tagged in and knocks Michael down. Nice cheap shot from Drew, as he shoves Evan of the mat and he crashes and burns, which allows Michael to make the tag. Drew and Michael destroying Evan Bourne, who gets to play Ricky Morton tonight, as they overpower the much smalled man. Evan able to counter the suplex and makes the hot tag to Kofi.Kofi hits the Boom Drop and goes for Trouble In Paradise, but Drew moves, however Kofi springboard into a cross body for a near fall. Michael breaks up the tag, and in the chaos Drew accidentally hits the big boot on Michael. Kofi hits TIT and tags in Evan who nails the Air Bourne for the pinfall. A great fast paced tag team match up, was pulling for Drew, but still enjoyed the match. Maybe this will lead to Michael turning face and changing his name then feuding with Drew. Would make some great matches for Superstars.

3. Air Boom defeated Drew McIntyre and Michael McGillicutty 7/10


1. Jindar Mahal pinned Ted DiBiase with the Sands of Time 7/10

2. Santino Marella pinned Heath Slater after the Cobra 5/10

3. Air Boom defeated Drew McIntyre and Michael McGillicutty 7/10

Once again a great episode of Superstars, after last week’s dismal show. Glad to see Superstars back at the top where it belongs. Two exciting matches in an hour, very enjoyable. Will be back on Monday with the WWE PPV, I’ll be glad when we get a few weeks without PPV, talk about overkill.


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