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AWE Night of the Legends – October 15, 2011

Now for something completely different, this was a special PPV that aired last weekend. The ad showed Kevin Nash, the Rock and Roll Express, Terry Funk and others. I love watching nostalgia style PPV as they are usually so much fun. The 605 Reunion PPV was fun to watch, and I’m in the minority but I enjoyed the Heroes of Wrestling PPV. Of course these are all the old school guys I grew up watching. Makes me wonder in twenty five years or so, will we have these kind of shows with Randy Orton, John Cena and Kelly Kelly, doubt it. Anyways, I’ve been looking forward to this show all week, so let’s get down to ringside.

Awesome Wrestling Entertainment presents a night that changes everything, or so they say. Hey, I see Finlay, Hacksaw, Lita and Terry Funk in the opener. Our announcers are Chris Cruise, Dutch Mantel and Larry Zbyszko. Chris Cruise was an announcer from WCW in the 90s, and he looks ancient. Dutch Mantel was a legend in the south in the 80s, and best remembered as Uncle Zeb, the manager of Bradshaw when he debuted in the WWF. Larry is of course, the Living Legend, and has been everywhere, including WWF and WCW. Larry looks no different at all, when Dutch looks like a blind hobo with the dark glasses and scruffy beard. Speaking of beards, look at the guy behind the announcers, like a reject from ZZ Top. Chris says tonight we have Terry Funk facing Tommy Dreamer, which gives Larry a chance to use one of his classic quotes. Also tonight Ricky Morton and Kevin Nash will meet tonight, which Dutch is looking forward to.

1. Tommy Dreamer v. Terry Funk in a no disqualification match

Tommy’s been packing away the food, he looks huge, as he comes out to a mock version of “Man in the Box”. Terry Funk looks the same as always, as Chris says these two have never faced off before, and it was scheduled back in 1999. How many times has Terry announced his retirement anyways? Funk screams for a microphone, sadly we can hear him before he even gets it. Funk says he got a physical before the match and the doctor said he was too old to wrestle, as the idiot fans do the damn “what” crap. Seriously, thanks a lot Stone Cold for that crap, I’ll never forgive him for this. Funk says he doesn’t care what a doctor says he’s here for Tommy, and then cracks Tommy with the microphone. Minutes in and they’re using tables and chairs, which is a good way to cover both mens limitations. Tommy gets crotched on the guardrail, good thing he’s already got kids. Tommy channels his inner Muta and sprays Terry in the eyes, classic. Terry goes face first into the steps and does his classic drunk man swing and fall. Love the cheap plastic chairs, to which Tommy gets dropped face first into. Terry goes for the spinning toe hold, and Tommy fights free. Tommy goes for the small package and scores the win? Even the announcers are confused by that, was that supposed to be the end? Although, I do like when matches end differently, instead of always with the finisher. This was a fun little brawl between two hardcore legends, would’ve loved to have seen Foley involved too. After the match Funk takes out the ref, as the camera work is brutal on here. Dreamer offers a handshake and Funk spits at him before throwing a chair at Dreamer.

1. Tommy Dreamer pinned Terry Funk with a small package 6/10

2. Jamin Olivencia v. Sonjay Dutt

I thought this was supposed to be legends, who the hell is Jamin? So I looked it up and he’s some jobber from Buffalo. Sonjay Dutt last seen in TNA in a story line with So Cal Val and Jay Lethal, didn’t Sonjay have hair? Seriously, they have Bill Apter doing backstage interviews? I see Sonjay also did a tour through ROH after leaving TNA, thanks to the IWDB for that info. Well, with a couple younger guys this should be a fast paced match. Not bad, seconds into the match and Cruise is calling this a great match. Wonder why WWE never brought in Dutt if they wanted an Indian wrestler, he’s much better then Khali or Mahal. Dutt slaps Jamin and Jamin pulls a classic Greg Valentine face flop! Which makes me hope the Hammer is on here, he was always so fun to watch wrestle. So far it’s been a pretty good back and forth match, and the commentary is a hell of a lot better then the WWE commentators. Cole and Lawler need to watch this to learn how to announce, there’s no hope for Booker. Dutt with a nice headscissor taking Jamin outside and Dutt follows with a perfect moonsault to the floor. Dutt with a boot in the corner and the springboard splash for a near fall. Larry pulls out the Human Chess reference, took longer then I expected for him to squeeze that in. An exchange of forearms and Sonjay gets the advantage, but Jamin counters. Sonjay with the sunset flip but Jamin grabs the ropes and almost wins. The ref eats an elbow from Jamin, which allows him to hit a shot to the yambag followed by a rocker dropper type move, which the camera missed, for the win. A good match between two young stars, Jamin impressed me, but he needs a better name, but that’s same ending we saw on ROH this week, and I didn’t like it then either.

2. Jamin Olivencia defeated Sonjay Dutt with the O-Drop 7/10

We get footage of Kevin Nash and Ricky Morton signing the contract for tonight. I can’t believe Ricky still has that damn mullet, hey Ricky 1985 called and wants its hair style back! Rick Garrison, who, joins us on commentary, no idea who that is. Where did they find Perry, seriously, he hasn’t been around in years. I honestly thought he was dead. CW is another guy I don’t understand why WWE didn’t pick up. This is Perry’s first match in nine years, well, take that Rock and your eight years! They say Perry was homeless and a drug addict, and he’s still doing his goofy gimmick, I miss this guy he was so fun. His last match was in June of 2003 against Kenzo Suzuki in TNA,

3. Perry Saturn v. CW Anderson

Perry’s sporting some new tattoos, and one gigantic beer gut. The announcer says he’s in good shape, compared to what, Abdullah the Butcher? Well, Saturn is still able to hit his moves, so I’m impressed. Saturn goes for a dive out of the ring, and CW catches him with the chairshot to the dome. Every time one of the announcers says Mr. Garrison, I keep thinking I’m watching South Park! Saturn’s bleeding from the chairshot, as Anderson is working over the arm. I’m surprised as Saturn is actually doing pretty good in there, but he really needs inspiration from his beloved Moppy. Saturn charges into the corner and runs into the superkick, which gets Anderson a near fall. Anderson hits the spinebuster, and Saturn kicks out, as Larry says when Arn did it no one got up. Anderson shoots him in and goes for the backdrop, but Saturn holds on and rolls him up for the surprise win! A very impressive return for Perry, just hope he loses the gut, would love to see him get another shot in the business.

3. Perry Saturn pinned CW Anderson with a rollup 6.5/10

Our next match features Jim Duggan and Mohammad Akbar, who’s been in OVW and ROH. Never seen him before, but he’s got gigantic eyebrows!

4. Hacksaw Jim Duggan v. Mohammad Akbar

If they wanted a foreign guy, why not Sheik or Volkoff? It’s supposed to be legends, or so the show is called. Duggan had some great feuds in the day with DiBiase, Slaughter, Sheik, Andre, etc. Nice to introduce the foreign guy with Arabic music and hailing from Persia, someone want to inform the company Iran hasn’t been called Persia since 1935. Akbar starts cutting the generic foreign promo, and is cut off by Duggan on the screen. Wonder if it was pretaped in case he screwed up? This has been boring so far, as it’s been all punch, kick and chinlocks. Duggan hits the three point clothesline for the win, ending this match. That was the worst match of the night, even the announcers were bored as they talked about who is Nash’s partner, watch it be Ricky Morton just for the swerve. After the match Akbar says he was robbed and Duggan hasn’t seen the last of him, while Larry makes fun of Duggan as the missing link.

4. Hacksaw Jim Duggan beat Mohammad Akbar after the clothesline DUD

Dave Finlay v. Alex Silva

Finlay of course is fresh from the WWE, where he was stuck with the stupid leprechaun. Alex we just saw on WWE Superstars in August, being squashed by Brodus Clay. Alex Silva comes out to the ring with Tammy Sytch, aka Sunny, who looks amazingly hot still. Wish the WWE would give her another chance, she looks great and would be a great manager for someone who can’t cut promos. Alex sure is good at stalling, as he rolls out of the ring after every move Finlay does, at least it gives us a good look at Tammy each time. Finlay finally gets a hold of Alex and unloads on him, but Alex able to get the headscissor on Finlay. Larry actually made a Karl Gotch reference, talk about old school, what next a Hackenschmidt reference? I’m impressed with this kid, he’s holding his own with Finlay. Finlay gets shot in the corner and tries to spring up the ropes, but collapses holding his knee, bet he’s faking it. Dutch mentions Tammy sure can fill out her top, I have to agree, they look great, as she taunts Finlay before slapping him. Alex keeps trying to attack Finlay, but the ref keeps holding him back as Finlay rolls outside, as Chris yells at the ref to make a decision. Finlay quits and the ref starts to help him to the back, Alex grabs the microphone and calls out Finlay. Alex calls Finlay a coward and calls him out, Finlay gets back in the ring. Silva hammers Finlay, who rolls out again and Tammy slaps him again. Alex starts to work over the knee before throwing him back in the ring. Alex quickly back on the knee of Finlay. Finlay starts to come back with elbows, but a kick to the leg sends Finlay to the floor. Finlay catches Alex coming out, and ties him in the ringside banner, hammers Alex and tosses him in. Alex catches Finlay coming back in now, and kicks him to the floor, Alex follows and kicks him in the back of the knee. Back in the ring and Finlay catches Alex on the top rope and goes for the Celtic Cross, but Tammy grabs his ankle. Finlay goes after Tammy and Alex with a low blow and a roll up for the win. I have to admit this was much better then expected, but the time killing with the injury went a little long. It’s to see matches end with non finishers though, that’s so rare nowadays. I enjoyed the match, especially seeing Tammy!

5. Alex Silva pinned Dave Finlay with a rollup 7/10

6. Short Sleeve Sampson v. Abo Shango

Oh great, midget match, who did I piss off for this? I’d rather see a New Jack match. They say this is a bonus match, a bonus for who? Shango looks like a mini Kamala meets R-Truth. This sucks, nothing else I can say. Abo hits a World’s Strongest Slam and then pulls him up, always a mistake. SSS catches Abo on his shoulders and drops Abo down. SSS with the airplane spin followed by a running bulldog, well he does that better then Kelly, followed up by the inchworm, but Abo rolls out. SSS dives through the ropes onto Abo, OK that was cool, I’ll give them that. Ab back in grabs the voodoo stick and powder, misses the shot and SSS throws the powder in his eyes. SSS climbs the ropes and hits a tadpole splash for the win. I’ll give it points for the dive out of the ring, otherwise this sucked.

6. Short Sleeve Sampson pinned Abo Shango with the tadpole splash 3/10

We go back to highlights from the contract signing, as Nash cracks Morton with the steel chair. Larry defending Nash, as he claims the Morton has been harassing Nash for years. Now we see the Rock and Roll Express attacking some guy named Marvin Ward, and breaking his arm. Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton make the save, but after chasing the Express out of the ring they attack Ward as well. DDP makes the save as we go back to the live crowd.

7. Kevin Nash & ??? v. Rock and Roll Express

Guess we know who the mystery partner is, DDP. Nash comes out to makeshift WCW Wolf Pack music, which is funny. Nash’s mystery partner is introduced and it’s Diamond Dallas Page. It’s hilarious because people have DDP signs, nice secret. Is it sad that DDP looks in the best shape of the four guys? As the match starts suddenly we get interrupted by Marvin Ward who says this match is a one on one, and DDP and Gibson need to leave. Well, that’s what I call bait and switch, what a load of crap. Ward says the match is an anything goes match between Morton and Nash and he kicks out the referee as well. Ward introduces the new referee for the match, Ronnie Garvin? Ronnie freaking Garvin? Seriously? He looks like a geriatric Barney Rubble. This could be a long twelve minutes! Nash quickly unloads on Morton in the corner. The current guys need to watch some Morton matches to learn how to sell. Vintage Kevin Nash, as hits snake eyes on the exposed turnbuckle and Morton’s bleeding. Nash follows up with a second one, and Morton is wearing the crimson mask tonight. It’s been all Nash so far, but Morton finally able to get a few shots in, as Morton works on Nash’s chicken legs. Nash fights back and hits the chokeslam for a near fall. Nash grabs the microphone and says he wants to know what the hell is Ricky’s problem with him. Nash hands the microphone to Morton, who pulls himself up and says he gave his life to wrestling. Morton says he grew up in this business and it’s not about the money, we need a run in from Matt Borne now! Morton calls Nash an asshole not just to him, but if he has to get his ass whooped to prove a point. Nash responds if that’s his problem we don’t have a problem, after all the operation if Ricky thinks it’s about the money he’s wrong. Nash says he’s a better businessman but there is no problem and offers a handshake. Ricky shakes his hand and eats a knee. Nash hits the Jackknife powerbomb and says you’re damn right it’s about the money, why else go to work. Nash says he doesn’t care if people don’t like him and to keep buying his shirts, Nash says people may be suffering but he’s not one of them. Nash leaves the ring and heads to the back, guess that’s the end. Well that was a cop-out finish to the main event, who do they think they are WWE?

7. Ricky Morton defeated Kevin Nash by countout 5/10


1. Tommy Dreamer pinned Terry Funk with a small package 6/10

2. Jamin Olivencia defeated Sonjay Dutt with the O-Drop 7/10

3. Perry Saturn pinned CW Anderson with a rollup 6.5/10

4. Hacksaw Jim Duggan beat Mohammad Akbar after the clothesline DUD

5. Alex Silva pinned Dave Finlay with a rollup 7/10

6. Short Sleeve Sampson pinned Abo Shango with the tadpole splash 3/10

7. Ricky Morton defeated Kevin Nash by countout 5/10

Well, it was fun show at least. The first three matches and Finlay versus Alex was good, the rest was pretty bad. I think the other reunion shows were better, especially the 605 one, which I need to recap one of these days. For what it was it was entertaining, but should have had more legends.Where was Kamala, Sheik, Nikolai, Bushwhackers, etc? I had fun, so whatever, I’ll give it a 5/10 overall, no one watching expected Wrestlemania III quality. Add a bonus point for how hot Tammy looked as well, but one question. What happened to Lita? She was in the opener and was not on the show, disappointed as I always thought she was hot too.


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